Kevin And Dean Go Camping

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Kevin And Dean Go Camping
Kevin and Dean, were best friends, grew up together
and have been very close all there lives. When Kevin’s parents
agreed to let him go up to the mountains to stay with Dean at
Deans parents cabin, the boys were ready for a rocking Weekend.
After all, they were very eager to go and Dean just got his drivers
license three months ago. This was the first time that they
would have a weekend of fun and relaxation away from there par-

They planed this weekend perfectly. The made sure that they
brought their fishing gear because the lake was full of bass.
They also made sure that they brought plenty of food and beer
because if they didn’t have luck fishing, the closest store was
twenty miles away.

The boys left Friday afternoon, right after school. Dean loaded
up his car and drove around the corner to Kevin’s house. Kevin
was waiting outside, all ready to go. Dean loaded up Kevin’s
stuff and off they went. There was a lot of traffic until they
got up state a little. After that it was smooth sailing. When
They got up to Deans parents cabin it was just getting dark, so
they unpacked the car and moved in.

It was a small cabin with only one bedroom, a kitchen, and a
bathroom. It also had a really nice fireplace. Behind the cabin
was this really big lake. This was the first time that Kevin was
up to see the cabin. Just as he imagined it, nice and quiet and
a perfect place to relax and have a nice weekend.

After they were unpacked, they grabbed a six pack of beer from
the cooler and went outside and down to the lake. There was a
full moon that lit up the sky. Dean was throwing stones into the
water while they both walked around the lake. Kevin just
couldn’t get over how quiet this place was. Dean took it for
granted because he had always been coming here since he was very

They talked about school and how glad they were that it would be
over in three weeks. They also talked about their girlfriends
that they left behind. “Too bad they couldn’t come along with
us. This place is quiet with the full moon and all,”
said Kevin.

“Yeah” said Dean, “I agree, but we’ll have to do with out them.
Besides, this weekend is for us guys. They wouldn’t be able to
ruff it without their hair blowers and shit like that.” They
both laughed and opened another beer. Dean k**ded around and
said, “If you really get horny, I’ll give you a nice blowjob.”

Kevin laughed and said, “I might take you up on that”.
Kevin knew that Dean was k**ding, but the thought of
giving Kevin head kinda turned him on.
Dean always had those thoughts about what it would be like to fool
around with Kevin, but he never really thought that anything
would come of it.

It was getting late and they were going to have a full day of
fishing and swimming the next day. They both headed back to the
cabin and Dean lit a fire in the fireplace. Even though it was
June, it got pretty cold up in the mountains at night. Both of
the boys decided to lay out sleeping bags in front of the fire-
place tonight instead of sleeping in the double bed.
Kevin took off his shirt and pants and climbed into his sleeping bag as he
watched Dean take off his clothes. Kevin was so turned on about
what Dean had said about the blowjob, that his dick started to
get hard. Luckily he was covered by the sleeping bag and his
friend didn’t see. As Dean took off his shirt,pulled off his jeans and
revealed a nice bulge in his underpants.
Dean was really surprised because he had seen Deans body plenty of times when
they changed in gym class, but this time it was different, this
time Kevin was getting turned on. Kevin figured that it would be
better not to say anything to Dean because he didn’t want him to
think he was weird. Dean got under his sleeping bag and they
both stared into the fire until they fell asleep.

The next morning Kevin woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs.
He opened his eyes and saw Dean cooking breakfast for the both of

“Come on you bum, get up, it’s seven o’clock and we have a full
day ahead of us,” said Dean.

Kevin rubbed his eyes and güvenilir bahis got out of his sleeping bag and walked
over to the table and sat down. He had a half morning hardon
which was very noticeable. Dean made a comment. “Were you
dreaming about your girlfriend or about me? Ha Ha!!”

Kevin just smiled and said “You’ll never know.” They both
laughed and Dean served breakfast. Kevin wasn’t sure what to
think now, but he figured that if Dean was really interested,
he’d find out before the weekend was over. They finished break-
fast and Kevin went in to take a shower. Dean had already show-
ered before Kevin woke up. When Kevin got out of the shower, he
got dressed and they both went down to the lake to go fishing.

It was a private lake on a big piece of property. There was no
one around for miles. Despite the amount of fish there were in
the lake, they only caught three fish each. It was around one
o’clock in the afternoon when the decided to stop and cook lunch.
They cooked the fish outside on a grill. After lunch Dean sug-
gested that they go swimming. While they were both changing into
their bathing suits, Kevin kept sneaking peeks at Deans dick.
It was soft and about four inches long as it hung down his leg.
It had a nice big head on it and his balls had no hair on them.
Only a small patch around his dick. Kevin controlled his own
dick from getting hard as he watched. “God”! He thought as they
were just ready to go outside. “I want to suck his cock now more then ever!”

Dean led Kevin to this one area of the lake on the far side that
had a big smooth boulder that they used as a diving board. Dean
threw his towel down and dove into the lake. “Come on in! The
water’s fine.”

Kevin dove in and they played around in the water. Dean swam
under Kevin and tried to pull him under the water. They were
both grabbing and dunking each other and having lot’s of fun.
Kevin was enjoying all the body contact and was starting to get a
little hard again. Dean climbed out of the lake and stood on the
diving board. Kevin noticed that Dean was getting hard too!
Dean dove in and they started their horseplay again. After a
while, they both got out of the lake and laid out on top of the
big bolder to get some sun.

Dean started talking more about not having his girlfriend there
and how he was feeling horny. As Kevin looked over he noticed
that Deans cock was fully erect now. He never saw it hard, and
boy, was it ever! It must of been 7 1/2 inches long now. Dean
suggested that they jerk off outside to relieve the pressure of
not having sex. Kevin agreed. Kevin wanted to see Deans dick
cum. They both stripped off their bathing suits and Kevin got
just as hard as his buddy but, was bigger than Deans.
Kevin was almost 10 inches.
Deans jaw dropped open at his first look at his best friends fully erect cock for the first time and said Jeeze Kevin, thats a huge cock ya got, and thick too” They both started stroking there dicks as
Dean said, “You know, we’re good friends and anything we do to-
gether is just between us. You don’t have to be embarrassed to
jerk off in front of me”.

“I know, I’m not,” said Kevin, as he did full even strokes along his thick shaft,
all the while, staring hypnotized at Deans hard cock and jerking off of his own meat.

Dean stared at Kevin’s huge tool and licked his lips involuntarily and wondered what it would be like to have it in his mouth, and set a plan in motion as he beat his own cock.

“Good to see”, Dean said, “I’m glad to have a good friend like you.”
After a few minutes, Dean said, “It would be different if we
jerked each other off. That way it would be like having sex with

Kevin couldn’t believe his ears. Yes, he thought to himself, im going to suck his cock.
He was so exited that he stuttered and said, “Ssssure. Okay.” They both reached out for each others sex tools and started to jerk each other off.
Kevin finally got a feel of his buddy’s dick. It was
just as he dreamed and having Deans hand wrapped around his now throbbing cock was wonderfull.
He couldn’t believe this perabet was really happen-
ing. Then Dean went further. “Kev, I want to do something else
with you. I want to suck on your dick. You don’t have to let me
if you don’t want. I just figured it would be like you getting a
blowjob from your girlfriend.”

Kevin said yes immeadiately , almost to quickly but then Kevin also said,
“If you want, I’ll suck you too.” Dean smiled and agreed as fast as Kevin just did.
Dean and Kevin moved to the side of the rock where if anyone was anywhere, they wouldnt see them unless they wer in a airplane, Dean then got Kevin to lay back into the side wall of the rock and got between Kevins legs and began to lick Kevins thick throbbing cock. Dean started with a long flat tounge lick from Kevins balls all the way to the tip of his big pulsing head and popped it into his mouth.
Kevin threw his head back and groaned out loud “ thats nice, do it again” and Dean was happy to oblige. Dean did it a few more times and took Kevins head into his mouth again and started to suck on the tip and roll his tounge around it.
Kevin was moaning loudly, “fuck,mmmmm ya, just like that, mmmmmm, that feels sooooo good ,Oohhhhhh yaaaaa, Ooooooh , mmmmmm”
Then Dean did something Kevin did not expect, Phil took Kevins now spit coved cock head out of his mouth and said to Kevin, “if you like that, how about this?”

Dean put Kevins pulsating cock back into his soft warm,wet mouth and slowly took ALL of Kevins 10 inches.
Kevin went wild!
Kevins girlfriends have not even been able to do that, he threw his head back in ecstasy and placed his hands on the top of Deans head and moaned even more, “ Fuck…fuck..fuck …dont stop,OMG thats incredible,
Ooooohhh Ahhh,MMmmmmmmm yaaaa, fucking feels great”
Dean was getting excited by his best friends reaction to his deepthroat skill went to town on his glorious meat stick.
Going all the way up and down, then dragging his tounge over his cockhead and mixing the leaking precum with his spit and taking him all the way balls deep again.
Sucking and withdrawing from his pubes back to the tip of his head and this time sliding easily all the way down with a bit more speed.

Kevin was lost in the feeling that surrounded his cock, now helping Dean by pushing his head down gently and helping Dean get all of him inside his throat.
He can actually feel it enter the throat and it was fantastic.
Dean was grunting and slightly gagging taking this monster into his throat, and when Kevin started to fuck his mouth, it actually made it easier on Dean.
The sounds of Kevins cock sliding in and out of Deans mouth, and occasional gagging that is expected from a cock of this size was more tha Kevin could take.
Kevin didnt know how much time has gone by but by the amount of spit and precum dripping down Deans chin, it was close to finishing time.

Kevin was getting real close and told Dean he was gonna cum soon.
Dean took Kevins cock out of his mouth and caught his breath as a large string of spit and precum stayed attached to his bottom lip and made a spiderweb back to Kevins visibly throbbing cock and told Kevin, “ its ok, you can cum in my mouth, licked up the web of spit and precum mix, wrapped his fist around Kevins thick meat and started to pump his cock and suck him at the same time.
“OOOOooooohhhh fuck yesssssssss, im gonna cummmmmmmmmm” Kevin said in deep ragged breaths”.

Dean wasnt expecting the amount of cum that Kevin produced.
The first 3 ropes of cum went straight down his throat and made him cough a bit as the 4,5,6 ones got caught at the back of his throat and forced Dean to stop moving to catch his breath, Kevins cock was pulsating like a jackhammer in Deans mouth
The 7,8,9 and 10th cumshots filled his mouth completely and was dripping out of the corners of Deans mouth.

Dean looked up at Kevin to see his face scrunched up in orgasmic pleasure, and in full twitching and toe curling mode, made Dean start to swallow the cum that was just deposited in his full mouth

Kevin still had 2 or 3 more cum spurts that perabet giriş Dean took easily and restarted his deepthroating again and kept going till he was softening to finish off his best friend.

licking up the cum off his friends thigh, that escaped his first deepthroating adventure would not be left there.

After Dean made sure Kevin was entirely spent,he told Kevin, lets get back to the cabin and continue in there.

They got back to the cabin and closed the door behind them,
Kevin pinned Dean to the door and kissed him full on the mouth. Kevin backed off for a moment and Dean said, “ well, you liked that bj that much did ya?”

“ I dont want to kiss that much, Dean said, id rather suck again, but since you kissed me first, i guess i have to reciprocate” and Dean kissed Kevin back,tongues explored each others mouths and they started feeling each
other all over and to Deans surprise, Kevin was at half mast again from the kissing.

Dean grabbed Kevin by his tool and led him to the bed.

Their mouths met again as their
smooth bodies rubbed against each other. Dean was rubbing his
dick on Kevins stomach and Kevins thick meat was rubbing on Deans
hairless balls.

Kevin then said, “I want to fuck you, can I? Please let me.”

Dean didn’t say a word. rolled over on his back with is legs up in the air.
Kevin used his finger and scooped up Deans precum dripping tool and greased up his cock.
Then he put some on Deans backdoor.
They were both very exited now. Dean wanted his buddy to fuck him and Kevin couldn’t wait!
Kevin put Deans legs over his shoulders and pressed his now 3/4 full hard
head up to Deans ass With one thrust, he got
his whole tool inside.
Dean let out a scream that could be heard
for miles. “What the fuck are you doing!? Be gentle! It’s not
a cunt ya know! Your’s is the first dick in my ass. It hurts!”

Kevin apologized and started to pump nice and slowly.

“Ahh that feels better,” Dean said. “Keep doing it that way, I like that.”

Dean was moaning in less than a minute and it turned Kevin on even more.

“Ooohhh, Oohhhh Mmmmmm ya, nice and easy, yaaaaa,mmmmm just like that Kevin, Ooohhhh yesssss,mmmmmmm that feels more like it,ooooooohhh yessss”

Dean could tell that Kevin liked the moaning as Dean could actually feel Kevins cock get fully erect inside him as he was getting fucked by his best friend for the first time.

“Lets do it doggy style now “, Kevin asked.

Dean spun around and put his ass up and face into the pillow

Kevin slid his fully erect 10” hard tool slowly into Dean slowly with a moan of acceptance.

Kevin took a few slow pumps of full length until he felt Dean push back to meet his slow thrusts then picked up speed.

Dean started to push back , and his face up from the pillow and was getting it good now.

The sounds of cock entering ass with force was all you could hear from the cabin.

Both Of them grunting and moaning and getting into the new fun discovered by the best friends.

The slapping sounds of hips meeting ass were loud.

Kevin couldn’t keep it up much longer. Deans ass was much
tighter then his girlfriend’s cunt and it felt much better.
After a few more strokes Kevin yelled out,
“I’m gonna cum…Ohhhh fuck…fuck…Yesssss, im almost thereeeee”

Dean turned to look at Kevin and said, “cum in me.”
That was all Kevin needed to hear.
6 more balls deep strokes and he shot his load!

He must have shot at least 14 times.
Kevins cum was leaking out of Deans ass and onto the sheets and Kevin was breathing heavily
and excited as his seed filled his friends ass.

Kevin collapsed on top of Dean and rolled to the side,both caught their breath and then Dean said, “Kevin, Its my turn to cum in your mouth.” Kevin moved his head down to Deans precum covered cock and started licking Deans balls, then he put one of them in his mouth, then the other.
Dean was moaning and going crazy.

Kevin sucked down all the way on Deans slick , precum and spit covered meatstick and It didn’t take long.

Dean was cumming and it was filling Kevins mouth. Kevin swallowed as
much of Deans tasty spunk as he could but, some of it flowed out
of his mouth like his did and dripped down his lips.
Dean then pulled Kevin up and licked at the corner of Kevins mouth, tasting his own spent cum.

We got to do this more ofter Kevin said….

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