Jim and I Pt. 01

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I’ll admit it, I was a little intimidated when I first met Jim. At 6’8″ he seemed to tower over my 6′ body and his athletic build only made him more intimidating. Jim and I work at the same company but had always had “friends of friends” type of relationship. We said hi in the halls and had some conversations – but only if our other friends were around. Jim is five years older than me, married, has a kid, and I just assumed didn’t have a lot of the same interests as me. I thought he was a cool guy but never really felt like the sentiment was shared. Fortunately for me, that was all about to change.

In trying to make some new friends I set up a happy hour with some of my co-workers. Jim was of course invited as I wanted to try to talk to him in a little more relaxed setting. By the day it was actually going to happen, a few people had backed out and it was only Jim, myself, and one other co-worker. While this was a little awkward for me at first, once the beers began to flow Jim started to open up to me and we had a lot of good conversations. A couple of times through the night he reached over the table to give me a pat on the back for telling a good joke. That’s when I realized how nice it was to have his large, strong hands on my body. However, knowing that he was a married man I chalked it up to just being buds and was happy to have made a new friend.

A few days went by and Jim and I had started talking more to each other over the company IM system at work. Usually, it was just trading funny links, telling stories, or pointing out hot girls in the office (I at least pretended to be interested). Also, I started to see Jim at our company’s gym in the morning. Most of times I was leaving just as he was getting in, but we would exchange fist bumps or high fives just to get the morning started. I guess this led Jim to the same conclusion I had come to; why not meet in the gym in the morning and be workout partners.

“Hey man, wanted to run by you the idea of maybe hitting the gym together tomorrow morning.” Jim IM’d to me one afternoon.

“Sure. That could work.” I said. Trying not to be too excited by the thought of seeing this guy change in the locker room. I have a bit of an underwear fetish, so I’ve always wanted to see what he’s got on underneath.

“Sweet. I’ll try to be there between 5:45 and 6:00 and we can just figure the rest out from there”. Jim replied.

I was very excited the next morning as I put on my gym shorts and laced up my shoes. Not only will I probably get to see this guy changing in the locker room but I’ve also made a new friend – something I’m not usually good at. I got to work right around 5:45 and ran into Jim on my way to the elevator. We walked to the gym and discussed what we were going to work out that morning and then making some plans for the rest of the week. I came in my gym clothes but he had to change first before starting. I put my bag in a locker and turned around to engage Jim in some conversation while waiting for him to change. When he took off his green polo shirt I was greeted by a smooth, muscular chest and slightly defined abs. He had some interesting tattoos, but I tried to just maintain eye contact so he didn’t get creeped out by me. Jim undid the fly to his khaki pants and slid them down to reveal black boxer-briefs that rode a little high on his thigh due to his tall stature. He bent over to grab his gym gear and gave me a nice view of the black fabric hugging his muscular butt. He got dressed and we headed out to the gym.

The workout was nothing too exciting. We were both learning each other’s preferences, limits, and goals and just tried to keep it casual to start with. It was soon time to hit the showers so we weren’t late for or desks. Jim and I chatted as we started to undress. I took off my shoes, socks, and shirt and threw them in my locker. I stood up to slide off my shorts and reveal my bright orange sports briefs that I always wear for working out. Turning to Jim I saw that he was just standing in his boxer-briefs pulling his clean clothes out of the locker. He saw my briefs (how could he not?) and raised and eyebrow, but didn’t say anything about it. He quickly removed his underwear, wrapped a towel around himself and I followed suit. We headed to the individual showers and selected our own stalls. We changed into our work clothes (him with a pair of grey boxer-briefs on now and me wearing some dark blue briefs) and headed upstairs. The rest of the day we chatted a bit over IM and agreed to meet again the next morning.

This went on istanbul travesti for a week or so. We would meet every morning at the gym and lift weights together. I was growing stronger every day and so was our friendship. My first impressions about Jim were wrong and I was a lot less intimidated by him than before. I loved getting to see him in his underwear every day (always boxer-briefs in one color or another) as well as more of his nude body as we both became more comfortable around each other. One Friday morning after our workout together, Jim IM’d me with a request I was more than happy to help with.

“So, I’m thinking of maybe doing cardio next week. Probably the treadmill or something. Would it be weird if I borrowed a couple pairs of your underwear for running? I noticed you’re always in briefs and figure you know what’s good for support. The wife loves me in boxer-briefs but I’m thinking I’m gonna need the briefs for running.” Jim said.

“Ha ha. Sure man, no problem. I’ll bring in a couple pairs for you Monday morning.” I replied.

I couldn’t wait for Monday. The thought of this tall, muscular man in briefs – not to mention my briefs – was almost too much to handle. I made sure to grab a few pairs I thought would look good on him. I got a couple colors of my normal sport briefs and then threw in some extra styles that I had to give him a variety. Monday morning, we met in the gym at our normal time. Jim stripped down to his boxer-briefs and jokingly asked if I had something for him. I pulled the stack of briefs out of my bag and handed them to him explaining the variety… or something as to not sound too weird. He smiled, thanked me, and picked out a pair of black sports briefs. Jim pulled down his boxer-briefs giving me a glimpse at his full package – moderately hairy, large low-hanging balls, and a meaty circumcised cock. He pulled the briefs on and adjusted his package in the now bulging pouch perfectly outlining what I had just seen. “Fits perfectly.” he remarked before putting on the rest of his clothes. We grabbed treadmills next to each other, did our cardio and came back to the locker room about 45 minutes later to change. Jim looked absolutely god-like in my briefs and thanked me again for letting him borrow them. He said he would just hold on to them until the end of the week when his wife does laundry and he can give me all the pairs back.

The week went on and each day I got to see Jim in a pair of my briefs. Friday afternoon rolled around and I was trying to get some programming done before leaving for the weekend. I didn’t have any real plans, but I just wanted to start a nice relaxing weekend. The message box popped up on my computer with an IM from my new buddy Jim.

“Hey bud. You got any plans this weekend. Looks like the wife and kid are going to her mom’s for some.. baby shower or some shit… I don’t’ know. Anyway, thought it might be cool for us to kick back and have some beers if you’re down for it.” Jim said.

“Sounds good to me; I’ve got nothing going on. I could pick up some beer on the way home and you can head over to my place after work.” I replied seeing that my weekend had just become more interesting.

“Sound like a plan. I’ll grab some beer too… I don’t want us to run out! LOL.” Jim replied.

“Awesome dude, looking forward to it. You can crash at my place if you don’t want to drive home after drinking all night.” I said trying to set the stage for something…

“I appreciate it and will definitely take you up on it. I’m gonna sneak out early to grab some stuff from my place before I head over. See you later tonight.” Jim said before ducking out of work an hour early.

I knocked out my remaining work as quickly as I could, excited for my plans for the evening. I stopped at the grocery store on my way home a grabbed a few six-packs of beers: a nice variety since I wasn’t sure what Jim liked best. Once home, I put the beers in the fridge and hopped in the shower. My six inch cock was growing as I massaged it under the warm water to the naked image of Jim in my head. I fantasized for a while before snapping out of it and realizing he would soon be to my house. I dried off, selected my favorite pair of red briefs, and finished getting dressed. I was just finishing straightening up my house when Jim knocked on the door.

He looked better than usual – clearly freshly showered and in a nice pair of jeans and fitted t-shirt showing off the work he’s been doing in the gym. I helped Jim put away the beer and swore that I could make out istanbul travestileri some brieflines through his jeans as he bent over into the fridge. Jim complimented me on my beer choices and grabbed a couple from the fridge for us to get started. “Cheers to new friends” he said while clinking his bottle against mine. We both smiled, chugged our first beers, and it was on to the next. We continued to drink as I showed him around my place and eventually settled on the couch to watch some tv. We hung out, drank beers, watched tv, and ordered a pizza; it was great getting to know my new friend even better.

A couple hours and about eight or nine beers later we were both getting a little drunk. Even though I had the A/C on, the heat in the house combined with the food and beer was getting to me – and clearly getting to Jim too. His armpits were clearly a little damp through his tight t-shirt and he had a small spot of sweat on his chest between his muscular pecs. I was wiping sweat off my brow and just couldn’t stand it anymore.

“I don’t know what’s up with my A/C… it’s fucking hot in here! Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve got to take off my pants. Hell, if you weren’t here, I wouldn’t have been wearing pants for the past two hours.” I said with a slight slur in my speech.

“Sure dude, it’s your house; be the king of your castle or whatever. Plus, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before” Jim replied.

I smiled, stood up, and started un-buttoning my jeans. I let my pants slide down my legs while I walked to the kitchen to grab us a couple more beers. I threw my pants into the bedroom leaving on only my t-shirt and red briefs which were not doing much to conceal my slight arousal at the situation. I plopped back down on the sofa and continued to enjoy the beer and TV. Subconsciously I stared to rub my package through the synthetic material – no real reason, just what guys do when they’re bored. I realized that Jim was starting to fidget; wiping sweat from his forehead, pulling at his shirt to cool himself off, etc.

“Jim, what are you doing? If you’re hot feel free to get more comfortable. I don’t know what’s up with my A/C, but like you said, its nothing I haven’t seen before. Plus, I feel a little lonely being the only guy in his underwear.” I remarked with a sort of feigned sarcastic exacerbation.

“Yeah man… well… umm… yeah, just don’t laugh.” Jim sort of nervously replied. He stood up from the couch and took off his shirt, throwing it at his feet. I’ve never seen him to be nervous about anything; he’s a rock. My tall, dark, strong… damn look at that chest… rock.

“Laugh? At you? For what? Plus, even if I did, you’d just beat me up Mr. Muscles.” I said while playfully hitting him on his bicep.

“Well, after getting started with the cardio this week and wearing your briefs I was reminded of playing basketball back in college. I remembered that I still had some of my old stuff up in the attic and went up to relive the glory days. While I was going through my stuff… well… I found this.” Jim dropped his jeans to reveal a tight black jockstrap. Nothing fancy or designer like is sold today; just the basic jock used for real workouts. “I had kinda forgot about this, but having my nuts hugged by those briefs of yours really brought back some memories. I just had to throw it on.”

“That’s pretty cool man, I didn’t know you played basketball in college.” I said while trying my best to hide the massive boner now in my briefs. The outline of Jim’s cock was pronounced in the black mesh material now supporting his hairy balls. The wide waistband of the jock fit perfectly on Jim’s hips, just a little below his waist and connected to the two back elastic straps pushing and framing Jim’s glutes. I was in awe, almost speechless but I managed to get out “Plus, it looks pretty good on you…. um…. if you don’t mind me saying.”

“Thanks man, I’ll never turn down a compliment. While I’m up I’ll grab the next round of beers. Don’t look at my ass while I walk away!” Jim said with a smile. Of course, I took that as an open invitation to marvel at his masculinity as he walked from the living room to the kitchen. He bent into the fridge and grabbed two bottles and turned to me while he opened him. I was in heaven and I could tell Jim was having fun too… the growing bulge in the pouch of his jock told me so.

Jim came back from the kitchen, beers in hand, and joined me on the sofa sitting considerably closer this time. We clinked bottles and started taking sips of the cold refreshment. travesti istanbul Jim started telling me stories from the basketball team in college – epic wins, crushing defeats, banging chicks at every school they traveled too. I was enamored with him – the stories were fun but him telling him was even better. The movement of his arms, seeing the muscles in his chest flex, and the adjustments of his package every now and then; especially when he told me about one of his sexual conquests. All the while I felt us moving slightly closer to each other. By the fifth or sixth story Jim was leaning towards me, left arm behind my head on the sofa and our bare thighs touching. I felt perfect in his muscular presence and his warm breath and slight many smell were intoxicating… or maybe that was just the beer. Either way, I stared into his blue eyes getting lost in the fact that neither of us had said anything in about a minute.

“Damn, good times!” Jim finally said. “Looks like you could use another beer.” Jim jumped up and headed to the kitchen doing nothing to hide the mostly erect cock begging to be released from his jockstrap. I looked down at myself and realized I was fully erect and had a small spot of pre-cum on the red fabric of my briefs. I didn’t care anymore and didn’t try to hide it see as how Jim didn’t seem to care either. He came back from the kitchen, beer in hand, and stood next to me with the strained black mesh fabric taking my gaze.

“Fuck dude, look what you did to me. Got me talking about all the pussy back in college has gotten me horny as fuck.” Jim slurred while rubbing his jock-clad dick, almost shaking it in my face. “You got porn channels on your tv? Let’s jack off. Not like gay or anything…. you never jacked off with a buddy watching porn before?!” Jim said a little defensively but there wasn’t any need for that.

“Yeah man, I have but it’s been awhile. You’re a good story teller and I’m ready for some relief too” I said rubbing my cock in my briefs. “I’ll pull up a porn movie. I’d be honored to have you as a bate bro.” I said with a wink and a smile.

Jim smiled and sat down next to me on the sofa – back in position before he left. Jim played with his cock through his jockstrap as I found a good porn to order on demand. ‘Co-Ed Sluts 3’ sounded appropriate for the situation and I pressed ‘Buy.’ As the movie loaded up, I took off my shirt and settled down back on the couch with Jim – my right leg was completely touching his left leg and he had his left arm above me on the couch. Good for me, I jerk off left-handed and it looks like he’s a righty. It didn’t take long for the co-ed sluts to get naked so Jim and I followed suit. He unleashed his 7″ monster from the jockstrap and threw the supporter onto the floor with a sort of drunken layup.

“Still got it, dude” He said with a wink and a smile and went back to jerking.

I slipped off my briefs and continued my work too. I wasn’t too interested in the co-eds on screen but I had a good show watching Jim’s balls bounce up and down with every stroke from his meaty hand. We stroked for a few minutes, pointing out the better-looking girls, betting on if they’d do anal or not, and subtlety checking out each other’s junk… yeah, I caught him staring. I was getting close and I could tell he was too. I picked up my briefs planning to shoot my load into the front of them and rubbed the pouch on my fully engorged 6″ cock. Jim looked over at me, smiled and gave a thumbs up, and grabbed his jock to do the same. We both watched each other – no hiding it now – as we jerked in simultaneously rhythm. A few seconds later Jim let out a grunt and filled his jock with sticky jizz the sight of which prompted me to do the same.

“Yeah man, that was fucking awesome.” Jim said. “Totally hit the spot.” Jim cupped the fabric of his jock around his dick to remove the leftover cum and rolled the soppy garment into a ball which he through with the rest of his dirty clothes. He stood up with his semi-erect member flopping between his legs and headed to the bathroom. I cleaned off my cock with the remaining clean fabric of my briefs and stopped the movie. I walked to my own bathroom to piss and clean up, still trying to fully comprehend what just happened. When I was done, I slipped on a new pair of green briefs and found Jim slipping on some blue boxer-briefs he took from his backpack.

“Did you have fun? I did” Jim called out as I walked down the hallway.

“Definitely bro. Tonight was a lot of fun, thanks again for coming over” I replied. “I’m pretty worn out so I’m going to hit the hay. You know where the guest room is – extra blankets and pillows in the closet. Wake me up tomorrow morning when you’re up. Good night, buddy.”

“G’night bud, see you in the morning” Jim said with a sweet smile.

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