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Living along the Gulf Coast with flat beautiful white sandy beaches, I enjoy the warm summer evenings on the beach. I love to take a couple of fishing rods, sift the sands for Sand Fleas to use as bait and sit back in my lawn chair waiting for the fish to bite. A small cooler for some cold refreshments and a larger one to hold any fish I may wish to keep. A small wind-up type of lantern keeps the place visible so I can bait and tie on hooks as necessary. A small gaff made of a rope and large treble hook are all I need to pull bigger fish to shore.
One pleasant evening I was on the beach as the sun set and had caught all the bait I was likely to need so I sat back in my chair and watched the sun set as I monitored my fishing lines. Soon the sun was down and I had fallen into a light sleep.
I awoke to a bell clanging. My fishing lines had a warning bell attached so I could tell in the dark that I had a bite. I took the fishing rod in my hands and felt the fish running. I set the hook and soon had a delicious 2lb Pompano on the shore and in my cooler. Re-baited and back in my chair, I was startled to hear someone tell me “nice catch”. Looking behind me I saw a shadowy figure and reached to crank up my lantern. As the light spread I saw a man about 30 years old, dressed in swimming trunks, the longer ones reaching almost to his knees, watching me. I thanked him and he asked if I were going to be here long. I told him I may be here until daylight if things pick up. He smiled and said he would stop by later after his walk on the beach to see if things had picked up. He walked away and I returned to my nap.
Again the bell tinkled. I reeled in a small fish and let it go. I checked my watch and found I had been asleep for about an hour. It was getting later and I had only one fish and not much else.
As I sat and tried to decide to stay or not I heard a woman laughing. Actually it was more like a giggle. I looked around and could not see anyone in the dark. I relaxed and wondered what had made her laugh. Then I heard a man’s voice ask if things had picked up. It was the man who had stopped by earlier. I remarked that the action was rather dead and I may as well pack up my rod and go home. He asked if I needed help packing my rod. I thought that was a bit strange to ask that way. I told him I can handle my rod pretty well myself. He chuckled and told me he could handle my rod pretty well also if given the chance. Taken aback a bit I asked if he meant what I thought he meant. He simply said “show me your rod and I’ll handle it”. Well what the hell, I thought. I may get some action on the beach tonight after all. No fish but certainly something worth playing with. I stood and lowered my swimming trunks as he moved nearer. I could barely see in the starlight but I knew he had already taken off his. He reached out and grabbed me by my cock and proceeded to make it stiffer than I had been in days. I returned the favor and soon we were panting and sweating in the night air. He asked if I could cum more than once and I replied that I could, in fact I could cum about three times a night when things were exciting enough. He said to go ahead and shoot a load then and he would provide some excitement. It was only a few strokes later that I felt my hand covered in his cum and soon followed suit. I gave him a nice handful to use jacking me off some more. We relaxed, he kaçak iddaa sat on the beach naked and I sat back in my chair. He said to close my eyes and relax and he would do the rest. I did and soon I felt a mouth on my cock. It felt wonderful but there was no hint of beard so I opened my eyes and saw him sitting to the side as a woman sucked my cock back to hardness. She stopped and looked me in the eye and said, “hello, my name is Linda Tao”. He smiled and said “meet Linda, she is from Thailand and loves to suck cock and fuck. I hope you don’t mind providing her with some cock and cum.” Not at all I said. “Do you mind if I light the lantern?” I cranked the lantern up again and a very good looking babe stared back at me. She was really a beauty! And she was naked! Not a stitch of clothing on her! She bent to her task as the man moved over to me and stood there with his hard cock hanging in my face. He took it and pushed it into my mouth and I started sucking on it while Linda ate mine. The act of sucking cock while being sucked was amazingly sexy and I suddenly shot my load down her throat . She swallowed every drop without missing a beat and looked up and smiled with cum still in her mouth! Standing she took her man’s head and pulled him down to kiss her and share the taste of my cum. That pushed him over the edge and he unloaded down my throat! I swallowed all he had and he pulled out. She moved to me and gave me a deep tongue lashing kiss! She tasted his cum in my mouth as he had tasted my cum in his. We all sat back and started laughing at the way things happened.
Around 1 in the morning some other lights were coming down the beach so we all put our swim suits back on just in case it was the Marine Patrol. The lights approached just as I had another bite on my fishing line. I was fighting a very nice sized fish and had it almost to shore when the voices behind me remarked that it was a giant redfish and I’d have to let it go because of the size. I told him I’d have to measure it before I did that. I pulled the fish onto the sand and measured it. Sure enough, it was too big to keep. Florida fishing laws were very strict on this sort of thing so I pushed it back into the water and watched the splash as it swam away. Another voice behind me, a girls voice this time, told me that it was a very nice thing to do and she would like to thank me. I moved closer to see her and saw a young lady maybe 17 years old standing next to a young man about 20. She was a pretty thing with a thong swim suit and he was sort of handsome bout 5’8” with speedo’s on that, even in the dark, showed a nice bulge. Linda had been staring at it all along while her man was staring at the young lady. He was sporting a nice boner in his trunks.
We chatted a bit and discovered the two newcomers were from the local college, she was 18 and had been in college for two years. She was allowed to enter college early because she was “some sort of genius” she said. Her name was Barbara “just call me Babs and her friend was James. “Just call him Big Dick” she said! He laughed and Linda asked “really?” Babs said “you bet, show em BD”. He smiled and turned into the light and slid his speedo’s down revealing a really nice 9 inch cock just hanging there soft! Babs said “Linda go ahead, you know you want to. Suck it for him”. Before Linda could go for it her man reached over and popped it into his mouth! casino firmalari Everyone started laughing as he sucked BD. In a minute he took if from his mouth and said “Linda, sorry but I just had to taste that, you finish him off dear”. Linda bent to the task of sucking cock yet again. As we marveled at her ability to take the full length down her throat, Babs told us she would like to have some too. I dropped my suit and she reached out for my semi hard cock but she reached her other hand over to Linda and grabbed a tit. Kneeling on the sand, she had my cock in her mouth and her hands all over Linda, from tits to pussy, she roamed expertly making Lind moan with desire. Linda took her mouth from BD’s big dick long enough to say “Ed, take your cock out and fuck me!” Ed? First time I had heard his name but he sat BD down in my chair put Linda on her knees sucking that big cock and her ass up in the air as he pushed his cock into her hot, wet cunt! Meanwhile my cock was about to blow a load down Babs sucking throat. I told her, and anyone in earshot “I’m Cumming!” Babs just kept sucking and swallowed it all! Well, almost all. She kissed me deep and there was still cum in her mouth! One of my most favorite things is getting a beautiful babe sucking my cock, eating my cum and kissing me. A former wife had gotten me hooked on doing that, much to my surprise, I ended up loving it.
Soon everyone had either a mouthful or pussy full of cum! Babs and BD moved on down the beach mentioning they were looking for a third party to please. We had been the second set of blowjobs and fucking! As they left earshot she told BD that the next cock was going in HIS mouth.
Linda and Ed started to move on but stopped and asked if they could meet me again sometime. We exchanged numbers and made a date for later in the week.
I looked at my watch and decided I’d just pack it up and leave before the sun came up. As I was walking back towards the rest area I had parked in, a set of lights approached. It was the park service. The four wheeler pulled up next to me and asked to see my license, which I showed him. Then he checked the one fish in my cooler and Moved on. I got to my truck and noticed some other cars now in the lot that were not there when I arrived. These parking lots along the gulf tended to get some visitors after dark. Everything from straights to gays to lesbians would show up and sit in the cars or on the beach and suck and fuck. Just like I had done—sort of. I had used fishing as an excuse to meet guys and gals on the beach at night. Some nights I went home with a boner, unused. Other nights guys had stopped by to suck me off once word spread that I was letting guys suck the cum from me. And now and then couples came by, like tonight. Even rarer were the nights when only a lady or two would drop in looking for cock. In any case tonight there seemed to be some people sitting on one of the benches looking at a particular car, an old station wagon, backed into the parking spot. The tailgate was open and my curiosity got the better of me. After putting my fishing gear away I moved over to the bench and stood behind it so I could see fairly well. Even with just starlight I could see what the main attraction was. Two guys were working over a gal with their cocks. One in her mouth one in her cunt. Pounding away, it was soon over as they all came. As soon as the guys casino şirketleri got out of the car a gal and a guy from the bench went in. The guy took the open mouth of the gal in the car while the new gal went down on her wide open cum filled cunt. She licked and sucked every drop out of that pussy. Then the guy shot in the first gals mouth. And to top it all off they both shared his cum from the woman’s mouth!
Again the show was over I thought. But again the next two people hopped on the ride. This time two guys. They both had boners before they got in but once in they put the girl on top of one with her doing reverse cowgirl as the other slid into her well fucked, wide open juicy cunt with his cock, joining his buddy up her snatch. Two cocks one hole DVP! Great stuff! No sooner did they finish than lights came on. People started to s**tter leaving the woman in the car naked and full of cum. The Park Service guy had come back. He took a look with his flashlight and asked what was going on. “Fucking and sucking” is all I said. “Did you fuck this woman too? “ he asked. No sir I replied. “Why not?” he asked. I said “It wasn’t my turn yet”. He shook his head told me to stay right there and moved to talk to the woman in the car. After a few minutes he came back to me and told me “Now it’s your turn—and mine too. She wants more cock and we’re it. You want her mouth or pussy?”
“How about we give her what she just had? Two cocks in that big cunt?” She looked out at us and told us “Hurry up and give me those cocks and cum!” We checked around, the Park Service guy checked out for a break on his radio and we stripped, climbed in the car and told her she gets two cocks in her twat one more time”. She simply spread her legs and scooped out a gob of cum while we watched. “It should be lubed good now” and ate it. Smiling we decided to take her with me on top doggy and him on bottom. Soon we were deep in her stretched out pussy and boy did the juices flow. All over the car cum was spilling from her cunt and ass, which, apparently, had been fucked also. Feeling the other cock inside her rubbing mine made me cum hard and fast. Soon he shot his load too. His load was bigger than mine as this was the 4th cum for me tonight. As I pulled out she moved off him and let him up. To me she backed up to the edge of the car and told me “EAT MY CUNT”. There I was naked in the early morning light, a park service ranger naked with me, both cocks drooping and dripping cum with her hot twat wide open and cum pouring out! What to do? Of course I dived in face first and sucked her snatch vigorously. My face was covered in my cum his cum and who knows who else’s cum! I loved it. I even reached over to jack the other cock a bit and licked the few drops off it too! I was in cum eating heaven! Soon she was as clean as I could get her and we started to get dressed. She turned to the Park Ranger and said “Thanks Bob, you are always a good time.” “Bob?” Damn a set up? Bob answered “you bet Carla, I’ll see you at home, that was some good fucking and sucking tonight”.
“ Wait a minute! Do you two know each other?” I asked. “Sort of” Bob said. ?Carla is my wife we do this now and then and tonight we all got lucky. By the way, if you come back here again and I see you I’ll arrange her to be here too if you’re interested.” All I could say was “HELL YES!” He smiled and shook my hand. Carla came over and kissed/licked my face clean. Then kissed him. Bob moved on down the beach and Carla got into the drivers seat and left also.
That left me alone, bewildered, pleased, sated and with the taste of cock, cum and cunt in my mouth as I drove home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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