Business Trip Pt. 5

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Business Trip Pt. 5
Marcus drove with the radio playing while my head bobbed up and down on his hard cock, i had become really good at sucking dick by now ans was stroking him with one hand while slurping on his head being sure to keep my pace slow so i could enjoy myself and he could pay attention to driving. My lips coated in his precum with my eyes closed i was hypnotized by the rhythm and the smell and taste i was experiencing. I continued mindlessly sucking him until i felt his hand come off my back where it had been resting and push down on the back of my head, sliding to the back of my throat before his cock began to pump his hot cum down my throat, resting my head firmly on him so i could make sure he was all cleaned up before i returned to sitting in the seat licking my lips and smirking at Marcus s he stuffed his cock back in to his pants and did them up.

we continued driving before pulling in to a hotel parking lot.

“Daddy is going to get us a room baby boi, you stay right here and wait for me”
“yes Daddy, i said nodding and staring at him, he was getting us a room just one room and i was excited about this my body began to warm and my dick stiffened in my pants. Marcus returned a few minutes later and we pulled around to the back of the building, getting our bags and going inside to the elevator. While we were waiting a group of women walked past us ready to go out for the night wearing skirts and high heels, each of them tanned and with great bodies. as they walked behind us Marcus followed them with his eyes until they were out of sight then turned back to me.

“that would be a good look for you Baby” he said grinning and squeezing my ass cheek.

“oh you think so do you?” i said flirting back with him as the elevator arrived and we got on.

“yeah i do think so its something Daddy would like very much you know” He said, holding his strong hand under my chin.

“and you want to make Daddy happy dont you baby?”

“yes Daddy i do ” looking up at him

“thats a good girl… boy i mean” he said, now laughing at his own words while i blushed and we got off the elevator and walked to our room, the room was large with a king size bed and a tv, standard stuff. We dropped our bags and Marcus told me to take illegal bahis a shower so i did, washing my body and looking at myself in the mirror opposite the shower, my smooth hairless skin and my little dick hanging limp i felt soft and felt myself thinking about our elevator conversation and the women we saw in the lobby.

i toweled off and entered the room to find Marcus sitting in the chair beside the bed naked he stood up and walked to me, takingmy towel off and letting it fall to the floor, his big hands now running across my hips and pulling me towards him to kiss me, his tongue sliding in my mouth as his left hand squeezed my ass cheek and pushed our dicks against one another, both hardening now

“you know what time it is now Eric my boi?”

“I think i do Daddy”

“and whats that then?”

“you’re going to fuck me?”

“no baby, we’re going to make love, now get your sweet ass on all fours on that bed and put that pussy up in the air for Daddy”

“yes Daddy” i did what i was told and pointed my ass in the air as he stood behind me running his hands across my ass cheeks and squeezing them. he knelt down behind me pulling my dick back and he squeezed and fondled me in his big hand while he started to kiss around my asshole. my eyes closed and i began to moan

“Thats it baby, give Daddy that sweet ass boy, press it back for me”

“mmm yes daddy” i said pushing back in to his face and feeling his hot tongue slip inside my asshole, probing me and making my entire body shake and feel warm. my moaning only growing louder as i was now squeezing the sheets in pleasure at what was being done to me his tongue sliding across the head of my dick electrifying me and making my hips buck in motion with his tongue, his firm hands kneading and squeezing my ass as i opened up for my Daddy.

this continued for what felt like forever, my dick was dripping with precum and my breathing was heavy and passionate. Marcus stood back up and rolled me over on to my back, opening my legs wide as he pulled my body down so that my ass was hanging off the side of the bed and his hands were wrapped around my ankles. Marcus leaned forward and we kissed while his hard cock rested on top of mine.

“You’re going to fall in love with me illegal bahis siteleri after this Baby, you know that right?”

“Oh Daddy im ready please” i moaned back to him looking down as he put his cock in his hand and picked up a tub of creamy lube applying it to his cock while i looked at him on my back with my legs spread waiting, totally vulnerable underneath him.

Marcus held his cock against my ass, leaning forward to push himself into me my breathing deepening as i felt myself opening around him, his training over the previous week meaning this didnt hurt nearly as much and he was slow enough for my body to adjust to his size while he pushed deeper and deeper in to me. this felt so natural, i felt so warm and romantic, my legs now back in his hands as he pushed against me, my ass now stretched tight around his creamy dark cock. Marcus leaned forward and while kissing me pushed the remaining length of his cock into me, i could feel his balls against my ass and my dick was throbbing as my breathing intensified more and i started to moan.

“Im in you now baby, Daddys cock is all the way in that hole, i own you now do you understand me Boi?”

i strangely felt like i was going to cry, i was overwhelmed by all of the senses and emotions i was feeling in that moment, i felt hot and full and more turned on than i had ever been in my entire life.

“Daddy im yours you feel so good Daddy”

“say it then boy tell me i own that white ass and you”

“ohh god you own me Daddy you own me”

“thats right baby, that pussy feels so good squeezing on Daddys dick, now how does this feel boy”

Marcus began to slowly pump his hips back and forth, his cock pumping in and out of me while he held my ankles wide and the room filled with the sounds of his cock sliding in and out of my wet ass and his balls hittign my body. i squeezed my nipples and stared in to his eyes with love in my heart

“mmm damn this is good look at how well i fit in to you baby, you were born to be my girl werent you ”

“I am yours Daddy please dont stop”

“tell me what you were born for baby”

“i was born for this Daddy ”

“you were born to be my girl”

“oooh i was born to be your girl”

he began now fucking me harder, pumping me full of his canlı bahis siteleri cock my ass now wide open and sloppy for him to use as he saw fit

“thats right baby you love Daddys dick like i knew you would, now time for you to ride me baby show me what a good girl you can be

i stood up feeling the weight of my body might be too much for my legs, Marcus laid in the middle of the bed and i stood over top of him, holding on to the headboard i lowered myself over him while he directed his dick inside of me again, sliding right in this time with no problem, i slid my body down and felt myself being opened up with every inch, my dick pulsing and standing straight up as i impaled myself on my Daddys cock

“thats it baby wide my fuckin cock, show Daddy how you please him”

“yes daddy” now with determination in my voice, i began to buck my hips up and down on his thick pole squeezing his shaft with my ass and wanting nothing else in my life in that moment than to please him and make him happy.

“thats my good girl, ride Daddys fucking cock and show me what a slut you are for me, my slave look at how much you’re loving being turned out by your new owner if i touched that clit of yours i bet you squirt all over me wouldnt you Erica, thats your name from now on as well do you understand?”

“yes Daddy i understand” my ass now sliding the entire length of his cock milking him with my body pressing down to the base of his cock and rolling my hips on him, wanting to push him as deep as humanly possible inside my body

“oh Daddy i love your cock, ive never felt like this before”

“i know you havent baby but i knew from the moment i saw you what your destiny was, that you were born to be my girlfriend and slave”

“oh god Daddy yes i want it, i want that please”

now pumping myself up and down fast while my dick began to leak my cum out, Marcus wiped it off his stomach and i sucked it off of his finger while i furiously rode his big dick.

“Fuck Baby Daddys going to cum deep in that pussy give Daddy all that sweet pussy baby”

“yes Daddy please i uh ”

Marcus grabbed my hips and slammed my body down to the base of his dick and i felt his cock contracting as he shot hot cum deep inside of me”

“mmmmm thats a good fuckin baby, you and me going to be fucking nonstop now baby im going to be living inside that hot pussy give me a kiss.

I collapsed on to his chest, kissing him and running my fingers through his chest hair, now totally fixated on my new black Daddy.

To be continued ..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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