Claire Cums Undone

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I’m nudged out of a deep slumber by your clever mouth that is gently kissing its way up my leg. It’s so gentle I can barely feel it. Its more the sensation of the moisture from your lips as it cools from your breath. Simultaneously I roll my head, open my eyes and lift a hand to try and see and feel what is happening. I gasp in surprise when I find I can’t see anything other than purple haze and my hand is halted in its movement.

I feel your mouth stop in its gentle ministrations and I ask “Hmm what’s going on?”

I wait for your response. I feel you move up my body and breathe into my ear.

“Hmm morning sleepy head” you whisper.

Your lips brush mine, but too quickly they are gone before I can respond to their softness. I feel your breath in my ear.

“I’m going tease and please you and I’m finally going to make you cum. But to do it you are going to have to trust me and do what I say, ok?” you whisper

I’m still half asleep and still trying to work out what’s going on.

“OK?” you ask sharply and firmly.

I turn my head to try and look at you but all I can see is the purple of the material you have tied around my head.

I tremble as I respond “OK, but what are you going to do?”

“You’ll see! And be prepared to ask for what you want!” you reply.

You move back down to my feet to return your attention to traveling up my smooth legs. Your light kisses are so soft I can feel just the gentleness of your lips. I want to feel them more fully so I move my leg into your touch but you retreat away from my legs. I drop my leg back down and you resume your gentle forays up the inside of my leg. So soft and I want more. After a little more of this touch I think maybe I have to direct your attention.

“Harder,” I whisper.

“What’s that?” you ask.

“Harder! Higher” I say louder.

“What do you want harder?” you demand.

“You know,” I reply as I squirm my head around in embarrassment.

“No I don’t,” you counter and stop all movement. “You must to tell me properly!”

My hands pull against the restraints as I try to move my hands to guide your mouth pays attention to my nipples or my clit and I push my body into your mouth.

“Hmmm,” I moan. I want you use your teeth and nibble on my legs so I can feel your touch, then sooth it with your tongue. I’m sure you know this and am annoyed that you just won’t do it for me.

“Come on Claire! I said you have to ask kurtköy escort for what you want and be specific. Trust me.” you encourage.

“I .. I want you to tease me,” I stammer.

“Yes but where and how?” you ask.

“On the inside of my thighs and around there,” I mummer.

Your hand grazes up the inside of my thigh, then lightly over my pubes, over my belly and down the other side.

“Aaahhh,” I moan quietly, but it’s still not what I want.

I want you to use your nails and teeth to scratch my skin, to be alternatively gentle and hard on my inner thighs, lips, clit, belly breasts, nipples. You’ve done it all before and had me squirming, writhing and thrashing in pleasure. My hands again pull against their restraints wanting to grab your head and hands to guide you.

“Come on Claire, I know you know what you want. I’ve read your stories. You know it turns me on to hear what it is you want. Just tell me and let me do it, let me make you cum” you whisper into my ear.

I squirm some more. I know you are right. I can be rude and crude with the best of them and I cum every single time when I write a story. It’s all so easy on paper. I known it frustrates both you and I that in real life that I only ever cum with by myself and with my vibrator.

I take a deep breath and its good I can’t see you, because I’m embarrassed by my thoughts and having to say them out loud.

“I want you to nibble your way around my body, and don’t be soft, use your teeth and then sooth me with your tongue and cool breath. Tease my clit and nipples. Make them wet and hard by just grazing them lightly and avoiding them. Then when you see me lift my hips or my nipple into your mouth, draw away. Wait for me to moan and demand your attention.” It all finally comes out in a rush.

As I speak you being to do exactly as I ask.

“Like this baby? Tell me!” you demand into my ear.

“Oh! Yes! Yes, like that!” I gasp.

“How does it make you feel?” you ask.

I moan and mumble “Hot, quivery and wet.”

You continue playing with me and teasing just as I wanted to. I start to move into your touch but you move away and push me back down with your hands. I squirm some more.

“Harder” I whisper

“What baby, what do you want harder?”

“Fuck” I yell. “Harder on my nipples. Chew them. Grind and rub against my clit” I breathe out with a harsh breath.

I can feel the heat flush through my aydıntepe escort body as I say those words but it feels good. I can hear your breath get shallower and I can feel your cock stir against my thigh. God I wish I could see it. Hmm I love to see you grow because of me. I push my hip against you, to rub against you but one of your hands stills me.

“Dip your fingers in my wet cunt and see how wet I am for you” I demand.

I moan as you slip them in, and rub against the wall just below my clit. You know this is the spot I love to grind against you when I’m on top, fucking you slow and hard, fast and hard, and all the way in and out!

“Oh yes,” I moan “play me there. Now bring me your finger and let me such it, like it’s your hard cock.” I demand finally letting go.

It took me a while to get used to tasting myself on you but I’ve come to enjoy. I love smoking your finger like it’s your cock. Playing it in and out, flicking it with my tongue.

“So delicious” I say.

“That’s enough” you say. “Now I know you get distracted, away from the pleasure your clit requires. So now you have to tell me how you get off by your self,” you demand.

Once again I squirm. I’ve never done this in front of anyone before.

“Come on baby, I want to see you cum,” you growl.

“Ok,” I whisper “but what about you?” I ask.

“Later, we’ll deal with me later” you say.

“In the draw, the pink one,” I direct.

I hear you rustling around and quickly locate my vibrator.

“Hmm, it’s big!” you exclaim. “Ok I’m going to untie one of your hands so you can show me how it’s done,” you continue.

I feel you untie the sash around my right hand and place the vibrator in it. I grip the base tentatively moving it so I can position it right. I turn one dial and the clit tickler starts. I then ease the head up to the opening of my lips. I rub the head over my clit and then down slowly dipping in a bit deeper each time. Soon the tickler hits my clit with its minute vibrations and it has me moaning in pleasure. As I move it in and out I rub the grooves over my clit and the sensitive wall beneath it. Hmm it’s just like when I grind myself onto you.

I can feel your gaze on me and I feel you cock hard against my thigh, and I slow my movements in embarrassment. It also goes against my nature as a sub to take my own pleasure in place of another’s. I drop the vibrator and reach for your hard cock and stoke it.

“Stop tuzla içmeler escort it” you demand. You slap it and move off and direct it back to the vibrator. “I told you we’ll deal with me later, or maybe I’ll look after myself while I watch you make yourself cum. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes!” I gasp and resume my ministrations to hungry cunt.

“And if you really want to please me, please yourself and tell me about what you are thinking about and how you are feeling. You know it turns me on,” you add. So I plunge the vibrator deep and turn the other dial, the head and shaft begin to rotate, deep inside me. The tickler works my clit, the head and shaft massage around on all sides of my cunt walls and I’ve plunge the little tale up my butt. I gently rock my hips to add to the movement bouncing the head of my G.

“Come on honey tell me what you’re doing and how it feels,” you demand.

“Oh hmmm” I moan and my head trashes around and I gasp out “Ah you’ve got your big fat cock inside me you’re rubbing it against my walls and grinding it against my clit. With each deep plunge your balls slam up against my arse and you head bangs against my G.” I pause to take a deep breath and then continue “Please play hard with my nipples and use your teeth.”

You obey my command and I gasp in pleasure at your rough touch. I know I’m getting close.

“I’m getting close, come on honey fuck me harder and faster.” I say as I rock my hips and slam the vibrator in and out deeper just like your cock would. At the same time I rock it forward and back, alternatively putting more pressure on my clit and then my arse as the little tickler and probe goes in and out.

“Ah God its feels so good! Give it to me! Give it to me!” I moan. I can feel the pressure building it’s so close. I push down on my clit as hard as possible and I can feel the waves of pleasure rising.

“Ahhhh feel me honey, feel me cumming! Milking every last drop from you!” I hoarsely whisper as I’m over come with the clenching waves of my orgasm. My whole body twitches with the aftershocks.

“Fucken untie me you bastard and get this blindfold of me and hold me tight” I growl. I want you to hold me tight while my body trembles with the aftershocks. So often have I been left feeling hollow and alone when I’ve done this by myself and I want to feel your warmth and strength enfold me while I calm down. You do as I ask and I look into your eyes and see how they glow with desire and respect. You enfold me in your arms and hold me tight and stoke my body and kiss me lightly on the mouth to calm me down. For the first time ever I fall asleep in someone’s arms. …. That is until I woken by an insistent cock at my back!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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