Family Conspiracy- Chapter 5: Marci’s Surprise

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Family Conspiracy- Chapter 5: Marci’s Surprise

“She’s yours to do with as you please”, Brittany said, just as our daughter returned. Her blonde hair was damp from the shower, appearing darker. Her skin still glistened in the light, her body looking shiny around each of her curve, as if she had oiled herself. And there were no sign of any tan lines, the whole of her skin a faint bronze, from her smooth mound, to her growing breasts. Brittany seemed to take a few moments to look over the sultry teenage girl. “But I may have to borrow her from time to time”, I could hear the lust in her voice as she stared at our daughter.

Marci strolled into the room, her hips swaying with each slow step she took, granting me ample time for my eyes to explore her nubile body. She stood before me, smiled, then sunk to her knees. She stayed upright, not resting on her heels. Her hands grabbed her wrists behind her back. After the initial smile, her head bowed, her gaze focused on the floor at my feet.

“She’s been training for nearly a year”, Brittany started, “all to serve you faithfully as your submissive slut”. I could hear something akin to disappointment in her voice, as if she didn’t want to let me have Marci. She rose from the chair, taking the few steps to our daughter. She used a hand to lift her face, before kissing her again. Their lips parted, and she came to sit beside me on the couch. “Slut”, she barked at the young girl on her knees, “Tell your new Master every rule you learned”.

“This cunt is to always obey her Master or Mistress, no matter what she is told to do, or where she is told to do it”, she spoke as if reciting them from memorized list. “This cunt does not own this body, and cannot use it for her own pleasure. Only her Master or Mistress can grant me pleasure. This cunt must never play with her asshole, giving my Master that virginity”.

“There are more rules”, Brittany whispered quietly in my ear, even as Marci continued with her list, speaking of what posture to hold while being submissive, what clothes to she should wear, how she must always keep her cunt shaved. “And of course, you can change any of them to suit your desires”, she licked my ear playfully.

“Basically, your daughter had become your slut, a perfect sexual slave, for you to do with as you please. Her time with Beth- you know the Texan at the bookstore- trained her mouth to suck cock. The story she had just told you of her first glory-hole experience was true, for the most part. It was the first time she had seen or sucked a cock, but the circumstances were a little different: She wasn’t drugged-up on ecstasy, she was there for a job interview”, Brittany elaborated on Marci’s story.

“Where does that leave us”, I asked, wondering what my wife had in store. I knew I wasn’t in trouble any more, but all this new information was a bit of an overload. Essentially, she told me that our daughter was going to be my willing sex-slave.

“Honey, all I can do is beg forgiveness for not bringing Marci to you sooner”, she smiled. “Well, that’s not entirely true”, her voice seemed to trail off, becoming softer. “To make amends for keeping her to myself for a nearly a year, I’m giving you a week to have me as your submissive slut too. From dominating Marci, I’ve tasted the sensual pleasure that being a slave can bring. And I want to experience them too. I want to be told what to do, and who to do it with”. With her proclamation, she rose from the couch, stepped beside Marci, and knelt before me. While on her knees, they were both nearly the same height, as they held identical postures, their chests heaving in excitement, their arms behind her back. “This cunt is to always obey her Master, no matter what she is told to do, or where she is told to do it”, Brittany said, mimicking our daughter’s statement from earlier, before lowering her head to stare at the ground at my feet.

I sat on the couch, my mind reeling. My wife and daughter were kneeling in a submissive pose, eager to do whatever I desired of them. It had been a very interesting night, to say the least. I looked over to the brandy I had poured at the start of the night, still half full in the glass. I decided that this was not what I had planned: This was much better.

“Face each other”, I said, reaching over to take the glass off the table. The two girls turned, still on their knees, still facing the floor. “Kiss sluts”, I instructed them, taking a sip of the brandy. They did not hesitate, as their faces looked up, and leaned forward, their lips reaching out for each others. I saw the passion as mother’s lips met daughter’s. They were not pretending, only going through the motions, they were both very much in love. It occurred to me that they probably having shared tender moments such as this hundreds of times before. By now, they’re erotic display had had a profound effect of my cock, as its eight inches stood erect.

I stood, and step between them, my rigid cock inches from their faces as their lips continued to caress, glistening with each other’s saliva. I angled my cock downward, and took one more step forward. My cock slipped easily between their moistened lips, but did not slow their passion down. I could feel the warmth of their tongues caressing up and down the length of my shaft, trying to keep their efforts in unison. I placed a hand on each of my slut’s heads, controlling their efforts as both mouths endeavored to please me. I began thrusting my hips, holding my slut’s heads steady, using their lips and skilled tongues to bring me closer to climax. But I had no intention of wasting my cum across their faces. This was only an appetizer to the debase things I had in store.

I violently pulled my cock from between their lips, watching as their lips quickly closed the distance, locking to each other once again. I sat down on the edge of the couch and leaned backwards. I still watched the mother/ daughter passion at my feet, feeling the heat radiating off of their bodies as they continued with the last task I ordered. Their breast rubbed together seductively, nipples circling each others. “Marci, have you really been saving your anal virginity for me”, I asked. I was fairly sure about the answer, but I wanted to hear her tell me.

She spoke through the kisses she shared with her mother, “Yes daddy. My whole body, including my tight ass, belongs only to you. I haven’t even had a finger there”, she stated, almost proud of the accomplishment.

“Marci, lean your chest on my legs, press your tits around daddy’s cock, and spread your legs on either side of my legs. Then look down, and take my cock into your mouth, get it nice and wet”, I ordered, as I watched saw the two instantly stop kissing. My daughter stayed on her knees, but moved towards me, and bent over, her arms still secure behind her back. I could feel the heat radiating from her young body, and as her chest came to a rest against my legs, and I could nearly feel the excitement of her heartbeat. “Now reach back, and pull you cheeks apart”, I watched as she let go of her own arms, and they slid down her back to pull şişli bayan escort her ass apart. I took a moment to enjoy the sensation, and the sight. My daughter was sucking me off, her lips playing all over my cock as she kept trying to deep throat my thick eight inches, while her hands held her cute ass open.

I looked over to my wife, her eyes locked on the scene before her, as Marci’s head bobbed up and down on my cock. “Brittany, I want you to lick our daughter’s asshole. Get it really wet, lube it with your tongue, but do not dare to push your tongue into her ass. The good little slut has kept that for me, and I’m going to take it”. She obediently got into position, her face leaning down. Our eyes locked over Marci’s back, a mischievous grin crossed her face before her tongue slips from between her lips. She leaned forward, and Marci’s reaction told me that my wife did exactly as I told her. Marci froze, her whole body seized from the unusual experience. Her head stopped, my cock lodged halfway in her mouth, as her blue eyes widened from the sensation.
“Keep going slut”, I said quietly, holding her head, guiding it to keep her sucking efforts going, “Mommy’s making your asshole ready, while you make my cock ready. I’m taking your anal virginity. Rather, you’re going to give it to me. You’re going to lower you body on to me, impaling yourself as I look in your eyes, and watch your face as you violate yourself”. I was worked up from what I just said, and with her skilled lips, I wasn’t going to last long. I need to cum, but not in her mouth.

“Stand up”, I ordered my daughter. She reluctantly pulled her face off my cock, and stood. Her hands were still behind her back, still holding her ass open, as my wife kept licking. “You’re going to have to hope mommy did a good job”, I said. “Straddle my legs”, she instantly complied. I couldn’t help but stare at her shaved mound, marveling at the youthful beauty, her lips slightly opened and gleaming with wetness as her legs were parted around mine. Her smallish tits heaving with excitement. She knew what was coming next, as I grabbed her hips. “Slut”, I spoke to Brittany, “hold my cock upwards, and hold her ass open. You’re going to help me fuck this cunt’s ass”, I proclaimed.

I saw my wife’s hands reaching between our daughter’s legs, and felt her take my cock in her hand, pointing it upright, the tip of it running against the glistening lips of the smooth mound I was just admiring. Marci obediently leaned forward, helping to angle my cock to her asshole. And with Brittany to guide her, I felt the tip pushing at my daughter’s rosebud. Marci bent her knees slightly, the tip of my thick cock struggling to penetrate her tiny ass. Her eyes closed tightly with the sensation of her virginity being played with. “Open your eyes”, I ordered. I wanted to see the exquisite look on her face as I violated her. Her blue eyes were almost aflame as her hips lowered more, trying to impale herself on me. As much as I wanted to be inside of her, she wanted it more.

And as her hips came closer to mine, I was granted the look I had been craving. And until the day I die, I will never forget the look on my daughter’s face as the tip of my cock slid into her. With effort, she kept her eyes lock on mine, wider than I had ever known possible. Her mouth fell open, a silent scream echoing endlessly in the living room. Her whole body tensed, the effort nearly pushing me from her tight ass. After a moment of suspended animation, she found her voice, giving her breathless scream a sound. “Oooooww!”

“Shhhh”, I ordered, trying to keep her quiet as the tip of my cock painfully stretched her tiny ass further than anything she could have imagined. “This is the gift you gave to me”, I stated. “And you’re going to be happy that daddy has accepted your gift. You’re going to take all of daddy’s cock into your ass tonight. Is that clear?”

“Yes daddy. Please push all of you beautiful cock into your little slut-girl. Use my ass however you wish, as it, as well as my whole body, is yours”, she said through gritted teeth, as her eyes glazed over, ready to cry from the pain.

I held her hips tighter, and pulled her down. Another inch slipped past her tight rosebud. She gasped at the intrusion, as tears fell from her eyes. I had to admire her training: She never once yelled out, or broke eye contact. She then lowered herself, taking another inch, and another gasp from her lips. She bit down on her lower lip, likely to keep herself quiet, and partially to give her another type of pain to concentrate on, as her hips came closer to mine.

I wasn’t even halfway into my daughter, as it was just too tight. I felt her sphincter clenching tightly, then loosen. She knew that relaxing would make this much easier, but her reflexes were against her.

“Relax”, I whispered to my daughter. I gripped her hips tightly, as she knew what was about to come. “Slut”, I called for Brittany, who had been watching first hand my thick cock penetrating our daughter. “I want you to spit on my cock, really lube it up, then kiss Marci again, hold her head to yours”. I felt the gob of saliva hit my cock, then her hand work it up and down my shaft, coating every inch possible, especially around the area where it . And as she came into view from behind her, I still held my eyes on Marci, “You may scream”, I decided to give her that allowance, “but I will reward you if you don’t”.

I gave her no time to think about it. Just as the mother and daughter began their sensual kiss, Brittany holding her head, I grabbed her hips, and thrust my hips upwards for all I was worth. The final four inches pushed violently into Marci’s sixteen year old virgin ass, all in one stroke. It was actually painful for me, being held so tightly by my daughter’s ass, every muscle in her body wanting to push me out, while her mind fought against those instincts, trying to be a good slut for her master. I was most impressed that she didn’t yell, though I imagine that it was because her voice failed her. She couldn’t scream because her lungs had no air.

We stayed like that, my cock buried deeply into Marci’s ass, as my wife held her head, kissing her passionately, using as much of her mouth to comfort the teen. I felt each gasp of air she took, each time her ass would contract around my embedded cock. “You did really well, slut”, I praised her. “Now for your reward. I was going to brutally fuck your ass, but now I’m just going to cum inside it”. With effort, I slipped an inch from her. Just as she gasped at the intrusion, she gasped as my cock was slowly removed. But I didn’t want to pull out. I wanted to cum inside my daughter’s ass, truly taking that virginity. I wanted only my tip to remain. So with effort, both on my part not to pull out, and hers, to stop from trying to pull her hips away, I got to where only the tip of my cock was wedged inside of her. “Jack me off”, I said, playfully slapping my wife’s ass. And even as I saw it jiggle, both from the slap, and from her moving between our legs again, I was already making plans to violate her ass.

I şişli escort gazed up at my darling little daughter, her naked body resting on top of me, the expression on her face one of ecstasy. In a few short hours, her every submissive fantasy had come true. She had taken me, her father and master, into her mouth, accepting my cum down her throat. And she had giving me her final virginity, saving herself from even her own fingers. And I took it, exactly as she had wished I would, by using her body for my pleasure.

I felt Brittany’s hand on my cock, a coolness flooding over my exposed skin, as her hands were slick with her saliva. And she worked her hand up and down, building my orgasm with each stroke. I couldn’t help but to move myself inside of our daughter, working slowly and gently in and out of her ass. Before, I had wanted to take her ass. Now, I just wanted the sensation of stroking myself inside her. Soon, Brittany’s efforts became too powerful to ignore. Her hand became faster, sliding up and down my shaft from my balls to the top where it was inserted into our daughter. I started breathing heavy, just as this nubile girl started to succumb to the sensations she was feeling. I gripped her hips, my fingers leaving reddened marks across her sun-touched skin. I was resisting the overwhelming urge to pull her down, to deposit all my cum as deep within her as I could. “I’m cumming”, I yelled out, as my orgasm envelopes me. A small push of my hips, and I feel myself release a torrent of milky cum inside my daughter’s ass. Each spurt filling me with more and more ecstasy, as I hear Marci moaning.

I was breathing heavy, my whole body lifting the teenager up and down on my chest. I looked up at her, into her deep blue eyes, still glazed with tears. She was happy, happy that I was able to use her body to cum again. “Do you like the taste of my cum”, I asked through struggling breath.

“Yes daddy, your cum is the best I have ever tasted”, she beamed.

“Brittany”, I started, a deviant idea crossing my mind. “Put your lips on her ass as I pull out”. And once I felt her lips in place, I slowly slid from our daughter’s ass. As to be expected, my cum came gushing out, filling my wife’s mouth.

Still heaving, I gave more direction to both of my sluts, “Kiss again. Just like before, I want to see my cum filling our daughter’s mouth”. I felt my cock twitch as I said this. I knew it was going to take some time before I was ready to go, but this was definitely helping me recharge. Brittany wasted no time returning to Marci’s lips. I could see her tongue sensuously moving as the two shared their incestuous kiss, my wife pushing my cum into her mouth. Once done, they parted. I saw my cum glistening from Brittany’s lips, cheeks, and chin. And I saw Marci, her mouth hanging open, filled with cum that was in her own ass just moments ago. “Swallow”, I commanded, again our eyes not breaking from each other. Her jaw closed slowly, a smile pulling at her lips. With her mouth closed, she swallowed hard, taking as much of my cum into her stomach as she could. Another swallow, and more of my cum slid down her throat. She opened her mouth, proudly displaying her empty mouth to me.

“Sluts, get back to your knees, Brittany directly in front of me”, I said. The pair quickly assumed the submissive position, on their knees but not leaning back on their heels, and the hands gripping their arms behind their backs. “Marci, lean forward, on your hands and knees, ass in the air”, she obediently took the new position. I marveled at her chest again, gravity making them sway slightly with each breath she took. “Brittany, you’re going to slide a finger into her ass, and another finger into your own ass. I want your finger to be moving around, exploring both your tight little asses”. She leaned forward, using her left hand to violate herself, and her right for our daughter. “Now, you’re going to clean our daughter’s ass off my cock”, I commanded. “And be very thorough…It’s going into her pussy next”.

I heard Marci moaning, clearly excited at the prospect of receiving my cum in her womb, but also still sore as her mother’s finger played with her sensitive rosebud. And Brittany was doing her part, her tongue bathing my semi-hard cock with her saliva. Her tongue dragged across my manhood, her talents trying to clean my remaining cum from my cock, while also attempting to revitalize my erection. It was as if she were worshiping me, with her talented and devoted tongue.

After about ten minutes of her attention, I pulled my wife’s face from my now hard cock, her efforts having the desired effect. “Stand up, both of you”, I said quietly, as the two obeyed. I took a moment to compare the two beauties in front of me. My wife of sixteen years was a good foot taller, had paler skin, and had larger tits, a good cup size larger. She kept her own mound shaved clean, and I could see the cleft between her legs glistening slightly in the dim light. I realized that tonight, she’s had to listen to every dirty thing Marci and I talked about, and heard me cum in her mouth, then retell her own first encounter with our daughter. All of that was clearly exciting, but she hadn’t even had a chance to play with herself. “Do you want to cum, slut?”

“This cunt does not own this body, and cannot use it for her own pleasure. Only her Master can grant me pleasure”, Brittany recited one the tenets of being a slave.

I considered her answer, and looked over our daughter. Marci was athletic, toned, in great physical shape. I wondered if she really did go to soccer practice. Her breasts were noticeably smaller, only a B cup, and she sported an all-around tan, no tan lines to mar her flesh. Her mound was just as shaved, and I saw the dampness between her thighs, comprised of her own wetness, and some of my cum that oozed from her ass. “Come here, and give your master a kiss”, I ordered. I knew that the moment her lips touched mine and our mouths opened to explore each others, I would taste my own cum, the residue that held to her sensuous breath, but I didn’t care at that moment. I wanted to share a forbidden kiss with my daughter.

She straddled me again, the lips of her pussy spreading to display her womanhood to me, the aroma of her cunt assaulting my nose in the moments before her body fell unto mine, and her lips pressed against mine. She kissed just like her mother, her tongue thrusting into my mouth, eager to flick across the tip of mine. And I tasted the cum still on her lips, and still on her tongue. The bitter-sweet saltiness overpowering any other taste I had. A naughty power crashed over me like a wave, as I was tasting my cum in my daughter’s kiss.

“Slide down, slut”, I ordered, her lips breaking from mind, as she slid her sweaty body down, the fold of her slick pussy caressing my cock. “Brittany, help our little girl take daddy”, I said. Again, I felt her hand holding my cock, as she angled it up, ready to insert it in our daughter. Marci slid down just a bit more, and I slipped inside her cunt with easy. The feeling was amazing, much tighter than I remembered. mecidiyeköy escort Still, I realized that I had penetrated her before, the afternoon a week ago when she had been some random whore on the other side of a glory hole. And I pushed forward, my cock stretching Marci’s lips around my invading cock.

Then I hit it: The tip of my cock came to a hard stop against my daughter’s hymen. I was amazed, knowing full well that I had cum in her cunt that day a week ago. Brittany just smiled, knowing what I was thinking. “I’m sorry to deceive you master”, she started, answering my unspoken question, “But while it was Marci’s mouth that day at the bookstore”, she smiled a knowing grin, “It was this cunt”, she trailed a hand down her body, to part the lips of her pussy. “We both worked very hard to preserve her virginity just for you”.

I smiled, warmed by the knowledge they had preserved this surprise. “And for your efforts, you will be rewarded. While I accept Marci’s virginity, you are to watch your daughter being deflowered as you play with yourself. You may cum, but only after we do. Is that clear slut?”

“Oh yes master, thank you master”, she knelt, spreading her legs apart, getting a good view of my cock taking our daughter’s virginity. Her musty aroma mingled with that of our daughter’s in my nose, my cock now painfully throbbing with my accelerated heartbeat, poking and the delicate membrane of our daughter’s womanhood.

“And you”, I spoke softly into her ear, “I have two rewards for preserving both of your virginities for me. First, I grant you permission to cum. You may cum as loudly and as hard as you wish, whenever you wish”, she smiled, as If I had just granted her the greatest wish anyone could receive. “And second”, my lips leaned forward to touch her ear as I barely spoke. It was only a few words, before her eyes turned to me, her whole face lighting up like the little girl I saw on Christmas mornings. My arms wrapped around her, holding her in place as my hips pushed forward. Again, I felt the resistance of her hymen, but I could not be stopped. With effort, I tore my daughter’s maidenhood, making her a woman. My cock slid further in, determined not to stop until her tight little pussy held my full eight inches. Her eyes teared, the blissful pain of losing her virginity overwhelming her.

I slid myself further inside my daughter. Inch after inch invaded her virgin pussy. I felt the resistances as her young body struggled to accommodate my size. The walls of her cunt gripped me tightly, almost as if to stop its insertion. I went as slowly as I could: A girls virginity was something not to be rushed. Once I felt I had a good portion of myself inside her throbbing pussy, I pulled outward. She exhaled sharply as my cock slid out of her. I pulled out until just the tip was still inside. I gripped her body tightly again, as I pushed my hips into hers, my cock sliding further in, well lubricated by her own wetness, and by her virginal blood. “I’m going to fuck you now”, I warned, still holding her body in my hands. I pulled my cock out of her slowly, before I pushed in again. I repeated this motion, again and again, each time pushing more of my thick cock into her tight pussy. Each stroke became faster, and harder, thrusting inside of my daughter with more and more force, force my whole eight inches into her young body with each stroke.

Marci’s pain must have subsided, as her mouth hung open, grunting in pleasure each time my hips pushed into her, and moaning as my cock withdrew. Her breathing grew rapid, desperate for air, as her body stared to convulse on top of me. I could tell she was close to cumming.

I continued, stroking my cock within the velvety folds of her tight pussy, sliding in and out of my daughter. The sensation was having an obvious effect on me as well, my own breathing becoming ragged and labored. I was going to cum very soon.

Marci’s climax happened first, as she screamed. There were no words, just sounds of the ultimate pleasure as her first vaginal orgasm rocked her lithe body. Her cunt gripped my like a slick vice, still allowing me to move, but not allowing me to leave. Which was fine with me, as I had no intentions of leaving the sensation that was welling up from around my cock. My daughter was using her pussy to make me cum, and that sensation was unbelievable.

My orgasm was only moments afterwards, as I held her body tightly, almost afraid I was hurting her. My hips thrust into her body with a great push forward, flooding her with my cum, as each grunt I made poured more cum into her pussy, while also trying to push more of my cock even further into her virgin cunt.

I held my daughter tightly as we both started coming down. Our lungs fighting for the same air, as we both heaved uncontrollably. My cock still buried in her pussy, as I could still fill my cum oozing out from the tip, still depositing my seed in my little girl.

I was so wrapped up in the afterglow, the bliss following our mutual climax, that I had forgotten all about Brittany, as her expert fingers rubbed at her clit, bringing herself closer and closer to her own orgasm. She came with a force I had never noted before, as she let loose a stream of cum, squirting at the ground at my feet. Another jet slipped from her cunt, splashing her own thighs was her juice, and another that her hand deflected to fall on the carpet in the living room.

Brittany was oblivious to me. All I cared about at that moment was the submissive slut that was heaving uncontrollably against my chest. Her blue eyes looked up at me, a smile that only a woman in post-coitus bliss could have crossed her sultry lips.

“What was the second gift”, Brittany asked, recovering from her orgasm faster than her daughter or I. “Master”, she amended, remembering her place as a submissive slut.

“Tell her, cum-slut”, I ordered the little, sixteen year old girl lying naked on my chest.

She smiled, “Daddy granted me the reward of being a mommy”.


Marci became pregnant after that night. We don’t know if it was exactly that night, or anytime for two weeks after, as I couldn’t stop myself from taking advantage of her body. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, her sister and her daughter, Marie. Her breast swelled with the pregnancy, giving her 42D tits, which haven’t diminished after the birth. And I enjoyed breastfeeding so much, I had her take the pills that make her lactate all the time. Her milk in my coffee, or in my cereal after a weekend without milking became an erotic treat. But so it’s fair, I cum in her coffee too, so she can have an erotic treat too.

After playing with Marci’s large tits, I made Brittany get implants, expanding her chest to a whopping 48E, a marked improvement over her regular C cups. And she remained my submissive slut, even after the initial week she said she would give me.

And it didn’t take long before our fourteen year old son Cody discovered what was really happening between his sister, his mom, and me. To ensure his silence, I allowed him to borrow his mom any time he wanted. After that, I didn’t get to play with her much, as she was tied to his bed most days. I should have known not to give a horny teen his own cum-slut.

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