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As you lay upon your bed stretched out as naked as the day you were born, I see the vision of you in my mind as I remember you being during our talks. The way you described to me the position you were in, the way you had your long sexy legs straight out in front of you or bent at the knee as you sat up in the bed. Describing to me what you were doing as you fumbled with the headset to get it just right so you had no interruptions in the process of our talk. I could hear you move around on the bed getting into the perfect position. Many times I thought of lying with you there, taking over, holding you in my arms our skin pressing against each other.

The warmth of my body so close to you keeping you warm. Caressing your soft smooth skin as I run my hands over you. Kissing you lightly across your arms to your shoulders, towards your neck then to your beautiful precious face. Kissing your soft lips tenderly then more forceful, probing your mouth with my tongue as I sucked on yours. Kissing you for minutes at a time as I move my body over yours. I would place my hands under your arms as I embrace you, pulling you into me. Our passion growing with each second that ticks by.

Settling down between your long legs as they part and wrap around my waist. I feel the softness of your feet against my lower back and it feels wonderful, much better than I could ever imagine. Our lips still locked against each others as the passionate kisses linger for minutes now.

I slowly but hesitantly break away from you, I move myself down your torso as I bring my lips moist from your hot mouth to your erect nipples. Taking the right one first into my mouth and sucking it gently, circling the nipple with my tongue before suckling once more. I kiss across your chest to your left breast, I run my tongue around your flesh before drawing in your nipple. Sucking then licking around the nipple so hard in my mouth. I cup your breast in my hand as I offer it further for my continued sucking and caresses of my tongue. Feeling your body tremble beneath me as I release the nipple.

I move my way down slowly, kissing your tummy and running your belly ring off my teeth, hearing the slight clink as my tongue bounces off the metal and it echoes off my teeth. I gently take it between my teeth and pull tenderly, just enough for you to mark where my mouth is on your soft body. I move further down your body as I feel your legs part wider, I position myself between your thighs and lift your legs up just alittle bit before draping them over eryamandaki escortlar my shoulders. I look up into your eyes as you look down at mine. I see the anticipation in your eyes as you await my tongue to your sex.

Diverting my eyes and find my target, I bring my hand up and slowly I begin to tease your moist lips. Using my fingertips, I easily take your left outer lip between my thumb and forefinger and peel it back, this exposes your inner walls. I lower my face to your sex and run my tongue over the glistening opening, your body jumps as the sensation darts thru you. I use my fingers once more and peel away the right outer lip and again slide my tongue over the exposed flesh. Your lips are beginning to swell from your excitement, I run my tongue between your slippery lips and up the imaginary line towards your clitoris. Easing the hood back uncovering your tiny nub I flick my tongue over the top of your clit. I again feel your body jump as I lower my mouth over your mound.

Slipping my tongue up then down, moving from your clit to your tight entrance. Pushing my tongue into you but it goes in only so far as your muscles tighten. I move back to your clit and suck it into my mouth, as I suck adding more and more suction I feel the once tiny nub grow on my tongue. I suck it gently as not to hurt you but with enough suction to make you squirm in my mouth. I move my fingers back to your entrance and slowly run it over your clit, I move my finger to your entrance and slightly push, your inner lips giving way as my finger slides inside you. Once again your muscles tighten and clamp down on my finger. I wait a few minutes as your body familiarizes itself with my finger still in you.

Once I feel your muscles relax I push another inch into you, this time it’s much easier as I continue pushing til my knuckle stops at your mound. I began a slow pace of pumping your entrance. Easily sliding in and out with much more wetness from your body as it coats my finger with each push. I feel your body tighten once more but this time it’s deeper. I run my tongue over and under your clit just as your orgasm releases. I continue to pump your entrance as my tongue flicks back and forth over your clit. I run my tongue from your clit to your entrance which is still occupied with my finger still inside you. I withdraw my finger from your walls and push my tongue inside you. This time it enters with ease as I lap at your wetness, drawing as much as I can onto my tongue.

I look up your sexy body, your tummy etimesgut bayan escort rising and falling with each breath. I caress your thighs as you open your beautiful eyes. Once more our eyes lock but this time, a glassy look fills your eyes. I smile and as you smile back as I move my fingertip over your clitoris making you jump. I slide back up your body and lay beside you once more as you lie and relax, savoring the orgasmic bliss that you just experienced. I continue to run my hands over your skin, moving in circles then in long patterns. We remain like that for several minutes. I kiss your shoulders as you whisper to me that you feel so wonderful but now it is my turn to lie back and relax.

As you attempt to sit up, I take your wrist in my hand and hold onto you. I tell you to remain on your back as I sit up on the bed. As you lay back once more watching me, I sit up and position myself onto my knees and move towards you. Kneeling to your right side I bring myself to you as you reach up with your delicate hand and take hold of my shaft. Placing your hand at the base you guide me closer to you. As I move on the bed closer to you, you take the head into your mouth and suck gently. You move closer to me as I tuck a pillow under your head you pull more of my shaft into your hot mouth. I can feel your tongue circling the crown, licking the underside then back over the top. I feel your hands rubbing then squeezing my balls as you take more of my length into your mouth. I watch your mouth then your throat expand as you pull me in deeper.

You release my erect cock from your grip as you turn your face more towards me. I reach down and placing my hands lightly on your head I begin to thrust my hips in and out of your hot mouth. Your lips clamped down tightly on my shaft as you can feel each vein running the length of my shaft slide over your lips. I can feel my orgasm building and if I choose to keep the thrusting up I will explode inside your throat but I want to splash myself against your walls instead so I stop thrusting before it’s too late. You feel so good on me babe, such an awesome oral talent that you possess.

I slip from your hot mouth and move back and between your legs. I again lift your legs into the air as I move between them. You bring your legs back down around me as I move in closer to your entrance. I take my manhood into my hand and guide it to your entrance. You have moved your own hand down between your thighs and have parted your lips ankara escort for me. I place the head of my cock at your tight entrance and push. The head pops in as you gasp. I stop til I feel you relax. As your muscles again familiarize to an intruder pushing its way into your petite body I push more then more inside your walls.

I can feel your body tightening then relaxing, deeper my head pushes in as more is fed inside your body. Finally my balls press against your ass as I am so deep inside you. Knowing that once I begin to pump you that you will orgasm quickly so I start a slow easing thrust. Moving inch by inch in and out of you, your moans fill the room as they did before with you and I together. I begin to thrust inside, longer more powerful thrusts. My shaft sliding from your walls glistening from your juices coating my shaft.

I keep a steady pace as my hips thrust in longer strokes as your eyes have shut and your fists grip the sheets. Your moans have always been such an aphrodisiac to me that it makes me thrust faster. Your legs are wrapped tightly around me as I move on top of you even more now. With each thrust your body meets my thrusts, matching direction and tempo and the tightness of your inner walls gripping my shaft. I feel another orgasm ravishing your insides as I lower my body to yours, your hard nipples against my chest, your seductive moans in my ears as your legs tighten ever more so around me, pulling me as you whisper in my ear for me to cum, no sooner does the word slip from your throat you feel my body tense.

My cock grows thicker and harder inside your walls and my own moans fill your ears, you feel my orgasm erupt as the hot jets of cum shoot out from me and into you. You feel the hot blast filling your walls as yet another orgasm shoots thru you. My hips and yours still thrusting in unison as you tighten your muscles around my spasming shaft. My juices filling the cavity inside your sexy body. You can feel the heat radiating inside your walls and the slipperiness of my shaft still pumping. I feel your body collapse and relax. I quell my own thrusting and lay upon your heaving body. Our breathing heavy from our passionate love making.

The scent of pure sex in the air surrounding us. The warmth of the room and the heat upon our bodies. You feel my cock still inside your walls filling the cavity as our combined juices begin to seep from around my shaft and your tightness.

I pull my left leg in and roll off your body. We lay together entwined within each others bodies, legs touching, arms touching… keeping close proximity to each other as this night is ours. I caress your soft skin as I move my hand to your neck and shoulders, lightly caressing you to coax you to fall asleep and rest, for when you awake… our journey will begin once more…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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