I was a Cocksucker Ch. 03

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“Damn Bob, I didn’t know you were a faggot.”

It was Jim. I had known Jim for a long time, 7th grade I think. We had never really gotten along. He was more of a jock type while I had always been a regular guy. Regular guy? It almost made me laugh. Here I was kneeling on the floor with my face covered in cum, my fingers still in my mouth licking off the cum from this man that had just used me, and my own cock dripping cum that no touch, only sucking cock had caused to erupt.

I felt the shame overwhelm me. A minute ago I hadn’t cared who knew I was nothing more than a cocksucking slut, but now, my frenzy calmed by having just cum, I was scared, embarrassed, humiliated. I didn’t say anything just felt myself wondering how I had gotten in this position.

“When did you turn into a faggot Bob?” Jim asked with a chuckle in his voice. I again didn’t respond. I dropped my hands to my sides and looked at the floor, wishing it would open up and swallow me. Swallow me like I had swallowed the man’s cum a minute ago.

“I asked you a question faggot,” Jim said, “answer me.”

“I am not a faggot.” I protested.

Laughing Jim said, “Not a faggot? Give me a break. I just watched you suck cock and cum when that man came all over you. If that is not a faggot, what is?”

I remained silent, praying this would all go away. I had never felt so shamed in my life. I knew that Jim would tell everyone what he had seen and that my life would be over as I knew it. What woman would ever want to go out with me again now that they knew that I had willingly, even eagerly sucked a man’s cock. So willingly sucked cock that I had cum in the heat of the passion of that man unloading on me. What would they say now that they knew I was a cocksucker?

Taking a step toward me Jim said, “Well faggot, since you love sucking cock so much, and since I came in here to find a faggot to suck my cock, you had better get busy.”

I didn’t move. I was paralyzed in fear and embarrassment. “I said get busy faggot!” Jim said. “Unless you want the whole world knowing how I found you this had best be a wonderful blow job. The best blow job you ever gave.”

“I am not a faggot Jim.” I said weakly.

“That is not what you were saying a minute ago faggot. I heard what you said, we all heard what you said.” Jim laughed, pointing to the other men standing around the open door of the booth. “You said you were a cocksucker, that you wanted his cum, that you where a slut. Hell faggot, you begged for his cock, you said you needed his cock. Only a faggot would say something like that.”

He was right. I had begged for that cock. I had begged to be used like a slut. I had been thrilled to be used like that. I had been thrilled to be allowed to suck that man’s cock. I had been more excited than I had ever been. And again, I had cum without touching myself when he came on my face. Just like the first time. I had known that I belonged on my knees Taksim Escort sucking cock. I had known that I was a slut. I hadn’t cared who else knew, as long as I was allowed to feel that cock in my mouth. Why would I ever want to deny it again?

“I will suck your cock if you don’t tell anyone Jim.” I said, giving up trying to deny what I was.

“Don’t call me Jim faggot,” he said, “little faggots like you call your superiors Sir, just like you did that man you just sucked off.”

Despite myself I felt my cock twitch. “Yes Sir.”

“And don’t tell me what I can and can’t do. If I decide to tell everyone what a faggot you are I will. But I might not if you please me as well as you did that man that just finished using you.”

“Please Jim, Sir, I will do my best.” I said trembling.

“Then beg to suck my cock slut.” He said. “Beg me like you just begged him.”

“May I suck your cock Sir?” I said. I couldn’t believe it but the thought of being used again was starting to have the same affect it had each of the last two times. My cock was starting to get hard again at the thought of being used. What was the point in pretending otherwise? I was a slut, I knew it, the men watching knew it. Jim standing before me, hands on his hips and a smirk on his lips knew it. Looking up and in to his eyes I said with more feeling, “Please Sir, I am a faggot, I am a slut. Please Sir, let me suck your cock.”

“If you do a good job slut, I might let this become a regular thing.” Jim said. “Now take out my cock and get busy.”

I reached up to unzip his pants and saw for the first time his bulge. It looked like he had a large and hard cock. I pulled his zipper down and reached in to free his cock so I could feel it fill my mouth, my cocksucking mouth. As hard as it was I had trouble freeing it and he made no effort to help. He seemed to enjoy that I was having trouble as he smiled down at me and waited for me to succeed.

I worked his cock free and looked at it. It was about 7 inches long, fairly thick, and perfectly straight. The head of his cock was a perfect shape and I instantly wanted it in my mouth. Again my much smaller cock was erect at the thought of what I was about to do. For the third time a cock would be in my mouth. My mind began to cloud over as I took the shaft in my hand and started slowly stroking up and down his wonderful cock.

“Take my balls out too faggot.” He said. “I want you to kiss them first. I want you to show me that you will give me as good a blow job as you gave him. I want you to worship my cock like you did his so I know that you need my dick in your mouth. Do it bitch!”

Oh my God. Each name he called me caused my still dripping cock to throb. I really was nothing but a slut. I really was less than a man. I really did need his cock. I really was a cocksucker.

I eased his balls out of his pants. I now had before me, inches from my face, my cocksucking Taksim Escort Bayan face, a beautiful cock and below it balls that I was to kiss. I gently kissed his hanging balls and then started to take his cock in my mouth but he stopped me. “Don’t just peck at my balls bitch, get in there and kiss them, press your face against them, show me what a faggot you are.” He said looking down at me.

I did. I pressed my face against his balls, feeling the heat of his skin against my forehead, my nose. I kissed and licked his balls like a dying man being given a reprieve. I sucked one ball then the other in and ran my tongue all around them. I cleaned them with my tongue. My senses were on overload. I smelled his musk, his sweat, his excitement as I worked on his balls.

“That’s enough faggot, get busy on my cock.”

I knew again that I was where I belonged. Sucking cock was what I was born for. Being used was what I was born for. Without hesitation I engulfed his cock, taking half it’s length in my mouth and working my tongue along it’s underside. I loved the way it felt filling my mouth. I loved that he was using me as the slut I was. I loved that there were other men watching me suck his cock, his man’s cock, his real cock. I loved that I was nothing more than a worthless slut, good only to be used and humiliated.

My cock, my little cock, my faggot cock was again rock hard as I worked my mouth up and down the length of his cock. “You suck cock like a pro faggot.” Jim said. “I think I will be using your mouth a lot now that I know just how good you are. Get used to this feeling because you are now my personal cocksucker.”

I moaned. I was his personal cocksucker. He liked what I was doing. He was going to use me again. He was going to allow me to worship his cock again. He knew what I was and he was going to take advantage of it. Again, I didn’t care what the consequence of this was. I didn’t care who he told. No longer was there any doubt. This was the life I wanted. On my knees sucking cock, drinking cum, wearing cum, being used. Why had I waited so long to do this? Why had I tried to deny who I was? I was a cocksucker!

He grabbed my head in his hands and started fucking my mouth. Fucking my mouth like a pussy. Taking control of me with his will. I caressed his balls with one hand as I reached for my own throbbing cock with the other. I stroked my cock in rhythm to his fucking. Each time his cock would enter my mouth it went a little deeper. I gagged a couple times but he didn’t care. And neither did I.

I was determined to let him use me like he wanted. I was determined to give him the best blow job he had ever had. If I had to gag to do this then so be it. I didn’t care. I was sucking cock and that was all that mattered.

He started picking up the speed of his fucking and each time I felt his cock go a little deeper. And suddenly my nose was bouncing against his pubic Escort Taksim hair. I had all his cock in my mouth. He would hold his cock there for a second then pull it out so just the tip was in my mouth only to plunge it again all the way in.

I felt his cock grow even harder and knew that soon I would get my reward. I would get my cocksuckers reward. I would get his cum. A man’s cum. A real man’s cum. What a slut like me had to have. I sucked even harder as he fucked my mouth. I was his pussy and I loved it.

Suddenly he pulled out. His cock, glistening with my spit, standing proud in front of my face. A whimpered at the feeling of loss. I wanted his cock back where it belonged. Using me, fucking my pussy mouth. “Beg for it bitch!” he demanded. “Beg to be allowed to drink my cum. Show these other men what a worthless slut like you is good for.”

“Please Sir. Please let me suck your cock. Please Sir, please fuck my face. I am your slut Sir. I am your faggot.”

“Damn bitch,” he said. “You really are a faggot.”

I loved hearing him talk to me like that, but more I loved that he again fed me his cock. He didn’t last long though and after only a few seconds I felt his shaft thicken, throb, then my mouth was filling with his cum. I was stroking my little cock with lightning speed as I felt pulse after pulse of my reward filling my mouth.

“Don’t swallow bitch.” He said. “Hold my cum in your faggot mouth.”

I did. I felt my mouth filling to overflow and some of his cum, some of his power over me, leaked out the corners of my mouth and dribbled down my chin. His explosion slowed and I held his cock gently in my mouth. When he was done he pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked down at me with that smirk returning to his face.

“Open wide bitch, show these men what’s in your cocksucking mouth.”

I looked at the men standing there and opened my mouth. I was still rapidly jacking my cock as I opened my mouth so they could all see it was filled with his cum. The taste was overpowering but incredible. I worked my tongue around the load in my mouth and felt myself getting close to my own less impressive eruption.

“Now swallow bitch, swallow and show them your empty mouth. Show them what a faggot like you lives for. Do it now bitch.”

I did. I swallowed it in one gulp, feeling it slide down my throat. And as I opened my mouth to show them I had done as I was told I exploded. I shot more cum than I thought I could, especially after coming only a few minutes ago.

“Put your clothes on bitch, we have somewhere to go.” He told me.

I started to wipe off my face but he stopped me. “Leave it there bitch, a cocksucker like you should proudly wear the results of your cocksucking. Hurry up bitch!”

I put my clothes back on and thrilling in the warmth of my humiliation I followed him out of the booth area in to the main part of the store. There were only a few people there but I felt the burn of their gaze as they watched me, my face covered in two men’s cum, walking behind Jim as we left the store.

“Get in your car and follow me bitch.” he said not looking back. He knew I would follow. I knew I would follow. After all, I was his cocksucker.

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