Dean , Lily – Gentle Dominance

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Dean gave the door a quick knock before entering. He was a little early, but Lily was usually waiting by the time he arrived. He was surprised to not find her in the room. He checked his watch impatiently and sat on the bed, hoping that nothing would make her late.

They’d both been busy today, but they’d still made a point to steal what contact they could as they passed one another in the office. A soft touch here. A sneaked kiss there. Thousands of smiles filled with hidden promises. It had been difficult for him to concentrate, but somehow he had managed to stop thinking of her long, shapely neck just enough to get his work done. One of these days their interoffice playing would get them in trouble, but they didn’t care enough to stop.

Dean shook himself from his reverie and checked his watch again. It had been all of 8 minutes. He wondered how in the world she could managed to wait for him every night. Another two minutes would drive him mad.

Just then, the door opened and in she walked, adorable as ever.

“Hello, Lily.”

“Well, hi there,” she replied and crossed the room to glance out the window at the darkening sky, paying him no special attention. “Someone came early.”

She couldn’t help but grin once she had her back to him. It always made her happy to get a little extra time with Dean, but she hated letting him know that. His arrogance, no matter how playful, didn’t need encouragement.

Dean smiled and nodded. “Yeah. I’m a little early. Is that a problem?” His tone made it clear that he knew it was anything but, which sparked Lily’s pride.

She turned to face him and pointed to the door. “It’s such a problem, you should probably just go.”

Dean just smiled and shrugged before rising from the bed to move to the door. When his hand closed around the doorknob, he locked the door instead of leaving.

“I’d rather not.”

Lily’s eyes widened in surprise for an instant until her pride caused them to flare just a little.

“Oh?” was all she could manage in reply.

“No.” The word was final, leaving no room for discussion.

Dean turned from the door and slowly crossed the room to her, invading her space one slow, purposeful step at a time. Lily’s perfect skin flushed and she stumbled back a few steps toward the wall, causing one corner of Dean’s mouth to lift in a crooked grin as he ambled after her, stalking his prey.

“I’m rather intent on staying right here,” he continued.

He loomed over her, fingertips barely brushing her inner wrists, and she took another step back with a nervous stammer.

“O… Oh…” Lily’s heart skipped a beat. She knew that tone of voice all too well. She took another step back and Dean followed, guiding her until she reached the corner and could escape no further.

“Going somewhere?” he teased and moved in close, tenderly taking her left wrist in his right hand and gently lifting it over her head to pin it against the wall, eliciting a soft sound from Lily. He held her there and gazed into her eyes for a moment, and her heart skipped another beat. Her eyes widened as he lowered his face to her sensitive neck and his warm breath washed over her skin. She tensed, barely able to breathe, much less fashion a coherent response to his question.

“I… I was just… “

Dean reached down to her side and intertwined his fingers with those of her right hand, lifting it to join the other above her head. He leaned closer, his body not quite touching hers, his bearded cheek nuzzling her jawline an instant before his lips brushed over her earlobe.

“Just what?” he whispered.

Lily trembled visibly, shuddering a little more with each passing second, unable to focus on anything but his touch. Her neck was so tender and she ached for more. She mewled softly and tilted her head to the side, opening herself to him.

“Just…,” was all she could manage in reply.

“Just remembering that you’re mine,” he answered for her and lightly pressed his lips to her exposed neck. He loved to kiss her there almost as much as she loved to be kissed, if for no other reason than what he knew it did to the rest of her body. He kept the kiss soft and breathed in her intoxicating scent as she shuddered again and arched a little toward him.

“Yes,” she breathed out softly, eyes wide and slightly glazed. She bit her lower lip at the confession and flushed even more.

Dean smiled and traced his fingertips down her left arm to caress her cheek, raising up to loom over her and stare down into her dark, beautiful ulus escort eyes. “I’ve known since the first moment I touched you, Lily.” His fingertips continued lower, the backs of his nails grazing down her neck. Lily’s breath quickened at his touch, growing heavier and she could only moan in reply.

“You belong to me.” He moved closer to press his lips to her forehead even as his hips pinned hers to the wall. Lily’s entire body shifted and she jerked her hips as his pressed in.

“You are mine,” Dean whispered. “You can’t escape me, Little One.”

Lily’s cheeks burned and she knew that they must be completely red now. Her eyes widened again and she could feel that her pulse hammered visibly in her neck.

Dean swallowed his growing hunger and took a half step back. Lily struggled to breathe as Dean stared down into her eyes and slowly unbuttoned her blouse from the top down, exposing more and more of her skin. Her body tensed with each button and her breasts quivered in anticipation. As the last button slipped free, Dean guided the blouse open to bare Lily’s belly and black lace bra to the cool air.

His eyes never left hers until he took a step back and purposefully dragged his gaze down her body, drinking in the luscious sight. Lily swallowed hard and blushed furiously, the color spreading across her body as she struggled not to cover herself. Dean smiled and nodded in approval as Lily remained still while he looked upon her.

Finally, he stepped forward once more and reached up to take her wrists in his hands again, slowly lowering them to her sides as he leaned in to softly press his lips to hers in the smallest hint of a kiss. Lily shivered lightly as he loomed over her again. She leaned forward to kiss him more deeply, wanting to taste more of him, and she tugged on her wrists, anxious to feel him under her itching fingers.

Dean smiled and leaned away from her kiss, shaking his head and tightening his grip on her wrists, causing Lily to shudder and whimper. The vulnerable sound shifted to a gasp when Dean stepped back once more and spun her around to face the corner. He lifted his hands to her shoulders and guided her blouse down her arms, stopping with it at the small of her back, keeping her wrists bound to her side.

She was helpless, unable to even see him now. She could not touch or taste, only listen and feel what it was like to be the object of his desire.

“I’m in control, Little One,” he whispered and pressed his lips to the bared flesh of her shoulder and neck. A light nip sent her head falling back and she mewled again.

“I want to touch you,” she somehow made out, but instinctively kept her wrists at her side.

Dean continued to kiss her, his lips moving back down her neck and over her shoulder as he dropped the blouse to the floor and lifted her wrists once again.

“Me, first.”

Lily pressed her wrists against the wall and moaned as Dean’s lips moved back and forth over her sensitive skin. She shuddered when he traced back down her arms and sides to stop on her waist. His hands slid around to the front to unbutton and unzip her jeans, causing her eyes to widen again as he casually pushed them over her hips and down to join her blouse on the floor.

“Dean,” she breathed.

He stepped back to eye her again, eager to imprint the sight of her body on his mind. He took special note of the lacy, black boyshorts, silky and tight against curves of her hips and ass. Eyes never leaving that amazing view, Dean reached out and unclasped her bra.

“Turn around, Little One.”

Lily could feel the pounding of her heart and flushed an even deeper red. She turned slowly, keenly aware of how precariously her bra draped over her breasts. So very self-conscious, she nevertheless forced her wide eyes to meet his. Dean looked down into her eyes and met her gaze with a smile. Reaching up to her shoulders, he slowly guided the bra straps down Lily’s arms. He leaned forward as he did, kissing her neck and softly sucking on the tender flesh.

She whimpered. Her full breasts were now exposed to him and she was left in only her boyshorts. Her heart pounded furiously and she couldn’t help but arch her hips toward him. Somewhere in the back of her mind she noticed her head falling back. Dean took full advantage of her offering and nuzzled deeply into her neck. Reaching down, he took her hands in his and returned them to their proper place – pinned to the wall above her head.

“You belong to me, Lily,” he whispered yenimahalle escort and pressed his teeth to her skin, slowly biting down as his hips met hers and pinned them to the wall.

The words made Lily shudder, and she ached to arch her hips again. Her heart raced. Her body writhed as much as the press of his against hers would allow. She grew more and more needy by the second, and the touch of his teeth to her tender neck made her mewl and breathe harshly.

Dean met her desperate sound with a low growl and rolled his hips into her. He dragged his tongue over her flesh, tasting her surrender, and clenched his jaw. His teeth sunk into her neck, marking his territory.

“Dean!” Lily screamed and bucked into his body, gasping and writhing against him, the sensation so intense. She could feel her panties becoming soaked.

Dean flinched at her scream, the sound loud but delicious in his ear, and relaxed his jaw. He nuzzled into her neck, softly kissing the pained flesh as the blood rushed back to her skin. Lily sobbed out softly, sinking a little against the wall, eyes glazed over.

After taking a few steadying breaths, Dean began to walk backward, pulling her with him by her hands. She stumbled with him as he moved to sit on the edge of the bed. Staring up into her eyes, Dean kissed all around her navel and hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties. Lily shivered and bit her lower lip, gripping his shoulders tightly, as he slid the panties to the floor.

As soon as the panties dropped, Dean reached for her wrists, guiding them back to Lily’s sides.

“I’m not done,” he spoke softly, but the words were heavy with force.

Still looking into her eyes, he bent lower and began kissing over her mound, causing Lily to whimper and then sharply cry out his name when the tip of his tongue traced down her slit.

“Hands above your head,” he breathed out against her skin, and she instantly complied, raising her hands and lacing her fingers together.

“Oh god,” she whimpered again as his tongue stretched lower, dragging over her clit. He gripped her hips tightly as she cried out his name once more and jerked toward his mouth. He alternated between kissing over her mound and flicking his tongue over her clit, never letting her focus on one sensation for long. Trusting her to keep her hands above her head as she was told, Dean slid one hand around to sink strong fingers into the soft flesh of her ass. His other hand moved up her chest, closing over her right breast to knead softly, his rough palm grating over her hard nipple.

Lily gasped and trembled against his hold. She was so wet, she just knew she must be dripping. “You taste so sweet,” she heard him say, and she sunk her teeth into her lower lip as she struggled to stay standing. Dean’s nostrils flared as her scent flooded the room. He ducked his head lower, lapping at the juices coating her lips, moaning hungrily.

“Please, Dean… Please! I need you!” she cried.

Dean jerked at her cry and pushed her back away from him. Taking a calming breath, he stood before her, body so impossibly close to hers. He stared down into her eyes with barely contained hunger and Lily stumbled back a step, breathing harshly and mewling almost steadily now. She trembled as he walked around her, his eyes raking over her naked, vulnerable body. Gone was any semblance of bashfulness. Lily knew only need.

“On the bed. Now,” Dean commanded, and she turned to crawl backward onto it immediately. He watched her go, admiring her liquid grace, and began to strip. Down went his shirt, jeans, and finally his boxers. Lily watched with open lust, her breath catching as each peace hit the floor.

“I want to touch you,” she whined.

Dean smiled and walked to the bed. He stood towering over her naked body and she could see the throbbing of his erect cock. Lily moaned loudly as Dean took her hand in his and guided it to his thick shaft.

“You may.”

Her fingers instantly wrapped around him and squeezed lightly, stroking along his length up and down, watching Dean with wide eyes. Her touch was magic, and he sucked in a sharp breath in response. His head rolled back and his hips rocked forward. A surge of precum wet the tip of his cock, dripping over her fingers.

“Oh, Little One,” he breathed out.

Lily couldn’t wait any longer. “I need you inside me,” she whispered and rubbed her thumb over the head of his cock. She tightened her grip and stroked faster, the action making her shudder just as much Dean was. Her hips shifted restlessly on the bed in anticipation.

“And I need inside you,” came the growled reply. Dean gripped her wrist tightly and pulled her hand away. In a flash he was on her, pushing her back onto the bed, climbing over her. He dipped his hips between her thighs as she wrapped her legs around him, and he locked gazes with her.

“I need inside you,” he whispered again, “because you are mine,” He pinned her hands above her head. “Only mine.”

Lily gasped in shock and bucked her hips up toward his, willing him to enter her. His words made her mewl again and again, and she nodded emphatically, meeting his gaze with wide eyes.

“Yes! I’m yours, Dean. Only yours,” she murmured and writhed, her heart racing so fast that she could feel her entire body pulsing.

“Again, my darling Lily.” Dean adjusted his hips and shifted them forward. His bulbous head parted her lips and began sinking into her, causing her to cry out in shock. Dean moaned and shuddered, but refused to relent. He pressed steadily deeper, slowly filling and stretching her welcoming pussy. “Tell me again.”

Lily threw her head back, clenching and arching into him desperately. He filled her so deeply already and she was absolutely gushing with wetness. “I’m yours!” she exclaimed. “You own me. I belong to you.”

“So sweet.” Dean bucked the last little distance, slamming his cock fully into her and rotating his hips. “So tender.” He pulled back slowly and slammed in again. “So utterly and completely mine.”

“Dean!” Lily screamed out his name and threw her head back, arching up sharply toward him. Her legs squeezed even more tightly around his waist, trying to pull him ever deeper. Dean buried his face in her neck, biting again and again, intent on marking her once more.

His teeth were just too much. She couldn’t bear any more. Unable to stop the sensations from ripping through her, Lily screamed out his name again, cumming for him.

“Dean! Cum with me! Please!”

Dean tightened his grips on Lily’s wrists and pushed up to stare down at her lovely body, wracked in pleasure. He panted for breath as he pistoned his hips harder and faster, the sound of each impact wet with her juices.

“Again,” he beckoned for her to cum. “With me! Now!” he growled and pressed his forehead to hers, slamming his cock hard into her pussy once more. He planted his full length deep inside her, grinding, and suddenly arched his back with a primal shout, cumming hard and leaving his mark on her cunt.

“Dean!” she screamed again and once more gave her cum to him, arching up higher, tightening impossibly around his cock, clenching him and gushing over his shaft. The pleasure was so intense. It ripped through her body and left her slick with sweat, shaking with each wave as the orgasm went on and on in a steady flow of aftershocks.

Dean shuddered wordlessly atop her, hips rolling once more, desperate to empty every last drop of cum into Lily’s writhing form. He gasped for breath and jerked with each orgasmic spasm that shook his body. As the near painful pleasure began to subside, he breathlessly found her mouth with his, kissing her hard. His sweat dripped down to her body, leaving yet another mark of his claim upon her.

Their tongues slithered over one another’s as they both fought for breath, and Dean finally collapsed to the bed beside her. He weakly pulled Lily to him, cradling her again his chest.

“Oh… I… Wow…” he stammered out, his brain a mush of ecstasy.

Lily moaned softly and went limp in his arms, aside from the occasional shudder. She nodded, barely able to breathe out her reply. “Yes.”

Dean smiled widely and nodded. His eyes grew heavy as he fought to catch his breath and held her tightly. Lily sighed in pleasure and smiled up at him.

“Mmmm,” she moaned in bliss. “That was wonderful.”

“Yes it was,” Dean answered and opened his eyes to look down at her and softly kiss her lips.

Lily cuddled in as closely as possible, breathing in Dean’s scent.

“I can barely keep my eyes open after that,” she whispered against his lips with a sleepy smile. “Night.”

Dean nodded and gave her a big squeeze, softly brushing his lips over hers again. “G’night, my adorable Little One. I’ll see you in the morning.”

He relaxed into the mattress and watched over her as she drifted off. When he was sure Lily was asleep, Dean slipped out of the bed and carefully tucked the blankets around her. He leaned down and placed a single, soft kiss on her forehead and then bent to retrieve his clothes. As he got dressed and let himself out, he couldn’t help but imagine what their next time together might bring.

But that would have to wait for another night.

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