Lust Unrequited

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– Waiting for the Lights to go Green –

Eyes still opening, the thought slides in and lights up my mind – tonight I shall see you once more! With a smile spreading down through to my happy, warm toes, I stretch – a pupae breaking free from its enshrouding cocoon of sleep. Under the quilt, a morning erection lies incredibly hard and heavy up along my belly, seeming longer than normal – is that possible?

Certainly no piss hard-on this, he is grown and fed on that first thought of you, eager as I, to meet again – hopefully flesh to flesh this time.

Reaching under the quilt, I coax him with slow hand motions – make him happy now, give him the attention he seeks – a fine bit of relief – and come the night he will be quiescent enough, and not interfere by shouting his thoughts into my mind. A level head will be needed.

Quickly he is done, his proof a surprisingly hot trail from belly to chest – the speed, reach and heat, all clear indicators of our combined need.

His desire is easy to understand, and I am glad for him that the purely physical aspect of our combined lust, is found so worthy, causing an almost reverential awe – a state of worship. I have never seen him so immediately responsive!

Yet I know him long enough to realise his needs are attendant upon mine. A long-standing desire for comfort-closeness, and sharing with a warm soul of worldly experience – a sharing that will go beyond the experiences of the moment – will need to expand into the breadth of all that the future holds, represents. A meeting of minds and souls, as naked as the bodies entwined.

My own mind whispers its approval of these qualities which I have already seen in you bursa escort – the strong belly-led lust has seen this, and been in ever more demanding agreement since that first day. We are a team my libido and I. Without my interest, he does not raise his head – well, not too high.

Now it just remains to be seen if you are happy with my balance within – the need to share nakedly, whilst nakedly sharing what our bodies want to communicate, in all their special ways.


With the second coffee of my morning ritual beside me, and a forced mouthful of breakfast inside – I contemplate suddenly how grindingly awful it would be if my balance of need, were not yours!

After a moment I dismiss the thought – so many factors and facets already revealed, have shown plainly green – yet I still need to see that next and all important light flare its positive colour first – the one which will allow the closeness of intimacy between us – after which, we could discover during our voyage together, if all those other lights will match that hope, across the board.

I am hard again, an incongruous steeple of cloth-draped eagerness, risen from the focus of my half-lotus posture, the centrepiece amidst my breakfast clutter on the sofa. As I am alone, and the outside world will hardly notice, I unfetter him into the freedom of open air, eyeing him speculatively as he eyes me unblinkingly back, in that classic pose of expectant waiting.

With that same smile of acceptance from barely an hour earlier, I give him the companionship he needs – fuelling the slow stroking rhythm with a fantasy extrapolation of our imminent parting, at the coming night’s close – The pressure of both bursa escort bayan our needs makes the parting harder, our words becoming more inconsequential – their sounds reduced to a ritual hum drawing us both closer and closer together, in a deliciously slow eternity-moment of anticipation – the boundary now clearly passed. We orbit within the shield-zone of decent contact, under the inherent gravity of two bodies attracting, moving closer and closer inwards, until touching softly, lips to lips.

In the curious way of fantasies, we are whisked from the street outside the bar, to stand naked in a dark and anonymously imagined room, yours – our bodies warm and touching as lightly as that first-contact kiss…

I feel the tingle of rising pressure under my stroking hand, its pace picking up as I see you naked in my mind’s eye.


Late afternoon is gone, and having worked well with words, I take the time to shower for the coming evening – then sit, Buddha like before the fire. In that flame induced reverie, I contemplate the shrinking back of the hours til we meet, seeing my foreskin shrinking back in equal reaction, as my greedy glans comes out of its satiated hibernation, raising its head to see what is going on. I laugh.

Wondering how you are spending your day, specifically what you are doing right now, I explore the thought that you are thinking of me, and focusing on what I might be doing. I envision you relaxed, with feet up on the couch – thinking of me now, naked by the fire you have never seen – lain out on a rug that I don’t have, knees drawn up and one hand sliding hypnotically up and down to the inner beat. Your hand opens then migrates inside escort bursa your jeans, beginning its own hypnotically undulating motion under supple fabric. I find myself with this image before me, wishing fervently that I could be there with you now, looking on as you share this innermost, private moment of pleasure with yourself.

The charged image of you now naked on that same sofa, equally imagined upon my part, with light from a warm sun gushing over your beautiful, pale body – legs now carelessly wide, the soul of your need as bared as your desire-swollen lips – seen fleetingly under those massaging fingers – is too much for me, and for the third time, a hot squirt adorns my body.

Recuperating after the need’s grip, I rewind my mind to the time when your hand first goes in search of that button – on its quest to still that silent call from between your lean thighs. I think now what your own fantasy might have been – imagining perhaps that first fingertip-contact to the swelling bud, as the touch of my tongue in the beginnings of its initial explorations, the first questing in what promises to be a thorough, and afternoon-long investigation…

I look down at myself with incredulity – I am hard once more, and the sperm barely cooled on my skin too.


I awake to the darkness, but not to the alarm, set earlier to rouse me ready for the night ahead. Surfacing groggily, I force concentration into my mind, and use it to focus on the clock – 23:01 – Oh, hell!

With stomach in free-fall, I slowly get up, mind a blank behind the curses, as I simply stand there in Neanderthal pose – at least he had the decency to keep his head hidden, it was all his fault after all.

Then I saw that my ‘phone had picked up a missed call – even if I hadn’t – the number is not known, and with heart racing, I start the selection, hoping that it’s your number, and not some random drunk’s inept dialing.

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