April Fools Birthday

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I hope you’ll enjoy it and feel free to leave your comments and votes at the end. Hannah


Copyright (c) 2021 B00kl0ver314 – Hannah Teylen, All Rights Reserved.

This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright.


This is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents and dialogues in this book are of the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental. All characters are of age, even when not specifically stated.


Thanks to Ravey19 for editing and Ada Stuart for betareading, making this an even better story


This was inspired by my own Birthday, April 4th and my mother’s due date being March 30th. Enjoy the read!


Anna looked at the calendar and groaned. There it was again, April 1st, April Fool’s Day, also known as her birthday. She hated this day with a vengeance. Why couldn’t she have been born on a normal day like March 31st, the due date her mother was given. As though she’d waited an extra day to give birth for a laugh, just for the hell of it.

Going to work on April 1st was something she did not look forward to. She contemplated calling in sick, but she couldn’t ignore the urgent meetings that were planned. The company had hired her a few months ago specifically for a refinancing project and she didn’t have the luxury of staying at home.

After a quick shower, she decided on a nice black pencil skirt paired with a hot pink wraparound blouse that brought out her complexion. It was her favourite blouse due to the softness of the fabric. Normally, she wouldn’t wear it to the office since she couldn’t wear a bra under it, but she decided she could treat herself on her birthday. The fabric was dark enough so no one would notice she was braless.

The morning passed by quite typically, for All Fools’ Day. Here and there, she saw evidence of the pranksters’ presence. One of the offices she had passed by was filled with balloons, there were some photoshopped images that she had to admit were quite funny and of course, someone had filled the sugar container next to the coffee machine with salt.

She rolled her eyes. This was supposed to be a professional environment with intellectual functioning adults. But somehow this day made the inner kid come out in most of those adults.

During her coffee break, she was vigilant looking around for any prankster that had it out for her. Luckily, no one in the office knew it was her birthday or she would have been the centre of attention. Slowly sipping her coffee, she watched as one of the IT guys approached and nodded to her.

Patrick was the hottest guy around and the subject of many of her wet dreams. He was so different from the other guys she had dated before, not that she was dating him. Well, not yet at least. He was tall, handsome and looked quite fit, but not cocky with it. Kind, quiet and he listened to her complain about her computer issues without interrupting her.

They exchanged some pleasantries while his coffee brewed. Talked about each other’s plans for the weekend and laughed about the office filled with balloons.

Whenever she had some free time, and sometimes when she didn’t, she would make up an IT issue she needed his help with so she could spend some time with him. She had dropped some subtle hints to let him know she was available, but she wasn’t sure if he was single and he hadn’t responded. She hoped he would maybe ask her out once her project was finished and they were no longer under the restrictions of company policy.

He made his coffee and took a spoon of sugar.

“No wait,” she yelled and knocked the spoon out of his hands.

He looked at her surprised and she blushed. Smooth move on her part of course.

“Salt,” she yelped.

Still confused Patrick looked at her. She dipped her finger in the white sand and presented it to him. She wasn’t sure what she was expecting him to do but licking it was definitely on the top of her list of fantasies.

He grinned and took her hand in his. She trembled as her finger was pulled slowly to his mouth. Had he read her thoughts? A small gasp escaped her when it disappeared between his lips. His tongue swirled around it and she could already envision him doing the same to her nipples. Or even better her clitoris. The little nob was pulsing in anticipation as she looked into Patrick’s handsome face.

It felt like her clitoris had already become acquainted with him since she had fantasised about him while rubbing it for so many nights. Almost since the first day she came to him for help with a network connection issue.

He sucked on it softly and let it go with a pop. With a nod, he said: “Yep definitely istanbul escort salt. Thanks for the warning.”

Anna couldn’t speak, she just stared at him. Had that really just happened? Her brain had ceased to function so she just smiled weakly and quickly walked away.

Mentally cursing herself for not saying anything flirtatious or something that would have broken the tension that hung in the air. In her fantasies, she always had something witty to say but now she had just stood there like a fish out of water.

Patrick watched her walk away and groaned inwardly. Not one of his finest moments but how could he have declined what she had offered him. Since the moment she had started her assignment, he had been drawn to her. Beneath the salt, she had tasted delicious. He couldn’t wait to taste more of her. Subtly he adjusted himself in his pants.

All his colleagues had joked with him about his little crush on her. Since the first time she had stood beside his desk and had looked at him with those beautiful pleading eyes. It didn’t hurt that she had lent on his desk so he had a nice view of her perfect perky breasts in her tight shirt.

Every time she had a computer issue, she would always come to him and he loved to get a glimpse of those impossibly long legs in one of her hot skirts. She had been in the centre of many of his wet dreams.

He wasn’t the most socially skilled guy but he hoped that talking to her about something that was his specialty might help him get over his anxiety. April Fool’s Day was perfect for his plan since she wouldn’t suspect foul play, only some stupid joke and then he could swoop in to save the day.

Shaking his head, he walked to his desk. He just hoped he hadn’t misread any of the signals. Maybe she wasn’t even interested in him in the same way, yet again she had offered him her finger and he had felt her tremble when he sucked on it.

He groaned again. He could already envision her lips wrapped around his erection. He shook his head trying to get all those horny thoughts and ideas out of his mind so he could try and get some work done.

With a sigh, Anna went back to the meeting room where the others had already gathered. The rest of her meetings were quite uneventful besides the fact that all the monitors had a Nicolas Cage picture instead of the logo of the company on it in sleep mode. She was not sure what it is with Nicolas Cage’s head, but he just turned up everywhere on April Fool’s Day.

After her last meeting was finally over and most of her colleagues went home, she went to her desk to prepare some of the documents that needed to be sent out for signature next Monday. Starting up her computer she saw a blue screen with white letters.

“No, no, no,” she yelled.

She looked at the time, past 6 o’clock. All the IT guys had probably gone home. With a curse, she quickly looked in Teams on her phone to see if anyone was still online. She almost screamed in relief when she saw Patrick’s light on green. Taking her laptop with her, she ran to the IT department.

“Patrick, please you need to help me,” she pleaded with him.

He looked up surprised, “Yeah sure, how can I help?”

She put the computer on his desk, opened it, and pointed helplessly to the blue screen.

He looked at it and typed something on it. “Did you leave your computer unlocked today?”

“Euhm, no I don’t think so.” It was company policy to always put your computer in sleep mode when it was left unattended, but she admitted to not always doing that. “Maybe after my meeting, I went to the bathroom, and when I came back it….”

Patrick shook his head. “Just some stupid prank, no worries. I can fix it for you. Take a seat, this might take a while,” he said while motioning in the general area of his office space.

She sat on the desk next to him and sighed in relief. “Thank you so much. So sorry to keep you here so late. You must want to get home to your…”

Her voice faltered. She didn’t know if he had someone waiting for him, but she hoped he didn’t.

“Cat,” Patrick finished her sentence. “I think she can survive a few more hours without me.”

She didn’t realize she had been holding her breath when she released it in relief.

Cute, single, and ready to help her in times of need. If only he could help with that itch between her legs that desperately needed scratching.

“I’ll try to get it done as soon as possible so you can get ho…”

“You guys are the last ones here. Don’t forget to lock up.” The voice of the company’s receptionist disrupted his sentence. They both looked back and waved in acknowledgment.

All alone, perfect for him. In one-on-one situations, he could talk more avcılar escort freely and wouldn’t get disrupted or tongue-tied. Patrick looked at her from the corner of his eyes. Her tight pencil skirt had risen up with her sitting on the desk and he could see much more of her legs than he was used to.

Visions of her legs wrapped around his waist while he plummeted deep inside her crossed his mind. He looked back at the screen, typing some nonsense to make it look like he was helping her. He just needed long enough to gather his courage to ask her out on a date.

His attention was drawn to her again when she let out a groan. She stretched her arms above her head making the fabric of her blouse strain under the tension. He almost growled aloud looking at her perfect breasts with her erect nipples pushing at the soft material. The little sigh she released when she dropped her hands, made his erection throb in his pants. If he wanted to talk to her, he should get his head out of the gutter and use his brain.

“So, I can get back to those documents,” she said with a small smile. “Just a bottle of wine and a piece of birthday cake.” She shook her head. “God, I hate this day so much. Never mind the ageing, but all of those stupid pranks.”

“It’s your birthday?” Patrick asked surprised.

She shrugged, “Yeah, well a day like any other, I guess. Nothing or no one to celebrate it with so I’ll just focus on my work and then…”

“What if I treated you to dinner,” he blurted out. “We can order some Chinese and I can work on your laptop problem.”

Not the way he had planned, but knowing it was her birthday, he wanted to do something to make up for his stupid prank. He couldn’t just admit it and let her walk away.

“Oh,” she averted her gaze and fumbled with her fingers. A light blush coloured her cheeks. “That is very kind of you, but if it is that much work, I’ll just let someone look at it tomorrow.”

“No, no worries. My treat. It is the least I can do on your birthday,” he quickly said and opened up his phone. “Here order on the app and I’ll keep working on your computer issue.”

The beaming smile she gave him could light up the room. She leaned forward and give him a quick peck on the cheek. Great, now he was blushing too.

The smell of her perfume clouded his mind and his erection become more adamant on revealing its presence. He quickly shifted in his seat, so she wouldn’t see it. If he wanted to ask her out, he would need some blood left in his brain.

Anna was giddy. This birthday might turn out to be a good day after all. Spending time with Patrick sure beat working alone at home like she usually did. She scrolled through the options for delivery and just wanted to ask what his preference was when a message notification popped up from one of the other IT guys. ‘How did it go with Anna?’ was the message. Without thinking she clicked on it.

She frowned and looked at the rest of the conversation. It was a prank! She was just starting to think he liked her and now she read all about the plan on how to put a fake blue screen on her laptop.

She jumped up and yelled: “A prank.” Patrick looked startled. She showed him the conversation and regret and guilt swept across his face.

“Where’s the camera? Or did you get a screenshot of my horrified face when I saw the blue screen?”

She poked a finger at his chest. His very hard and muscular chest. She didn’t try to think about how she wanted to let her hands glide all over those abs and do all sorts of unspeakable things to him.

“Do you think this is funny? I have a deadline and you are keeping me from my work.”

“But, but, it is after hours and it wasn’t to be funny it was to get your attention, and…” his voice faltered and a blush appeared on his cheek. He looked cute when blushing.

“Well now you have my attention, what are you going to do with it?” she asked a little less heatedly.

He seemed in conflict with himself but suddenly it seemed like he made a decision. He grabbed the finger she was pointing at him and pulled her to him. His lips found hers and he kissed her like there was no tomorrow.

After a short struggle to keep some dignity, she decided that this was exactly what she wanted, what she needed. No, what she deserved on her birthday. She responded to the kiss with the same level of enthusiasm. He rolled the office chair to the side so he could pull her closer. He grabbed her hips and pulled her onto his lap.

The unexpected movement made her gasp and she had to grab hold of his shoulders to keep steady. He immediately took advantage of her open mouth and deepened the kiss. His lips were rough and passionate and his tongue battled hers. She groaned into the kiss and felt her juices flowing.

She şirinevler escort had never been kissed by a man this way. His hands had secured her by her hips and his fingers squeezed her bottom experimentally. The touch sent shivers down her spine. Her skirt had hiked up and there was little that separated their crotches.

She buried her hands in his hair and deepened the kiss of her own accord. She had the upper hand sitting on him. His neck was stretched back to be able to meet her lips. She grounded her centre onto his hard-growing bulge. The groan he emitted made her smile in satisfaction. He was as much affected by her as she was by him.

She had fantasised about this moment for so long and she could not wait for another second to experience it for herself. She fumbled with the zipper and as he stretched his legs to accommodate him, the office chair scooted back and she almost tumbled to the floor.

Their kiss broke and they both laughed a bit embarrassed. Patrick looked around. He picked her up as though she weighed nothing, making her even more hot and bothered, and put her next to her computer on his desk. He stepped back and looked at her with lust in his eyes. She blushed, she must look like a wanton woman with her skirt hitched up, her legs spread, and her hair in disarray.

“God, have I dreamed of this moment,” he groaned.

He stepped back between her legs and kissed her as his life depended on it. Not having to keep herself steady with her hands, she had free range to touch him all over. She quickly unbuttoned his shirt to be able to touch his skin. He kissed her neck and went lower over her blouse. He nipped a hardened nipple through the fabric and her back arched involuntarily.

“I want to taste you,” he groaned against the silk.

He pulled loose the knot that held her blouse together and, suddenly, her breasts were exposed to him. The cold office air-conditioning hit her skin and her nipples puckered up even more. He tweaked one between his fingers while sucking on the other.

The pleasure that shot through her made her forgot everything around her. It didn’t matter that they were in the office and that it was the result of some stupid prank, all that mattered was she and him, together in this moment of passion.

“I need you inside me,” she gasped while his attention on her breast intensified.

Her inner muscles clenched as if wanting to pull something inside her body. Her hands shot to his belt and she tried to open it. Her fumbling hands didn’t want to cooperate and she groaned in annoyance.

“I want to taste more of you first,” Patrick said.

He lowered himself on his knees between her legs and looked at her soaked panties. He pulled them to the side and the first lick of his tongue made her scream. The second lick made her fall back on the table and the ones after that made her explode into his mouth.

She was still gasping for breath when she saw Patrick fumbling to get a condom out of his wallet. His face was covered in her juices and his erection was the biggest she had ever seen. Her eyes widened with the thought of taking that much of him inside her. Her body did not share her reservations. Her muscles were clenching like crazy as if trying to pull him inside her and her juices were flowing, soaking her entrance.

She sat up and saw him struggling with the packaging. “Let me,” she said, not having the patience to wait a second longer. She took the package and ripped it open with her teeth. She took out the rubber and grasped him in her hands. He closed his eyes in enjoyment and he shivered when she placed it on his tip. She would also like to taste him later, but now she needed him inside her.

As soon as the rubber was in place, she grabbed him and pulled him to her. “You’ll have to buy me dinner after,” she said with a smile. He snorted and laughed out loud. She joined him, she loved a man that could laugh during sex.

When she pulled him to her again his eyes became serious. With a look like a man whose dreams had just came true he slowly slid into her. She was lubricated enough from her previous orgasm and her desires to make it possible, but still, she was tight.

She groaned when she felt him fill her to the brink. Her muscles trembled and squeezed him to make sure he stayed where he belonged. Patrick cursed and began moving while gripping her hips to give him leverage to thrust deep inside her. Her pleasure kept rising and rising and she felt like she would burst. She grabbed his shoulders to keep steady and looked into his beautiful and kind eyes.

“Happy birthday,” he said with a small smile.

She couldn’t respond as her orgasm ripped through her body and she screamed out in pleasure. He groaned when her muscles gripped him harder and milked him to his own orgasm. A few more thrusts only prolonged her pleasure and she had to admit that it had been her best birthday ever.

No joke.


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