Giving in to My Desires Ch. 01

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Chanel Preston

It was mid-way through summer and I was lying on a sun bed in the backyard with the sun shining down on me. It was close to midday and I lay there with my eyes closed wearing a pair of black briefs resting. My name is Theo, I’m 23 years old with shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic build and am 5’8”.

I’m currently in college and my boyfriend Alejandro, also 23, normally lives with me but is away for 12 months doing an internship in Spain. Here I was 6 months into his internship missing him and thinking we were halfway through the year he had away with me back home in upstate New York.

Alejandro is from Costa Rica, we had met at college and had been going out for almost 6 months when he took the internship in Spain. He is 5’9” with an olive complexion, athletic build and has wavy black hair past his ears and brown eyes.

With both of us being 23 and very sexually active when together the time apart was becoming very difficult. I found myself horny all the time and our video sex calls were now getting boring after 6 months, there was only so much dialogue we could exchange before it became repetitive. One of our ongoing fantasies was imagining catching the other having sex and then joining in. This had heated things up for a few weeks but was now also becoming repetitive.

We didn’t have an open relationship though and had not actually discussed this topic prior to Alejandro leaving for Spain so I was doing my best to stay committed which meant a lot of jerking off.

As I lay on the sun bed I was completely relaxed and almost falling asleep when my phone buzzed on the side table next to me. I opened my eyes realising I had a hard-on and sat up reaching across for the phone. It was a message from Oliver, he was also in my classes at college and was on exchange from Sweden.

We had quickly become friends as Oliver was gay too and along with Alejandro and my other friends we had befriended Oliver last year and taken him under our gay wing so to speak. Taking him to all the bars and clubs we knew and trying to help him hook up.

Not that he needed much help, he was hot! Oliver was 24 had short blonde hair, blue eyes, an athletic build similar to mine but he was taller at 5’10” and tanned. If it wasn’t for me already dating Alejandro, Oliver would certainly be the type of guy I would hit on myself. He seemed to be attracted to me as well and we had a thing going since we met where we casually flirted with one another but words were as far as it ever went between us.

The message read, ‘Hey Theo, the Mexi-boys are having a pool party at their place this afternoon starting at 2pm. Get your hot American ass over there! It’s time for some summer fun!’

I laughed as I read the message and Oliver’s excitement, it had been awhile since my last pool party and being mid-way through summer I thought it was about time for some wild fun. The Mexi-boys pool parties were notorious for getting wild and I thought with Alejandro being away this could be exactly what I need to take my mind off things and let my hair down.

The Mexi-boys were Diego and Ares, they like most of my friends were gay and both were 22 years old. They were together but in an open relationship and looked almost like twins. Both were 5’8”, had brown eyes with short black hair, dark olive skin and the only difference between the two was that Ares had a muscular build while Diego was more athletic.

They’re pool parties had a habit of starting out fun with music and drinking and then ending in more sexual festivities with all sorts of games happening. Normally it was fine as in the past I had been single or would be there with Alejandro and we would do everything together but with him being away this time I thought I would just stay for the pool and music and then leave as the evening progressed and things got more wild.

I replied to Oliver, ‘Oh yeah you’d like that wouldn’t you. I might make it down there.’

A few moments later my phone buzzed again and it was Oliver responding with three eggplant emoji’s.

Now that I wouldn’t be spending the entire day on the sun bed and realising I had to make myself presentable for the pool party I got up and headed inside. I had to figure out what I would wear and also had to do some quick body maintenance to ready myself for the pool. Alejandro was away so I didn’t really have to impress anybody but I still liked to look good when displaying my body to others and took pride in my appearance.

I jumped in the shower and quickly shaved everywhere except for a small patch of hair I liked to leave above my crotch and followed this with a moisturising wash all over. Stepping out the shower I dried off and started to do my hair styling it loosely down past my ears giving me a sort of blonde surfer look.

I moisturised again all over my body and walked to the bedroom closet to pick out my clothes for the afternoon. I grinned as I opened my drawers and saw my favourite pair of pink swimming briefs. They always istanbul travesti looked great on me and I thought this would definitely get a good reaction from the boys at the pool party.

I slipped them on and they clung tightly to my ass cheeks and held my cock and balls firmly in place. I did a quick turn in the mirror and my smile widened as I looked at my ass, you could clearly see each of my cheeks cushioned beneath the thin layer of fabric.

Over the top of the pink swimming briefs I put on a pair of grey shorts that just covered my upper thigh and then a pink tank top. Happy with my choices I looked at the clock, it was approaching 2pm. Diego and Ares didn’t live that far from my place so an Uber would only take me 5 minutes.

Looking in the closet again I saw the day bag that Alejandro and I kept ready for our trips to the beach and picked it up throwing the strap over my shoulder. It had all the things we needed when hitting the water including sunscreen for my white complexion so I didn’t need to bother opening it.

I went to the fridge and grabbed some drinks, I had a six pack of seltzer and then also grabbed a bottle of tequila to take for the boys. I checked my phone as 2pm came around and it buzzed again.

It was another message from Oliver, ‘Theo I’ve just arrived, are you on the way? It’s just me, the Mexi-boys and Jacob.’

I grinned at Oliver’s message as I ordered an Uber. Jacob was an ex of Oliver’s. He was 22 and over from England, 5’11” with short brown hair, blue eyes and a muscular build. Oliver and Jacob had dated for a month or so awhile back but hadn’t wanted to keep things going. They were still friendly and I was friends with both of them but could understand with not that many people there yet that Oliver might feel uncomfortable.

‘I’m leaving now mate, be there in 5.’ I messaged back to Oliver as the Uber arrived out the front of my place.

When I arrived at Ares and Diego’s place there were a few more cars parked out front meaning more of the boys had likely arrived. I wondered how many of us there would be for the pool party, normally there were around 10 of us to start with and it would drop off as the night progressed. Only difference for me this time was that I would be one of the ones leaving early in the night before the wild festivities really started.

I walked up the drive and there was a note on the door saying for everyone to walk around back to the pool and that the side gate was open. I followed the path and passed the gate coming out at the pool deck.

The sun was shining and I looked across the pool deck, sitting on two of the sun beds were Diego and Ares, Jacob lay on the third and final sun bed, while in the pool Oliver was paddling around with Min and Lee. They were both Korean with short black hair, brown eyes, incredibly muscular bodies and looked very similar except that Min was 6’0” and Lee was 5’11”. They worked on their bodies a lot as they competed in body sculpting competitions.

I yelled out hey to everyone and proceed to walk around the pool as they all responded. I thanked Diego and Ares for arranging their famous pool party again and opened my bag giving them the bottle of tequila. They both grinned widely and Diego stood up from his sun bed and thanked me as he grabbed the bottle and guided me to the bar table that was set up.

He told me they had a few bottles which was great as they wanted a wild afternoon and then he showed me the ice buckets to put my seltzers into. As I leaned forward to empty my seltzers into the ice bucket I noticed that Diego’s hand lingered against my left ass cheek.

I stood back up and he was grinning at me and said ‘So…this is your first pool party without Alejandro huh, are you ready for some fun!’ He winked at me as he said this and lightly slapped my ass again.

I laughed back at him and playfully pushed his right shoulder, ‘Oh I’m ready for some fun but I don’t think it’s the kind of fun you’re thinking of Diego. I’m not planning to end up between you and Ares.’ They had a habit of enjoying threesomes and spit roasting the third guy. At their pool parties in the past they had bragged about this many times to Alejandro and I and last year they had actually spit roasted Oliver on one of the sun beds.

‘Oh no one ever plans on being between us Theo, it just kind of happens.’ He winked at me again and walked back to the sun bed.

I opened a can of seltzer and went over to chat with Oliver who had swum up to the side of the pool closest to the bar. ‘Hey Theo, about time you got here bro, can you pass me a can?’

I nodded and grabbed a can of seltzer for Oliver too and handed it to him. He looked up and asked how I was going. I told him how the summer had been so far and that Alejandro was having fun in Spain.

‘I bet he is!’ Replied Oliver. ‘And I guess that means you should be having some fun too eh, now how about you down that can and jump in with us?’

I grinned at Oliver, istanbul travestileri ‘I guess it does.’ Downing the seltzer in a few sips and crushing the can in my hand.

‘Yeah!’ Yelled out Oliver and I threw the can into the bin and started to take off my pink tank top and grey shorts. When I stepped out of the shorts I heard Oliver gulp and say ‘Damn Theo, you look so fucking hot!’

I grinned as I threw my clothes to the side and stood there proudly showing off my athletic body wearing just the tight pink swimming briefs. ‘You think so huh? I wasn’t sure they showed off my butt enough.’ I twisted my body pressing out my ass in Oliver’s directing.

He laughed at me and said ‘Oh you slut, that ass looks great and you know it. Isn’t that right Min…Lee?’

By now Min and Lee had swum over to say hello too and they also complimented my butt. I thanked them and then stepped slowly into the pool seeing Diego and Ares watching me from the corner of my eye and pleased with myself that I had become the centre of attention. There was something gratifying about looking so good in front of all these boys and knowing that I was the forbidden fruit.

It was now myself in the pool wearing my pink swimming briefs, Oliver wearing a pair of red swim trunks and then Min and Lee both wearing blue briefs. Ares and Diego were sunbathing beside the pool wearing white briefs with Jacob next to them wearing his black ones. I had to say we all looked great and it was turning into one sexy pool party.

Oliver’s tanned skin was glistening as we started to wade through the pool from end to end talking about our summers so far. Between working and studying we hadn’t actually seen much of each other so it was good to get updated on what each of us had been doing.

Min and Lee stood leaning against the side of the pool talking to one another while watching Oliver and I move across the pool. The sun was shining down on us and it felt great to be relaxing in the water and catching up with my friends.

Min yelled across to Ares, ‘Hey Ares, is anyone else coming or is it just us?’

I looked over as Ares grinned back at Min, ‘Just us? I think we’re doing pretty well for ourselves Min, looking at you boys in the pool is like a scene from a male model commercial.’

Lee laughed and flexed his muscles as did Oliver who stopped in front of me and lifted his arms from the water flexing his biceps. I watched as his biceps tensed and the water dripped from his glistening arms and chest. He did look hot.

Ares continued, ‘But to answer your question Min, we are still waiting on Calvin and Chai.’

Min grinned, ‘Oh goodie, I do like it when Calvin joins us for these pool parties.’

Calvin was African American and played football for the college team. He was 22 years old and the only gay player on the team and we loved it when he hung out with us. He was built like a body builder and 6’0” with a muscular physique, short black hair and brown eyes. He also had a million dollar smile that at past pool parties had made Min weak in the knees.

Chai was our Thai friend, he is the shortest of our group at 5’7” and has an athletic build with bronzed complexion, short black hair and brown eyes. I liked Chai because he had a great sense of humour and whenever I went over to his place he made the best food. I also liked that he was the only one in our group that was shorter than me and that made me feel taller.

I watched from the pool as Jacob shifted in his sun bed, he had been watching Oliver and I swim through the pool. Although he and Oliver had broken up they did still have a friends with benefits thing going on and I thought he might be getting jealous of seeing Oliver swimming with me in the pool.

This only became more true when Oliver swam up behind me and wrapped his arms around my back and chest squeezing me against him. I laughed out as he held me against him and I could feel him pressing his pelvis into me causing his crotch to push against my ass. He breathed into my ear and seductively said, ‘Mmmmmm now that feels good Theo, should we continue this inside?’ He then wrapped his legs around my waist and was clinging to me as I stood in the centre of the pool.

I pressed my butt back against Oliver and turned my head slightly replying, ‘This is the most action I’ve had for 6 months Oli and it looks like Jacobs getting jealous.’

Oliver turned to see Jacob gazing over at the two of us, ‘Oh well let him watch then.’

I laughed again and squatted downward dunking us both into the water and causing Oliver to release himself from my body. As we both came up to the surface again we were grinning and Lee said across to us, ‘That was sexy Blonde boys, you two fit nicely into those positions. Oliver would top right?’

Oliver grinned flexing his biceps again above the water and replied, ‘That’s right Lee, I’d top that ass.’

Lee looked at me his smile widening, ‘Oh me too Oli, me too.’ And he winked at me.

‘Well travesti istanbul I don’t mind being the centre of attention boys but you’re forgetting one thing. I’m taken…..Alejandro remember?’ I did a quick twirl in the water and continued, ‘You can look but not touch.’

Oliver laughed, ‘Sorry for breaking the rules then Theo. You’ll have to punish me… plus Alejandro is all the way in Spain don’t think he’d mind if you had some fun with us while he’s away.’

‘Yeah if he’s in another country then it’s all fair game Theo, if you want it to be that is…’ Lee grinned at Min as he trailed of his comment.

It felt good to have Oli and Lee both staring at my body, it made me feel sexy and I felt electric as I wade through the water and felt the blood rushing to my crotch. ‘Hmmm good points boys, guess we’ll just have to wait and see.’ I winked back at them as I said this and started to swim up the pool making sure to push my butt up out of the water as I did so ensuring they both got a view of my bubble butt as I swam away.

Oliver sighed, ‘That Alejandro is one lucky guy.’

While we continued to swim in the pool, Diego, Ares and Jacob had sat up and started talking about the weekend before when they had gone to a nightclub. As I swam I could hear bits of what they were saying and it sounded as though Jacob had hooked up with a stranger but it was just a one night stand nothing more.

Ares then mentioned that he would start to get the BBQ ready, he was going to be making his famous steak sandwiches. Jacob went with him to help with the BBQ while Diego stayed on the sun bed.

I’d been in the water for almost an hour by now and with 2 of the sun beds now free decided to get out of the pool and lay down with Diego. As I lifted myself from the pool Oliver whistled over at me, ‘Oh yeah there’s my peach!’

As I walked over and lay down on the sun bed next to Diego I replied, ‘Haha your peach huh Oli, I don’t think you could handle it.’

Diego grinned at me and then shouted back to Oli, ‘Oh sounds like that’s a challenge Oliver, if you’re not up for in then I’m happy to jump in.’

‘You guys are way to horny.’ I said as I closed my eyes and felt the sun already beginning to dry off my dripping wet skin.

‘I’m sure you are too Theo, what’s it been 6 months since you last had any sex? Bet you could use a nice hard cock about now, maybe even a Mexican one?’ I felt Diego reach over and playfully slap my hand as he said this.

‘No way Diego, Theo wants to try Swedish if anything. You and Ares can sit this one out.’ Oliver’s voice was getting closer and I realised he must have left the pool as well and had now moved to be on the sun bed on my other side.

‘Alright, settle down boys. I’ll be leaving before any of those festivities start. You too will just have to help out each other.’ Hearing me say this both Oli and Diego commented that I had to stay for a little bit at the very least.

As we spoke the smell of the BBQ started to drift over and it was incredible. Ares sure did know how to cook up a storm and he was in the process of showing Jacob his tricks, pouring tequila over the meat.

Suddenly down the side path I hear someone yell, ‘Sup boys! Time to get this party started!’ It was Calvin and not far behind him was Chai. They had both arrived at the same time and now all 9 of us were there. Min and Lee who had left the pool too went and turned the music up and started handing us all another drink.

I accepted my seltzer and stood up from the sun bed as I took a sip and went to say hello to Calvin and Chai. They were both already wearing just their swimming trunks with Calvin in a pair of purple briefs that did nothing to conceal his sizeable bulge and Chai in a pair of white briefs.

With the BBQ cooking, music blaring and good company we all started to talk and dance around between the pool and BBQ. I had to admit this was fun and just what I needed in the summer break.

Dancing with Oliver, we were moving our bodies against each other when Jacob drifted across to us from the BBQ and started to dance as well. I shifted to the side to let Jacob slip between us and as he and Oliver started to dance more seductively together I felt hands slip down my shoulders to my waist and looked down to see Calvin’s strong hands gripping my hips as he moved behind me and started to sway our hips together from side to side in time with the music.

‘How you doing Theo?’ Calvin asked, his head above mine and his chin leaning down resting on my forehead as I looked up at him.

‘You know how it is Calvin, the boyfriends away and these boys think they have a chance.’

‘Is that right? Well you tell me if you feel like trying some chocolate, from what Alejandro has told me you have an ass that won’t quit and I’d like to see that for myself.’

I laughed thinking of Alejandro bragging about sleeping with me, he did love fucking my ass and I loved taking it from him. Just thinking about it made my ass tingle and cock pulse quickly which I felt as though Calvin also noticed.

Before we could continue our conversation though we were interrupted by Ares announcing loudly that the BBQ was ready and his famous steak sandwiches were hot off the grill.

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