One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 15

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One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 15
Karen ended her call with her sister with plans for her and her family to visit her sister, Angie, for three of four days before Christmas for a holiday celebration and get together. She announced it to Kris and Kim on the phone and to Keith in person. All gave the same response: “Aw, shit, mom, do we have to go?” Karen thought back to when they were roughly 10 years old and had similar, but G-rated, responses to announcements that the family was going to their grandparents for the weekend.

“Yes, we are all going and yes, you all have to go. It will be fun. You haven’t seen them since the…funeral. Everyone has changed a lot since then. Your Aunt Angie’s daughters are all grown up and beautiful now and your aunt has always been a lot of fun. And we will still be home in time for our own celebration. Buck up and get ready. She said she even had a couple of parties planned.” Karen laughed as she thought about the k**s’ reaction and memories of some of the wild shit she and her sister did as k**s.

Angie was two years older than Karen and was always the one who instigated most of their pranks and other acts of defiance against parent’s instructions. Karen gave her credit though, when they got caught or things turned out badly, Angie stepped up and took the blame and protected Karen. One time, they hid in their parents’ closet. their parents thought they were in bed asleep and went to their own room for the night. Luckily for them, their parents didn’t bother putting their clothes in the closet. They took them off, dropped them on the floor by the bed and jumped in to fuck for awhile before going to sleep. Their parents were a little more open minded than most apparently for the time, because after they kissed and touched each other, they got in the 69 position. The closet was at a 90 degree angle to the bed, so the girls could look through the louvers in the closet door and watch the whole thing. The girls were maybe 14 or 15 at the time and knew the facts of life, but had never seen sexual acts in videos or in person for that matter. They watched in total silence, perfectly still as their mother sucked their father’s cock, taking it deep in her mouth. They watched him groan and writhe a bit and watched as he licked their mother’s pussy and her ass rising up and down over his face as she humped his mouth. It scared them a little when their mother came because she appeared to be in pain. They learned shortly after that it was not pain at all, but the ultimate physical pleasure. Then they watched as their parents changed positions. Their mom got on her hands and knees and their dad, who had a pretty large cock, took her from behind. They watched as he slid his cock in and out of her pussy for quite some time. Both moaned and groaned and their mom shocked the girls by telling their dad to fuck her harder and harder. Their mom never talked like that around them. Their mom came again and then their dad said he was about to cum, then grunted and groaned and stopped, finally pulling out with his cock dripping with a white cream they had never seen before.

They had to wait for more than an hour without moving or uttering even a breath before they were sure their parents were asleep so that they could slip out of the closet and go back to their room. Angie and Karen spent the rest of the night trying to simulate the oral sex their parents had unwittingly demonstrated. They finally figured it out and gave each other several orgasms with their tongues and fingers. By morning they were exhausted and their mother could not understand why. Karen and Angie had a special relationship with each other from then on. It wasn’t until well after both were married and moved away from each other that their sexual relationship stopped. They had talked many times about rekindling that part of their relationship, but husbands were always around and they could never make it happen.

Now, Karen was alone, so half the battle was solved, so to speak. Angie even hinted at it on the phone. She had mentioned that Don, her husband would be out of town during the time of their visit, so they might have a chance to catch up on old times. Karen felt herself begin to feel wet in the crotch just thinking about it.

The four of them arrived the day after finals ended and the semester came to a close. Angie’s two daughters, Lily and Autumn would not be home until the next day from their university, so Angie had a chance to get reacquainted with Karen’s k**s and admire how they had all grown up. She seemed physically taken with all three of Karen’s k**s, eyeing their appearances with what looked like lust in her eyes.

“Well, well,” Angie finally said, “Karen, you have certainly raised some beautiful young adults. I hope you all feel the same way when you see my girls. Now, let me show you where you will be sleeping so you can put your things away. We are a little short on bedrooms for everyone given the configuration, but I think everyone will be comfortable. You boys will be in this one,” she said, pointing to her left as they walked down the hallway. “Kim, you can room with my girls in here. They have a king bed that should work well enough for three since you are all reasonably petite. And Karen, since Don is gone, you can sleep with me in our room. I changed the sheets.” Angie concluded with a wink and a smile.

“Just like old times, huh, sis?” Karen winked back.

“Absolutely. Wouldn’t have it any other way.” Angie turned to the rest of the gang. “I hope your mother told you about the pool Don installed a couple of years ago. It isn’t huge, but you should be able to enjoy it. The Arizona climate makes it a year around treat. Hopefully you packed your swim suits and you can go have fun anytime you are ready.”

Just like k**s, they all hustled around and got in their suits and headed for the pool. That gave Karen and Angie a chance to catch up with one another. Angie looked nothing like her sister. No one would know they were sisters by looking at them. Angie had red hair, was taller by two inches than Karen, bigger tits and ass and looked more like a model than Karen ever dreamed of. She always wore a perfect makeup job before anyone other than her husband could see her. And she was not afraid of flaunting her figure. She wore her clothes tight to highlight her hourglass figure. Today, she was wearing a pair of tight leggings and a clingy top that hugged every curve. The colors were muted, but her figure certainly was internet casino not.

“I just want to give you fair warning, Karen. The girls were not excited about having company the minute they got home. Hopefully, they will be on their best behavior. But if not, please ignore it. I think once they get acquainted again with their cousins, they will warm up and we will all have a good time.” Angie looked a little uncomfortable as she spoke.

“Don’t worry about it, Angie,” Karen started, “my gang gave me the ‘aw shit, do we have to?’ routine. Now they are fine. And if your girls are as pretty as you are, the boys will be all smiles and sniffing around like bloodhounds.”

They both got a good laugh at that, then Angie continued. “Karen, what about us? You interested in having a little fun after hours like we used to? I have waited for this for a long time. That was so important to me all those years ago. I still dream of it.”

“Absolutely,” Karen responded simply and kissed her sister with the long ago passion of their past. Karen reached up and squeezed her sister’s large tit as she stuck her tongue in her sister’s mouth. Angie responded in kind and cupped her sister’s tits in both hands. Karen moved her free hand to Angie’s crotch and rubbed her pussy lips through her leggings. Angie moaned. They were both breathing hard and Karen was getting ready to suggest they head for their bedroom when Angie pulled away suddenly.

“One of your k**s might come looking for us. We better stop.”

“Angie, we have always been able to tell each other everything, right?” Karen looked Angie in the eyes for the honesty and openness they had always shared growing up and into adulthood.

“Of course, Karen. Why?”

“You have to keep this a secret to your dying day. But it is important to me that you know what I am about to tell you.”

“Okay,” Angie was intrigued and leaned into her sister more closely to share the secret. “What is so top secret?”

“Just like a moment ago, when we began to pick up where we left off years ago, having sex with each other, well…I have passed that on to my k**s.”

Angie stepped back a moment, not in shock, but in thought. “You mean they all have oral sex together?”

“No, I mean yes, I mean no. Angie, the four of us fuck each other whenever we get the chance. If it is sexual and we like it, we do it together. Me and the boys, me and Kim, Kim and the boys, whatever. Since Keith is still at home, we share a bed together and he and I fuck at least three times a week, usually more. I just don’t want you to be worried about us being together. I won’t tell them if you want to keep our secret, I will certainly do that. But it is stressful enough hiding it from everyone else. I don’t want to hide it from you.” Karen had stress tears building in her eyes, partly from fear of her sister’s reaction and partly from the relief of telling someone she loved and respected.

“Karen, that is fantastic news! Holy shit, that is a relief!” Angie said with a big grin. “It must be a family thing. Some weird gene or something. Don and I and the girls fuck all the time. In fact, that is why the girls are not so happy about you being here. They wanted a girls night in bed as soon as they got home.” Karen nearly shit herself as she listened to her sister share a similar secret.

“Karen, a few years ago – around the time you lost your husband – I nearly had a nervous breakdown. I kept it from you because you were going through your own shit. Don was ready to pack his bags and leave me because I was acting so strange. Remember how we hid in our parents’ closet and watched them fuck? then we went to our room and proceeded to eat each other all night until we were to tired to go to school the next day? Well, my girls
pulled a similar trick on Don and I, but the difference is, I knew they were in the closet and decided to put on quite a show. I wore Don out that night. I sucked him off, making him cum on my face. I fucked him, making him cum on my leg, and then for the first time in my life, I had him fuck my ass until he came on my ass. All the while I knew the girls were watching. I was so ashamed of myself the next day. Then I caught them doing what we used to do, so I joined them and we began having a girl’s night every time Don left town on business. But the guilt was building and driving me nuts. After a few counseling sessions, I came clean with Don. He and I talked with the girls about it. They didn’t see the problem and even asked if they could fuck their dad. Don wasn’t sure what to do and I was too far gone to be able to advise him. He finally decided that if I was willing to be present while he fucked them, then he would give it a go. He also said that if it didn’t work out, he would leave the state and never be heard from again. We all agreed even though the stakes were high. It has been happily ever after since then. They are the same age roughly as Kris and Kim, and we all have a grand time when they are home. One graduates in the spring and the other a year after that.”

Karen was stunned. “Are you suggesting that we all fuck each other blind while we are here?”

“What else would I be suggesting, sis? My impression of the boys from their impression in their pants is that they are both pretty well endowed, maybe even hung, and Kim is a hottie. I think the boys would certainly enjoy a change of scenery and a new cock in my life would not be a disappointment if you are willing to share.” Angie was horny as hell now and so was Karen.

“Not only am I willing to share, but I think we need to strip down and head for the pool and let you try out the expanded menu, sis.”

“Let me call the girls first. I think they will come home in a better mood once they know the party is still on.”

Angie ended the call laughing, “I think they both came as soon as I gave them the news. They wanted to know if your boys were still cute and how big their cocks were. I told them I was about to find out and they would have to wait until they got home to see for themselves.”

Kim was the first to notice that their mom and aunt were coming to poolside naked as the day they were born.

“What the fuck?” was all Kim could say. Keith and Kris looked up and saw the more mature women heading for the pool, tits jiggling all the way. Both instinctively adjusted their cocks in their swim trunks. Having been the mother of boys, Karen noticed and told them to quit playing with themselves and get out of their trunks. The party was about to begin.

Angie canlı poker oyna told Kim and Karen to stay clear. She got first dibs on the boys and they would have to either enjoy the entertainment or entertain each other. For a moment, Angie looked around to see if any of the neighbors might be out and peering over their decks at the scene unfolding, but she knew most of her neighbors were older and probably already gone for the holidays to see their own k**s. By the time she reached Keith and Kris, they had removed their trunks, but she couldn’t see their cocks very well through the water. She waded across the pool to both of them, and they quickly embraced her, making her the center of their sandwich. She could feel both cocks brush against her and she reached down with both hands, grabbing a hard cock in each one.

“Holy shit! You boys are big! Especially where it counts. What say you boys sit on the ledge here and let me get a close up look at your tools.” They laughed at her and pulled themselves into a sitting position with their legs still in the water. Angie waded over to Keith first. Both boys had their legs apart so she could get the closest possible view. Angie stood in about four feet of water so her face hovered just above his cock, which was pointing up and out at her face. She grasped it in her hands and moved it around like a joy stick for a minute before sucking on the head of his cock. She did that until he started breathing heavily, then pulled off and moved over to Kris.

“Fuck! That must be a foot long!” she said, giving him the same treatment she had just given Keith.

“Eleven inches.” Kim said with authority.

“Close enough,” Angie said laughing.

Either of you guys have a preference for which hole you put your toys in?”

Both shook their heads, indicating any hole was fine with them.

“Well then, Kris, you lie on the lounger and I will mount that big pole of yours with my pussy. Keith, you come in from behind and take my ass. I have never been doubled before, so might as well go big the first time or go home, huh?”

They all laughed and Kim and her mother sat on the cushioned love seat near by, fingering each other while they watched the guys double fuck their aunt. Angie straddled the lounger and lowered her pussy onto Kris’ huge cock. She groaned as he filled her completely with all of his meat. “Fuck! I am not sure there will be room for you in my ass Keith, but let’s give it a try.”

Kris began playing with his aunt’s large tits and nipples to keep her warmed up while Keith expertly began pushing his cock into his aunt’s ass. As full as she felt on Kris’ cock, Keith knew she had room for him as long as he took his time. Just as Keith got his cock head inserted in Angie’s ass, Karen let out a low shriek as she came on Kim’s fingers buried deep in her pussy. That sent a shock wave through Angie and she came herself on Kris cock and Keith took advantage of the spasms to bury his rod all the way in Angie’s ass. Both boys remained as motionless as possible so that Angie could get the motion established to satisfy herself. Karen had not tried both at one time and was in awe of the expert way her sister was riding both cocks. Angie never opened her eyes, but simply concentrated on her motion and feeling of being completely and utterly packed with cock. Her body tingled all over and every three or four minutes she had to pause while an orgasm rushed over her. She could feel their cocks throbbing inside her and knew they both had to be close to cumming. Keith was first and shot a massive load deep in her ass. Angie could feel the warmth of his cum swirling around in her bowels and could also feel the additional lubrication it provided around his cock as he continued to stroke. He finally pulled out of her ass, bringing globs of cum with it as he removed his cock. Kris held on until his brother was finished and then pumped his enormous load into her pussy. Even before he pulled out, his cum was running down his shaft and onto the lounger under him.

“You boys could fill the fucking pool with all that jizz! Shit. Where were you storing all that?” Angie was looking at streams of cum running down her inner thighs and that was only about half of what they had pumped into her to begin with. “The girls are really going to be happy to see you tomorrow.” Angie cooed. The boys smiled at each other. They could get used to family get togethers.

Angie had arranged for a friend of hers to come over for a lingerie party. Her daughters had gotten home the evening before and everyone was too tired for partying or fucking last night, but Angie had high hopes for a major fuck fest today. The party was scheduled for 10 am, a little early for a lingerie party, but it gave them plenty of time for soiling everything they bought. The boys were going to borrow the car and go find something to do when Autumn suggested that they stay and watch. They could use the boys’ cock response as an indication of whether the outfit would be a good purchase. All the women laughed and thought it was a good idea. So did the boys, so they took their seats on the sofa.

The woman presenting the outfits was taken aback by the presence of men at the party. “I have never done this with men around, ladies. I had in mind that you might want to try them on and show the other ladies. It might be a little – a lot – awkward with the guys here.”

Angie lied and said that the guys were the fiances of her daughters and that the girls wanted their opinions. Everyone snickered and the woman, Susan, finally agreed.

The first outfit she presented was a basic teddy in black see-through fabric. Kim said she would try it on, and undressed in front of everyone and slipped it on. Kris responded to it more than Keith because he just loved his sister’s naked body. His cock started to firm up a little, but the outfit did little for either guy and they gave it a thumbs down.

Susan was a middle aged woman, early fifties, but very attractive and had an excellent figure. She was built a lot like Karen, but her ass was a little wider and she was a little taller. Her hair was starting to gray a little but otherwise, she looked like she was probably still a good fuck if she wanted to be. The boys were sitting there in gym shorts and t-shirts, but cleaned up and looking like decent young men. Susan kept looking over at the boys and for signs of erections in their gym shorts. So far, she was disappointed, but she would not be for long.

She pulled out canlı bahis a pink latex bundle that looked like a pile of large rubber bands. As she unfolded it and spread it out on the coffee table, it became evident that is was a continuous web of straps that left nothing to the imagination. Autumn wanted to try that one on and stripped unceremoniously in front of everyone and Susan began helping her get into it. The bottom end had a hem that went around each thigh like the hems of a pair of shorts. Then it rose in a lattice work pattern over her ass and her abdomen, up and over her large firm tits, allowing the nipples to poke through. The back was completely open. Autumn was about 5′ 4″ tall, dark hair, D-cup tits, a nice round ass, and a smile that could make a man cum without touching his cock. She paraded around and Keith got a boner almost immediately as she walked past him. He adjusted his cock so that it was straight up in his gym shorts. Kris was adjusting himself as well and Susan noticed that both young men were responding to the outfit. She licked her lips as she entertained her own lustful thoughts.

Autumn took off the outfit and told Susan she wanted to buy that one and Lily asked if she had it in another color. Susan said she had one in a mint green and Lily said she would take it. Autumn and Kim sat together, still naked on adjacent chairs.

Susan pulled another outfit from her display. It looked like a one piece bathing suit, but it was sheer and crotch-less and open for the tits to stick out. Lily tried that one on, parading around in front of the men and the mothers. There was no back and the lack of a crotch extended to allow access to the woman’s ass as well as her pussy. This one was neon blue and looked great on on Lily’s 5’7″ frame. Her large B-cup tits were enhanced by the way the material pulled them together. All the girls had shaved pubic regions and her large pussy lips were also highlighted by the outfit. The boys had their hands on their cocks, indicating their approval and Lily said she wanted the outfit. Karen wanted one in red, if Susan had one, which she did. Keith knew his mother had his principal in mind as she ordered the outfit and smiled at the thought of the two of them wrestling in bed in their respective outfits.

Susan spent the next hour showing a variety of outfits to the group and each woman bought at two outfits and Angie and Karen each bought four. Each woman put on their favorite purchase and turned to the men and asked what they thought. Keith and Kris looked at each other and just smiled, stood up, and dropped their gym shorts to reveal long, hard cocks. Susan gasped. She was already overwhelmed by mothers who would strip in front of their k**s’ boyfriends and for them to blatantly display their large boners was almost too much for her.

Angie looked at Susan, “Why don’t you you try them on?”

“What? No, I don’t have the figure for these outfits any more. And I couldn’t do that in front of these young men.” Susan was nervous and distracted.

Angie laughed, “I wasn’t talking about trying on any of the outfits, dear, I was talking about these young cocks. I can tell you want to. You haven’t taken your eyes off them since they dropped their shorts. And you don’t give yourself enough credit. I bet they would be more than happy to stuff you full if you wanted them to.”

“Yeah, and we don’t mind sharing!” piped in Autumn, “do we ladies?”

They all cheered Susan on and she blushed, smiling demurely. “Would you boys mind if I at least felt them?”

“Susan, you can do anything with them you want to,” said Kris.

She walked up to the guys, never taking her eyes off of their long hard dicks. She grabbed one in each hand and stroked them gently, breathing harder as she touched them. The boys responded by each rubbing one ass cheek in each hand. She gasped slightly at their touch. Their other free hand found a tit and massaged it through her blouse. Her eyes closed, her breath erratic, and her chest heaving, she felt her knees begin to buckle a little bit. Angie came up from behind her, knelt down, reached up Susan’s skirt and pulled off her panties.

“How about you sit on Keith’s cock here and go for a ride, Susan. While you do that, you can play with Kris’ baseball bat of a cock.” Susan could only nod agreement. Keith sat down, and guided Susan to his lap. She reached between her legs and grabbed his cock and guided it to her waiting pussy. She looked around at the other women, all wearing a new outfit and looking so sexy to her. As she sank down on Keith’s big cock, she gasped with pleasure she had not felt in a long time. Kris stepped in front of her and she began stroking his cock again and admiring the length and girth of his huge cock. She started bouncing on Keith’s cock and then began sucking on on Kris’ cock. Kris was surprised at how good she actually was at sucking dick and was getting hot pretty quick after all of the nakedness and lingerie of the beautiful women. He wasn’t going to last long and neither was Keith. They hoped Susan would get off before long, because they were going to spew cum everywhere in a very short period of time.

Susan moaned loudly, humming on Kris’ meat. Angie and Karen knew the boys couldn’t last long, so they sat next to Susan and began playing with her tits through her blouse and Angie began fingering around Susan’s asshole. Susan pulled away from Kris’ cock long enough to tell him she wanted him to cum on her face like she was in a porn movie and went back to sucking his shaft. Angie inserted her finger in Susan’s ass, finishing her off as the orgasm building in her ramped up exponentially with the ass stimulation. Susan came hard and lost all control over her entire body. The mothers held her up and Keith let them know he was cumming.

He jerked and jolted under Susan as he shot stream after stream of cum up her cunt. He eventually relaxed and Karen sneaked a peek under Susan’s skirt to see Keith still had his cock imbedded in Susan and the telltale trickles of cum started oozing from her pussy and down his shaft.

Susan had a dazed look on her face and had quit sucking, so Kris pulled from her mouth and jerked himself off, shooting thick ropes of cum all over Susan’s face. When he had finished, Susan’s forehead was covered, her cheeks were wet, she cum on her lip and running down her chin. It looked like three men had cum on her face. Autumn and Lily had given up watching and were busy getting acquainted with Kim’s pussy, taking turns licking it and sucking on her tits.

This was going to be a long day full of fun, fucking, cumming and more. Susan had decided she was going to stay and enjoy it as long as they would let her. The cum on her face was just the beginning…

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