Pleasure By Mouth

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The hotel room is dark and your breathing so deep and regular. My heart is still fluttering remembering how you have made love to my body. The touch of your hand brings such pleasure. The feel of your mouth on mine is so real. My lips tingle with the memory.

I love that you are curved against my back. The heat of your hand is making my nipple hard. Your fingers and mouth did such a good job keeping them that way. But it was your teeth that brought forth the orgasm.

The look of surprise on your face when that happened. If I close my eyes I can see it. The flash of passion made your eyes so dark. I smile as I remember telling you that that would happen…

I gently turn in your arms. And as I do, you roll to your back. Your arm is still so protective of me. I feel that way with you. Protected… but now it is my turn to return the favor you have given me.

My fingers test your awareness. I slowly run them down your chest. You murmur but don’t wake. That pleases me! My fingers continue down and curl around your cock. It is soft but still impressive. I stroke it gently and it does an incredible thing. Even after the workout we gave it begins to harden in my hand.

I slide my body down and rest against your legs. My lips very softly kiss up your inner thigh. I nuzzle your balls and my tongue eryamanda yeni escortlar reaches out to taste you. I still taste some of me on you.

I close my eyes and remember the way you felt in me. Thrusting hard in and out of my wetness. I was so wet and you moved so hard and deep. I remember the second you came in me, how my body exploded around you. Gripping your cock with my velvet walls. Milking all of your cum into me. So now my tongue tastes that. Your taste mixed with mine.

I lick up the length of you. My tongue slowly up to the head and then moving around the rim. You are getting harder with each lick. Your breathing is changing. Getting shallow but you are not quite yet awake.

Are you dreaming darling man? Dreaming of what I am doing?

My lips now surround the head and I push down over it sliding all the way down the shaft. Getting it all warm and wet. I bring my mouth back up to the head.

Time to wake up sweetie!

I suck on the head. Suck gently with increasing power. I release it with a pop. This time I take it in and begin sucking hard and your intake of air show me you are now awake…

I lick slowly up the shaft to the head. Give it a soft sensuous kiss then lick it. I look up at you and see your eyes on me. That charges me. I move my mouth down, sincan escort bayan and my tongue licks your balls. Up and off only to suck those precious little packages of yours. Each one getting special attention. Your hips start to move. I smile.

My licks get harder. The sucking a little deeper. When your hands move to my head I stop for that split second of panic I sometimes get but you are gently running your fingers through my hair. I close my eyes and continue.

I hear you whisper “come here”. But I do not move. This is all for you. I shake my head and my mouth bobs up and down on you. My fingers curled around your balls and one finger begins to tickle your ass.

Your insistence becomes evident as your begin to pull my hair. I look at you with a question…

“Now!” you say.

I slide up your body and straddle your hips. Looking down at you, our eyes lock and I feel you guide your hard cock into my willing and waiting body.

I am so wet that I slide down and take you easily into my pussy. Your hands move to my hips and guide my movements. My fingers move to my nipples so sensitive already from wanting you.

My hips moving up and down on you. My fingers rolling my nipples. My back is arched and my head thrown back. You begin to thrust up faster… ankara escort my hips grinding down harder…

Suddenly I am falling. Falling and twisting. Your hands control my moves and I am under you. Your fingers grip my legs and lift them onto your shoulders. Looking up at you I see your strength then feel it as you slide your magnificient cock back into my pussy. One thrust and it almost lifts me off the bed from the sheer force of it.

My breath is released as a moan and my fingers dig into your back. Each thrust is matched by mine. Needing you deeper. You relish the feel of my fingernails as they rake down your back. Leaving a trail of red streaks to your ass. Your hips begin to fuck me harder. My moans get louder and I beg you.

“Please baby”

You know what I am asking for and your teeth find my nipple and as your cock swells you bite. I arch into you and I cum. My scream reaches your ears as my pussy clamps onto your cock.

Your eruption is fast and furious. It matches our mood. I cannot take much more. When all of your cum is in my body, I feel you relax. Our breathing is matched. I go limp in your arms. Your mouth leaves my nipple and we fall together.

I still feel you inside me. Softening but there. When you realize that I cannot breath with your body weight on me, you begin to move away. I grip you tight.


You kiss my forehead and down to my lips. It is a kiss full of passion. I relax and you curl me into your body again. This time I know we both will sleep.

But, my mind is racing on how I will wake you later. XXOO

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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