Good neighbors Indeed

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Good neighbors Indeed
Good Neighbors Indeed

By: Londebaaz Chohan

We have come to strange times. It is said that in case of any emergency, the ambulance will come, even the fire and the police department will respond as soon as possible but the first response always is, will be and should be from our neighbors and mostly from the next door neighbors but these days we are at a far distance from our next door neighbors. We hardly say hi to our neighbors and almost never meet them or know them well.

A case and point. Ravinash had been living in this house for well over three years and may be over 4 years but he did not even know how many family members lived in the house next to him nor his next door neighbors knew if he lived on a rent or he bought the property. It was not so only between them two homes but may be the reason was that there were many empty lots in between the most homes and thus the neighbors were not well acquainted, well connected with one another. Since Ravi moved in; no family moved out and no house had gone up for sale as if the street population was completed. Ravi was very lucky because the owner did not want to sell nor they wanted their house spoiled by the renting family. The real estate guy being a very good friend of Ravi; had brokered a deal that only a portion of the house was rented to Ravi. If it was not for the mailman, who made a mistake off and on, Ravi would never know that a family with the last name of ‘Cacace’ lived next door but he had never seen anyone other than a busting young woman in the backyard and it was only when he came to deliver the letter, wrongly placed in his mail box that he had a chance to say hello to this beautiful goddess Emma Cacace.

This only gave them both neighbors a chance to say hello and it was not till after a few months when Ravi came home to all snow shoveled from his walkway to the stairs and then he also returned the little favors of shoveling the snow, retrieving the garbage containers from the street after the sanitary men had emptied them in their trucks, back, close to the house or wracking the lawn. Now he could not say that he and Emma were the good friends but of course he could say that they were good neighbors. By now Emma knew that Ravi was of an Indian descent, not a doctor but worked as the Chief Administrator of the Radiology Department of the City Hospital and Ravi also knew that Emma was a Chemistry teacher at the High School plus she was the Head of the State committee for the curriculum review; a very important and painstaking responsibility.

They were seen sitting and having good time chatting in their front lawn but they soon decided not to sit in the front lawn but move to back lawn behind the house because people had started talking and whispering about being passionate for one another and staying unmarried. Well! It was true, as they would sit and talk, Ravi had noticed that Emma had a pitch black mole on her left cheek that sparkled in the afternoon sunlight of summer. She looked so beautiful internet casino to Ravi that more often than not he would get a hard on and with Ravi’s uncut size; especially his girth it was impossible to hide the tenting in his pants. Only because they lived next door they never admitted of thinking anything more but the good neighbor only. Somehow that afternoon, all of that changed. They were in Emma’s back lawn, sipping some drinks and discussing the bank loan rates for buying a new laundry machine and the dryer combo, she needed. Ravi was a self-acclaimed expert, explaining, suggesting and recommending various options to her. If, nothing else; it made the afternoon go fast and now it was getting dark. Ravi had paid extra attention to the Mole on Emma’s cheek and her delicate, full ripe lips. To him she was no less than a cover girl; he would love to have naked in bed with him for fun.

For some reason; they were silent for a while but Ravi’s eyes were cajoling her body from the face down to her shoulders and the generous breasts. Like most evenings she was wearing a long thin, white blouse, which showed her fully loaded bra cups through it. Ravi’s blood had started to boil; his cock was already hard. It was about the time when they said, goodnight. Ravi wanted to go and he got up saying that he better go because it was getting dark. He stood up and pushed the chair back. Emma stood up as well saying, “We can turn some lights inside” moistening her lips with the wet tongue tip. He did not know if she glanced at his hard on but very categorically said that the central AC was on inside and it must be cool in the house and lead him inside the house holding his hand. Her small hand was completely wrapped by Ravi as she took him through the kitchen, on to the living room and then straight to the master bedroom. Honestly he was a bit nervous as they were at the bedroom door, lost his erection too. His hand was also sweating; may be it was her hand that was sweating and giving him the feeling as well.

Emma quickly stretched herself and placed her lips on his. The fullness of her lips against Ravi’s lips, the softness of her tits against his hairy chest; Ravi felt her nipples swelling with desire and there was no way that she would have not felt his stiffening cock between his legs poking in her belly. Ravi swept her off the floor in his strong arms and next moment they were turning and tumbling on her bed; fumbling with the buttons and zippers. How could it take more than a minute before they were totally naked for each other with clothes s**ttered all over the room floor. Ravi was enjoying her heavy tits that really needed the bra support. NO they were not sagging but just heavy and ample in size. Her areolas were also much larger than Ravi had ever seen on the girls she had naked under him and fucked. Nipples were kind of pointy, puffed but hard as Ravi felt them in his fingers while teasing.

Ravi’s explorer also stood at attention, held in her hand looking exactly canlı poker oyna like a joystick of Nintendo. He was dripping his pre cum by now and she was all expert to know to wipe it away with her thumb and spread it on his cock head and even gave him a big smile as she licked her fingers after tasting his salty sweet love juice. Emma had sensed his extreme desire and slowly put her hand between his thighs to reach and hold his big ball sac and gently applied enough pressure; squeezing his balls to reduce the desire little bit. She even found Ravi’s most sensitive spot between his balls and his hole and applied pressure there as well.

Feeling sensitivity rising, Ravinash slowly slid down on the bed making sure his balls were out of her reach and he submerged his face between her legs. Her fuck hole was already saturated with her damp smell making it difficult to resist and so he buried his nose in the deep black pinkish curly meat flaps to find the swollen pussy lips and immediately began licking them apart. She responded nicely by expanding her legs apart and also used her fingers to help separate her pussy lips apart, making it easier for Ravi to sink his thick tongue inside her juicy love tunnel. Jabbing his tongue to plunge forward and then withdrawing it to repeat for over a dozen times until her swollen clit was in his mouth and he began sucking, teasing it with his teeth. Emma was quivering on his lips, crying out his name repeatedly but her hands were in a tight grip behind his head to hold his face tight against her muff. Tickling her clitoris with teeth and lips was making her feel like climbing the wall.

By now her eyes were red with the deep desire of getting fucked and Ravi slid up on her a little bit, aligning his uncut cockhead pushing out of the wet foreskin and shoved it pressing against her pussy lips to split them open and his helmet slipped deeper inside her. She quickly wrapped her legs around Ravi’s thighs, hooking her ankles behind his knees. It was an awesome scene as he drew back to press forward and she raised her hips to meet his every thrust, moving in perfect rhythm and unison as if they had done this forever and always. She was in a kind of hurry and her body started stiffening to host a welcome for her rising orgasmic tide. She screamed Ravi’s name, even foul mouthing him couple of times as her spasms jolted her whole body under him which sent Ravi tumbling hard and he started shooting his seed inside her pussy. Soon they collapsed in each other’s arms, hardly breathing but Ravi’s thick as a tree stump cock was still quivering in her cooze. He must have cum excessively because the wet viscous slush was felt leaking out of her overfilled cunt and crawling on Ravi’s huge knot of meat balls.

Soon Ravi rolled off her and she bundled up beside him pressing her heavy hardy tits and nipples in his side. With her one leg flipped over Ravi, he could feel the damp heat whiff coming from her love tunnel. Wiped out, Ravi kept thinking that thankfully canlı bahis he had not masturbated for the last couple of days, making him squirt couple of gallons of his seed in her but why they had waited so long to come together for fucking and cumming together.

Emma recovered before Ravi as he felt her hand on his cock. Her manicured nail traced the flared ridge of his cock helmet already trying to push out of the foreskin once again. Slowly she pushed herself up on her knees and took a position over Ravi’s torso and bending sharply, she took his limp, cum sodden shaft in her mouth. He writhed feeling her hot breath on his balls as she tongue-licked him all clean. The duty prone cock responded by regaining his thick and stretched size for fucking stature. Making sure, the cock was fully ready for doing the deed, Emma released him from her mouth and took it in her slick slit lowering herself onto him.

Emma; riding his bull looked so beautiful to him from under her. Ravi reached for her breasts with the extended hands and started tweaking her nipples with his thumb and the fingers. Getting excited she pushed herself down and then rose up to go down again the length of his stiff shaft. Up. Down. Setting the pace rather quickly but then slowed down to savor the drilling pleasure than before. Now she fucked his horse cock shaft in almost a slow motion like the gentle motion of a carousel horse; rising up hesitantly until the fat dangerous knob of Ravi’s cock was just at the verge but caught between her cunt lips and then reversing and sliding all the way down until his balls were crushed on the swollen lips of her pussy. Ravi sighed with the deepest joy realizing that he could not fuck her any deeper than this and adored her cute attempt whole heartedly.

“I had dreamed of this moment so many times”. She confessed as she let him disappear in her cunt. Breathing hard, Ravi also told her that many nights he had been alone lying in his bed, knowing she was next door; even wanted to somehow come into her bedroom possibly naked to give her the pleasant surprise. For all this time, Emma had been going up and down, harder and slower on his stiff sex pole. Somewhere Ravi had also begun to move under her with her hips pushed up to meet her downward thrusts. He was still possessing her heavy boobs in his hands. Now she was becoming impatient, fucking his cock more and more eagerly. Ravi was also reciprocating each of her powerful stroke helping her to be fucked to the deepest ends of her love hole until she produced screams of joy and collapsed on his naked chest. Soon after Ravi shot his all natural all pure juice in her flexing accepting pussy. She kept lying there for the longest of time until her breath was totally normal and Ravi had also softened and slipped out of her slick cunt.

Finally; when she fell to her side, Ravi took her in his arms while she had her head on his chest and he felt her warmth on his chest tickling his hair. Surely they fell asleep. Ravi did not return home until the next morning sun was up but not before the good morning fucking her once and with a commitment and the promise to be like the good neighbors indeed from here on.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan. April 13, 2019.

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