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“And here’s your key-card. Have a nice stay.” The receptionist smiled and gave me a plastic card the size of a credit card. It was dark blue with delicate golden decorations and lettering declaring my room number 310. A porter appeared out of nowhere and offered to show me to my suite.


Half an hour later I traipsed out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel around my waist. I stepped out onto my balcony with view of the Atlantic ocean to stretch my weary body. I stood there for a minute or two, taking in the last rays of the late afternoon sun. “Hello neighbour.” said a sultry voice to my left. On the adjoining balcony stood a vision of perfection smiling in my direction. I was instantly struck by the perfection of her skin which, in this waning light, glowed an almost golden Amber. Her long straight hair hung down her back to her perfectly proportioned waist and was a deep glistening black. Most of her facial features were slight and delicate, but taken along her deep brown eyes, portrayed a fierce intelligence.

“Good afternoon,” I returned, “quite a stunning view we’ve got here.” I indicated the beaches stretching into the distance and the endless waters of the ocean. I took the opportunity to get a better look at the woman on the other side of the barrier. She was elegantly slender, with just enough curvature to her body to hint at an exotic sort of sexy I had not often encountered. She was dressed in one of those long black evening gowns that emphasised the feminine form.

She stepped closer to me and, keeping her eyes piercing mine, turned her back. Smiling at me over her shoulder she asked me to zip up her dress. I reached across the barrier separating our balconies and carefully zipped up her dress. “Thanks neighbour,” she winked, “enjoy the view.” She stepped back inside and closed her balcony door with last smile and wink in my direction. I followed her example and stepped back into my suite, where the exhaustion of three years of stressful work and a 15 hour flight came crashing into body. I simply collapsed on my bed, and fell asleep.


The next day, I was lying down in a lounge chair by the hotel pool. My skin was glistening with heavy duty sunblock, and I hid my gaze behind dark tinted aviator sunglasses. My eyes were feasting on the beautiful women-flesh on display. Each more intriguing than the next; from modest one piece suits exquisitely outlining the female form, to the most revealing string-bikini’s. “Hello again, neighbour.” said an as yet nameless voice, “Enjoying the view again?” I looked up past that same perfect body which I was given to admire the previous evening, eryaman escortlar wearing a simple dark green bikini this time. I looked past her perfectly shaped breasts into a broad smiling face, still as stunningly perceptive as the day before.

“Yes,” my eyes continued to roam her perfect body, “the view from here is fantastic.” Our eyes locked knowingly. She smiled seductively and consciously remained upright, giving me every excuse to let my eyes wander around her entire body. “Why don’t you join me?” I indicated the lounge chair next to me, “We can be neighbours twice over.” It was a terrible line and I knew it, but the best one I had on quick notice and honestly I kept getting distracted by her body.

“It does sound tempting,” she glanced around as if checking out ‘the view’, “but I am expected somewhere else. Maybe another time.” She winked at me, turned around and slowly sauntered off so I could get a good long look at her ass. It was simply mesmerizing and so I kept looking at her as she met with a cute brunette and continued towards the beach together.


I had spent most of that day either on a lounge chair drinking fruity drinks, or cooling down in the pool. As the afternoon grew old the poolside cabana lit it’s barbecue and began serving a veritable cornucopia of grilled meats. I waited for the sun to disappear below the horizon before I went back to my room for clothes more appropriate to night life. I glanced at my watch and saw it was about a quarter past ten when I stepped into the hotel’s bar. It was relatively quiet in the bar, considering that most guests preferred the local nightlife outside of the hotel resort. I made my way over to the far corner of the bar and picked a stool that gave me a view of the entire room. I ordered a neat whiskey from the bartender, and settled in for evening of people watching.

Not long after, she stepped inside wearing a t-shirt and mini-skirt combination that left very little to the imagination. Much like I had done, her eyes surveyed the room and I raised my glass in greeting when her eyes eventually found me sitting in the far corner. She swayed her hips left and right as she approached me, and sat down on the bar stool next to me. She smiled her bewitching smile at me, “We have to stop meeting like this, neighbour.” I called the bartender to us, “Another whiskey for me, and for the lady a…”

“A Sex on the Beach, please.” she said. We waited for our drinks in silence. The bartender was quick in setting the drinks in front of us and then moved on to other customers. She raised her glass to me and said, “To our continued meetings.” She winked ankara escort bayan and smiled flirtatiously. I smiled back and echoed the sentiment. We continued to flirt and drink for another twenty minutes, even though we still hadn’t exchanged names. She slammed back a shot and looked me in the eye. She whispered sensually, “Shall we continue up stairs?” I smiled lustfully in response.


We sat on her balcony with a view of the stars twinkling above the Atlantic. A bottle of expensive red whine between us and a glass for each of us. My cock had been semi-erect for half an hour by now, and I was growing uncomfortable. My host noticed and put down her glass. She slid off her seat and on her knees shuffled in my direction as she took off her shirt. Her ample breasts were still ensconced in a lacy black bra. She began fondling my cock through the fabric of my pants. I leaned back, opened my legs and closed my eyes. I threw back the last of the wine before returning the glass to the table.

She began tugging my pants down, eager to release me from my confines. I shifted my hips to give her full access which she used to yank my pants and briefs all the way down. She took me in her hands and against her chest. Nestling me in her sumptuous cleavage, she looked me lustily in the eyes. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her quickly before slowly pushing her down to my cock. She opened her mouth as soon as she felt me pushing against her lips and soon she pushed herself all the way down my cock. Her nose hit my stomach as she easily slid the head of my cock into her throat. Her tongue massaged the shaft wildly. We had barely begun and I was already on the edge of orgasm.

I stood up, sliding out of her mouth but still painfully erect and pulled her to her feet. We kissed as we undressed each other on that balcony. I was fairly certain that several other hotel guests had a clear view of our escapades and were taking advantage of that fact too. Once we were fully naked, I turned her around and pressed her against the balcony railing. She moaned out her confirmation of the moment I entered her from behind. Her tits felt absolutely divine in my hands and filled them just perfectly. I never wanted to release them. We moaned in ecstasy. We rutted like animals, with her grinding her ass against me in a desperate attempt to drive my cock deeper inside while I massaged her tits with wild abandon. “Fuck me,” she squealed, “fuck me hard and fill me up.”

I let go of her tits and made her bend down, presenting her ass to me. I grabbed a firm hold of her hips and began pushing into her hard and deep. Soon elvankent escort bayan she screamed out in orgasm. Waves of pleasure roiled through her body, making her muscles spasm on my dick. It was too much. I pushed in deep one last time as the sensations overcame my self control. Somewhere above me and to the right, I could hear a woman reaching her own orgasm in sympathy. I smiled at the thought of making two women cum by fucking just the one. I could feel my semen leaking past my cock.

She stood up, releasing me from her nethers with a pop. Turning around she saw that I was somehow still erect. She gently took me in her hand and gave it a few experimental tugs, ensuring I was ready, willing and able to continue. She knelt down without releasing me, and inspected my cock up close. From the balcony above mine a soft, feminine voice encouraged her. “Go ahead,” she said, “suck that beautiful cock of his.” I glanced in her direction, hoping to connect a face to the voice for possible future conquest. My host acknowledged the direction by placing a kiss on the tip of me cock. Another on the bottom of the head, and so on lower and lower down the shaft.

In the darkness I could not find the owner of the voice but emboldened as I was I spoke to her, “Any other requests?” I stroked my hosts hair as she continued to worship my cock with tiny kisses and short licks. She smiled at me encouragingly.

“I wanna see her face, splattered in your cum.” said the voice, “But it’s too dark for that.” I took the lantern still on the table and turned up the flame so it produced more light, and the positioned it just so. It now shone a soft but certain light on my hosts face, just as she opened her lips and sucked the head of my cock between them. I groaned loudly, but could still hear the woman above moan with us.

My host continues her agonizingly slow ministrations, mostly just giving my cock tiny kisses and licks, and only occasionally taking the head into her mouth for soft suckle. When she did I groaned loudly in appreciation and other lewd noises came from above us in response. As much as I wanted to, I restrained myself from taking control and satisfy myself in her throat. I crossed my hands behind my back, and surrendered to her lips. Five minutes past, then ten, until finally I could take no more and told her so.

She gave the head a long hard suck as she pulled it out of her mouth with another audible pop. Her hands began to pump my shaft as she placed the head on her lower lip pointing me square at her face. “Do it.” I heard from above and I released my self control. I threw my head back in absolute pleasure as blasts of my cum flew across her beautiful face. I heard the moans of an ecstatic orgasm from above, as I continued to splatter my cum on the face before me. I fell back into the chair in a daze. “Thanks.” I heard and was barely aware of my host excusing herself to go clean herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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