Gym Buds: A Reluctant Confession

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Gym Buds: A Reluctant Confession
It seemed to start with Mike slipping in the shower at the gym. It was just one of the things, there must have been some soap or something that hadn’t washed away, but Mike went flying, straight into me, I grabbed him to try and stop him from falling but we both ended up on the ground, me on my arse, Mike on top of me. We laughed it off, got dressed and went for our usual Friday drink.

It was after that Mike started behaving differently. Most people would not have noticed but Mike and I had been very good friends for nearly 15 years. We had met at college, hit it off and stayed close ever since. We did the gym twice a week and always followed the Friday session with a drink.

Mike’s change in behaviour was noticeable by me. He was quieter, and on gyms days, seemed to be in and out of the shower in half the normal time. I guessed the slip had affected him somehow but that was strange because it was me that got the grazed arse!

Still, we did things as normal and this particular Friday Mike had invited me round for beer and takeaway while we watched the football on television. Mike’s girlfriend Zoe had gone away for the weekend, visiting her parents who live a couple of hundred miles away, so I thought it would be a good chance to have proper chat with Mike to try and get to the bottom of things.

We had eaten, drunk a couple of beers and had the television tuned in. I thought this would be the best time to try and talk.

“Mike,” I started, “Is everything okay? I mean you seem to have been very quiet just lately.”

“Yeah sorry Mate,” he replied, “It’s just that thing in the shower the other week.” He stopped and just seemed to drift off, so I filled the gap.

“It was just some freaky accident, and at least you only landed on me.”

He had a slight smile on his lips as if I said something he found funny, “That’s it you see, I landed on you”

“It was just an accident mate,” I told him, trying to be as sympathetic as possible. “It couldn’t be helped.”

Mike looked as if he was trying to say something but couldn’t quite find the right words to express himself. Eventually he said,

“Look this isn’t easy to say so,” more hesitation, “Fuck it, I can’t stop thinking about canlı bahis siteleri our bodies touching, Andy. Especially when I see you naked in the gym shower, I can’t stay in there too long because I start getting a hard on.”

I’ve got to admit that is not what I was expecting, my mind took a moment or two to process it. Mike obviously thought he had gone too far,

“Andy, sorry, I just wanted to get the truth out. I understand if you want to go now.”

I am not sure what actually went through my mind but, as my Nan used to say, the devil inside me came out.

I stood up, stripped completely naked and sat down again.

“You’ve told me Mike and I am still totally and completely okay with being naked in front of you.”

Mike didn’t seem to know how to respond to that. As I watched him, I could see his eyes glued to my cock, I saw him lick his lips. The devil in me decided to push things even more,

“Mate, are you getting a hard on looking at my dick?” Mike nodded. “Well then,” I continued, “show me. I want to see what looking at my dick does to you.”

He stood and stripped. Boy was he hard, and it was kind of turning me on knowing I was having this effect on my best friend. He sat back down next to me and his leg brushed against mine, that made me feel even more turned on, ‘fuck it’ I thought to myself. I turned to Mike.

“Kiss it Mike,” I said, “It’s the only way you’ll know for certain that’s what you want.”

He looked at me, trying to make sure I was serious. I just nodded my head down toward my cock to encourage him. He leaned over, his head hovering over my growing cock, he took his time, obviously wondering if it was really what he wanted. Eventually he moved that small distance further and I felt his lips brush against my manhood.

It sent an unbelievable thrill through my body. My cock twitched a grew even harder. Mike obviously felt it because he became surer and bolder in kisses, his lips brushed the whole length until he reached the end, the he slipped my cock between his lips and started giving me a proper blow job. I placed one hand on his head and gently pushed to encourage him. His slid his lips up and down and used his tongue to taste me.

Even though it felt so good I soon pulled canlı casino him away, holding his face I looked deep into his eyes and said,

“Gym rules Bud, you do a set, then I do a set.”

I took his gorgeous boner in my mouth. It surprised me how good it felt to taste another guy, the feel of his hard, horny dick twitching in my mouth sent an unexpected thrill shuddering through my body. “Fuck” I thought, “why have I wasted years not knowing how unbelievably horny sucking cock was.”

I went at him aggressively, really working my lips and tongue on Mike, sliding both along the entire length, gagging slightly as I took him as deep as I possibly could. I could taste the precum that had leaked from him, a taste that made we want to experience his whole load in my mouth. That wasn’t going to happen right then though because Mike pulled me away.

“God Andy, that felt so good.” He said.

I smiled at him, then we kissed. A deep passionate kiss, both of us pressing hard against each other, we moved in to a lying position on the sofa and held each tightly, our gym fit, naked bodies brushing together, the touch of his flesh against mine felt incredible. I slid my hand down his back to his tight arse while he reached between us and held our cocks together.

I don’t know how long we lay frantically kissing, it was, as if, a long pent up craving had suddenly been released, flooding out like a broken dam, as if, our bodies were trying to make up for the 14 years we had been just close friends, as if, subconsciously, we knew we should have been lovers from the very start.

Eventually our lips parted, I still held him tight though, my hand gripping his arse firmly.

He smiled, “You like that arse of mine?”

I nodded and squeezed tighter.

“How about you fuck it then.”

“Are you sure?” I thought things might be going a bit fast. He suddenly had that look of hesitation on his face but it only lasted a fraction of a second as he realised it was a bit late to hide things now.

“Zoe bought a small vibrator to use in my arse, she thought it was hot, but the last few times I’ve used it all I can think of is your cock being inside me. Let’s get to the bedroom, I want to feel that boner inside me now.”

I kaçak casino understood why we moved to his bed as, when we got there, he pulled open a drawer and pulled out a tube of lubricant and a condom, which he threw at me. While I opened and slid the condom over my cock, I could not remember ever being so hard as I was right now, Mike had made me hornier than any woman I had been with. I watched as Mike made his arse ready, sliding his lubed finger into his hole and working it around making sure it was wet enough for me.

Once he was done, he turned putting his head on his pillow and his arse in the air ready for me.

I moved forward and plunged my cock into him. He gasped a sharp gasp but then pushed his arse back towards me to make sure he got all of me inside him.

My body just wanted to pummel his hole fast and hard but I reined in my impulses and started slowly, I savoured the feel of his tight butt around my highly aroused tool. I could feel him tense his sphincter encouragingly around me. I had never had anal sex before, not even with a woman, it was an experience I knew I would have again.

I wound up the rhythm gradually get faster and harder, Mike’s breath got heavier as I did so,

“Fuck me Andy,” he whispered hoarsely, “fuck me hard.”

With that I lost all control and went at him with everything I had, thrusting my cock as deep and as powerfully as I could, his body bucked with the force I was pounding him with, his face pushing into his pillow,

“Yes” I heard him say, “yes Andy.”

I shafted him with as much force as I could manage, but not for much longer, my body stiffened and with one last hard thrust I shot my load. It was an orgasm like no other I had ever had.

I pulled out of him and flopped down beside him, he gently removed the condom from me, before kissing me gently,

“That was fucking awesome,” he said.

I had recovered my breath a little, “It ain’t over yet Mate,” I said.

I pushed Mike on his back and went down on him once again. I only had one thing on my mind as I mouth-fucked him, and it wasn’t long before I got what I wanted as his cock exploded in my mouth, him come shooting hard inside me, it felt like it hit every part of my mouth before settling on my tongue where I relished the exquisite taste.

I bought my head up to his, “Jeez Mike, why the fuck has it taken us so long,”

We just lay there holding each other, we lay there all night. The first of many nights me and my new lover spent together.

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