Pool Lesson

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She has driven me wild since the first day we touched. I have never met a more deliciously erotic woman in my whole life. Just light day dreams of her cause my cock to stir in my pants and if she is in the same room I can’t bear not being near her, enjoying her, pleasing her.

Early in our relationship I got an incredible view into how outrageously erotic she could be when we decided to meet after work for a beer and game of pool. She picked out the sports bar but I beat her there and had already found a table and was playing some practice shots while working on my first beer.

I didn’t see her come in but caught her halfway across the bar as she walked towards our table. Wearing a green cotton skirt just below the knees that fit her hips just the right way that accentuated her adorable ass and a black lace tank top that really showed off her delicious breasts and did a little more than tease with the cleavage she was sporting. As she light-heartedly bounced towards the table I can tell you I was already in the first stages of arousal and I wasn’t the only one who noticed her.

She had a habit of unconsciously and innocently attracting attention just by the way she floated into a room and as always she was turning heads as she crossed the bar. I was extremely proud when she walked right up and instead of giving me a hug and a light kiss she jumped right up in my arms wrapping her legs around my waist and gave me a huge hug and kiss that had me melting immediately. I’m telling you this woman has such an awesome innocent sensuality it just drives me wild.

We broke the kiss and she dropped from my arms when the waitress came up to get her order. She asked me to order her a good beer as she went looking for a straight cue stick. Some of the guys in the bar still could not arrest their attentions from her beauty. Just barely five foot tall, light Latina brown skin, beautiful wavy black shoulder blade length hair and those eyes and angelic face would stop anyone in their tracks.

Our beers arrived as I was breaking the first rack and from her first shot I was getting the idea she might have a little more on her mind than a beer and game of pool. Although she clearly had easier shots on the table she selected the one that gave me a perfect view down her blouse as she bent over to address the cue ball then looked up to catch me watching her she just winked and slammed her ball into the targeted pocket.

Her next shot she selected put her back to me as I sat at our table watching her play. She bent over to address her shot but then backed up till her ass made contact with my knee and wiggled just enough to let me know she knew exactly what she was doing. She stroked her cue stick smoothly but missed her shot.

Putting on a pouty face she came up to me and pressed her body to mine, her breasts pushing against my torso. Looking up with those deep dark eyes she said, “I think I might need some private lessons. Can you help me?”

Who in the world could refuse?

Through the rest of the game I leaned over behind her to help her line up her shots and each time she would wiggle her little ass against my crotch to make sure I was lined up. Once while leaning over to make her shot when I wasn’t exactly where she wanted me; between her ass cheeks, she placed her cue stick on the table then reached back, took hold of my hips and pulled me against her butt till she could feel my cock between her cheeks. Then she let me continue with escort eryaman the lesson.

None of this was lost on the guys playing pool a couple tables away. They were catching glimpses of her breasts and ass when she bent over to take a shot. She couldn’t help but smile and I was pretty sure it was turning her on a little knowing she was giving them a nice show.

With all the distraction she was offering up it’s easy to understand how she quickly kicked my ass dropping the eight ball while I still had six balls on the table and my own two balls aching. I wracked ’em up and she broke, then set up for her shot giving me a wonderful view of her olive breasts. Smiling up at me she missed her follow on shot.

Before I could get up to take my turn, she approached me again as she had done previously. Spreading her legs slightly placing my left leg between hers, she leaned forward to take her beer from the table pressing her pussy against my thigh. I could feel her heat as she took a drink then looking me square in the eyes her free hand dropped to my crotch and found my thickening member.

Her glass poised at her lips she broke a devilish smile and lightly squeezed. Standing on her tip toes she whispered in my ear, “I want some of this”, then lightly said, “Your shot”, as if I could comfortably stand at that point. She told me she was off to the girl’s room which gave me a little time to compose myself before standing, still hard but at least adjusted a little.

I missed my shot; I can’t imagine why. Sitting there sipping my beer I saw her heading towards the table with that same mischievous smile on her face. She looked so relaxed and full of fun as she came up to me, kissed me on the lips then asked if I would hold these for a while as she handed me what I could only presume to be her panties she had just removed.

Even though it was rather dark in our corner of the bar I cupped them in both hands to hide them from view, brought them to my face and inhaled her aroma. My god she is absolutely intoxicating, it was all I could do to keep from throwing her up on the pool table and devouring every inch of her body. My cock was definitely responding, getting hard once again.

“So, are you going to continue with your lessons”, she asked, “I think I need help with this next shot. I don’t think I can quite get it lined up.”

Once again, but with less fabric between us now, I moved up behind her pressing my hard-on against her ass so tight I could feel the cloth of her skirt press between her butt cheeks, precum immediately escaping the end of my cock.

From the corner of my eye I saw cautious glances being thrown our way from the four guys playing two tables over. They had to be envious as hell as they watched us play our game. Leaning in, she pushed back and wiggled her ass lightly against my crotch.

I whispered, “I so want to taste your pussy” then told her, “I believe you’re perfectly lined up now” as I pushed my cock against her, standing to go back to my chair. Before I could get too far away she backed away from her shot and took hold of my hand pulling me to her and pulling me down so she could whisper in my ear.

“And you are making my pussy so wet”, she confessed, kissing me lightly on the lips before turning back to her shot.

The waitress came by and took our order for another round of beers while my opponent unceremoniously ran the table finishing it off with a bank shot eight-ball to a corner pocket. ankara escort She then came back to me again straddling my leg and nuzzling in close to gloat how she was able to make all those sweet shots while she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter.

“And just how wet”, I couldn’t help asking.

With a devilish grin she carefully pulled her skirt up high enough on her leg to slip her hand up underneath the material. I heard a slight moan then her hand reappeared and she placed her fingers to my lips. Her fingers were slippery wet with her sex and I took them into my mouth sucking and tasting her juices; my cock was so hard it hurt being confined in my pants.

“You know this is making me terribly uncomfortable”, I complained.

“Then we’ll just have to take care of your little problem”, she promised.

She gave a studied look around; the waitress was at the bar and the three of the four guys were busy scoping out the other women in the bar and playing their game of pool. The fourth guy was probably in the bathroom. She deftly removed my belt and placed it in her purse.

“You won’t be needing this for a bit.”

Then she returned her attentions to my trouser button and zipper, quickly undoing what needed undoing. Another survey of the room and she made herself comfortable with the fact our table was pretty much blocking the view of the four guys and her body was blocking the view from the rest of the bar. With the dim lights I’m not so sure anyone could really see what was going on unless they really strained to see.

Pulling my underwear down my hard cock sprang from its confines and she quickly wrapped her fingers around my shaft. Stroking me up and down she captured the ample amount of precum I had been oozing and her hand slipped easily up… her thumb ran over the head then down… repeating as she looked right into my eyes.

“We might get in serious trouble if we get caught”, I stammered. Trying with all my might to keep from exploding in her hand.

“Exciting, isn’t it?” she asked as she snuggled up against me and never stopped stroking.

Just then I caught movement coming towards us; our waitress was returning with our beers.

“Oh god! Her comes our beers” I warned.

Without so much as a hiccup; instead of putting me back together, she just pulled herself up in my lap the foot rung of the stool supporting her. She managed to pull the back of skirt up so when she sat down my cock found its resting place right between the cheeks of her ass. I could feel the heat of her body engulf my hard member.

The waitress was putting the beers on the table just as she got settled. I’m so flustered I can barely carry on minimal small talk which mostly amounts to my girlfriend’s bragging about kicking my ass. They laughed and the waitress winked and promised to check on us in a bit. I’m not certain but I believe she may have suspected we were up to something.

Surprisingly I was still rock solid and I could tell I was drooling precum because of the way I easily slid between her butt cheeks as she twisted around to hand me my beer.

“You don’t mind just kickin’ back for a bit and enjoying the beers, do ya?”

“Not at all”, I responded flexing and pushing up towards her ass, “If that’s what ya want.”

That wasn’t all she wanted I was soon to find out. Half way through our beer which was enjoyed with much wriggling around, giggling and smiles, my cock and the elvakent escort crack of her ass were totally coated with my slippery precum. She sat her beer on the table, looked around, then stood up slightly and reached up between us. Taking hold of my cock she rubbed the head back and forth over her slit. I could feel my cock spreading her lips open and felt myself easily gliding through her velvety heat.

She positioned me right where she wanted and way too slowly began to sit back down on my cock. I could feel her tight and extremely wet pussy engulfing my cock no more than a half inch at a time. About half way in I attempted to plunge full into her succulent pussy but she was ready and stood up a little preventing my further penetration and looked over her shoulder.

“Uh-uh-uh… I’m in control of this one”, she informed me.

Having raised up enough so that the head of my cock was just barely inside her she again began her slow decent. I could actually feel my cockhead swelling up in response to the awesome feeling of her hot pussy slowly descending.

As she settled down on my lap, my cock now buried completely inside her, she sat perfectly still and one of the four guys caught my eye and nodded his approval. I can only assume it was approval of her sitting on my lap, how could he know my girlfriend was in the process of slowly fucking me. I could feel my pulse throbbing in my cock which was also involuntarily flexing.

I slipped my hand up under her skirt from behind and she adjusted the material to conceal my intrusion. My fingers quickly found her mound, made a “V” around my cock gently rubbing her outer lips as they sucked me inside her. She wasn’t exaggerating early, she was very wet indeed, my fingers becoming slippery with her sex.

Pulling my hand back just a bit my finger found her swollen clitoris and I started lightly strumming over the tip of her little nub. This caused her pussy to tighten around me then she began rhythmically flexing her muscles, squeezing my shaft then releasing me over and over, my god what an awesome feeling.

It wasn’t long at all that she could not keep still herself. Her breathing was becoming labored as she began to very slightly rock back and forth on my lap. This caused the head of my cock to rub back and forth deep in her pussy and I began to detect the aroma of her arousal in the air. I could also feel the increase of her honey escaping her pussy around my shaft.

I wrapped my free hand around her waist, my palm just above her mound and pulled her tight against me as I felt her pussy contract around me and she whimpered; shuddering in a relatively quiet orgasm. That was all I could take and I began squirting load after load in responsive pulses, filling her pussy with my cum.

I had beads of sweat on my forehead as we both attempted to recuperate. Finishing our beers as my cock slowly softened inside her. She sat her empty glass down and said she had to run to the little girls’ room. With that she squeezed tightly and pulled her self off me as I fumbled to get my pants back together. Standing, she walked slowly but deliberately to the bathroom.

The waitress arrived just as I finished my beer and I let her know we were leaving, “Would this cover our bill?” as I laid a twenty on the table.

“Absolutely, but you guys aren’t leaving? You looked like you were having so much fun.”

“Yeah, I’m thinking we need to take our fun home.” I responded.

“Well, next time you two come in you better ask for me. Who knows, maybe you two would give me a pool lesson.”

“Now that might very well be arranged and I’m betting a hell of a lot of fun.”

She smiled and said good-night. “Next time then.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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