Playing in the Morning

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She drifted off to sleep, completely content. The comfort she felt with his warm body next to her released all anxiety she had initially felt about the weekend. He enjoyed the soft feel of her skin pressed against him; he pulled her closer and rested her head just under his chin. He could smell the clean fresh fragrance of her hair. He drifted off into a deep restful sleep.

As night turned to day he fought to hold on to that comfortable place just between sleep and wakefulness, he pulled the covers tight over him and smiled, he dared to risk opening one eye slightly. He could see her fuzzy outline on the stool by the window. He only barely squinted so as not to let the bright sunlight wash his hold on to sleep from him. As he watched he admired her form, she was deeply engrossed in brushing her hair. She sat naked looking out upon the vista of the ocean at the cliff’s bottom and carelessly ran the silver brush thru her shoulder length auburn hair. The silver of the brush caught the morning sun and scattered it all around the room. Her hair shone bright and highlighted the creamy whiteness of her fair skin.

He continued to hold onto the vestiges of partial sleep and huddled tighter in the blankets and chanced closing his eyes again. What seemed only a moment passed and he peaked at where he had last seen her standing by the window. She was now walking towards him, both hands held high as she tied her hair back. He enjoyed watching her walk towards him. She moved smoothly her movements exhibiting an almost catlike grace. As she got to the end of the bed she placed her hands on her hips and looked directly at him and smiled. “Going to stay in bed alone all day, or are you going to make some room in there for me?” He smiled in return and held up the edge of the covers for her to crawl under.

She was several degrees colder than he was from her time out of bed; her skin rubbing against him was quite arousing. She slid her hand down between his legs to make sure she was having the desired effect. She was not disappointed. Fully erect in her now warming hand she smiled and felt his lips press against hers. Quicker than she could imagine possible, he rolled on top of her, his entire weight pinning her to the bed. She looked up at him towering over her, a wicked smile on his lips. “I have a special surprise for you this morning Missy.” escort eryaman She felt herself tingle with the commanding sound of his voice. All she could muster in reply was a weak “Oh”.

He used his weight to his advantage keeping her pinned under him as he reached over her head for something. She felt more than saw the two soft bands closing over her wrists. As soon as she felt their snug softness encircling her wrists, she felt her arms being pulled above her head and spread slightly apart.

As soon as her arms were immobilized he began so lightly kiss his way down her neck, making sure he lavished lengthy of attention on her ample breasts. Taking each nipple into his mouth and sucking hard on it, then licking it with his hot tongue and blowing cool air on them to bring them to a nice hardness. He whispered to her, “I love the feeling of your hard nipples pressing into my chest like two hot coals” She felt herself becoming even more excited with his words. She imagined him on top of her, deep inside of her, his warmth and weight totally pinning her down. She wanted to hold him tightly and keep his attention focused on her nipples, but with her arms pinned she was unable to do anything but enjoy the sensations as he directed them.

He worked his way with kisses and light bites down her body, enjoying the feeling of her and the taste of her. She wanted to hold him and tried to wrap her legs around him and pull him to her. “There will be none of that, you will just have to relax and let me have my fun!” With that said she felt his powerful hands hold her legs down and slip soft smooth cuffs over each ankle. He spread her legs wide and tightened the straps holding her down. She chanced a look down at him and saw the look of hunger in his eyes, it excited her to see that look. He the predator, while she his prey. He stood and looked at his handiwork. He liked what he saw, a beautiful woman tethered to the bed with wanton lust in her eyes.

He smiled both inwardly and outwardly. He was fully erect which spoke to his state of arousal. “Almost ready” he turned and walked out of her field of vision. When he returned he had a small bag. “Look what I found” he said with a genuine smile. He reached into the bag and pulled out a long full feather. “Hmm, I bet this would tickle,” he said, as he looked her in the eyes. “Oh and look, a ankara escort blindfold in your color, it will match your hair” He held up a long piece of thick red satin. It was apparent he was quite enjoying himself, she wasn’t sure if she should be mad at herself for mentioning her ideas, she was both slightly afraid and completely aroused at the prospects.

“The rest of the goodies in the bag will just have to wait until the proper time. Now lets see if this is your size” With that he placed the soft material of the blindfold over her eyes wrapped it fully around her head and tied it in front of her eyes. “No peaking” he said. The anticipation of what was to come next was almost too much to bear. With the loss of her movement and eyesight, she relied on her hearing and sense of feel. She could feel the air in the room against her skin as he was moving around her.

The first light kiss of the feather just under her arm caused a shriek of laughter to escape her lips. She tried to control herself, tried to pull away, but was completely helpless to resist. He only touched her here and there, but she was sensitized to the feather, as soon as she felt it against her unprotected skin she tried to pull away and lost control of herself. He placed his fingers against her pussy. She was hot and drenched.

He pulled the small pillow from under the bed and told her to lift her hips. Trussed up, as she was she did her best, but in the end he had to lift her and slide it just under her. He looked at her; tied down; blind folded and a pillow holding her hips at the perfect angle to take him. He only hoped he could maintain the discipline and stretch this out as long as he had planned. She looked so damned inviting he wanted to take her immediately.

He pressed just the head of his cock into her. The wet warmth sent a shiver thru his spine. She tried to lift her hips and get him deeper into her, but to no avail. He stood motionless just inside of her and ran the feather along the inside of her thigh. She shuddered and shook and laughed. He could feel her constricting him when she laughed. God did it feel good! He inched in a bit deeper and continued his assault against her with his mighty feather. He continued this way slowly extending the pleasure. He had to stop several times and stand perfectly still and slow his breathing. elvakent escort He was working himself up into quite a frenzy of desire and lust. The sounds she was making and her heat and wetness told him she was completely enjoying the experience.

He was finally fully inside of her, resting on her, the pillow under her caused her pelvis to be tilted up and give him beautiful access to her. He reached into the bag and pulled out a slender vibrator. He turned it on. She was overcome with pleasure. Him deep inside of her and the inability to stop his tortuous tickling was putting her over the edge. Now dependant on her hearing she heard the sound of a vibrator. Just then a wave of pleasure rocked thru her. He pressed the tip of the vibrator right onto her clit. She could contain herself no longer and let loose with an overpowering orgasm. She felt the waves of pleasure rush thru her entire body.

He felt her begin to spasm and shudder. Her pussy, vise like gripped him tightly. She bit her lower lip and tried to contain herself, but lost control and moaned with pleasure. He had to take deep breaths and stay very still. Just the sounds she was making would easily put him over the edge and he wanted this to last. When he had regained control of himself, he pressed his lips to her fully erect nipples and lavished his attentions on them. This sent another wave of pleasure thru her as she came again. He allowed the vibrator to slide off of her and began to pump her in earnest, he couldn’t hold back any longer. With his steady thrusting he was fully on her. She loved the feeling of him on her. She bit into his shoulder, the only thing she could do in her condition. As he was reaching his peak he took her head with one hand and violently kissed her. She could feel his lust and desire as his tongue filled her mouth. She tried to respond in kind. She felt the rush of pleasure washing over her again, it was punctuated by the feeling of him exploding inside of her, the pulsing and throbbing as she felt his heart beat thru his cock deep within her.

They both gasped for air as the tingling sensation washed over them. He held onto her as they both relaxed and caught their breath. She felt him releasing her hands, as soon as she was able to, she wrapped her arms around him and held on tightly. The afterglow was delightful, the sun now fully shining into the huge room, its warming rays playing across their bodies entwined on the massive bed.

“So, what do you fancy for breakfast?” he asked her. She smiled and said,” Another course of what we just had if you please,” He kissed her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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