First time meeting a dirty old grumpy man/grandpa

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First time meeting a dirty old grumpy man/grandpa
This man is no longer on xhamster so feel comfortable sharing our time on here now,
i added this old man who’s profile I came across on xhamster search was just what I was looking for 70 years old, bald, clean shaven and quite chubby and lived in same city, only problem was his profile said straight old man looking for women of all ages, I sent him a message asking if he’d ever consider being sucked by a younger male to watch I got the reply: NO IM STRAIGHT!!, I thought oh well that’s his choice then out of the blue couple months later I got a message saying: If you really want my old cock, you can suck it, BUT PLEASE KNOW I will NOT be touching your cock at all sorry not into it nor do I want to see it you will have to be clothed let me know if you still want to or don’t bother it’s up to you.
i messaged back straight away saying I’d love to and I’m free whenever and that’s absolutely fine me being clothed, what’s best way of arranging? He didn’t write anything other than his phone number in the reply.
i Put his number into my phone, my heart was pounding about calling I was really nervous as he seemed quite strict and direct in his messages – I rang the number, he answered by saying in his old voice “well when are u coming over” I said how about this Saturday morning? Yes that works for me I’m by %#*+?! Station, stupidly I said ok what’s your address to which he snapped “I’m not fucking giving out my address to someone I don’t even know get train to #%$!??station tuzla escort bayan and call me okay” I was bit lost for words and said okay to which he just said good, okay, bye and hung up.
so that Saturday morning questioning whether I should be pleasing this grumpy old man I got the train to his and called him up as he requested. He was a tad less grumpy and asked what I can see outside station to which he then directed me to his flat which wasn’t far, I was getting nervous when I could see his old 2 storey block of flats there was no buzzer just a stairwell anyone could walk up his flat was the end on top floor, I knocked gently not knowing what to expect, and then he opened the door, dressing gown on but open, cock and balls full on show, you found it alright then, he said and let me in.
he directed me to his living room which was where his pc was, right you want to do your business then? I’m gonna sit on the chair and watch porn I shall be pulling my keyboard over as I’m imagining you as a women, no problem whatever you like I said.
he takes the dressing gown off so he’s fully naked and sits down, his body is so nice completely smooth all over I’m on my knees under his desk, his cock about 2-3 inches isn’t fully hard yet but his two big wrinkly balls are hanging over the edge of the seat, I start licking them as they just hang there, oh yeah I like that he says, I put one in my mouth and start sucking just one of them fills my mouth, his cock is hard now so I look up at it his helmet is orhanlı escort bayan an unusual purple colour and decide it’s time to start sucking , open my mouth and take his soft, smooth erect cock, much to his delight, yes slut suck my cock!, I take all of his small cock till my nose hits his chubby white bald belly, he’s moaning and groaning whilst he’s got his headphones in watching porn, every now and then he’ll comment at what he’s watching.
Been sucking his cock and his big balls for about 20 mins, when I hear him say to the screen oh you dirty girl your licking his arse hmm I think I could do with that he looks down and says I want my arse licked, I say okay can u lift your legs in the chair? He tries and I get a peak of his tight hole but it’s not comfortable for him so he says we’ll go to the bedroom.
So I get up and follow him, he gets on all fours on his bed, and I’m just loving what I’m seeing his beautiful old arse perked up and his massive balls just hanging there below his hole, I get on too and open his cheeks to see his tight hole, I start licking from his nuts up to his gooch and then to his hole, much to his delight oh my god this is lovely ahh mmm ahh yeah, I can feel his hole twitching on the tip of my tongue argh fuck me I’ve been missing out ere he groans, I’m gently licking all around his hole and cradling his big balls feels so tight on my tongue, ah fuckinell that’s amazing he groans few minutes go by and I go back to sucking his balls putting each one in my mouth and aydınlı escort bayan sucking them and tugging on them whilst staring at his bum hole, I put my finger on his hole just to massage it whilst I had his ball in my mouth – big mistake! He snapped take your fucking finger off my hole or u can go, I didn’t say anything back was just hoping he wouldn’t kick me out for doing it, was never going to put my finger in his arse it was way too tight anyway, now I’m licking his arse hole again I’ve got one hand on his cheek the other on his cock wanking it, he’s groaning and grunting very loud now… I’m gonna cum UHHHH YA CUNT! he thrusts his arse away from my tongue and sits there he hasn’t cum yet but he’s taking deep breaths, fucking stop a minute he says ok go again, I go back to tonguing his arse licking all round his hole, Ah fuckinell I really don’t want to cum to this AHHHH! He lets out a loud groan that actually makes me jump I’m still tonguing his arse up and down few minutes later he lets out another loud grunt and shouts IM GONNA CUM! … SWALLOW IT! UUUUAAAHHH OHHHH OHHH I quickly managed to grab his cock and put it in my mouth and felt his warm cum go straight to the back of my mouth I kept sucking till I felt every drop come out – his balls where drowning my face at this point, I pulled away and he just stayed there on all fours he rolled over and laid there his cock had gone back into his body and all that was showing was his helmet
Did you enjoy that? I said not knowing what answer id get he looked at me wide eyed and just nodded then said bloody hell that was something, right your gonna have to go because I’ve got family taking me out today, okay no problem he walked me to the door in his robe and said we’ll talk later then, and off I went, — met the next weekend

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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