Emma’s Sin Ch. 01

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Jonathan was vexed, torn over what to do about his daughter Emma. Hester and he had raised her to be a good God fearing child. They would rise early, before it was daylight and start her on her chores. As the sun rose they went to church and then she was sent off to school. Returning home, she then continued with her chores and then helped fix dinner before heading to bed. Once in bed is when it happened, when she sinned.

At first, Jonathan thought she suffered from nightmares because after she blew out her candle he would hear the strange noises, moans and groans as her bed creaked. Now that she was older and the strange sounds continued he knew he had to investigate. He could then discuss her activities with the preacher to determine what could be done.

The night he first discovered her sin he had climbed into his bed not far from his wife Hester but, although tired from his day of work he listened. Like before it started very quietly, a slight squeak from the bed, perhaps the faintest of moans, but immediately Jonathan knew her it had begun.

Quietly climbing out of bed he quietly tip-toed to her room. Her candle was out but the faint light settling into tuzla escort her room from bit of moon that shined through her window he could peek through the slats in the wall plank and see some motion. Squinting his eyes and moving closer to the opening he could see everything.

As soon as he realized what he was watching Jonathan felt sickened and gravely afraid. His young daughter born just a score ago had her nightshirt pulled up above her waist, exposing her parts in the moonlight with her legs open as if to give birth. But instead of bearing a child, she was abusing herself, actually using the candle to penetrate herself where only a husband or midwife should have the right to enter.

The candle, glistening in the moonlight slid in and out of her as she lifted her hips like the common bar women, actually enjoying the fornication. Not only was Emma penetrating herself repeatedly with the candle, the fingers of her other hand were toying up at the top of her nether lips. At one point she even lifted those fingers to her lips, wetting them with her mouth and then returning the fingers to spread the wetness onto the tiny protuberance.

Glancing up at her pendik escort face Jonathan saw her terrifying devilish gaze as she actually sat forward and watched the candle moving in and out. The look of sinful pleasure came over her as she breathed hard and fast, biting her lower lip but still moaning anyway. As he watched he felt his daughter’s devilish possession enter him and cause his member to enlarge and press against his night shirt.

When his daughter actually lifted her parts up off the bed, caring not that she turned her sin skyward, and moaned unabashedly before collapsing down in convulsions Jonathan knew he must don his chemise cagoule (a specially made shirt which extended nearly to his knees, with a hole for his member so he could make a child with his wife with a minimum of pleasurable contact) and visit his wife, if only to cast away the spirit Emma forced into him. Quickly returning to his room he removed his clothes, pulled the shirt over his head and slipped his engorged member through the small opening.

Once properly attired and confident his union with Hester would not produce any more sensation than necessary for conceiving a child he aydınlı escort moved toward her bed, quietly calling her name to awaken her. When Hester woke and saw Jonathan’s shirt she kicked off the blanket and lifted her nightgown as demurely as she could. She waited until Jonathan had moved closer to her before spreading her legs so he could avoid looking upon her parts and be moved to lust.

As he moved onto her, she prepared herself for the initial pain as he first entered her. The pain would subside as her wetness made the penetration easier, but she’d still be sore afterwards. Feeling him moving inside her Hester prayed, remember the sinful pleasure she felt as a young woman… before she learned it was sin.

Listening to Jonathan moan as he pushed himself into and out of her, Hester wondered what had made him suddenly ready to make a child. His breathing became heavier and he moved faster as she then felt the flood of his spirit inside herself. Thankful it was over, she waited until he climbed off of her, then she pulled the nightgown back down, pulled up the blankets and tried to go to sleep.

When he finished, Jonathan pulled of chemise cagoule setting it aside so Hester could wash out the sinful dampness in it. He pulled on his nightshirt and climbed into bed. He thought about discussing Emma’s sin with Hester, but he decided to go directly to the preacher to search for a solution.

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