Golf Prose Pt. 02

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You should read part I first.


After I cleaned the cum off my face, I returned to the living room the guys had obtained for partying. For me. For wild sex. Wow!

“I’ve never done two guys at once. Why don’t you two, Baldy and Glasses (But I just pointed, it would be rude to call them that) stand here?”

I dropped a pillow on the floor and knelt down, totally nude, my crimson locks flowing down my back as my green irises stared at two swollen cocks. My ruby bush proved mine was a natural color. I took one in each hand, and stroked them. Then I went left and gave a brief lick, then right for a repeat.

I continued that pattern, taking one guy into my mouth while I fisted the other, then swapping penises and duplicating the motion. Sort of an oscillating osculation, I guess. Left had a thicker member, right’s head looked more conical from my perspective. So not a perfect duplication, but you get the idea.

I tried not to spend too much time with either tool in my mouth, as I thought the visual and manual stimulation would improve with constant movement.

I felt them both swelling at the same time, and I jerked both of them rapidly.

“That’s it, cum on my tits! Show me some Jiz!”

They answered with a pair of veritable fountains, long slow streams from the left, a staccato burst of globules from the right. I wore a pearl necklace before I could blink, but I didn’t need to, they hit my mouth and boobs and not my eyes.

I leaned left and sucked the last drops out, then right to lick him clean. They shrank in my hands, and soon I held two twigs instead of two tree trunks. Two dicks at once! Wow, what a rush!

I swirled their baby goo on my fingers and skimmed some milk up and to my mouth.

“Anyone want a taste?” I asked innocently. “I don’t want to swallow it all by myself if anyone wants to share.” There were no takers.


The Indian doctor had won me for the night. We headed back to his room, and I coquettishly interdigitated my fingers with his and bumped my butt against him.

“Since I’m going to fuck you, don’t you think I should know your name?” I asked.

“Pramod Kumar Julka,” he flashed that wonderful smile. “You can call me Kumar, that’s what most people do.”

“I’m not most people,” I shot back, with another little butt bump. “I’m calling you Pramod. Did I say that right?”

“Close enough, I think,” he replied, with an attempt to bump me back. That led to an awkward pedagogical meander, as we tried to walk and bump at the same time.

“So tell me about my buddy Pramod,” I said. “I want to know all about him.”

I learned he had graduated top of his class in Mumbai, which I figured meant he worked hard as well as being brilliant. He was married to a woman his parents had arranged for him, and he had already seen more of me than he had of her on their wedding night. He officially followed Hindu teachings, but since I believe that kindness and love rule everything, and he did too, I guessed we were all right. My sister would have bugged him about all the God’s names, but that’s her, not me.

He opened his door, and led me in with a flourish. Once the door closed behind me, he got a lot more aggressive, and quickly pushed me against the wall and kissed me. I could feel his erection as he groped my breasts, and so I pushed him back.

“Hold on, Gandhi. Before you rip my clothes off, tell me what you expect. Especially tell me if you have any kinky stuff you want to try that you don’t want to share with your buds. I’m here for adventure and sex, remember, so I want to do any little thing you want.” I smiled and leaned over to kiss him, and did a little return groping myself.

“I’ve never done anything like this, Silky. I have spent my life in school and working. My wife and I have very perfunctory sex…” He looked down, and his voice got soft. “I’ve never done much of anything with a woman… especially one as beautiful as you.”

“Watch out, Pramod. Talk like that might get me naked. Oh, wait, I’m going to get naked anyway. But you can certainly call me beautiful all you want.”

We had walked into the bedroom by then, and again I was amazed that the grownup had more anxiety than me.

“Why don’t I try telling you what to do, and you tell me how you like it?”

“Sounds wonderful,” he said, as we embraced and kissed long and hard.

“OK, let’s start with you undressing me,” I smiled into his eyes. “Most guys like that, but aren’t so good at it. Unbutton my blouse, one button at a time. You already saw me do it, so you should be able to.”

“Yes, but my fingers weren’t shaking then,” He replied as he managed to get the first one open.

He continued as escort I praised him, and he calmed as he went. He pushed it behind my shoulders and I shrugged it off.

“Now unbutton my jeans,” I whispered into his ear as I nibbled on it.

I noticed the incense like smell he had. Not bad, just exotic. I already had soaked my panties, so he must be doing something right.

It only took a few seconds to have those in a pile at my feet, and I stepped out of them and guided his arms around me.

“Now unsnap my bra while you kiss me again.”

As it came loose, I pulled his hands up to cup my boobs. “Just gently squeeze them. Do you like how they feel?”

“I’ve never felt anything so soft and smooth,” He sighed.

“Oh, I’ll show you more,” I promised. “Now pull my bra off and pinch my nipples. Not too hard, but harder than you squeezed my girls.”

I moaned into his mouth as I kissed him, thrusting my tongue deep in his mouth. I enmeshed my fingers in his thick hair, and for many seconds we maintained that pose, as he fought back, rubbing osculations all around.

Finally I came up for air. “I think you’ve got a lot of skill for someone so inexperienced. You sure you don’t have a trail of girls all the way to the Taj Mahal?”

“That’s not even close to where I grew up,” he said. “But I think I’ve got a good instructor.”

“Now I would recommend you slip your hand inside my panties, and then inside me,” I replied. “As always, be gentle. Women are delicate.”

So he did, and pushed a digit between my labia, slippery with my fluids, and began to finger fuck me. I had trouble standing upright. It’s not like I wasn’t close to cumming.

“Let’s move on to the bed,” I said, “So I won’t fall down.” I pulled away and scrambled over his duvet, flopping onto my back. I lifted the waistband of my drawers, and my eyebrows. “Maybe it’s time for you to remove these.”

He grasped them and pulled, and I lifted my rear to help, and then spread wide. “If you’re willing, some nice pussy eating would be nice about now.”

He scooted down and I felt his hot breath across my Mons.

“I really don’t know what to do here, Silky. You’re so fantastic, and I want to please you, but I need help.”

“It’s pretty much like kissing. Not too hard, not too soft. But I don’t have a tongue there,” I giggled. “Licking all around feels good, sucking on my clit feels great, and if you can manage all that with a finger or two inside me, I’ll probably cum in your face.”

In fact, I just about already was.

“This is one place I’ll admit that a shaved twat helps.”

“Your red bush is so entrancing I couldn’t imagine it gone,” He breathed against me, and I shivered with the sensation.

He moved around, and soon slid one and then two fingers into my sopping hole, then bent his head in his first cunnilingus ever. With little ole me! He led with his tongue, parting me and then probing. Certainly he didn’t know my clit by feel, but my echo location taught him quickly. He could hears my pants and moans, and feel me quiver.

“Yes, right there,” I screamed, “Keep licking my clit right there!” Then I reared against his lips and hunched hard against his mouth, as I spasmed into an orgasm. I had been doing a lot this evening, between blow jobs and dancing, and I had had NO release. Now I found it, and felt myself not only cumming, but squirting as well. It’s hard to explain the difference, but oh God can I tell. Or maybe oh Krishna.

I lay there for about five minutes, tingling all over.

“You did so good Baby,” I murmured. “Lots of men never get that right. I’ll certify you as an A-one cunt eater. Anytime… Now what would you like. Anything you want. Anything.”

He snuggled next to me, thinking hard. “There’s so much I’ve seen on line. So much I haven’t tried. I just don’t know… I’m not really prepared. Give me some choices, OK?”

“Well, we can mark off cunnilingus, unless you want to get more experience. You could tie me up, that’s an ever popular item with men. Of course, you’d probably love to see some girl-on-girl, but I can’t offer that without my sister…”

“Wait! You and your sister are lesbians?”

“Oh, Hell no!But we do enjoy fooling around. And it gets George so hot watching us… But that’s not an option here. Of course, you haven’t fucked me yet, so I’d put that in first place. We could try lots of positions, I bet you’d really like that… Let’s see… I know some guys really like watching girls pee, I can do that. Or I can tie you up, and like, torture you by tantalizing you. I can rub one out while you watch, or we can 69.

“That might be nice, I’d get more licking and you’d get sucked off. And…well, I’d let you screw me up the ass, if you want to. I said anything.”

I could watch his penis bob as the variations crawled through his mind. He liked them all, I think.

“I think we should just fuck. You need to cum, and I could ride you like a rented mule. That’s my first choice, Dr. P.”

He nodded, so I pushed him on his back, and bent around to take him in my mouth. Just making sure he was ready, you know. He was. So I turned back and put a leg over him, straddling him where he got a good look, and slowly fingered myself for a minute or so. Then I pushed my fingers into his mouth, the taste he loved, and with my other hand spread my lips and sank down, taking him in my heat.

I watched his pupils dilate with pleasure as he felt my wetness, then I tightened down on him.

“Oh, God. I didn’t know women could do that!” He exclaimed.

“Most of them can’t. I Kegel every day,” I smiled as I gripped his shaft and slid upwards.

I like Cowgirl; I can always cum like that. But then I can cum pretty much anyway. Well, I liked where we fit. I began to shift my hips forwards and backwards, rotating as I tightened my ass. Soon I couldn’t stop and was slamming into him fast and hard. I pinched my nipples as I rode him, throwing my head from side to side and losing myself in the sensations and the sounds of flesh smacking and my pussy slurping, and both of us panting and groaning.

I felt him stiffen and then shoot his load deep inside me. It was OK that he came first, he had sucked my toenails off earlier. Then I pitched over the waterfall, and got lost inside my own body. I yelled out with ohs and ahhs and fuckmes, and finally slumped over beside him as his dick slid out. I could feel aftershocks from anus to pubis as I held on to him.

“My baby came good,” I whispered in his ear.

“Really, really, good,” he purred in reply.

We fell asleep. I woke up some time later, and listened to his quiet breathing. Dr. P felt totally limp, and I felt totally satisfied. But a woman’s work is never done.

“Honey? Sweetie? Pramod?” I nuzzled him awake.

“What’s the matter? What’s happened?” I could see the whites of his eyes in the dark.

“Well, I really want to cum again, and I thought about us doing a 69… Unless you’d rather sleep?” He could feel my lashes batting against his arm.

“Lord Ganesha, woman! Are you insatiable?” He didn’t actually sound upset.

“Just having such a good time…”

He cut off my words by kissing me deeply, and his knowledgeable fingers tweaked my nearest nipple. The boy had learned a lot!

So I flipped around and threw a leg over his face, settling my pussy down over his lips, and reached down to grasp his eager manhood and draw it into my warm hot mouth.

The one thing I hate about 69ing is that I’m always confused between what I’m doing and what he -or she – is doing. I like to give pleasure, but I’m only human. I can’t help it if I get overwhelmed. I can’t help it, I really can’t.

All the communication in a soixante-neuf is non-verbal, as a rule. So we had to pay attention to subtle clues, like nudges and twitches. But it must have worked, because after a little work he erupted down my throat, and I swallowed several sticky ropes of boy juice. Just a second behind him, I tried to crush his head with my thighs, and dropped his dick as I warbled my happy song.

Once again I reversed position, and this time gladly lay my head on his shoulder as we drifted off to a totally satisfied sleep.

When we woke in the morning, we had to do a little welcome party for the sunshine. I taught him how to do doggie style, and then finished with a reverse Cowgirl.

We also showered together, but by then an old man like him (He’s nearly 40) couldn’t do more than finger and kiss me. But I came again, so I sang in the shower for him, and we washed each other all over, and then I trotted off to my room where I could deal with makeup and fixing my hair after a little private nap.

The golf club members had planned to spend the day on the course. I’ve said before what I thought of a game as silly as chasing balls around with sticks, so they could do that without me. Though I bet they’d spend a lot of time preening and trying to teach me if I joined them. Probably lots of hands-on demonstrations, too. Nope, they can have golf to themselves.

I had a trajectory mapped out to hit two malls before three pm, when I planned to get back and have time to clean up before supper. Y’all probably don’t care about the shoes I got, or the fabulous leather jacket I got Jessie, or any of that, so I’ll spare you. (Write me if you want details.)

I got back on time, at four as planned (I said four, you must have misunderstood) but still took a quick shower, touched up my make-up, got my hair poofed how I wanted it, and headed to the lobby to meet my sex buddies.

I smiled when I saw their faces. Pramod winked and smiled even bigger than in the past. The other guys were so sweet, and they all seemed eager to see me and talk to me. Everyone had to hug me, and there were little touches over and over.

“I don’t know what you did to Kumar, Silky, but he played the best game of his life!” Said Blondie

“Yeah,” Baldy chimed in, “I’ve never seen him so relaxed.”

He just blushed and beamed and my heart sang to feel such a connection.

They took me to a fancy restaurant, and I ate some delicious fish. While we ate, I focused on Blondie to my right, and hung on every word. But Pramod sat to my left, and I held his hand, and rubbed his palm at the same time. I dropped my shoes and slid two naked feet up two pants legs across from me, never acting like I even knew it happened. But Glasses and Baldy both got far away glazed expressions, and by the time I reached their crotches, I encountered throbbing erections. Not bad for one little ole girl.

They all seemed to be in a rush to get back to the suite, the party room; I don’t know why. Once we got there, they kinda hemmed and hawed with no clear plan. Me, I’m always focused like a laser. I suggested we play a game of strip poker.

They had already agreed that in spite of Pramod’s score today, Blondie had won me for the night, so we all knew how things would end. But bedtime was ten pm, and we had to do something besides discuss golf during that time.

We all got comfortable and sat around the same table I’d danced on. We shuffled the cards while I explained my rules.

“Everybody has four clothing articles,” I said. “I’m wearing a skirt, a blouse and a bra and panties. Shoes and jewelry don’t count. You guys only get four as well. If you don’t have an undershirt I guess you can count socks as one item. But just four. And you have to put up to play.”

I snaked my panties off and dropped them on the wood in front of us. They caused a fair amount of wood other places, I bet. Men are just goofy on the subject of a little bit of lace that normally stays out of sight. But once they all knew I wasn’t wearing them anymore, all any of them could focus on was my naked little bush. Honestly, you’d think I did that on purpose to distract them!

Four pairs of socks met my bet, and I dealt the cards. We played just straight poker, five card draw, my fav, and the one I know by heart. I had three of a kind, but after the bet went around and the pot contained a pile of shirts, I folded and accidentally threw my cards in face up.

My boys love me, but they took delight in explaining to me why I shouldn’t fold with a triple. They forgot, of course, that I live a triple, and George and Jessie and I play poker several times a week, and we play high stakes, like you wouldn’t believe.

Next hand Baldy drew a pair of Kings, but he was too busy smelling my panties to concentrate. I had to take off my shirt to ante, and this time I had a low pair and an Ace. I bet my bra, and half of them folded, and I drew another Ace and reclaimed my undies, and put them back on, standing in front of the group to keep them aware.

In three more hands all the men had lost their clothes, while I still had at least my undies on. Then I upped the game.

“So y’all want to keep playing?” I asked as innocent as a babe in arms.

“But how will we bet?” Came the correct answer.

“We’ll have to bet actions, I guess. My sister and I… (I paused for effect) usually offer head to the winner. Or something else if you’d like.”

“Well, I’m not giving blow jobs to the guys,” Baldy stated. “Why don’t we just have one more hand, and whoever wins gets to fuck you in front of everybody?”

I looked around the room, and mostly saw evil desires. Pramod couldn’t decide, but the poor boy had to understand that everybody was going to get some of this.

“Sure,” I said.

So one quick deal, Baldy won, and I stood and removed my remaining clothes and stepped over to the couch.

“How about up here on the back?” I asked.

Baldy wordlessly agreed and stepped over to me, clutching me in a hot embrace as his protuberance pushed against my labia.

I leaned back and wrapped my legs around him and he plunged in to the hilt. I was that wet. The others moved in close, and I gathered them closer still, pulling Blondie to my right breast, and Glasses to my left. Pramod I kissed, and he felt me moan against his lips as the multiple inputs quickly pushed me over the edge. Baldy pounded away, and I felt him stiffen and make ingurgitate noises as he filled my vagina.

I don’t know about everybody, but cumming over and over with four hot guys drooling over me kept me happy all evening. And part three will tell you about the rest of the night.

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