Hiking Cuckold

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A car pulled up on the highway as I was seated on the bench by the bus stop. Out of the car came a stunning curvaceous 20 year-old brunette, Megan. I had met Megan when I went to school, and quickly fell in love with her, but she didn’t love me back. Instead she had other plans for me, turning me into her and her stud boyfriend Joe’s chastity slave. Megan had invited me to join her and Joe to go hiking, and so here I was. Joe followed behind her, he was 26 and a big, handsome guy.

“Our bag is in the back, fag.” said Joe, gesturing to the car.

Megan walked up me and rubbed my hair. “Hey John! How’s junior doing?.” She rubbed my crotch and felt up my caged dick. It tried to grow larger at her touch but just strained against the metal bars filling me with pain.

“Maybe we’ll let him out when we get to the top.”

“Really?” I asked. Megan hadn’t let me out in a month, I needed to cum so bad!

“Maybe.” Replied Megan, and she shot me a wicked smile.

I grabbed their bag and placed around my shoulders. It was pretty heavy. I followed Joe and Megan who started walking up the trail holding hands. They mostly talked to each other and acted as if I wasn’t there. We took a short break where Megan and Joe made out on a rock, while I stood and watched.

The hike was fairly long, and it was a hot day so we were all getting tired and sweaty. Finally we reached the top, Megan lead us to a secluded area right by the edge. It was an absolutely view of the forest.

Megan let out a sigh of relief and dropped down to a large rock. Joe sat beside her. I knew what was coming next, dreading the moment. Sure enough, Megan pointed to her foot looking at me.

“Get to work, sissy faggot”. She said in a happy voice. I got on my knees in front of Megan and immediately began smothering her dirty shoes with my tongue. I licked every ridge from the dirt covered sole, working up to the tip and to her laces. I looked up and could see Megan and Joe making out passionately. My dick strained hard at the cage as I licked, I thought of how Megan said she might let me out.

Megan broke away from her kiss to look at me.

“Ok John that’s good, now suck my sweaty toes.”

I carefully removed Megan’s shoes, and than her socks. Sure enough her feet were sweaty, although the smell wasn’t too bad. I sucked gingerly on her toes as she continued making out with Joe. I worked down to her heel, which I sucked passionately.

I looked up to see that Joe had dropped his pants. Megan reached into his boxers and pulled out the cock I had learned to worship the past month. escort It was absolutely enormous, 9 inches long and as thick as a beer can. He slid down his boxers to reveal his giant tennis ball sized balls. Each engulfed in thick hair, and each loaded with cum that was bound to end up down my throat. My tiny dick strained against my cage as I looked at this monstrous penis.

Megan had taken off her top, revealing her beautiful perky tits. Megan’s tiny hands began pumping this magnificent rod up and down. She looked down at me, still worshipping her feet.

“Get me naked, faggot.” She said sternly. Megan always seemed to get meaner during sex.

I took my mouth off her toes as I slid her jeans down, followed by her panties. I could now see her beautiful pink pussy, so close yet so far…

“Now get naked too, John.” Said Megan, as she lowered her mouth onto Joe’s amazing penis.

I quickly ditched my clothes, feeling pathetic next to Joe. My tiny two inch penis stayed locked up tight in my chastity, while Megan loudly sucked on Joe’s 9 inch monster. Joe chuckled when he saw my chastised penis.

Megan rose off his dick, a strand of saliva connecting the head of his cock to her mouth.

“Suck his balls, I want you worshipping them the entire time. Maybe than I’ll let you free” She added.

I knelt down in front of Joe, lowering my head and placing my mouth over his large balls. I began sucking gently. The long hike had left his balls sweaty, and they smelled terrible. The massive amount of hair didn’t help, frequently getting caught in my teeth. Nevertheless I sucked away.

Megan, having brought Joe completely erect, began lowering herself on his massive rod. She slowly hit the bottom, her ass resting just above my face. The pussy I dreamed of fucking every night was inches above my eyes, stretched impossibly wide by Joe’s huge cock. And then Joe started pumping.

Megan squealed in delight as Joe started to pick up the pace. I continued to lap at Joe’s balls as Megan bounced up and down his cock. Her screams got louder and louder. Sometimes I wondered why Joe got all this pussy and I was resigned to cleaning up. It was moments like this that reminded me why. Megan was in complete pleasure as she rode Joe’s cock, something my tiny dick could never do.

As Joe continued to pound her, Megan’s pussy juices leaked down to Joe’s balls mixing with his sweat creating a sweet taste.

“Fuck me, baby! Ohhh my god, you’re amazing!!” Megan cried. She reached behind her and pulled my head deeper into Joe’s balls until one of his entire gigantic nut was deep in my mouth. “Keep sucking faggot, taste those juicy balls!” I had to raise and lower my head to keep in motion with them.

Joe than took two of his thick fingers and slowly inserted them into Megan’s ass, pumping up and down. With this added stimulation Megan completely lost it.

“Oh my god, oh my god. IM CUMMMMMMMMING!” Megan screamed at the top of her lungs. Megan came hard, as cum splattered all over my face. Joe stopped pumping, as Megan rested on his lap, with his erect dick still buried in her soaking pussy. I continued to lap dutifully away at Joe’s balls.

Joe removed his fingers from Megan’s ass and put them in front of my face.

“Suck it, bitch.” He ordered. I pulled my mouth back, finally being free from his balls and began sucking hard on his fingers.

Megan giggled. “How does my ass taste, John?” Joe gyrated his hips slightly, eliciting another moan out of Megan. My face was covered by my own spit and Megan’s juices. Joe pulled his fingers out of my mouth and smacked me hard across the cheek.

Joe lifted Megan up and spun her around, keeping her impaled on his big cock. Joe was now banging Megan facing me, and I could see her face fill with ecstasy. Joe held her two legs up, opening her up as he pounded hard into her tight pussy.

“Suck my toes, fag. Oh myyyyy god!” Screamed Megan.

Relieved to not have to suck Joe’s balls, I kneeled before Megan’s left foot and started sucking on her dirty toes as she was banged ruthlessly. Somehow this stud still hadn’t cum yet, while my dick ached for relief watching this hot scene. After a few minutes Megan came hard again, this time though, Joe did not relent.

Joe lifted Megan up by her thighs, standing up now he pounded into her as Megan continued to cum.

“Oh my god! Fuck yeah, keep going! Ohhhhhhhh I can’t stop cummmmming!” Megan cried. With Joe and Megan in their own world I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just did what was natural. I sank to my knees and began licking Joe’s toes. I was completely submitting myself to this stud, who’s magnificent cock was bringing the girl of my dreams to orgasm after orgasm.

I could feel Megan’s juices dropping down on my head, as Joe continued to pound her. Finally he laid Megan down on her back. He lifted her legs and began pounding harder than ever. I watched in awe as Megan screamed in pleasure as she was savagely fucked by this stud. Joe than gave a loud grunt and buried himself deep in her pussy. I watched Joe’s huge balls contract as load after load of cum shot deep into Megan’s pussy.

He remained deep in her pussy, as they both calmed from their orgasms. Slowly Joe pulled out, and lied back on the rocks. Megan laid down with him, cuddling in his side. She spread her legs, looking to me.

“Eat up, baby” She said sweetly. I crawled between her legs and began licking up the massive amount of cum leaking from her freshly fucked pussy. The only time I was ever allowed close to Megan’s pussy was after Joe had properly fucked it. Megan and Joe began softly kissing as I licked up more of the stud’s cum. Megan lovingly rubbed my head.

“That’s a good faggot.” She moaned gently from my work. I felt a strange rush of pride, knowing that I was giving her pleasure, even if it was by eating another man’s cum from her pussy. “You’re a sweet guy, John. It’s too bad your dick is so pathetic. That’s why I need a real man, not a sissy like you.” She added. I felt a pang in my stomach at her words.

“You’re such a stud, baby.” She leaned in and kissed Joe again. With a sudden jolt she grabbed my hair and pulled me up from her pussy. Yanking my head forward painfully Megan spit in my face, now covered in all our fluids.

“Enjoy yourself, John?” Megan asked, still with a tight grip on my hair. I nodded, and worked up the courage to ask.

“Megan, you said you might be…you know-“

“Let you out?” She finished. Megan than laughed and spit in my face again. “You’re not finished yet, clean this stud’s cock off.”

I was hoping to be able to skip this. I looked down at Joe’s limp, yet still massive cock lying against his chest. It was soaked in Megan’s juices and his own cum. I shuffled over to kneel in between Joe’s muscular legs. Joe put his arm around Megan as they cuddled looking out at the beautiful sunset as I ran my tongue all over Joe’s enormous soft cock. I lay there for probably half an hour soaking his cock with my spit, than another fifteen minutes soaking his balls. I always thought of myself as straight yet here I was absolutely worshipping another man’s cock.

As I sucked Megan and Joe relaxed looking out at the stars. Megan turned to Joe and whispered “I love you” gently in his ear. They kissed passionately. All the pain and humiliation I endured that day, nothing compared to hearing her say those three words to another man. While my heart ached, my dick seemed to try harder to get hard.

We got back dressed and made the walk down the mountain, Megan had chosen not to unlock me. Megan and Joe got back into their car and pulled away. I had missed the last bus but they still refused to give me a ride, so I curled up on the bench shivering in the cold, with the taste of Joe’s cock still fresh in my mouth.

To Be Continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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