Private School

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My senior year in high school was only a month away. I was 18 and ready to get out of my dumb prissy private school. My Mom and Dad had made me spend 4 years at an all-girls private school and I hated almost all of it. Besides making it almost impossible to have a boyfriend the uniforms we had to wear were hideous.

Dark blue pleated skirts that hung to your knees, along with white button down shirts that looked like they belonged on a guy. Oh did I forget the dress shoes? Yep we had to wear some clunky black flats that I hated to look at let alone put on my feet!

With all the rules we had to live with it shouldn’t surprise you to know that I got even by smoking weed whenever I could. It was my way of rebelling against the establishment, oh and once in a while when I had a boyfriend I got drunk and fortunately not pregnant.

Not that I was some kind of whore, but I did indulge in sex a few times a year when I was lucky enough to get some.

With only one month to go everything kind of blew up in my face. I’d never been in trouble at all and was totally embarrassed when the announcement came over the loud speaker in class that I should report to the office.

I picked up my back-pack and walked down to the office wondering what the hell was wrong!

When I got in the office it was almost time for the last bell of the day and the secretary….Mrs. Archibald was packing up her big old lady purse.

“Hi Emma,” She said with a big smile and smeared lipstick, “Mr. Orlander wants to see you in his office.”

“Do you know why?” I asked.

“No dear, now come on I’ll take you in and then I have to get home.”

I followed her through two twists in the office hallways and to Mr. Orlanders office door. She knocked and opened it when he said, “Come.”

“Mr. Orlander, Emma is here to see you.”

“Send her in and close the door on your way out.”

I went in and the headmaster of the school was sitting behind this huge wooden desk reading through some papers. The door closed behind me and I stood there waiting for him to notice me.

Finally he put the papers away in a desk drawer and looked up at me across his mostly empty desk. It had a pencil holder, a phone, and a big green blotter.

“Ah Emma,” He said with a smile, “Have a chair.” He pointed at the wooden chair in front of his desk.

I dropped my back-pack next to it and sat down.

“I suppose you’re wondering why you’re here?” He said.


He started digging in another drawer, “It seems we have a problem…..I did a random locker search today and guess what I found in yours?”

He pulled from his drawer my new bag of weed, and tossed it down in front of him, “If I’m not mistaken this is a bag of marijuana.”

I felt like a cop had just found me standing over a dead body with a smoking gun!

Orlander got up from behind his desk as my face began to turn beat red and my hands started shaking. He was over 6 foot tall with black hair. Maybe 35 or 40 and trim not a fat old man like most headmasters were. I could see his bulging biceps in his white dress shirt with the black tie as he picked up the bag and started pacing around me on my chair.

“This is a very serious thing Emma,” He said calmly, “Especially since you’re no longer a minor. The law is going to take a very dim view of this.” He said, sitting down in front of me on his desk showing me the bag.

All I could think of was how humiliated I was going to be when the cops came and arrested me. I could picture my prissy mom and dad shaking their heads and lecturing me for the rest of my life.

“Are you going to call the cops?” I asked him with my voice cracking a bit.

“Well that’s the rules now isn’t it? You know we have a zero tolerance policy here.” He replied.

I didn’t want to hear that, and tried pleading with him, “I’m almost out of school forever……I won’t be back to give you any more trouble…..could you just give me a warning this time?”

He looked like he was thinking about it and I waited for his answer.

“You know this could ruin your chance of çankaya escort graduating with the rest of your class because this demands that you are expelled.”

All I could think was, “OH SHIT!” because I’d forgotten about that little rule but he was right. Drugs would get you expelled……it said so in the school handbook.

I was trying really hard not to start crying when I said, “Isn’t there something you can do…..I’ve never been in trouble here before?”

“Mmmm…,” He said getting back up and walking back behind me towards the door, “Let me think if there is a way out of this for you.

Tears started leaking out of my eyes and I couldn’t hold it anymore and started crying. I heard a noise like he was shutting the blinds on the window of his door and then a soft click of the lock. At the time I didn’t think much about that but later I realized that when he locked the door he was already thinking about his solution.

Suddenly I saw his big black shoes in front of me and felt him touching my long hair, “Such beautiful blonde hair,” He said quietly, and I looked up at him with tears running down my cheeks.

He gently wiped them with his thumbs as he held my head in his big hands, “Now let’s not ruin those pretty blue eyes with all those tears.”

“There is a way you can make this go away if you really want it to?”

I felt some hope that maybe my crying had found a soft spot in his heart but boy was I wrong. All I knew at that moment was how much I wanted the whole problem to go away.

“What,” I asked him, “I’ll do whatever you ask…..detention for the rest of school, extra work, clean the bathrooms anything Mr. Orlander just tell me what you want?”

“What time do you usually get home from school?” He asked.

I thought that was a strange question but answered him, “It depends, and I was going to the mall after school today.”

“So you aren’t expected home right away?”


He got right in front of me and his hands were at his crotch unzipping his fly. I just watched stunned as he fished his cock out of his underwear and then it was hanging out in a big curve! I’d seen a few dicks before but his was gigantic!

“I was thinking if you did something nice for me….. that bag of weed might just end up getting flushed down the toilet.”

Now I knew what he wanted from me, and I was pretty shocked at how brazen he was.

“You want me to suck your cock and then you’ll let me go?” I asked, still not believing what was happening.

“Oh that’s just to get started,” He said, grinning at me with his huge dick hanging out of his pants, “You’re going to have to do a lot more than that for me to forget calling the cops.”

I just stared at his cock that was starting to get hard because he was stroking it slowly, “So do we have a deal or do I pick up that phone and forget all about my offer?”

I really didn’t feel like I had much choice so I told him, “Deal.”

“Good now how about taking that blouse and bra off for me.”

With no way out, I started unbuttoning my blouse and took it off. I unhooked the front of my bra and dropped it on the floor as he stood there stroking his cock, that was getting really big and hard.

“Stand up and drop that skirt.”

I stood up and unzipped the side and let it fall down over my shoes and stepped out of it with just my panties on.

“I must say you have the sexiest little body I’ve ever seen!” He told me, “Come here and hold this while I examine those nice round tits of yours.”

I went over to him and took a hold of his big thick shaft as he started rubbing and squeezing my boobs.

“Perfect,” He said, and bent over and sucked on my left nipple.

I stroked the big monster cock slowly for him as he did. I’d already made up my mind that I wouldn’t let him make me cum. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of that….NO WAY!”

He sucked on my other nipple for a while and it pissed me off that they had gotten big and hard. He told me to sit back down and suck his cock. I sat down and took it in my right hand.

It ankara rus escort had to be at least 8 inches long and was as big around as one of those cardboard tubes in a roll of toilet paper!

The knob was swollen and looked even bigger as I kissed the end of it once or twice trying to delay it as long as I could.

“Put the end in your mouth; show me how good you are at sucking cock.”

I opened my mouth and his knob pushed forward stretching it open even further as it went inside. I felt like I had a big golf ball in my mouth as he started to fuck it back and forth. My lips were around the fat shaft…sliding back and forth on his warm skin.

“Mmmm that’s the way….. suck my dick like you mean it.”

He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed his cock further back in my mouth, “Suck on it as hard as you can!”

I sucked him like he asked while he fucked my mouth in quicker thrust, and then he told me to hold his balls.

I cupped his huge warm sack with my left hand and Orlander took control of his cock. Stroking it hard and fast and keeping the knob in my mouth.

“AH AH AH AH OOOOooohhhhhhhh!” He groaned, and huge hot sticky streams of cum hit the back of my throat and started making me choke until I swallowed it.

It kept squirting and I could feel his sack jerking at the same time his cock was squirting his cum down my throat. Thankfully it quit after a while, and he pulled it from my mouth and wiped my chin with a finger. Then he put it in my mouth and I sucked it clean for him.

He took my hand and got me to stand up, “Come here…… it’s high time for me to get acquainted with that little pussy between your legs. He made me lean over his desk standing with my butt facing him. He got down behind me and ran his hands up under my panties and fondled my ass.

“Oh yeah, you have a nice round firm ass,” He remarked, and then pulled my panties down my legs.

He pulled them over my feet and made me spread my legs wide apart, “What do we have here?” He said and I felt a finger touching my pussy, “Nice and wet already,” He said, “I love young girls….always wet and ready for cock!”

It was true my pussy felt drenched and I was mad at my body for letting it happen. Orlander made me sit up on the end of his big desk and lay back with my legs spread wide and my pussy exposed to him. He rolled his desk chair up between my legs and touched me there.

“You have a sexy little pussy Emma,” He said, “I bet it taste good too!”

I looked down between my boobs as he stuck his face in my crotch and ran his tongue up my slit. I tried to fight it but it was hard because well……damn……. it felt really good.

I was still not going to let him make me cum… but it started getting really hard to do that, because he was better at eating me out than any boy who had done it before.

“Emma I was right, you’re delicious!” He said and then I let out a moan as his tongue started flicking fast on my clit.

“Are you going to cum for me?” He asked.

“NO!” I told him, but I was quickly losing the battle and moan’s escaped my lips no matter how hard I tried to hold them back.

A big long rough finger slid easily up inside of my soaking wet vagina, and it was all I could do not to cum for him.

He started fucking me with it, and damn it was almost making me crazy trying to hold back my orgasm. Then a second finger joined the first one and I had to arch my back and squeeze down on them trying to keep from Cumming.

“Oh that’s feels good and tight,” He told me calmly, “I’m going to love sticking my cock in your hot little pussy!”

His talking dirty to me wasn’t helping me hold back at all. I tried to block it out but his fingers kept fucking me in and out….in and out as he talked.

“That’s it,” He said, “You like being fucked don’t you?”

I couldn’t talk and tried to hold back.

“Your pussy is so hot and wet baby, you want to see what I mean?”

He pulled his fingers out of me and leaned down over the top of me and his huge hard cock pressing down between ankara yabancı escort my slit, “Open up.”

I opened my mouth and he put his dripping wet fingers in my mouth and I tasted my pussy for the first time. I sucked them for some reason beyond me …. But then they went back in my pussy and he started to fuck me hard and fast with them.

“I’m going to make you cum now….. and you won’t be able to stop it any longer.”

I felt his lips around my clit and he sucked hard tickling it with the tip of his tongue. I couldn’t take it anymore and had a huge orgasm!

He pulled his fingers out and sucked on my vagina. Oh my GOD! It made me cum again and when he was done he kissed me with his slippery wet face and stuck his pussy tasting tongue in my mouth.

His hands were squeezing my boobs and I could feel his huge shaft in my slit again. He pulled off my mouth and told me, “My wife would love to eat your sweet little pussy, but now it’s time to find out how good it feels wrapped around my cock.”

I felt his big knob at my opening and let out a howl when it popped inside of me.

“I bet you’ve never had your little twat stretched by a big cock before,” He said, and started pushing it deeper.

Like the bow of a ship spreading the way for his shaft I felt it sliding deeper into my body and I started groaning and panting as it did.

“Just relax and it won’t hurt so much,” He told me, “You’re really hot and tight, but in a little while you’re going to beg for all of it.”

I don’t know how long it took because I kept yelling and groaning as the big knob pushed against my cervix, forcing my vagina to grow longer and accept his giant fucking cock!

Through the fog I heard him say, “I knew you could do it, now the fun can start.”

I felt completely stuffed and then it started to pull back half-way and thrust all the way back in.

I’d never felt anything like it before. Every square inch of my vagina was stretched tight around his cock sending crazy sensations up my spine and to my head that felt like it might just explode if he didn’t stop.

He didn’t stop, he just got faster and faster as he tweaked my nipples while he fucked me with what felt like a mile of hard cock.

I heard a voice in the back ground saying, “OH GOD! Yessssss Unh Unh…….Oh fuck me……FUCK ME!”

I realized that the voice was mine, and how much I was enjoying the fucking of my life!

He stopped and leaned down over me, his body holding me down against the table and his cock all the way in me.

“I’m going to cum in your tight little cunt!” He told me and then put my legs up over his shoulders and pushed them towards my head as he drove deep into me.

I heard the voice telling him how much I wanted it……..I was telling him that I wanted him to cum in my pussy!

Orlander started grunting and thrust his big dick all the way in me until the knob brushed my cervix. He let out a long groan and I felt his semen jetting hard on my cervix and it made me cum.

No not just cum, a loud screaming orgasm as his big cock continued to jerk, squirting his load all the way up my pussy.

I got dressed in a daze and my pussy was sore deep inside where he’d stretched it. He was dressed before me and writing something on a small business card.

When I picked up my back-pack he came around the desk with my bag of pot, and put it inside and closed the zipper.

“I think you more than earned this my dear.” He told me, “Just leave it home from now on.”

I stood there in my uniform wanting to be mad at him but couldn’t. It was the best sex I’d ever had and if I had known it would be that good, I would have gladly taken my clothes off for him if he had asked me.

“If you want to get together this Friday night here’s our address,” He said handing me the business card, “Come over around 9, my wife will make you feel right at home.”

He kissed me and I him, and then I left. I walked out to my car wondering if I should throw his card away. I didn’t and stuffed it in my glove box. I was sure glad I was on birth control because by the time I got home my the crotch of my panties was soaked with cum.

They were so bad I threw them away and took a long hot bath to sooth my aching pussy.

I wondered what Orlander and his wife would do if I actually showed up at their house.

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