Caught my wife cheating on the cams (Part 2) Cucko

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Caught my wife cheating on the cams (Part 2) Cucko
When I was home somewhere around 3:30-4PM, Jason was nowhere to be found. Michelle did good job trying to cover up, the vacuum cleaner was out, she was scrubbing the kitchen counter, the table and the floor were already clean from the sweat and body fluids, I could clearly see that the vacuum cleaner wasn’t used but I didn’t say a word. We talked a bit how her day was, she lied obviously, so did I.

I started complimenting her looks and how much I loved her and how much I appreciate all she’s doing for our family, to which she did the same but feel I could see a glimpse of guilt right there. I started hugging, cuddling then I kissed her and I noticed she washed her teeth recently, I could tell she didn’t want to have sex with me right now but I continued. I raised her on the counter and took her panties off I could tell there were traces of cum and her juices on them, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I guess she didn’t have time or forgot to wash her pussy, probably just used the ?itchen roll as she did the first time (after all I couldn’t see what they did in the ~10 minutes time period, while driving home) so I was just speculating. I suppose she wasn’t expecting me to fuck her right off the bat. I tried to lick her but she was “No, no, no! I want you inside me, cut the foreplay” I fucked her on the counter, floor and then the table, same sequence as they did, same poses. I noticed traces of cum on my dick, while we were switching positions but strangely enough I was okay with it, I finally came, I didn’t have much in me after jacking off back in the office but this was the best orgasm I had in ages. I was really … happy… She also came twice. This quote I do remember pretty clearly as Michelle makrobet güvenilir mi was literally like “Peter, you were amazing! I wasn’t really in the mood at first but you were a b**st! We should do this more often!” I’m not sure how sincere she was but at it seemed honest to me.

We quickly cleared up the mess we made on our own before the little ones came home a few hours later.

You all probably wonder what happened next, well for starters:
1) The very same weekend I got more hidden cameras that I connected to the grid, while Michelle and the k**s were at her parent’s house.
2) I did buy a server and they installed in on the same Sunday so now I have a recording from every encounter of Michelle and Jason, from multiple angles. The reason was easy, “work related for backup”.
3) I do have a lot of “meetings” almost Friday, locking myself up in my office.
4) I set up a screen monitoring tipobet software on my office PC at home.

Michelle keeps meeting Jason and sadly she often tells him how much she loves him but during their discussions both seem to agree that they can never be together as they both have a family and k**s they care for as well.

Our sex life is getting better, we have more and even better sex than ever before. More often than not, she’s the one that initiates it all, as if we are back in the university, having sex in the car, or BJ when I’m driving, HJ and BJ in the cinema, on my company’s Christmas party we did it in the bathroom first and my office once everybody was gone! Amazing!

She doesn’t have the slightest clue yet and honestly I’m in a HUGE STRUGGLE, I’m getting tired of lying to her but at the same time she’s doing the same to me. I want to be with her and for her to continue her fun with Jason as long as she shares that with me. I would love a threesome. Should I bring the subject of having group sex again?

Bottom line is “should I come clean or continue down this path to see where it takes me”?

Well there are some other interesting events I will share when I get some spare time 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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