Island Bear

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Big Tits

I heard his voice booming across the swimming pool. Moments later he was holding out his hand and welcoming me. My hand was almost lost in his meaty paw.

My friend Paul had taken me to a pool party being hosted by Stavros. This tanned, jovial Cypriot bear had a reputation for having a big heart. Earlier, as I gazed at his chunky ass rolling around in his Speedos, I couldn’t help feeling it wasn’t the only thing that deserved a reputation. His barrel of a chest was covered in dark fur. His large nipples jutted out like mini warheads, A chunky gold chain hung around his bull neck. I couldn’t help smiling at the sight of it.

Paul was right. This man got my juices flowing. My boner sprang up in my Speedos and to my delight Stavros gave it a quick squeeze.

‘I’ll see you later, young man.’ he told me.

I watched his butt moving side to side and up and down as he walked away from me. Already I could feel and taste it. How I longed to dive into that ocean of fuck flesh.

Stavros was the perfect host. He circulated, chatting to everyone in turn. I enjoyed stealing sidelong glances at this husky hunk; his big balls and fat cock were perfectly silhouetted in that position. He put all his guests at ease with a quick touch, or hug or kiss on the cheek. How I envied the men who knew him well enough for that. I had been on the island less than a week and had already decided that even if a dozen men looked half as good as Stavros I was there to stay. At then at last he got around to me. It was as if we were alone around the pool; all of the other men melted away and I had his full attention. And I could see something else standing to attention too. Never, in my whole life, had I felt so attractive and sexy and alive!

‘I can’t wait.’ I told him as I stroked the thick throbber stretching the thin fabric.

‘Aah, the urgency of youth!’ he replied.’ You’ll just have to wait, unless you want an audience.’

‘I don’t care if they watch, as long as I can have you.’ I replied.

He smiled. His teeth were brilliantly white. And then he pulled me into his arms and into the sweetest kiss I had ever known. My Avrupa Yakası Escort hard cock rubbed up against the inside of my Speedos. Precum oozed out of the cock eye and just on the other side of that thin barrier was the cock of my dreams. I could feel Stavros’ hard nipples and wiry chest hair against my own smooth chest. I wrapped my hands around his meaty arse and fondled the melon cheeks. His short, thick nub of a cock poked into me. I felt his hands tug at my Speedos and I wriggled my bubble butt and let him lower them and then I stepped right out of them as they reached my knees. I heard a gasp from the onlookers as my slender nine inch pole swung free in the breeze. And then it was wrapped up in Stavros’ large hand. I tugged at his Speedos and he pushed them down. His five inch cock was as thick as a beer can and as brown as cinnamon. It was surrounded by a dense jungle of black hair. Below hung two brown, goose egg sized balls. They were surprisingly smooth, as so deliciously warm, as I rolled them around in my hand. He sighed as I rubbed the circumcised head of his thick cock which was thicker around at the base than at the crown. I tried wrapping my fingers around the base but failed. Man this was one thick hog and I was afraid that I had bitten off more than I could chew but for a man like Stavros I was prepared to try anything.

I fell to my knees and gazed lovingly at the thick monster that was mine for the next half hour or so. I pressed my face into his hairy crotch and inhaled his strong, masculine scent. And then I opened wide and let that fat hog into my warm mouth. He let out a cry and cradled my head in his hands. Very, very gently he face fucked me as I worked my hand into the deep, deep crack of his hairy arse. After ten minutes of sucking on his cock candy he turned around and pushed his meaty bum at me. I greedily parted his cheeks and buried my face in his crack. My tongue sought out the wrinkled treat at its heart. He moaned softly as I ate him out. My tongue worked its way deeper and deeper into his butt hole. And then he begged me to fuck him.

It was all I needed to hear. In a flash Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan I was lubricating my cock. Stavros got down on to an air mattress that was lying around the side of the pool. I knelt behind him and admired the sight of his big, brown hairy arse. I still could not it was being offered to me. Earlier I had greedily drank in the sight of it, trussed up in his tiny Speedos, and had been storing the memory to use later that night. But now that was not necessary; I had the real thing cracked open in invitation just for me. I looked over at the other guys and noticed a few of them rubbing their boners through the swimming gear; one or two had already hauled them out and a shiver of anticipation goose-pimpled my flesh. My long, thin, curved cock was totally lust inflamed mow; the head was ruby red and a long drool of precum hung from the eye. I grabbed hold of it now and I guided it into his crack.

I rubbed my cock head against his wrinkled pucker. My sex juices slicked a trail over his truffle for my hungry cock to follow. The sensation of the underside of me sensitive cock rubbing over his big, brown spice hole was almost enough for me to spunk off right there and then. I had never been so horned up for a fuck in all of my life but still I teased him, working just the tip in to him, over and over. At last, he could endure no more of this torture and started begging me for cock. His guests egged me on. I could hold out no more. I let him have it in one fell swoop. All nine inches punched in to him and I was sunk to the nuts.

Aah, the heat of his arse! It was like warm silk, like heated satin. His arse ring held my cock in a vice grip and milked its whole length. My foreskin rode backwards and forwards over my sensitive cock head as I fucked him. My low hanging balls slapped noisily against his. A cooling wind dried the sweat on my chest and face. A hand was cupped around my slender bubble butt, its finger seeking my magic button. I felt the delicious splat of spunk on my back. Suddenly it felt as if I was being grabbed by a million hands. The finger in my bumhole eased itself only to be Escort Avrupa Yakası replaced by a probing tongue and I bellowed my appreciation. It was the first time I had been eaten while buried to the pubic bone in hot ass and it was a sensation like no other. A pale, fully hooded serpent of a cock appeared in front of face and I opened my mouth wide and let it fall inside. The tasty tang of the owner’s excitement coated my tongue as I milked back the fleshy foreskin with my lips and teased my tongue across the sensitive, smooth surface of that delicious cockhead. I guess the owner must have been overexcited because I had just hit my stride when a massive jet of thick spunk shot down the back of my throat.

Another cock appeared at my side. It could not have been more different from the first; it was very dark and veiny with an almost maroon colored flared mushroom cap that was fatter than the shaft. I greedily set about servicing this seven inch fuckpole that jutted out a incredibly thick jungle of dark hair. The pheromones trapped in this matted fur and on the big brown balls that were bashing my chin filled my nostrils and I was in lost in lust. This cock was a slightly longer, thinner version of Stavros’ thick throbber. I couldn’t even see my lover now as the owner of the greedy cock that was in my mouth kneeled over him but I could feel the silken warmth of his assguts and feel the power of his ring as he clamped down on me from time to time. I heard several groans as more of the men blasted off while watching me get it three ways and every now and then I heard Stavros sigh as I did my best to prod him into ecstasy.

The tongue that had been giving me such pleasure withdrew from my sluthole and soon after I felt the heat of a heavy load of nut juice blasting up against my dainty little pucker. All too soon another finger worked its way into me and sent me into overdrive. I tried holding out, but I could not. The last thing I remember is seeing Stavros’ broad brown and my pale, slender cock sliding into his hairy crack, and then I shut down. My body shook violently as my scalding jizz shot out of me and deep into his bowels. I lay panting on his big, broad back until I got my breath back and then he squirmed out from underneath me.

‘Will that do you for now?’ he asked me.

‘Yes, for now.’ I replied.

‘I’ll see you later.’ he said as he winked at me.

And what a session that was.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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