I’ve Wanted You For Years, part 2

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I’ve Wanted You For Years, part 2
I absolutely could not get Sherry off my mind. Our hot make out session after work was exhilarating and had me in a near constant state of sexual arousal. Thank goodness the session included her giving me a fantastic blow job in her car, which relieved the incredible sexual tension, for a while at least. Of course, I reciprocated and brought her to two hard orgasms. Of the many thoughts running through my mind, two stood out. First, she was extremely orgasmic, cumming the first time from me just rubbing her pussy through her pants. Second, although I did not take her too off and see her voluptuous tits, my hands did enough roaming over her shapely body to let me know she had great boobs. And, I couldn’t wait to see her nipples! I could feel them through her blouse and bra, so I knew they were long and got extremely erect.
So, I am at work in this highly sexually charged state. I grew somewhat frustrated looking at my schedule and trying to figure out a time when I could get away from work this week long enough to fuck the hell out of this incredibly sexy woman. With Sherry being married, we basically had to get away during the work day. And my schedule was booked up for the entire week. As I was agonizing over this dilemma, my Secretary, Cheryl, came into the office. A few years ago, I had wound up eating Cheryl’s pussy after she walked in on me and another girl in the office, Rena, having sex. It turned into a very hot threesome that I wrote about in my Fun At Work story. But, that was in the past at a remote construction office and Cheryl had since remarried and was very happy. We had not had any other encounters after that, but remained good friends. Cheryl was also very close friends with Sherry.
Cheryl came in the office and asked, “would you like me to rearrange your schedule? It looks like you are booked too tight this week and will have no time to relax”. I immediately wondered just what Cheryl knew about me and Sherry. I know how girls talk about stuff, but I wasn’t sure. “Sure!” I stammered. ” Try to open up a few hours around lunch one day in case I want to take a long lunch and go out canlı bahis şirketleri into the field”. Cheryl came back in a few minutes later and advised that my Wednesday now looked a lot better! She was smiling like the cat who ate the canary, so I figured she must know about me and Sherry.
Of course, my next call was to that sexy fucker, Sherry. “Oh baby! I am looking so forward to this!” Sherry said in a raspy, sexy voice. ” You better be ready for a workout, babe! ” she said before hanging up. I could hardly contain my anticipation, much less my aching cock. All I could think about the rest of the day was knowing I was going to be banging this beautiful woman tomorrow!!
Wednesday morning was a blur. A couple of quick meetings, my face was flushed with excitement and work was the last thing on my mind. Finally, it was time for lunch and I was really looking forward to what I was going to be eating! Sherry and I both took our cars and met at a restaurant where she got in my car. She looked so fucking hot!! Damn!!! When she put her hand on my leg, my cock stiffened into a full erection. I could not wait to make love to this sexpot! I drove us to a nearby motel and checked us in.
As soon as we entered the room, Sherry grabbed me and pulled me close. Our mouths instantly met and we began a very passionate kiss that lasted for minutes. We tugged at each other’s clothes, not wanting to stop this incredible kiss. We had each other’s shirts off, but had to stop kissing to get out of the rest of our clothes. Sherry slipped her black skirt last her full, shapely hips and I could hardly believe my eyes! She had on very skimpy black bra and panties. Her perfect figure and huge breasts completely took my breath away. Made my cock hard as hell too! Sherry muttered a sexy “On Wow!” when my cock sprang free of my briefs. We locked out mouthes into another deep kiss as I reached around and unhooked her skimpy bra. Those big, round 38 DD’s sprang free and I gasped, “On my God!!” I had never seen breasts so perfect in all my life. We fell into the king size bed and I had my mouth on her tits like a starving man in no time. I was canlı kaçak iddaa right about her nipples. They were magnificent !! After some kissing and sucking her nipples stood out a full two inches! And they were as thick as my thumb. I have never seen nipples to compare to Sherry’s before or since.
Soon, I reached down and worked off her panties. They were absolutely soaked and her pussy was sopping wet. “Sorry, babe, I get really wet when I get excited. And I’m very excited right now” ! Well, that was obvious. I missed my way up her long sexy legs as Sherry weighed on the bed. Finally, I took and long lick up her slit with my tongue. Then, I slid my tongue back down again. Then, up again, this time flicking her swollen clit. She squirmed with desire and began to pump her hips. I moved in closer and worked my tongue around her clitoris. She was hunching my face, pulling me into just the right position, as I continued to tease her. Then, I began to probe her pussy hole with my tongue, and flicking her clit back and forth, up and down. Soon, Sherry put her hands behind her head and grabbed the headboard. She pushed her push hard into my face and groaned, “On fuck, baby, I’m gonna cum!! Right there!!!” She screamed when I sucked her clit between my lips. That did it for her and she bucked her hips wildly against my wanton tongue and exploded, moaning and groaning. What a fucking orgasm she had as she kept pumping her hips as each orgasmic wave passed.over her sexy body. When she regained her senses and her breath, she panted, “Wow, Cheryl was right! You are great at eating pussy!!” I was somewhat embarrassed, but we both laughed about it.
Next, Sherry wanted to go 69 and who was I go argue with that. She sucked my cock sooooo good while I ate her out and alternated that with fingering her good. Every couple of minutes, she would pull my thick cock out of her mouth and scream as she orgasmed over and over. I was about to blow my load a couple of times and Sherry would demand, “don’t cum yet, babe, I want that dick inside me!” I somehow managed not to cum and put her on top of me. Sherry riding my cock was so fuckiing hot! canlı kaçak bahis Her huge tits bounced up and down, swaying back and forth. Those outrageous nipples poking out like hell. I had to fight and fight not to cum. Sherry kept riding me and exploding every couple of minutes into her never ending stream of orgasms. I tried to keep count of her orgasms, but lost count when she got into double figures. I was fucking her good and was ready to blow my load when again she moans, “not yet baby”! Damn, am I ever going to get to cum, I’m wondering.
Sherry wanted me to fuck her from behind next. Turns out, this was her favorite position and said it gave her the strongest orgasms. She laid flat on the bed with her hips on a pillow as I entered her sloppy cunt from the rear. I liked this position as well because she felt tighter like this. As good of a fuck as Sherry was, I have to admit her pussy wasn’t exactly tight. She reached one hand down and diddled her clit while I continued to pound her hard. She came once and then said, “Ok, let’s cum together, babe! Give it to me good!! Go baby go!!! Oh yes, yes, I’m fucking cumming now, Now!” Sherry screamed at the top of her lungs. Finally, I let my cock explode inside of her pulsating hole. I know I have never spurted out so much cum in all my life. My long awaited orgasm completely drained me and I collapsed next to Sherry, my cock still inside her.
We talked for a few minutes, holding each other close. I happened to look at the clock and realized we had been going at it for nearly an hour and a half! We had to shower quickly and get back to work, unfortunately. However, this illicit rendezvous would happen many, many more times. I even worked out a deal with the motel desk clerk for an hourly rate, more like 2-3 hours with Sherry, of course. And she was right, you had to be on your game to fuck her. My cock and pubic area would be sore for days after one of our fuck sessions!
It turned out to be a really great thing that Cheryl knew what was going on. She would schedule time for me to fuck Sherry and cover for me while I was out of the office. I particularly liked it when Sherry would call Cheryl and let her know she was hornier than usual and needed to see me that day! Cheryl would work her scheduling magic and I would get to have mind blowing sex with Sherry. She was a great fuck every time. But when Sherry was particularly horny, look out!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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