Awesome Encounter With A Bangalore Couple

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Awesome Encounter With A Bangalore Couple

I live in Bangalore. I am narrating a story of my first threesome experience in this city. Though I have met couples earlier this is my first experience in Bangalore. And this is 100% real

I shifted to Bangalore recently and was waiting for my family to join. In the meantime, I was browsing through a popular adult dating website. I used to have a gold membership which allowed me to get in touch with any couple who were ok to meeting stags. I made most of this opportunity and emailed some couples whom I found attractive based on their profile pic. I knew most of these would be fake. But there is no harm in trying.

Then I found some of these couples in the chatroom and tried initiating conversations with them. Two couples responded with a hi. Within minutes I found one of them was fake. I was pretty sure the other were fake too.

But then I thought there is no harm in continuing the conversation. The guy was called Sunil and he asked me what is it I was looking for. I told him I wanted to be friends with genuine people for NSA fun. He said fine and continued the conversation.

We exchanged out mail ids and started chatting through hangouts. I was losing interest as there was no sign of the lady. One day out of the blue he asked me if I was up for something real.

He mentioned he and his wife were fantasizing about having another guy fuck his wife (Ramya) and they wanted a genuine person who will keep things discreet. After talking to me for a long period of time they were convinced I am genuine. It is only after this he mentions from day one both Sunil and Ramya were part of the chat. They did not reveal this to me as they wanted to be absolutely sure about me. I still did not believe him.

Then they showed me their cam without faces. I was stunned to see both of them without any piece bahis siteleri of clothing on their upper body. It was only for a few seconds as they wanted me to trust them being a genuine couple.

Then we exchanged phone numbers and were chatting for a few days. We had late night calls and I was allowed to talk to Ramya while Sunil was fucking her. It was amazing listening to her moans in between and she explained to me what Sunil was doing to her.

We then decided to take it to the next level by meeting in person. We chose to meet at TOIT in Indranagar. They told me to pack my bag for a day if we decide to go ahead. Identifying them was not a big deal as we had each other’s numbers. They were sitting in the smoker’s section. Sunil was in casuals. Ramya was wearing a knitted top and skirt.They must be in their mid-30s. Ramya was looking pretty. Not a bombshell but nevertheless she is attractive.

We started off with exchanging pleasantries and then moved into other topics. Then I brought this topic and asked if they were comfortable discussing the purpose of which we met. Ramya was blushing. Sunil told me it is his fantasy to see Ramya with another guy. In fact, Ramya and Sunil were lovers from college and Ramya had fucked 2 guys during college before she met Sunil.

But after marriage and k**s, this is their first meeting and they wanted to be absolutely before going ahead. I asked if Ramya was ok as many ladies back off at the last minute.Sunil told me to ask her directly. Ramya came out as a confident lady and she told me she also had this fantasy and wanted to try out. But she was afraid of going ahead.

Then she and Sunil had discussed this at length for months before we had reached this point. But she also told me she does not plan anything and we need to go with the flow. I was getting excited about this and was happy meeting a bedava bahis confident genuine couple.

After half an hour we decided we will proceed to their place. They told me Sunil’s mother is at home taking care of the k**s. And they had informed an old friend of Sunil will come home for the night and had prepared the guest room for this purpose. I was excited knowing what was to follow and how much they had planned. This is the reason they asked to pack a bag as they did not want anyone to suspect

We drive to their place in Murugeshpalya. I was expecting Ramya to sit with me but she chose to sit with Sunil in the front.

It was already late by the time we reached their place and Sunil’s mom and the k**s had already slept in the k**s’ room.

They told me to go to the guest room and refresh myself while they get ready. I changed to shorts and T-shirt. I was waiting in the living room for them. Sunil came out and told me to lock the guest room and spend the night in their room. The guest room was to be locked to show someone was inside.

I followed his instructions and went into their room. Ramya had changed to sexy blue sleeveless nighty and had put on a nice perfume. She was an absolutely classy elegant lady nice boobs, nice shapely body with a hint of flesh at the right places.

Sunil started some music and started dancing with her. I asked if I can intervene. He was happy to give his wife to me.

Ramya and I started dancing to the romantic numbers. I held her close to me allowing my hands to explore her back and started touching her ass. I was shocked to find out she was not wearing a panty. She was loving my touches.I took the opportunity and kissed her nape and then her lips. She was going crazy and gave a small moan.

Once I knew she was in my control I took her face in my hands and kissed her. She was waiting for bedava bonus this moment and she kissed me back fully. No holding back. All the while Sunil was watching us and stroking his tool. I held Ramya close to me and felt her breast on my chest, What a feeling it was.

Sunil then motioned to me asking me to remove her nighty. Ramya obliged by lifting her hand. What a sight it was.A damsel standing in front of me wearing only her bra and showing her clean shaved pussy. I was going crazy. Ramya said this is not fair the guys are still having the clothes on. I did not need any further invitation. I quickly asked her to help me remove my clothes. She was happy to do it. In the meantime, I removed her bra.

Sunil came near her and kissed her while I started working on her breasts sucking and massaging them. In between, I was working on her pussy which was wet by now.

Once Sunil finished his kiss I lifted Ramya and put her on the bed. She was so turned on by now. She was giving out moans. Sunil was eating her pussy. I was busy massaging her tits while she was giving me a bj. She is a nice sucker and knows how to tease a man’s tool. I loved it.

Then Ramya and I got into 69 where I inserted my tongue into her pussy and gave her maximum pleasure. She also took my tool in her mouth and gave me the time of my life. By now she wanted a fuck and I took her in doggy.What a sight to see her ass while I fucked the brains out of her.

After 30 min of fucking by Sunil and me, she had multiple orgasms. But I was not finished yet. Sensing this she started giving me another round of bj. She blew me to orgasm.

We slept in the same bed with Ramya in between both of us. All three of us were without clothes. In the morning I had woken up and saw Sunil was still sleeping. Ramya was awake. Asked her if she is ready for another round with me alone. She was excited. We did once again.Finally, it was time for her to go and start cooking for the k**s.

It was a very memorable experience and not one which I can forget for the rest of my life. Any couples / ladies wanting to meet me please do get in touch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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