Peter’s Memories Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of Peter’s Memories with his cousin Jane and her daughter Clarice.

Peter went home to Brooklyn after the summer break and had to settle down to some serious studying for college.

His Mom, Laura, only worked part time as a Secretary was home most of the time and his Dad was C.E.O. of a major industrial company. Dad was due to go to Europe with the aim of selling one of the main proponents of a satellite which the company had produced recently. He expected to be away for about four weeks, so that meant I had to be the man of the house and look after Mom. Leta, my sister was at college out of State.

Mom was about 45 at the time. She had black hair and hazel eyes. She was a slim build but had a very shapely ass and, I think, about 36C tits. All in all, she was quite a sexy woman.

She didn’t seem to care or notice, as she sometimes walked around the house in just her underwear or wearing very short shorts or skirts. I often enjoyed a glimpse of her either getting dressed or naked as she came out of the shower. As you can imagine, this sent my hormones into chaos. Of course, after each one of these sightings, I was forced to retreat to the bathroom or my bedroom to relieve my bottled up frustrations.

Before going to Chicago, I would never have thought as my Mom as a sexual object, and as those occasional sightings were still happening, I started to look at her in a more seductive light. If I could win Jane over, why not Mom.

Dad left for Europe the next week and Mom settled down after a few days. I used to pass by her bedroom door every night and hear her crying out, but not actually crying. I couldn’t hear what she was saying so I stopped outside her door one night and listened closely. I could glimpse her in the mirror that was on the wall opposite the bed and it could also be seen on an angle from the doorway. As I stood there watching her, I saw her naked nipples standing out on her chest, and with the left hand on one of them, the right hand was buried into her lower groin area. I knew immediately what was happening. Mom was frigging herself. She must be missing Dad already.

Well, I thought to myself; surely I can create a situation to take advantage of her frustrations and my own.

I know, I will take her out to dinner and get her slightly drunk. Not too much as that would wipe out any desire on her part and put an end to any seduction ideas that I had.

The next morning I had breakfast all ready for her when she came downstairs.

“To what do I owe this, Peter?” Mom asked.

“I just thought that I would start to take care of you, seeing Dad isn’t here.

“I have another request as well, Mom.”

“What’s that?”

“I was wondering if you would like to come out to dinner with me tonight. I think we should do more things together before I go away?”

“Hmm, I think that would be great, darling. Where are we going and what time?”

“I will call a couple of restaurants and let you know later in the day, is that OK. I will give you plenty of time to pretty yourself up,” I replied.

I called around 4 restaurants and finally got a reservation at a very well known one which was only about 15-20 minutes from our house. I decided that we would take a taxi so that I could have a couple of wines as well.

I let Mom know and told her the cab would be here about 8pm.

“I’ll be ready.”

At 8pm when the cab arrived, I called to Mom. She came down the stairs and my eyes popped out of my head. She was wearing a full skirted dress with a halter neck bodice. The skirt came to about 8 inches above her knees and she was sporting stockings and 3 inch high heels.

“Well Peter, is this good enough to be seen out in, with my son.

“Wow Mom, you look gorgeous. Good enough to eat. Are you sure you want to go to dinner, ” I quipped.

We had a wonderful meal and between us we drank about a bottle and a half of a good red wine. Mom wasn’t drunk but she was a bit shaky as she stood up to go home.

I helped her into the cab and when we got home, I helped her up the stairs to the bedroom.

I left her there valiantly trying to get undressed. This was all part of my devious plan. I was hoping it would work. As she shed her garments one by one, she found that she couldn’t unfasten her bra at the back.

“Peter, Peter,” she cried out.

This was what I had been waiting for.

“Yes Mom, what is it,”

“I need your help darling, please come and help escort kartal your Momma.”

“Alright Mom, I’m coming.”

I had already stripped down to my boxers and walked into her room as she sat on the side of the bed. My cock had already started to rise and I tried to hide the fact. I asked her what she wanted me to do.

“Can you please unfasten my bra for me darling, I can’t quite reach it.”

I walked round to her back and slowly managed to unhook the bra. I stood there and gazed down at those beautiful mounds of flesh. I had been dreaming and wanking to the sight of them for so long.

“That will be all darling, I can manage from here. Just get my nightie out of the top drawer for me and then I will just crawl into bed.”

I retrieved the nightie, but kept it in my hands. I offered to put it on her. She raised her arms, lifting her magnificent breast up and offering such a wonderful sight to my eyes. I lowered the article over her arms and head and as I bought my hands down with the hem of the nightie, I brushed the sides of her breasts slowly and softly.

“Mmmmm……. , Mmmmm ……. , that feels so good Peter. Your Dad hasn’t been around for a week to fondle my tits and I have missed it.”

I never said a word, and continued to press my palms against the sides of her breasts, all the while gradually working them round those glorious globes until my fingers were rubbing and softly pulling on her nipples.

“Ohhhh Mom, you have such beautiful breasts. I have thought about touching them like this for so long.”

“Oh Peter, we shouldn’t be doing this, it is wrong; but I miss your Father so much that I need to feel needed.”

“Mom, will you let me take Dad’s place for the time he is away. I know I can fulfill all your needs. It doesn’t have to go any further than you and I. It will be our little secret. Seeing Sis is not home, we do have the house to ourselves.”

“Darling, should we?”

I had kept my fingers working on her nipples and leant down and kissed her on the curve of her neck, nuzzling under her ear.

She lay back on the bed and looked up at me. She raised her arms and slid them behind my neck. Then she pulled my mouth down to meet hers. Inserting her tongue into my mouth and sucking my tongue into hers made this all seem more real. My Mom was French kissing me and I was eager to keep it going as long as possible.

I lay slightly over her and continued kissing her mouth and her neck, working my way down to her wonderful boobs. As I held one in my hand, I let my tongue loose on the other, and licked and laved it until the nipple was standing up about half an inch about the boob itself. I then changed sides and did the same thing to the other boob. Mom had her eyes closed but was close to an orgasm I think. She writhed under my body and opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Oh darling, that is so good, she whispered.

“It is going to get better Mom, that I can promise you.”

As I lay there tasting and suckling Mom’s tits, her hand crept down along my side until she reached the bane of my existence. Of course, she encountered a real hard on already.

“Well, it feels like I have something hard here. I wonder what I can do about it.”

“What do you want to do Mom?”

“I think I would love to give him some attention, I feel I have been getting most of it until now.”

“Go for it Mom, you can please yourself for as long as you like.”

Scooting down on the bed she bought her face in line with his cock as it jutted straight out into her face. Reaching round she pulled his ass closer, digging her long nails into his quivering behind. She opened her mouth and leant towards him. His cock was twitching with excitement and it jumped as she closed her full, red lips over the purple head. Her eyes locked on his as her lips moved down the shaft. He was so erotically charged by the sight of it. Her lips slipped further and further down his hard prick. He felt one hand curl around his dangling balls. Cupping them, she lifted them up and gave them a long lick. His cock was straining in an effort to lift itself, but she kept it restrained with her mouth. She slowly backed away allowing his cock to slither out from between her lips. As it did, it jerked and slapped against his belly.

Smiling lavisously, she flicked her tongue up and down the length of the shaft and under his dangling balls. She then gently sucked his balls into her mouth, all the while, running her tongue over uğur mumcu escort them.

Finally, her mouth opened and his drenched balls came slithering out. Still looking him in the eyes, she bent and slowly and sensuously twirled her hot tongue around the swollen purple head, as it jerked and twitched.

Peter’s heart was racing, he thought it would explode at any minute. His breathing coming in short, erratic gasps, as she sucked the top of his cock harder than before. He felt the head of his prick going further down until it nudged the back of her throat. She then began to suck in earnest, moving her mouth back and forth, up and down his raging shaft. Peter clutched her head with both his hands and pulled her closer. He rocked back and forth as he lazily fucked his Mom’s mouth. He was getting very close to an eruption.

“Mom, I’m cumming, ohhh ……. .”

Mom pulled her head away and grabbed hold of the base of his prick and aimed it straight into her mouth, making sure that it was all directed to the right spot. She caught every spurt of cum that he had let loose.

She then leant down again and slowly licked and sucked the last of the semen.

It was a good thing that he was laying down on the bed, otherwise he would have collapsed onto his butt.

He lay there recuperating for a few moments. Just holding her in his arms.

“I think that deserves something for you Mom. Just lay back and let me devour your wonderful pussy.”

She lay on her back and I slipped down level with her groin. Her pussy was covered with a thick, but trimmed bush of black hair. He opened her legs wide and knelt between them, gazing at this first real sighting of this wonderful piece of woman flesh. Flicking his tongue, he licked at the meaty pussy lips and dragged his tongue up and down the juicy gash. While lapping at her sweet juices, she filled his nose with the rich fragrance of her femininity. Her overheated womanhood filled his senses as he leisurely licked his way up to her clit. Flicking it with his tongue, he felt his Mother shiver.

“Oh, yes, that feels so good,” she gurgled, and pushed her pussy against his mouth and chin.

Tickling the little pearl with his tongue, he eased his finger into the tightness of her cunt. Knowing what he was doing and who he was doing it to, excited him so much. She had her hands on his head digging into his hair as she hunched her pussy up against his lips. She made soft sounds as he continued to tease her. She arched her back and bent her knees, as she thrust her breasts into the air.

“My baby …my baby ….” She murmured, thrusting herself harder against him as he raked his tongue across her cunt and clit.

Peter thought to himself, she is so fucking hot.

He slid his hands under her ass and pulled her to him and ravaged her pussy and clit. Her breathing was raspy and coming in short pant as she strained and tightened. Her breasts were bouncing around as she heaved up and down.

Peter could sense the nearness of her orgasm. He had been working towards this moment all evening. He felt so powerful that he could make his Mom cum. This would not be the last time either, if he had his way.

Her thighs started to push up towards his head, and she squeezed hard.

“Ohh God … Ohhhhh God, baby,” she finally gasped. Her back arched like a bow as her body went rigid and she began to quiver. Peter continued to work over her clit, determined to make this the most momentous event in her life.

As he pursed his mouth over her pussy, he started to feast on the nectar overflowing from her cunt, he devoured it as it spewed from her. It seemed she wasn’t going to stop, in fact, he thought she was peeing.

She eventually started to relax and looked down at him.

“Oh, my darling Peter, that was so …. So…….gooooooddd.”

After a few minutes, she slowly lifted her leg and swung it over his head and placed a foot on the floor. Then she put her other leg down. She stood up, taking hold of the bed to support her for a moment.

“That, my darling was the best Oral sex I have ever had. Your Father will only go down on me occasionally and it is very frustrating, especially as he always expects a blow job from me.”

As she walked to the bathroom, Peter couldn’t believe his luck. He had actually sucked his own Mom’s pussy. He just wished he could broadcast it, but knew that is was a secret that had to be kept between the two of them.

Mom came çavuşoğlu escort out of the bathroom and he watched her proud boobs as she came towards him. He loved her breasts. Although she had two children, she didn’t have any sag in them at all.

She came to the side of the bed and told him to get on his hands and knees. He didn’t know what was coming next but he complied. She lay on her back and slid under him, with her mouth reaching up to grab his cock with her lips and placing that sweet pussy under his mouth. He pushed her legs back against his upper arms and her pussy was so vulnerable. He flicked his tongue and began to lick and lap at her wet gash. He raked his tongue up and down for several moments, and finally licked his way across the tiny stretch of smooth skin between her pussy and the pink star of her asshole. Dipping his tongue into the crack, he tickled the tip of his tongue over the jutted circle of flesh.

After spending time at that destination, he worked his way back to her pussy and to that little nub of solid flesh that loved to feel his tongue tickling it.

She felt so electric, the pleasure that she was getting from her son. The feeling went on and on, and he kept it up until eventually, she was rocked by a gigantic spasm of hot semen rushing through her and out her cunt opening. Peter was there to receive it.

“Peter, I need you inside me, please put it in me,” she pleaded as she turned around and locked her arms around his neck.

With her legs wide open, she was ready for the deepest penetration that Peter could give her. He positioned himself above her and she reached for his cock and placed it at that wonderful opening.

“Oh Mom, this is where I have wanted to be for so long. I love you so much.”

“Oh Peter, I love you too, my darling boy.”

Peter wrapped his hand around the thick, hard shaft of his cock and aimed the tapered head down at the glorious gash awaiting him. Slowly, he fitted the tip of his prick down into the juice filled opening, easing forward, and feeding his cock into her. As he did this, she slipped her arms behind her legs, lifting them up higher. Deeper and deeper, he sank into the hot, boiling nectar that was easing him down, spreading and filling her with his shaft.

Staring into her love crazed eyes, he slowly eased back out of her, then thrust himself down hard into her, filling her to the limit with every thrust.

She wrapped her hands around her breast. She pulled and twisted them, all the while, she continued to push her body up to meet his.

She felt so comfortable. Who would have thought that something like this would ever happen. They were like old lovers, meeting on the same level, willingly and freely. The only thing is, I don’t know what is going to happen when Des comes home. There would be time for guilt later. She should just enjoy this fabulous experience while she could.

Peter was sliding his big cock all the way into the back of her cunt, his balls slapping against her ass. She didn’t ever want him to stop but she felt herself reaching the edge once again. She felt herself plunging into the darkness as waves of pleasure drowned her. Her legs shook and she gave an unholy primal scream. After several long minutes, the scream weakened to a plaintive whimper. Her cunt spasmed and convulsed around his prick. Peter continued to pump his cock into her in the same slow pace.

Peter picked up the pace a little and she could feel her son’s pistoning cock as it filled up her cunt. He then felt the first signs that he was going to give his Mother the best cum of her life. He knew he had a gigantic load just waiting for her, and he was just about to let it loose.

“Mom, I gonna cum …… now.. ,” he yelled at the top of his voice.

“Come on my darling, cum in your Momma’s cunt. I want all your sperm in my pussy.”

Peter then let loose with one great thrust and filled that wonderful cum sucking hole with so much spunk that it overflowed onto the groins of them both and down onto the sheets.

“Ohhhh, Mom, I don’t think I have ever cum like that before. That was absolutely awesome.”

“Oh Peter, I love you, but what is going to happen now. What about when your Dad comes home. We won’t be able to be together like this.”

“Well Mom, we still have 3 more weeks, let us worry about that closer to the event. In the meantime, I am going to make love to you in every possible position and as often as I can get you onto this bed. You are mine for the next 3 weeks.

They curled up together and gradually she dozed off to sleep. Peter curled into her back and rested his cock on her curvaceous haunches, That is my next objective, getting into Mom’s beautiful ass and depositing my cum right up inside her.

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