In the basement

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In the basement
I never told anyone , my mom still think i stayed to play the switch with them
but i was the one getting switch

all 3 of them planed it for a week after the big bbq last weekend

when i was the only one in a tight speedo in the pool
a bit older with horny black cocks half hard playing in the pool when our parents talked

i bet they all jerkoff thinking of my white bubble but
until next friday

mom dropping me at the house where i was invited to play nintendo

they didnt loose any time

i tried to ask them what was going on , but knew too well the pink flashy panty bottom one was holding was about to be on me

stripped by all 3 just laughting together

”yeah get him naked , lets see him in panty”

”ohhhhh wow he is so small , fuck im like güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri 3 time his size”

”shit me too ”

panty pulled on my small white little cock all 3 rubbing themselves on me

”look he is getting hard”

”wow so cute you like our bigger cocks , it gets you hard look”

”im not no guys what is this”

looking at 3 big black cock up and rubbing on my panty

”omg he is hard , he like this , get him on his knees”

3 hands pushing me down

”guys guys omg ”

all rubbing on my face trying to make me suck them big juicy cock

”here we go here, suck it down , suck that big cock , ohhhhhh yes like this relax let me in”

”shitttt broooo my turn my turn”

”fuck yesssss suck mine too , there you go good sissy güvenilir casino boy”

”my turn , here here suck mine”

it was overwhelming
they all grabbed my head and share it around

callingg me a sissy boy over and over, helping cocks in my mouth in turn, like it was a game

fully hard young cock full of cum ,. my lil white cock dripping of lust in the tight panty

the contrast was intoxicating

they kept telling me i was belonging in panty sucking real big cocks

that i was doing a good job

i tried to resist liking it

but they didnt rush it , they let it in and slowly made me suck one by one

filling my little white mouth full , looking up at all 3 calling me sweat names

on my knees in the center , just teach by 3 friends to suck on big cock casino firmalari like a good sissy boy

i watch all of 3 sit down and pick ups controller, starting to play a game

”so like we agreed, the winner is getting sucked for a round”

”i won last game so he start with me”

a pillow between his legs

getting me between , comfortable on the pillow, watching me suck his cock

”yes like that, im good at this game be ready to suck on it for a long time”

but 5 minutes later he lost

so i was order to crawl with my pillow between the new winner legs

i felt so weak holding my small pillow to get in position

taking place on my knees on the pillow a big black juicy cock to suck

”he is having fun , this one a true sissy boy”

not even carring at them degradig me, i was sucking and worshipping the winner

feeling his warm big cock go in and out was all i cared about

they had me carry my lil pillow between them for the rest of the night

my face smelled of big black cock so much, i was mouth aching and just stayed mouth open

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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