Forbidden Neighbors Ch. 01

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Sarah and Peter had been neighbors for years, but their parents hated each other. Neither of them was ever allowed to play with one another…especially since Peter was 8 years older than Sarah. Her parents thought he was just too old to be hanging around Sarah, like he’d be up to no good. Sarah was in love with Peter though. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. Peter also loved Sarah, over the years he watched her grow up to be a stunning and exotic woman. She stood 5’8,” long dark hair and big brown eyes. But what always caught his attention the most were her long, smooth legs. They were for miles it seemed, and it didn’t help his erection in any way by the short, flirty skirts she always wore.

On Sarah’s 18th birthday, there was supposed to be a party for her. Everyone was to be there-friends, family, EVERYONE, except Peter that is. On that morning, Sarah came downstairs excited about the party. She wore again, a light purple flirty, short skirt with a fitting silk top that accentuated her perky breasts and perfect tummy. When Sarah came to the bottom of the stairs, no one was to be seen. She called out everyone’s name but no answer. She looked outside and saw Peter. She wanted to see him so badly but she knew his parents wouldn’t dare allow her to. Sarah guessed that everyone forgot her birthday and went back up stairs. She ended up crying herself to sleep. When she woke up, hours later, she looked in her mirror and saw…that her makeup was completely splotched and hair messed up as well. Sarah started to run a bath and help brighten her spirits anadolu yakası escort and relax at the same time. As she took off her skirt and top, she saw a shadow. Sarah turned around and to her surprise; it was Peter standing there.

“Peter!” Sarah gasped and grabbed a towel but Peter took it away from her.

“And I thought that skirt was a turn on! My, my, look at you; Mind if I join you in the bath?”

Shocked as she was, Sarah didn’t refuse him.

Peter began to take off his shirt, revealing what Sarah had only dreamed of getting to see. He then undid his pants and threw them to the side, revealing the hugest hard-on Sarah had ever seen. At this point, Peter grabbed Sarah and kissed her hard. He tasted her soft lips and swirled his tongue around hers. Electricity went through her body and sent shivers throughout her entire body. Peter too began to feel intense heat and incredible passion as their bodies rubbed against one another.

“Lets get you out of the rest of those clothes and into that bath.”

Peter slid her panties off and took in the scent her beautiful pussy. He then unlatched her lacy bra and let free those flawless breasts of hers. Peter took one nipple into his mouth and began sucking very gently. He nibbled the tip until it was hard and then took his tongue ever so slightly around the whole nipple. Sarah let out a gasp and a small moan. Peter took the other nipple in his mouth and did the same except this time he flicked his tongue over her hard nipple and bit ataşehir escort a little harder.

“Oh…Peter…that feels so good.”

Peter rubbed his hands over her entire body and then picked her up and placed her into the bathtub. He took off his boxers and released his raging hard on, and climbed into the tub as well. Peter placed both of Sarah’s legs on either side of him and nestled his head between them. He slowly started to rub her wet pussy with the tip of his tongue. She let out another moan and began to squeeze her own nipples. Peter rubbed his tongue up and down the length of her moist, smooth slit, tasting her juices and making sure not to miss one drop or one section of that hot, sexy pussy.

“Oh…Peter…yes, oh…right there…uh…yeah…Oh!”

It was everything Sarah could do to not scream at this point, biting her lip, Peter put two fingers inside of her soft pussy and started to finger fuck her.

“Oh my god! I’m gonna cum! Oh, Peter, Oh…Oh…Oh…fuck…OOOOOOOOOOOHH!” with that Sarah came all over Peter’s hand and felt the biggest relief of her life. Peter picked up Sarah’s worn out body and placed her on top of him. She kissed him again and slowly grazed his cock with her fingers, feeling every inch of his erection and teasing his swollen balls with small strokes.

“Oh, god Sarah. I need you. I need to feel you. I wanna feel inside your hot cunt.OOHH…”

Sarah spread her legs as wide as she could and held Peter’s cock in her hand as she stroked it against her clit ümraniye escort to tease him a little more. “Oh, please Sarah…Oohh…I can’t take it anymore…fuck me please.”

She slid his aching hard on into her still wet pussy and started to pump up and down on him. Feeling every inch and sucking on his nipples, she massaged his balls with her hand and pressed her chest against him as hard as she could, so that Peter could feel her entire body.

“Oh my god Sarah…you feel amazing. I’ve wanted this for so long. For years I fantasized about this.”

Sarah was fucking Peter even harder now. Hearing him tell her he’d fantasized about her made her horny as hell!

“Oh, Peter, I’ve always wanted you too. Every night I dreamed about your cock pounding into me. Oh, feel my tits, rub yours hands all over them…Oh.”

Peter watched Sarah’s gorgeous breasts bounce in front of him. It was such a turn on for him to see her breasts that he’d taken the advantage and rubbed her hard little nipples like she requested. Sarah let out a few whimpers, bucking even faster. She was moaning in ecstasy and grabbed Peter even closer to her.

“Oh god Peter…Fuck me! Fuck me now. I want your cock! Fuck me Pleeease!…Oh!”

Peter was practically digging his fingers into her back; he needed to cum inside of her. He wanted her sweet hot pussy to stroke every inch of him. Peter grabbed Sarah’s ass and grinded her pussy on him, making them both scream and moan in pleasure.

“OOOHH…Peter…I’m going…to fucking cum! OOOOOOOH!”

Peter too came with a deep, load moan. He shot his cum into Sarah’s dripping pussy and forced his tongue into her mouth, and sucked on her soft tongue for one final kiss. He never had such an erotic orgasm before.

“Oh, Sarah, that…that was amazing.”

“I’m not finished with you just yet…”

To be continued…

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