First time as a sissy Part Two

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First time as a sissy Part Two
My phone pinged and my heart lifted. “Daddy” came up on the screen. “Well done sissy” said the text “ I love how you look in the bitch gear”
I texted back immediately “Thank you Daddy”
Later that evening I got the text to call him.
I rang straight away. I was sat on my sofa at home in my pink bitch gear dripping pre cum into my panties and praying Daddy would allow me to wank myself off while he watched me.
”Hello bitch” he said, his voice could easily make me cream in my panties he sounded so sexy.
”one more task and your visit to me will be arranged” he said chuckling.
” Anything Daddy, I need to be at your feet so badly, I need you Sir” I begged.
”Good bitch” he said softly “Text your bank account number and the 3 digits off the back, I want to treat you to an outfit and some treats for your visit to me” he said. “ I understand if you feel scared that your account is to be emptied and that this is a scam, but it’s also the test to see if you trust your Daddy, and want to please him as much as you say” he added
I read out the numbers, my stomach churning.
”Good bitch” he said softly “ You will not regret this, I promise you. If this is your account number then your next chat with me will to arrange your first taste of serving a superior male.
I thanked him and was asking what treat he was planning when the phone cut off.
What had I done? I had given a complete stranger my details and could now be having my account drained.
I felt sick.
I lay in bed unable to sleep when my phone pinged.
”Daddy” I read the text nervously “ Face time me” it said.
The screen opened and I saw Daddy lay in bed smiling.
”All bought for you” he smiled.
No more money will be taken out of your account than the £790.00 worth of presents I have treated you.
”Thank you Daddy” I smiled.
”Have you fingered yourself yet bitch?” He quizzed
”No Daddy, you forbid it
”Book next week off, Monday to Friday and drive down to me on Sunday afternoon. Your training as cunt whore canlı bahis şirketleri starts as soon as you kneel at my feet” he said.
He gave me his address and postcode, told me where to park my car and to bring all my bitch gear in a hold-all and to wear my pink bitch outfit for our first visit. My clit almost unloaded with the thrill of finally getting to serve my Master.
We spoke for the next few days, finalising the details of my visit , he informed me my treats had arrived and were laid out waiting for me.
”There will be things I ask you to do that you may not be keen on” he said honestly “But you will do them, wether you want to or not, this is part of the training cunt whores go through so they can please their Masters, their Daddy’s and then thank them when they have completed their tasks. The more you undertake those tasks the more they will become the norm.” He smiled.
”Yes Master” I said.
The day finally arrived. I parked my car where Daddy had said to and dropped pre cum, it was real. He stood at the doorway to the car park. I was getting out when he walked over
.” Pass me your phone, keys, cards and money” he said. I did so.
He motioned for me to lift my chin and I saw a pink leather dog collar in his hands. He fitted it around my neck and snapped a little lock on it, then he attached a little pink bell.
”Thank you Sir”
”Follow me” he ordered.
He locked the car and I walked behind him to a metal gate that he unlocked and we walked through.
He looked at me and then at his boots.
I knew what to do. I dropped and kissed them. People were passing the gate but we were quite secluded but I didn’t care as I licked them and held his calves.
”Good bitch” he smiled as I looked up at him. “OK follow me” He said.
I stood and walked after him
Once we entered his home he ordered me to strip and get on my knees. We had discussed this and I had rehearsed it a thousand times in my mind.
Here I was at last, on all fours in my bitch gear at the feet of my tipobet güvenilir mi Master. The little bell tinkled as I licked at his boots and he slowly turned and walked to his room as I crawled after him still attempting to lick his boots as he walked.
Once we got to his room I crawled to his side as he sat in his leather computer chair and started it up.
I resumed licking his boots.
He lifted my chin with his boot and I saw him positioning the small camera so it pointed down at me.
He typed and chuckled as he read the reply.
I had looked quickly around his room. A shoe box and a couple of plastic bags were on his king size bed. As I licked away I saw the bars of a large dog cage at the side of his bed.
My cage.
“Your first treat bitch” said Daddy, “I have worn the same socks and underwear for a few days and haven’t washed too thoroughly for you.” He said.
”Thank you Daddy” I gushed.
“OK, take my boots off and remove my socks with your teeth then clean my sweaty feet with your tongue bitch” he said softly.
I did as told. His feet smelled cheesy and dirt between his toes tasted salty. I licked and sucked his toes for what seemed like hours. My clit throbbed at being used like this, I loved it.
Then I was lifted by the chin to look at the camera again. Was he filming me or was someone else watching?
”Now remove your Masters trousers “ he ordered
I slipped them from under him and slid them off his legs and folded them neatly. He was wearing a black jockstrap.
”Put your nose in my groin and breathe deeply” he smirked.
i could smell the aroma of a superior male. The usual description of musky fit perfectly. Mixed with stale piss and cum.
”My cock has been very itchy today after wanking and not washing” he said “Clean it”
I could see the smegma around it’s head but licked at it and then sucked and swallowed. The taste was terrible but I soon overcome that and devoured his rock hard cock and groaned in pleasure as I sucked and licked his juicy tipobet giriş shaft. He gripped my head and forced it down my throat and soon arched his back and unloaded his juice in my mouth.
“Swallow it bitch” he said breathlessly.
I did and went back to kissing his feet. I was his bitch. Owned by a man, dressed in ladies lingerie at his feet, his cum in my stomach. I loved it.
it got better
“ Your my bitch now, the collar stays on, the bell lets me know where you are, or how much effort your putting in when cleaning, or sucking and rimming me.
”Would you like to wank yourself for Master?” He grinned
”Oh yes please Sir” I begged.
”Spread your legs wide and wank” he said.
Two strokes as I slipped it out of the silk panties had my clit spurting a months worth of cum. I cried as the feeling of relief hit me. My Master smiling at his bitch giving herself up.
He told me to catch and eat it which I did.
”Now lie on you back on the bed and hang your head over the side” he said
I did and he sat on my face. His hole was dirty.
“Clean your Master bitch” he said and I started my chore like I was born to it. I worshipped this man and wanted to please him.
He writhed rubbing himself up and down on my face.
I licked and sucked at his hole for ages and he wanked off again and dripped the cum into my mouth.
He stood looking down at me grinning.
”Slip your clit out” he said. My first treat. A clit cage. It was a bit too small but Daddy forced my clit in and snapped the lock on. He then attached another little pink bell to it.
”Crawl to the shower and clean up, shave and swap into your white bitch gear” he commanded
My clit started to grow and the cage dug in.
I crawled back to his room and dressed in the white bitch outfit I had brought.
He opened one of the bags and held up my outfit. “Oh Master”
It was a French Maid outfit. Daddy helped me into it and zipped it up. The pvc shone in the light and I looked at myself in the mirror, stockings and suspenders on show.
”Here, these were expensive but you will thank me on Thursday” he smiled
Laboutine said the name on the box. Lady Peep. Six inch black patent heels.
I slipped them on and my bitch life was complete.
”This is your life now whore” he smiled. “And Thursday will show you how much you want it.”


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