Evening the Score – Chapter 5

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Evening the Score – Chapter 5
Very quickly after our swinger profile and pictures appeared, we began to receive interest. Lots of interest. I stated in the profile that we were interested in parties, other couples, and occasional single women. Single men were not invited. Jess protested initially, but I reminded her that the more women I fuck, and the fewer men she fucked, the quicker this can all be over, and we can decide where to go from there. She reluctantly agreed.

I accepted an invitation to a sex party that next weekend, and let Jess know our plans. I couldn’t tell if she was excited or not, but regardless, I told her how I wanted to see her dressed for the evening. She agreed.

When Saturday evening approached, we both showered and shaved, cleaned up for our best nude impressions. Jess has always shaved her pussy, and today, just as every day since we first met, she looked ravishing. I could have fucked her right there and then, but I wanted to save myself for what may come later.

I dressed in loose slacks, dark patterned shirt, and sport coat. After I told Jess my requirements for the evening, she chose a very short, wrap-around kimono style dress, and 6” heels. No bra, no underwear, not even a g-string. She looked like a street hooker, albeit, much more beautiful. Definitely, a high class escort, if nothing else.

We went over the conditions once more. I just wanted to make sure that Jess still understood, and that she hadn’t canlı bahis siteleri had any second thoughts about our new arrangement. We made our way to the party, and arrived just after nine. There were many people already there, and our hosts for the evening greeted us at the door. They were very friendly people, and also very attractive. Her especially. She wore stiletto heels, a micro wrap skirt, and pasties covering the nipples on her ample and firm breasts. My cock started hardening immediately. He wore a Hawaiian print shirt, loose shorts, and flip flops. I don’t know if Jess had a similar reaction to him.

After introductions, our hosts gave us a tour of their place, pointing out all the places to play throughout the house and back yard. As we toured, we noticed people in all states of sex, from simple nudity and flirting, to full on fucking. We heard moaning coming from all parts of the house. I was definitely stimulated.

Our hosts excused themselves, attending to other arriving guests, but wished us a fun evening. With that, Jess and I made our way to the common area, the kitchen, to grab a drink and mingle. I was amazed at how friendly everyone was, so it was easy to get comfortable. At least for me. I had no idea how Jess was feeling at the moment, nor did I care.

It didn’t take long, but two men came up and started flirting with Jess. I figured they considered her new meat, so I was not surprised. I could not tell tipobet güvenilir mi what she was feeling at the moment, because she has a definitely lustful look when she’s in the mood. This was not that face. But still, she looked over at me, seeking my permission. I gently and slightly nodded yes, and with that, she slipped her arms into theirs, and the trio went off to one of the playrooms. To watch her fuck other men was one of my goals for the evening, and that goal was about to be fulfilled.

I followed about 10-15 feet back. Surprisingly, when I reached the door of the room, both men were already naked, and in the process of undressing Jess. They were both pretty well hung, not my size, but no slouches either. While being stripped, Jess turned and saw me at the door. She looked at me, as if making sure this is what I wanted. I nodded my head again, but this time there was no mistaking my agreement.

With that, and fully naked, Jess dropped to her knees, and took each cock into her mouth, sucking them to as hard as they could be. She sucked them one at a time, then took them both at once. The men both placed a hand on Jess’ head, and began to force their cocks harder into her throat. She took them like a champ, almost to the balls. They also took the opportunity to run their hands all over Jess’ body, playing with her tits, pinching her nipples, their hands all over and in her ass and pussy. I couldn’t really tipobet giriş tell, but I thought I heard a faint moan coming from Jess. I guess she was enjoying herself.

After a good 15 minutes of throat fucking, the men were obviously ready to fuck for real. They positioned Jess on her knees and forearms, intending to fuck her doggie style. While one was still buried in her mouth, the other moved around the back and lined up to her pussy. At this point, she stopped, and knelt upright. She moved toward a bowl I had not noticed on the floor, grabbed a condom, and handed it to the cock at her cunt. He, surprisingly, waved his hand, made some sound of disgust, got up, and left, grabbing his clothes, and pushing past me. This brought a huge smile to my face. My wife, Jess, was indeed making every effort to regain my trust. She then took the unopened condom, and presented it to the man behind the cock in her mouth. He took it, seemingly, happily. He grabbed Jess’ head, and pushed his cock all the way in one last time, to his balls. Jess swallowed it all, as I knew she could and would.

When he was ready, he removed his cock from her mouth, and positioned himself to her rear, lining up with her cunt. He tore open the condom, and I watched him put it on. Jess reached back to check and make sure it was on properly. With that, she looked back once more at me, her eyes asking if this is what I really wanted. I signaled my “Yes”, after which she guided that cock into her wet cunt.

I watched them fuck for several minutes. Every so often, Jess would reach back and check if the condom was still there and intact. Good girl, I thought. It was then I noticed and felt something odd, something I had not noticed until just now

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