Double Trouble in Helia Pt. 03

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I hope you guys enjoy this entry to the series.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, make sure to tell me.

I will now stop the rambling and leave you with the story.


Alex was enjoying his morning shower when he heard his phone go over. “What the hell?” he muttered. Keri had already invited him by mail for another visit to the clinic, so she couldn’t be the one that was calling him this early. He figured it might be Zack, but he couldn’t phantom why he’d be calling him and especially this early in the morning. They had the day off, so maybe he’d just like to hang out.

All wet and slippery, he shut off the show and ran and slipped his way to his bedroom, where his phone was still going off. It took a few attempts for his screen to work with his soapy fingers, though he managed to unlock his phone eventually. He barely registered it wasn’t Zack who was calling him, but Emily.

“Hello?” he said as he pressed the cell phone to his ear.

“Hey, Alex!” Emily responded, her tone seemed almost a little too cheerful for the time of day. Perhaps she was a morning person.

“So did you see the details for the next part of the assignment?” she continued. “It was sent out some time after I mailed you the notes I had taken.”

“Ehm, no, sorry. I was pretty busy last night, so it must have slipped under the radar.”

“Were you looking for work that long?”

“Not really,” he answered truthfully, although he wasn’t going to share his moment of self-indulgence with her. She didn’t feel as distant as she was on that first day, but they were nowhere near close enough for him to talk about that.

“Some unrelated stuff. How did it go with Cherry? It looked like you were having fun in the picture you sent.”

“It was, but I’ll tell you more about that later. I called you up to talk about the assignment, remember?” Her tone suggested that she didn’t truly mind the chit-chat, but he wasn’t going push it.

“So, anyway, this next one is pretty simple too. Just a distillation. They haven’t told us what, but I just hope it isn’t red wine.”

“Why, did something go wrong or do you prefer white?” Alex said with a chuckle.

“The smell was just so… overpowering really. It lingered in that room for weeks, because someone must have turned off the ventilation or something.”

“We’ll be fine. You can always use a clothespin if you’re that worried.”

He could hear Emily laughing on the other side of the line. “I won’t go that far, don’t worry. So when shall we do this? We could reserve the lab this afternoon again if you’d like.” She paused for a moment, waiting for his response.

“I know it’s our day off and all, but-“

“It’s fine, really,” Alex interjected. He didn’t have any plans besides the trip to the clinic and wouldn’t mind spending his afternoon with Emily, even if it was just to scientifically boil wine. There were certainly fates far worse than his.

“Really? Are you sure? We could do this later, you know.”

“Like I said, it suits me. You’re the one that made a tradition out of being early, so I might as well get used to it. Don’t worry about it.”

“Thanks, Alex. I’ll make sure to make it up to you. I’ve gotta go now, so I’ll see you later.”

Before he knew it, she had hung up. He felt a little silly standing in the middle of his room, completely naked and creating a wet mess on the floor. He slid back into the bathroom to finish his shower and mopped up the mess with a towel before dressing himself. It was still morning, which meant he had plenty of time till he had to head over to the university. Keri’s “treatment” seemed to have a tendency to take longer than expected however. He decided he might as well go there immediately so he had plenty of wiggle room in his schedule in case it did indeed take way more time.

Once he was out the door, Alex decided to walk to the clinic instead of taking the bus again. He hadn’t had the chance to join any sport clubs so far and wasn’t planning on getting out of shape because of it. Besides, it wasn’t that far anyway.

Not long after his departure did he made his way into the clinic again. The receptionist was nowhere to be seen, so he went looking for Kerri. In the email she’d told him he’d be welcome whenever he had time, but he wasn’t sure if she would have time for him this early. There wasn’t anyone there that could tell him if she was around, which meant he’d have to look for her himself.

As he approached the examination room Alex could her infrequent moans coming from it. He stopped at the door, not wanting to disturb whatever was going on in there, but his curiosity got the better of him. He slowly pushed the door open and peeked inside. He was welcomed by quite the sight.

Kerri was facing away from him with both her arms in the air, performing some kind of stretching exercise. Her scrubs were riding up her back and exposed the smooth skin of her lower back and the tantalising top of her underwear. He stood still for a moment, taking in the sight, when Kerri turned around.

“Oh, eryaman anal yapan escort hey Alex! What a surprise!” she said with a wide smile. Apparently she hadn’t realised he had been staring at her. “I know I told you to come whenever you had time, but I hadn’t expected you to show up this early. I was in the middle of my morning gymnastics.”

“Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to interrupt you. I can come back later if that suits you better.”

“Now’s good too. Besides, there’s plenty of other ways to get some exercise,” she said with a devious glint in her eye.

“Yeah, I guess…” Alex replied. Her constantly shifting attitude around him confused him a little and he didn’t quite know why he’d need to visit this soon again. “So why did I need to come again? Any more yoghurt related incidents? I can always just jerk off into another cup at home if you need me to.”

“No, no crisis this time,” Kerri said with a grin, clearly vividly remembering the mix-up. “I explained the situation to my assistant, who initially didn’t believe me. I was honestly surprised myself you produce that much sperm when you ejaculate, but at least I had seen it with my own eyes. There should be no more mistakes like that in the future.”

She walked over to the chair, which had been folded complete down and effectively was now a table. The nurse had placed one of those carts with drawers next to it. “As to why you’re here today, I wanted to do some more testing. I’ve been treating you a couple of times now and I’d like to know if that has had any effect on the samples you’ve produced so far. That’s why I’d like you to get undressed and take place over here,” she told him as she patted the middle of the chair.

“Why can’t I just jerk off or something? I really do appreciate your treatment, but you must also be busy with running the clinic at this time of day.” Alex mind was embroiled in an internal conflict as he said that. He certainly liked the sessions he was spending with Kerri, but he was afraid she’d push him too far.

“Where’s the fun in that? Besides, I offered you a taste of me, remember?”

“Ah, yeah… I do,” he simply replied.

She laughed briefly when she heard his response. “And don’t worry about the clinic. My assistant knows a lot more about medicine than dairy products. Now move your butt. I’m dying to get another look at those schlongs of yours.”

She gently yet firmly pressed Alex back and onto the flat table. He undressed before she could tell him to. Alex had given up his internal struggle and was looking forward to whatever she had in mind.

He was surprised that she didn’t tackle his erections immediately and found her undressing next to him instead.

Her scrubs quickly hit the floor, leaving her in a black bra and a matching thong. Kerri took her time to put up a show and slowly shook her breasts whilst her fingers inched across her back to undo the clasp. Alex had been hard already, but his cocks were painfully throbbing as she undid her bra and languidly let the straps glide over her shoulders. Soon the bra slid off and joined the pile of clothes on the ground.

She turned around and bent over slightly, pushing her full ass closer to him. The thin strip of het black thong was wedged between her cheeks and barely covered anything.

Kerri looked back at him with a smile and let her ass jiggle before she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her underwear and started to pull these down. Her thumbs crept down her sides millimetre by millimetre until the cloth let go of her body and revealed her tight asshole and aroused pussy beneath. Clear strings of her juices formed the last connection between her and the thong, which broke when she dropped it.

Alex was slowly stroking his hard rods whilst her breast got loose of their cloth restraints. Her nipples were visibly hard as her chest rose and fell with every breath.

“Uh, oh. No touching. You only get to touch the other today,” she said with a husky voiced as she gently gripped his hands and pulled them to his lab. Her soft breasts enveloped the heads of his members momentarily. Their warm embrace coaxed a moan out of Alex before she stepped back.

The nurse opened a drawer and took out two packaged condoms. She swiftly got rid of the wrappers and tossed them to the floor before placing one between her lips and taking the other between her fingers. Whilst a sense of panic took hold of Alex, Kerri went ahead with her plan.

She placed one of the condoms on the head of his upper dick and rolled it down. At the same time she pressed her lips around the tip of his other dick and swallowed the tip. Her lips travelled down his shaft, taking the rubber with them, until Alex could feel himself hit the back of her throat. This drew out another groan from him.

The nurse raised her head a little and used her hand to roll down the condom in its entirety before continuing the blowjob.

“Fuck, Kerri. Please stop. I can’t- fuck- I can’t have sex with you,” Alex managed to say between moans.

“Mhmhmm hmhmhm,” came the response ankara escort from Kerri. Her attempt to speak only stimulated him further as her mouth vibrated along his shaft.

“I’m serious, please stop.”

She disentangled herself from his condom clad cock and looked him in the eyes. “Are you really the romantic type? I wouldn’t have guessed that with such delicious dicks. Don’t worry about it in any case. I wasn’t planning on going that far just yet, unless you change your mind.”


“I do think you will like what I had planned however. Close your eyes for now and don’t open them until I tell you to, OK.”

“O- Ok. I’m sorry for how I reacted-“

“It’s fine now, Alex. I’m glad you brought it up. Now close your eyes.”

He did so, hesitantly.

Now that he could no longer see, his other senses seemed to take over. Alex could smell Kerri’s strong perfume and could hear her soft breathing in front of him. Suddenly her hands landed on his bare thighs. She spread his legs and put each of them on either side of the table, fully exposing his still rock-hard members to her. Her touch disappeared as soon as it had come. He could hear her move along the table and her soft breather was suddenly a lot closer to him.

“Don’t open your eyes. Just relax for now.”

He tried to relax his body, but that turned out to be more challenging than expected due to anxiety and excitement fuelled by his blindness.

Suddenly she grabbed his shoulders and crossed each of her legs over one of his. He could feel the heat from her smooth legs as the got in position. Her perfume was even more noticeable in her proximity.

The pressure on his legs shifted to one side and he heard clutter in a desk being moved around. The nurse was clearly getting something from the drawers, but he could only guess what it was. All he could make out was the sound of lids being twisted and liquid running.

“Are you ready?” the nurse asked him. He didn’t know what was going on in the first place but nodded instead. He assumed he’d find out any moment now.


Kerri shifter back to her original position and he got to enjoy the sensation of her well-formed thighs rub against his as she readjusted his position.

He felt a little dribble of liquid touch his upper cock, which was followed by a sense of pressure. Whatever was pressing against it certainly felt like soft skin, but the feeling was a little off. Maybe it was the condom that was messing up the sensation, but he didn’t know. The pressure increased slightly on the object until it slowly slid down the crown of his cock. He gasped as he suddenly felt it tightly yet gently squeeze his cock as it was being worked down.

His eyes flew open as he spoke up. “I really can’t-“

The words stopped in his throat as he realised the nurse was still sitting in front of him, with her legs folder over his.

What was caressing his cock wasn’t her pussy, but the soft material of a sex toy instead.

“Awh, you ruined my surprise,” Kerri said with a tone of disappointment.

“I’m sorry, I- I want my first time to be with someone-“

“I understand. That’s the way I wanted it to be when I was your age too. Doesn’t mean we can’t have fun in the meantime however.”

To emphasise her point, she pushed the toy further down his shaft. He was teased by all the nubs and folds until it reached the base of his cock. It surprised him with the fact that the toy could take all of him.

His attempts to study it were halted when he felt a similar pressure hit his other member. It increased and increased until something seemed to give in, and his head was deliciously squeezed by and even tighter toy. The soft yet firm ridges set his nerves alight as Kerri pushed it down his shaft.

His balls were about to burst when it bottomed out and he could feel himself start to fill the condom with sudden stream of precum.

“O, god. Kerri, hold it there. I am going to cum if you move,” he moaned.

She withdrew her arms from the toys whilst giggling and placed them atop of his.

“Don’t you dare cum already! You’ve got to take care of me too.”

With that she took hold of his hands and guided them down to her body. Alex shook them off before he got there however.

“I’ll try to get you off, so you’ll need to show me how. Remember, no touching,” he said, referring to the rules she had brought up earlier.

She pouted for a moment, but her flushed face and hard nipples told him she was looking forwards to this as much as he was.

His large hands cupped her face, which felt like someone had stoked a fire inside. Alex traced the outline of her jaw before continuing down her neck. His hands were entirely free, since his still hard rods were holding up the sex toys by themselves. Each time he moved, they rubbed against him and enhanced his own arousal.

Soon his hands reached her breasts. He let a single finger trace venture down and swirl in circles around her nipple without actually touching it. Alex thought he should reward her teasing etimesgut escort with some of his own and her increasingly frequent sighs let him know he was doing something right.

He mirrored this treatment on her other breast before he started rubbing both nipples between his fingers. Kerri had closed her eyes and was entirely focused on enjoying the sensations she was receiving. He took the opportunity to lean over, which caused the toys to press into the nurse’s stomach, and kissed his way up her neck. He wasn’t as inexperienced when it came to kissing and his efforts were rewarded with her moans.

“So, what are these toys?” he whispered into her ear.

“They’re, uh, fleshlights,” she managed to say between moans as Alex massaged one nipple whilst softly biting on the other. “I wanted something similar to the feeling of me riding you, so there’s a pussy and a much tighter asshole.”

“It’s really tight, so I’m surprised you even managed to get them on.”

“It’s stretchy, like a -hmm- real ass.”

He pulled his head back and gave her nipples a final tweak before letting his hands continue their downwards course. They grazed her sides and back whilst Kerri gripped the fleshlights again and began slowly stroking him with them. Alex didn’t feel like he was close to bursting anymore and paused for a moment to enjoy the feeling of the nubs and ribs caressing his members.

His upper shaft was engulfed by the realistic looking lips of the pussy, whilst his lower member was stretching the narrow asshole. Whilst they lacked the strong suction of Kerri’s blowjob, the stimulation internal designs added a new sense of pleasure.

Alex caressed the nurse’s thighs for a moment before moving ever closer to her hot snatch. He could feel the wet heat radiate from within her as he traced the outlines of her engorged outer lips. They were slightly darker than the surrounding skin and slick with her own moisture.

It took him a few tries, but Alex ended up location her hard pleasure nub at the top of her vagina. He pushed her folds slowly aside to expose it. It too was engorged with blood and seemingly extremely sensitive. He gently rubbed it, which rewarded him with Kerri’s hot moans.

“Oh, fuck, right there!” she moaned whilst speeding up her own strokes.

The squelching that was the result of her strokes was soon drowned out by her increasingly loud sighs and moans.

“Keep rubbing my clit, Alex. And shove a finger up my tight hole!”

Alex placed one hand against her abdomen whilst he continued to caress her clit with his thumb and rubbed the fingers of his other hand against her wet nether lips. Once well-lubricated, he placed his middle finger against her entrance and slowly pushed it in.

“Like this?” he asked the nurse as he continued to push forward.

Her body spasmed briefly and she slammed the sex toys down onto his shaft.

“Shit,” he said, “I take that as a yes.”

Kerri let out a joyful giggle, which turned into a drawn-out moan as he started thrusting his finger in and out of her tight love tunnel.

It took her a moment, but Kerri managed to get her strokes in sync with his trusts. Each time the wet, hot sleeves squeezed and rubbed his cocks he could feel himself get a little closer to that thunderous climax he was now longing for. His dicks were throbbing with every heartbeat and there was no doubt in his mind there was a copious flow of precum coating his members inside the condoms.

When his finger pulled out of the nurse’s pussy, he brought it up to his mouth and gave it a tentative lick.

“How do I taste?” Kerri asked as she watched him lick his finger.

“Strange, but I like it. It’s hard to describe.”

“I’m glad to fulfil the promise,” she said with a grin.

Alex brought his fingers back down to her hot snatch. This time he pressed two against her wet opening. They slid in with little resistance and Alex went back to their steady rhythm.

The wet sounds of their sex act filled his ears and he knew he was quickly approaching the point of no return.

“Are you getting close?” he asked Kerri.

“I’m close. I’m so close,” she responded whilst panting. “Just keep going, please.”

He knew he didn’t have the time and hoped his next move would get her off before he did. Based on the fire that was building in his balls, he didn’t think he would have the strength to push her to the finish if he came.

He withdrew his fingers and added a third to the mix whilst he increased the pressure his thumb was applying to her clit. He rammed them inside her welcoming wetness and kept thrusting in her. Kerri responded in kind and changed her approach. The fleshlights were now racing down the full length of his shafts, stopping just before hitting him and travelled back up.

“Alex! Oh, GOD. I’m cummmING! ALEX!” Kerri cried as her body tensed up and started shaking. The walls of her pussy tightened around his fingers and tried to force them out, but he kept up his thrusts.

He brought his hand up from her clit and pulled her into an awkward embrace. Her tits were mashed against his chest and the fleshlights were stuck between their stomachs. He used this new position to thrust his upwards and jam his cocks further in the artificial flesh of the ass and vagina. Within a few deep thrusts he reached his climax.

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