Daddy at the Truckstop – Amber’s Descent 4

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Daddy at the Truckstop – Amber’s Descent 4
Continuing “Daddy at the Truckstop”, Amber tells her tale of submission to Stacey as they are both locked in their cells at the club.

Amber’s Descent – 4

My dreams were once again filled with delightful perversion, with the new possibilities adding into already torrid imagery of cock and helplessness. I drifted in and out of sleep, horny, waking in the morning to find I had cum all over myself in the night.

The next couple of days were almost a blur. My sissy hole was still a little sore, but was getting used to being stuffed, and the itch returned faster. When I wasn’t working, I read those new stories, and watched the video of me, over and over again, cumming myself dry several times a day, and even looking for other stories with similar themes to devour. Teasing texts from Daddy and Sir about what a good whore and slut I was, only spurred me onward, and I was awash in a tide of lustfulness that I couldn’t reason my way through, as much as I worried about how far this was getting out of hand.

In the middle of all of it, though, a new problem blindsided me. One of my roommates flunked out of school, and was moving out. The 2nd roommate knew before I did, and was already on his way out the door to stay with a friend, leaving me alone to either find new roommates, or a new place to live. Even if I picked up extra shifts, there’s no way I could afford it on my own.

When Saturday morning began, I knew I should take the weekend to look for a solution, having both days off from work, and I took my laptop with me to a cafe, hoping the change of environment would help me focus on my search through listings, and keep my mind off the recent events that had penetrated deep into my world already. However, looking at all of the disheartening options quickly had me looking at the stories that Daddy had sent me, and my attention wavered in spite of my public setting.

I was there for maybe an hour, in a secluded corner, when I got a text from Daddy.

“Good morning, slut. I trust you’ve rested up and will be ready for another lesson soon. Perhaps even today, hmm?”

I squirmed in my seat at the implications, but my anxiety from my living situation kept me from succumbing to the lust completely in my reply.

“Good morning, Daddy, I’m rested, but I’m having a bad morning with some things that have come up, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to play..”

“That’s unfortunate, little slut, Sir and I are looking forward to teaching you more very soon. What has you in such a mood today?”

“It’s complicated, Daddy, but it has to do with me being able to stay in town. I’m worried I won’t be able to keep going to college.”

“I see. Where are you now, slut?”

I paused, I could tell him I was home with company, or busy with something else today, but I felt a pull that wanted to give him the truth.

“At the coffeeshop on 4th, Daddy, I had to get out of the apartment for a while to focus.”

“Stay there, Sir and I will meet you in 10 minutes”.

They were coming here.. “Yes Daddy.”

I spent the 10 minutes trying not to read one of the kinkier stories that came to mind, but I failed, and soon they arrived, spotting me, and sitting on either side of the table in a way that cornered me by the wall. I hated that I liked the feeling of it, and I told them about my apartment problems.

“My parents can’t afford to help out that much, and there’s still a couple of months left on the lease. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, but I might have to move back home, and I’ve already worked so hard to be here.” I let it all out, despondently. It also occurred to me that if I had to move back home, I wouldn’t be able to learn at the hands of these men anymore, and the possibility of losing this newfound world of desire started to eat at me.

Sir and Daddy looked at each other with a smirk, and then leaned it towards me a little more.

Sir spoke first. “You know, Amber, we can help …take your mind off of your problem for a little while, perhaps it will clear your head and some new idea will ..come.”

“Yes, we might even be able to help in some way. We know many people in town with connections that could …benefit you, and we know how much of a …hard worker you are.” Daddy said with a strange grin.

I wasn’t sure what they were getting at, but the innuendo was clear, and the thought of going with them for another lesson was exciting me as I admitted to myself that I wasn’t going to be able to solve my problem as long as submission was so strongly on my mind. And if they were willing to help me find a way to stay, it made me feel at least a little better..

“Maybe… I’m not sure, Daddy… you might be right, though..” I admitted hesitantly.

“Good slut” Daddy said in a low voice. “However, if you come with us, it won’t just be another lesson. We’re going to start taking a little more ..control of you, and taking you deeper.”

“C..control? How, Daddy?” My breathing quickened as all of the new possibilities güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri came rushing into my brain again, feeling a little more real at his words. Fear and excitement twisted together in my stomach, and my rational side took a blow.

“That’s what we’re going to find out tonight, slut. Remember, we won’t hurt you, and we think you’ll love it anyway. We have all day, and we’ll start off slow.” Daddy said almost kindly.

He continued. “In the stories you read, did you come across anything in particular that you thought was ..interesting? Or perhaps terrible. Or maybe a bit of both, slut?”

I shrugged, unsure of how I should answer, or how much I should tell them.
“I don’t know, Daddy.. it was all ..a lot, I guess..” My cheeks were flush.

“Yes.. there’s a lot that happens in them. They’re some of our.. favorites.” Daddy left it hanging in the air, and I stayed speechless for the moment.

“We’re going to get coffee to go. While we do, you can get up, leave, and that can be that, you’ll never have to see us again.” Sir leveled with me, showing a little compassion.

“However, if you’re here when we get back, the lesson will begin, and you’ll have to earn your breaks. No more safeword. Understand, Slut?” Daddy still had that grin, and there was something a little dangerous behind his eyes All I could do was nod as they rose from their chairs.

My rational side told me to get up and run, but that voice was becoming smaller and smaller. Would they really be able to help out? I would get to keep playing with them, and all I had to do was nothing. The implications of continuing with them welled up inside me, my addiction blossoming more as I sat there indecicively. If I didn’t make the choice, they would make it for me… is that what I wanted? Or worse.. what I needed?

I was so entrenched in the thoughts that kept me from moving, head looking down, afraid to break the spell, that I lost track of time. A hand reached down, slowly taking my phone from the table, and was slipped into a pocket. Another set of hands closed the lid of my laptop, sliding it into my bag, before being flung over a shoulder. Daddy and Sir stood there expectantly, my devices in their possession. Daddy’s hand helped me up, and almost in a trance, I was guided from the coffeeshop, down the street, and into the back of Sir’s car.

In moments, rope was coiled around my wrists, my mouth put to use as the car sped forward.


To my surprise, they bought me a new outfit, sluttier than the one I left at Daddy’s place. The short plaid skirt, pleated and pink, stopped where my ass cheeks began, revealing them if I bent over even slightly. White fishnet stockings with little pink bows were held up by a garter belt that only framed my girly ass more. A small white collared shirt with matching plaid trim left my midriff bare, except for the white mesh shirt that covered my upper body and arms in a slutty net like my stockings. Pink 6 inch platform pump heels now adorned my feet, with locking ankle straps.

Everything was locked onto me. Pink wrist, ankle, upper arm, and thigh cuffs were snugly in place with little padlocks, as was my collar, and a thin strap harness with metal rings around my torso, resting atop the mesh. Looking at myself in the mirror after finishing my makeup, I looked like a complete sex doll.

Heavy chains kept my wrists linked behind me, and my ankles locked together as I stayed on my knees, leisurely sucking on Sir’s cock as the plug vibrated in my pussy. He was seated in a chair in Daddy’s basement entertainment room, next to the play room I had previously been acquainted with. There was a large leather sectional couch as well, with a big TV in the corner, which was playing some bondage porn similar to my chained position.

“You’re really coming along, slut, I don’t feel any teeth. Told you we would start out slow, we have the whole day ahead of us.”
Sir guided my head with the heavy chain leash and a hand on my head.

Daddy was upstairs, and in my trance I had no idea how much time was passing. A half hour? More? It didn’t matter, as long as I could keep up my sucking well enough. Eventually, Daddy came down and switched places with Sir, who left the basement for a while as I sucked my 2nd cock of the day.

“Pace yourself, slut, you’ll be at this for a while. Learning to give long blowjobs in chains is on you, so save some of that energy for later. You’ll need it.”

I moaned around him as I kept a good rhythm, enjoying the taste, smell, and feel. His grip on me and the leash, the feel of heavy chains keeping me bound, pushed me further under in a submissive state, and I relished the feeling.

After a time, Sir returned downstairs, and I was carried to the playroom, placed in a corner with my leash tethered to a loop on the wall, watching as they set up a metal frame with hanging chains and straps in the middle of the room. I recognized it as a sling, remembering how fun tipobet it was to think of someday trying one. I licked my lips in anticipation.


“Time to test just how naughty you want to be, whore” Daddy grunted as he filled my pussy with his wrapped and lubed cock.

“Yes Daddy..” was all I could meekly say as he took his time fucking me with long even strokes, grazing my prostate.

I was firmly planted in the sling on my back, my limbs secured by locks to the 4 chains that kept me suspended off the ground, each cuff at my lower and upper limbs used to keep me immobile as my arms and legs were bent and splayed up and out by the chains. A strap around my midsection finished it off, as my head dangled backward.

“We’re going to give you some questions, and see what grade you get. We’ll know if you’re lying, we went through your browser history and saw what you read and watched. Over and over again. So just be a good little whore and tell the truth.” Sir gripped the back of my head and held it upright, almost whispering menacingly into my ear.

“Nnnn Yes Sir…” The blindfold kept most of the light out, tightly tied around my head. The nipple clamps bit into me just right, again amplifying the lewdness of my situation as I squirmed under their ministrations. I briefly wondered if they were filming again, but my mind kept going blank from the mounting sensations before I could develop that mental image.

“But before we do, we want you to understand you position a little bit more. Say your old safeword now, and see what happens if you say it from now on. Do it, slut.” Daddy tugged on the chain connecting my nipple clamps to each other, and to the tight strap around the base of my stiff clitty and aching sissy balls.

“Nnggg… Yes Daddy…… Red!” A slap hit the left side of my face. Then the right. They weren’t as playful as the other slaps, they stung more, and were firmer. Humiliation surged as I whimpered. They didn’t just take the safeword away, they turned it into something to make me feel more helpless, and my clitty twitched. My ass muscles reacted, too, squeezing down on Daddy’s cock, deep in me, betraying the excitement I felt to him.

“Good, I felt that squeeze, whore. Every time I feel that squeeze, I’ll know it means yes. Now for the test. First, you want to meet our friends and become our little group gangbang fuckdoll, don’t you.”

“Unnngghhh Yes Daddyy…” I squeezed down on his cock again hard. I felt lighter slaps on my face, and it kept me whimpering.

“Second. You like the idea of being a sex slave, an on call whore for us, not allowed to say ‘no’, don’t you, whore.”

“Fuckk…. nnngghh…. Yes Daddyy.. ahhh.” 2 more slaps followed. I could feel the pressure of a sissygasm starting, but the strap around my clitty and balls was keeping me in check.

“Third, you fucking love the possibility of being blackmailed, trapped into being that sex slave, don’t you, fucktoy.”

“Ggguuuhhh… oh god.. Yes Daddyy…” I squeezed again, much harder. Slap. Slap.

“Fourth. You want to be so completely trapped, that you’d be a piece of property. Property to be taken to park restrooms and pimped out to strangers. Wouldn’t you, you little whore.”

“Unngggghhh…. aaahhhh… Yyy.. Yess Daddyyy…” Squeezed even more. Slap. Slap.

“Fifth. You know that’s all going to happen to you now, and that you don’t have a choice. Don’t you, fuckslave”

“Oohh goddd…. oohhh… Y..yess Daddyyy”. I was almost incoherent as I twitched and squeezed more. 2 last hard slaps drove me deeper still. I was on fire, the pressure building more and more as I moaned and mewled. In that moment, I felt how in-over-my-head I was getting, and I cursed myself for being so unbearably excited by the thought. Something in me was breaking like last time, but now it was going to be worse.

Then, the blindfold came off.

Four more men surrounded me, naked, hard, eyeing me like a piece of meat as Daddy and Sir kept abusing me. Strangers about to join them in that abuse.

A camera was set up nearby, capturing me at my most helpless, as was the camera one of the men was holding, taking a close up of my face as it dawned on me just how fucked I was. Sir jammed his fingers into my mouth, gripping my throat as Daddy spoke.

“It feels like you’re about to squeeze my cock off. Looks like you understand. We have your phone, your contacts, your laptop, all of your information, and this is the first of many videos we’re making of you. As long as you’re a good little slave for us, your parents, friends, work, and school don’t have to see what you are. You are my property now. I own you, whore.”

I whimpered torturously around Sir’s fingers as I heard the words I knew I needed to hear, my fate spelled out with certainty beyond my ability to sway. The pressure in my sissy balls was too much to bear now, as Daddy reached down and removed the straps from my clitty. I could feel it coming, and nothing would stop it now.

Daddy pulled out of me, but I tipobet güvenilir mi wasn’t empty for longer than a moment as one of his friends took his place, fucking me at the same kind of pace that Daddy was, expertly finding my prostate. Sir pulled my head backward, hanging upside down as he continued gripping my throat. For a second I saw a cock dangling level with my panting mouth, before another of their friends filled it. Daddy whispered in my ear as I was freshly spit roasted.

“Yeah, that’s right, whore, you’re just a plaything for men, now, and you don’t have any choice anymore. Now our friends are using you, and a few more are on the way. Two strangers fucking your sissy holes, and you have no idea who they are. And you won’t for a while.” Daddy’s whisper turned to a growl as he replaced the blindfold on my eyes.

It all hit me in one moment, the realization that it was all coming true, and that I was in too deep to get out. I was trapped, in the middle of men I didn’t know, swept up in a bad situation as they used and abused my helpless body for their pleasure, and for mine. They turned me into a sex slave so quickly, I saw it coming, and I let it happen.

With unknown cocks pistoning into my bound body, their property, the dam broke, and I exploded in the most intense orgasm of my life so far. My mind went blank from the pleasure as my clitty erupted all over myself, splattering my legs, belly, chest, making it up to my chin, and the pleasure didn’t stop as the man in my pussy knew how to keep my sissy button under constant attention.

All I could do was writhe and moan as they broke me, turning me into a mindless sex toy that hungered for more cock, more abuse, more humiliation, no longer able to go back to what I once was, even if I did have the choice. I belonged to them, and I was only going to be taken deeper still, more than I knew was possible.

The rest was a blur of pleasure and humiliation as they kept me double stuffed at all times. One man would pull out, and another would take their place, and I could barely tell the difference, only able to feel the sizes of each cock. They played with my clamps, choked my throat, slapped my face, spanked my ass, and called me every filthy name they wanted. Constantly stimulating me, cum dribbling out of my clitty, with fresh prolonged sissygams crashing my brain again and again. I knew that I would do whatever they wanted to feel this again and again, my addiction consuming me.

After a long time in my cockslut trance, I could feel myself being unstrapped from the sling, and placed over a padded stool, secured in place with my wrists up and behind me, attached to my collar. A cock was once again inside me from behind, and my blindfold came off again. More men were in the room, I couldn’t tell if it was two, or three, but one of them had another camera, capturing all of me in my broken state. I whimpered and moaned incoherently, exhausted, as one of the men stuffed my mouth again. This time, they filmed my face as each cock took their turn, my lust showing as i bobbed my head over and over.

One by one, they used my mouth for a minute, before pulling out to splatter their loads all over my face, and into my mouth. Six, seven, eight loads, and the cock in my pussy pulled out. It was Daddy who gave me facial number nine, and I felt a vibrating plug pushed into my ass, taped into place. Nine men..

I panted and caught my breath as they took pictures in the break of the action. Soon, a ring gag was strapped into my mouth, cum dripping off my face. Soreness began to come as Daddy and Sir unstrapped me from the stool, and helped me to my feet. One of the men with a camera followed to the side as I was brought near the far corner. Sir leaned down to roll back the carpet, and pulled up a metal loop embedded in the floor, twisting the lock open to reveal a panel in the hardwood that swiveled up and open.

The hole was about 6 ft long, and maybe 2 ft wide & deep. The hatch, like the bottom and the sides, were padded, and I blushed at the thought of being in there. They unclipped my wrists from my collar behind me, relaxing my arms, before clipping my ankles together, and running a chain from them up to my wrists. Daddy and Sir grabbed me, lowering me down in the hole, laying me down on the padding. I looked up at them, whimpering pathetically as Daddy leaned over with his crooked smile.

“Get some rest, whore, you earned a break. We’ll be back to clean you up for more fun, and to show you how things will change for you, so get some sleep. You’ll come to know this spot very well, soon.” He chuckled as he stood up.

The camera pointed at my cum covered face as they closed the hatch over me, the light shrinking to a sliver, then nothing as the panel was set into place. I heard the lock click, and exhaustion swept over me as this new layer of entrapment hit.

I felt broken, used, completely helpless, trapped, and still relentlessly turned on by all of it. Nobody knew where I was, and even of they did, there’s no way they’d find me down here. Locked in a secret hole under Daddy’s basement, stored as a toy until they were ready to play with me again.

Between that, and the vibrating plug in my pussy, I came again as I fell into slumber.

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