Priya’s Sex Fantasies

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Priya’s Sex Fantasies
Hi all. This is Priya from Hyderabad. I am working as a software engineer in one of the TOP MNC’s. I am married last year. My husband also works in the same company. He is well built and good looking. We have a great sex life every day since the day we got married. I was a virgin when Ii was married and lost it to my lovely husband only. Since 4 years I was (am) following the ISS site and I am interested to write few sequences also.

But all my stories are purely fake and only from my imagination. I love to have these type of sexual relationships (fantasies) but as I have grown up in an orthodox family environment I did not dare to move forward and have sex although I had few opportunities. I do like 2 writers from this ISS. 1 is Sheela and other is Kamaraju. I love their stories(experiences) and inspired from them to write my fantasies.

Coming to the story, the episodes revolve around me, my family and few friends. I am sexy and have stats of 36-28-38. I enjoy dressing in sexy manner in chudidars, sarees and jeans. I had a bf before marriage and he used to tell me that I l resemble Richa Gangopadhay (Telugu heroine). I had no clue about sex or any other related matters until my maths teacher flirted with me when I had gone for tuitions to his home. He was married and his wife has gone for delivery to her mom’s home. I was studying my 12th and we were 3 students who go for tuition to that teacher and that day I was only one. The clock was showing 6:15pm, while solving some problems I was struck with a problem and asked my teacher to guide me.

Me: sir, I am struck with this sum, can you help me?

Sir: Sure Priya. Anything for you.

And he came and sat behind me on the cot and i was on floor. He had put his hands on my shoulders and started slowly sliding his hands into my top. I was wearing a chudidar at that time. I was scared, was tense at that moment and did not understand what he was doing. I stopped him to proceeding further inside and he was taking advantage of his position.

Me: sir, what are you doing?

Sir: Priya, I am sure you can solve the problem. Try again, I am just helping you with a body massage. You will feel relaxed with this and can solve it easily.

Me: sir I am not feeling the way you are saying but i am feeling something else.

Sir: How? Tell me how you are feeling, so that I can clarify or help you out.

Me: sir, my heart is beating faster. I am getting tensed. Please remove your hand.

Sir: Oh Priyaa ….! That’s not called tension. It is a feeling of pleasure. I am sure you feel pleasure in a short while.

Me: No sir, I am not comfortable with this, please take out your hand.

Sir: (pressing my 32 size boobs)Tell me the truth Priya… are you not feeling something else…

Me: Aaahhh …… mmm …. sir please

Sir: Please what Priya…. should i remove it?

Me: No sir, press the same way. It feels good. I want some more …..

Sir: if you want more, you have to do what I say. Remove your top.

Me: sir but…..

Sir: you will have good score in all subjects this year and I promise you.

I was in his control by now and removed my top for him (meanwhile he has closed the door near to us, so that if anyone comes also we can have time to adjust ourselves)

Sir: Come here Priya… sit beside me.

He started to press my boobs harder and I was moaning as hard as he was pressing them. He kissed my nipple and started sucking the boob. I was floating in heaven and moaning in ecstasy. Aahhh … mmm … ssiiiirrrr please do not leave them. Suck harder than now. Aahh priya…. you have the best pair of boobs in this age. I am sure your husband will be a lucky guy when you get married. Sirr …. aahh. thank you. Please suck them again… I am loving it. He was sucking my boobs one after the other.

While sucking one, he was pressing the other and pinching my nipple while rotating it. It was almost 7:00pm and the clock made us to come back to our senses. My boobs were red due to his sucking and then we remembered that I have to leave else my mom and dad would feel anxious. So we parted and I left for the day.

I was unable to face him in the school due to the previous day session and did not go to his home for 2-3 days. He did not understand why I was not coming to his home and not facing him in the school also. He called me to the staff room when there was no one and asked me what happened? Why are you not coming for tuition. I said him I am uncomfortable due to that day what we did. I am feeling little shy.

That day was Saturday and our school ‘s policy was white dress on Saturdays. Dress code was shirt and skirt (up to knees). He told me to do not feel so shy … if i am normal with him only he said he will give me good scores else he will fail me. From that day I resumed to go to his house but then I got to know that the other 2 students were instructed not to come as he is unable to manage his personal matters and tuitions.

From that day it was our daily routine to have sucking session. He also started to finger fuck me and slowly lick my pussy. God damn…. he is the best pussy licker in this world. He asked me to have his penis in my mouth but I refused as I felt dirty to have it in my mouth. But he made me suck his cock slowly by convincing me.

We had 69 sessions suckings licking for few more days. As my board exams were nearer, we decided to stop all these for few days. But as I was habituated I was unable to concentrate on my studies. I said the same to him and he said, ok we will have few quick sucks everyday for 10-15 mins. We never had sex because it was risk for both if I got pregnant. And I do not want to lose my virginity to someone else other than my husband. He taught me everything in sex.

After all the pleasure given by my maths teacher I was very much habituated to all those. I had completed my 12th board exams and was into my vacation. Even after my exams I was regularly going to my teacher’s house, but my parents started asking why I was regularly going to him even after completing my exams.

So I was forced to stop going there. As I was having almost 3 months to join my college, my dad advised me to join some computer course in some good institution. I explained the situation to my teacher and he said to do as my dad said and we can meet once in a week or twice in a month. I was ok with that and selected one good institution for computer course in the city. But the problem was it was quite far from my house and dad had put an auto for me to pickup and drop at home according to my class timings. The driver is in his 30’s and well built. Not so… But he is a bit handsome, fair and 5’8¨ in height. His name is surya. He has completed his degree.

I have started going to classes daily. My classes were from 6pm to 8pm. So daily we start at 5pm and reach home by 9pm. I usually wear shirt and skirts and very rarely chudidars. Actually I was the only person in the auto everyday but upon his request I accepted for getting passengers into the auto if it is in the way to my classes. Gradually we became close and then friends. It was 2months since my classes have started. Once there was strike for buses and there were more people in the auto, so I moved to front and sat beside him.

Slowly my boobs were touching his hands(arms). After that he was wantedly trying to touch my boobs. I was also liking the feeling and gave him more access. He understood it and started asking me how am I feeling with the touch. I just smiled and sat silently moving towards him. Without anyone noticing he tried to press my boobs. This was our daily routine, wantedly he made more customers so that I move to front and getting pressed.

We exchanged our mobile numbers and started messaging late nights. Usually I sleep at 10 -10:30 pm. I cant respond to messages if anyone is around me and I only reply when I was alone in my room. Our messages started as normal and went depth very soon.

Surya : hey priya!

Priya: hii surya! Wassup…

S : can I call you sexy??

P : sexy??? Why so…

S : bcoz my priya is sexyy…

P : ok…. But not when a third person is there.

S : sure… Sexy what are you doing?

P : nothing just replying you. What are you doing?

S : imagining you in my lap.

P : doing what 😉

S : doing some naughty stuff…

P : like ????

S : kissing me… Me fondling you…

P : oh really??? How am I performing?

S : will tell you that clearly tomorrow face-to-face.

P : ok dear… Getting sleep. Will meet tomorrow.

S : sexy dreams…. Fucking night.

The next day as usual I was ready for my classes and surya was on time. We were on the way and he started the conversation. We were deep into it and I asked how naughty I was yesterday with you? He said that I was kissing him vigorously and sucking his lollipop. I said I love lollipop. He said will you take it now? I said I said we dont find any shops to get me lollipop. He said he have one with home right away. I asked him where. He showed me his dick.

I closed my eyes with my hands acting shy ( I dont want him to think me as a slut or a bitch, so acted as if I dont know anything) and asked him what are you doing? He said this is the one which I was sucking last night. I said… What are you talking…. Thats dirty, I will never do it. He said that it is very good and asked me to try once. I said no way…. I will never do it in my life. He started pressing my boobs, I was closing my eyes and moaning aaahhhh …. Aaahhaa …. Suryyaa. Meanwhile we reached my classes. He dropped me and went back and I moved to my classes.

This was our daily routine and that day after he dropoed I went into the class and knew that the instructor had some emergency and left for the day. I immediately called surya and informed him that the class was cancelled and asked him to come back and drop me at my home. He reached there within 10mins and we started. He asked me whether I informed my parents about the cancellation of my class. I said no… And why? He said then let’s have some fun. He never let a chance to go for pressing my boobs.

All the while he was pressing my boobs. He said I wanna teach you few tips for my sexy. I agreed (knowing it was related to oral , but dont know if he wanted to fuck me). He said it is not possible here, we will stop near that farm. It was on the way we have many farms. I said ok and went in. He parked his auto and we went inside the farm where no one can locate us. He asked if I wanted to have some pleasure.

I readily agreed (as I was not meeting my maths teacher regularly). He has one blanket in his auto all time as it may be used for any purpose (which is now used for pleasure). He starter pressing my boobs over the shirt itself and asked me if he can have a view of it. I did not accept and he started begging (which I wanted to) me literally. I said only once. He said ok.

As I wear only shirts, I unbuttoned my 3 top buttons. He had a view of my boobs over my bra. After a min I started buttoning them. He said, hey sexy this is unfair, you have to show me your boobs not along with your bra. I said ok and removed my all buttons of shirt and bra and just lifted it, did not remove it. He was dumb struck having the view of my 36 sized boobs. He asked me if he can touch those. I said no you can’t. He said just once sexy, anyways you allow me to press those. I said ok. And he started touching those and pressing them. Gradually he increased the speed. I was like…. Aaahhhh.

S : sexy ne sallu banginipallu mamidikayalu laa unnaye, baga cheekali ani undi (sexy your boobs are like mangoes and I wanna suck these mangoes)

And started sucking them without my permission. I was like aaaahhhh ….. Suryyaaaa inkaaa cheeku …. Bagaaa cheekuu …….. Aaaahhhh (suck them more,… More and more…. Aaaahh). He sucked them more than 30mins pressing the other boob. I was in seventh heaven and not knowing what was going on.

When I opened my eyes my skirt was about to be apart of my body. He asked if he can have a view of my pussy. I was totally in his control and said ok. He took away my skirt and panty with great care and started to feel it. He was rubbing my pussy and asked me sexyy…. Ela undi?? (sexy …. How is it??).

I was continuously moaning with pleasure. He put his index finger into my pussy hole and was doing in and out slowly. Slowly he laid me over my back and I have given him full access to finger me. He spread my legs and was fingering me with his finger while having a look at it. He now inserted his middle finger too and I was shouting with pleasure. As I was used to the finger fuck I wasn’t having any pain. My pussy was tight enough for his two fingers and understood that I am a virgin.

Suddenly there was a bite on my clit and I shouted like hell. Omg… If anyone works in the farm it would have been a group fuck that day. He licked my cunt for an-other 30mins and I have cummed twice. Gooddd ….. He knew different techniques how to make a girl cum and delay her also.

After that he made me suck his cock and we were in 69 position. Surya was on ground and me on top of him. We were in an-other world and totally forgot that there are people in earth. We felt we were the adam and eve. I hate to take the cum inside my mouth so, he informed that he was almost to the end and I let him cumm on my boobs….

Priya : ee sukhame na naku nerpali anukunnav?? (is this the pleasure you were talking about to teach me?)

Surya : idi just kuncheme ne…. Nuv opukunte ikade ninnu dengi poorthi sukham ento ruchi chupistha. (this is just a little….. I will give you full pleasure here itself by fucking you, güvenilir bahis if you accept)

Gooddd ….. he knew different techniques how to make a girl cum and delay her also. After that he made me suck his cock and we were in 69 position. Surya was on ground and me on top of him. We were in an-other world and totally forgot that there are people in earth. We felt we were the Adam and Eve. I hate to take the cum inside my mouth so, he informed that he was almost to the end and i let him cum on my boobs….

Priya : ee sukhame na naku nerpali anukunnav?? (is this the pleasure you were talking about to teach me?)

Surya : idi just kuncheme ne…. nuv opukunte ikade ninnu dengi poorthi sukham ento ruchi chupistha. (this is just a little….. i will give you full pleasure here itself by fucking you, if you accept)

Priya : ithe chupinchu…. ( show me …)

But we checked the clock and it was almost ticking 8:20pm, and before 9pm we have to reach my home else my parents… (u know guys… these parents). So we have cleaned ourselves and dressed properly and left for home. We have planned to continue our session other day at some secured place. When we reached home, my parents informed me that they were going out of station and they wanted me to stay at my friend’s home as there was no other option. I asked them if i can stay at home itself but they ignored and dint listen to me. I said ok and they dropped me at my friend’s( Geeta ) place, spoke to her father and left. Geeta’s mom had passed away a year back and only geeta and her dad lives in the house. They live in a 3bhk flat. That night surya called me and we had sex chat on phone and later i was tired and slept in Geeta’s room.

In the sleep i felt someone touching my boobs over my nighty. I thought i was dreaming first. Slowly my nighty was going up and up and up… and came above my navel and the strips came down my boobs. I do not use inners while sleeping. My boobs were being sucked slowly and sensually. I was like aaahhhh … mmm … uuummm. the other person was pressing my boob and sucking the other. He was doing this by changing my boobs while sucking.

I opened my eyes and found a person but couldn’t recognize as the room was dark. He was sitting beside me on the bed and was sucking my boobs like hell. I saw the other side and geeta was not there on the bed. He had put his finger in my pussy hole and started fingering me. He put his thumb on my clit and middle finger in my hole and doing in and out.

Priya : abbba….aaahhh …. .mmmm. emundi ra babu ee sukham. ( what a pleasure… )

Person: Gattiga aravaku, ne friend lestadi (Do not shout loud, else ur frnd will wake up)

Priya : ummm…. inka chey … alage chey … amma …. na moguda …. abbbaa abbaa em chestunav ra ( more and deeper… my darling…. its awesome)

Person : na ranku pellama…. raave dula lanja…. na modda cheeku ( bitch… come and suck my cock )

We turned into 69 and he was on top of me. He was licking and biting in between my clit and i was in seventh heaven. I was sucking his cock like an ice cream with my favorite chocolate flavor. His cock was 6inches in length and 2.5¨ in round. It went only half in my mouth. We were in the same position till he had cummed. He didn’t inform me that he was cumming and i had to swallow it. It was salty. By that time i had cummed thrice.

Then he moved on top of me and started penetrating into me. As i was a virgin i was having pain while he was trying to push inside me. I was almost shouting but he closed my mouth with his and rigorously kissing me. He made a tight sudden push and his full cock disappeared inside. It was almost my dead point. I am no more a virgin now. He was still in the same position for couple of minutes and then slowly started to move in and out. In and out…. in and outt… in and outtt ….. he slowly increased his speed and i was moaning like hell.

Priya : aabbbaaa …. aaahhhh …… mmaaaaa …… chastunna baboiiii (i am dying)

Person : entha tight ga unde ne puku… anduke teenage pillala puku pagala dengithe aa sukhame veru. (wow…. ur pussy is sooo tight…. the pleasure is totally different while fucking a teen girl)

Priya : dengu … inkaa dengu … gattiga dengu …. aaaa ammmm maaaaaa ….. aaahh hhh hh (fuck …. fuck me more ….. fuck me more n more n moreee… ahhhh hh)

He fucked me almost for 45 mins and cummed on my stomach. I also had cummed twice by that time and was totally tired. I was happy for having an excellent first fuck of my life. He licked my stomach navel and cleaned me. The clock was ticking 2 a.m by that time and i slept horribly. When i woke up the next morning it was almost 9 am and my friend geeta and her dad were watching tv sitting on the sofa. They were talking something which was slightly audible for me but they do not know i was awake and behind them.

Geeta’s dad : hey geeta! (rubbing her boobs) you are amazing.

Geeta : oh! Avna…? (Is that so?)

Dad : avnu darling… dengina prathisari modati sari anatte arusthav. Ne puku kuda yama tight ga untadi. (yes darling… you always shout as you are being fucked for the first time in ur life and ur pussy is also very tight.)

Geeta : ninna ratri enduku dengaledu nannu? Guest bedroom lo nekosam wait chesa ardaratri 1 varaku…. priya na gadhi lo undi ani. Nenu inka mana vishayam priya ki teliyakudadu ani raledu anukunna ika. (why dint you fuck me last night then? I was waiting for you in the guest bedroom as priya was sleeping in my room and you dint come even it was 1a.m. i thought you dont want Priya to know our relation so you dint come to me last night)

Then i understood that it was Geeta’s dad who fucked me last night even uncle also understood it… and this bastard have taken my virginity without anyone’s knowledge of who is fucking whom.

Dad : darling…manaki epudu chala time undi dengukovadaniki. Mundu priya ni inti nundi vellani. Epudaina tanu bayatiki vellinapudu manam kaanivachu le (we always have ample of time to fuck. Let priya move from our home first. We can also fuck when she is out for some time)

I had went back to my room and got freshen up and went to the hall…. wishing them good morning. Geeta said she is going to the market to get some groceries and vegetables… she asked me if i am going to join her. I said no as i was tired. She had gone to the market and i and her dad were left in the house. Geeta’s dad came close to me and asked me how was my last night… did i sleep well as it was new place? I said yes uncle…. but there were mosquitoes all the night till 2am. He asked was the mosquito big?? I said…. yes uncle it was such a huge mosquito that it dint allow me to sleep neither it dint… and the mosquito doesn’t want me to shout as well.

I just put my head on his shoulder and watching t.v. he was slowly moving his hand from my shoulder to my right boob. I was in my t-shirt and 3/4th pant. I was not saying any word or neither moving away. He asked me do you want the mosquito again? I just nodded my head in yes. He threw me on the sofa and started licking me. I was moving him away as i dont want geeta to know this.

Priya : uncle please…. ipudu vaddu. Geeta vacheste? (not now. What if Geeta comes back?)

Uncle : em parledu priya… inka 2hrs padatadhi tanu ravadaniki. Manaki chala time undi, eelopu neku swargam ante ento chupistha. Okavela vachina aa lanja ni kuda kalipeskundam le….emantav ( no problem priya… it will take another 2hours for her return. We have ample of time and i will show you heaven now. If that slut comes also we can join her? What say? )

Priya : vaddu uncle….. tanu nannu oka lanja la chudali ani nenu anukovatledu. Ina danni nuv dengutunava? (no uncle…. i dont want her to think me as a slut or bitch. By the way do you fuck her also? )

Uncle : avnu… memu prathi ratri dengukuntunam… me aunty velpoyinapatnundi. Adhi oka pedda lanja ina. Dani puku lo modda kosam adhi enthakaina tegisthadi. Modda lekunda brathakaledu adhi. (Yes priya…. we fuck almost every night since you aunt left us. She is a bitch. She will do anything for a cock. She can’t live without a cock inside her pussy.)

Meanwhile he removed all my clothes and i was naked before him now. He was eating my pussy like his favorite dish and chewing my clit. I was moaning and moaning and moaning. I was almost to cum and as i said that he left me over there and went to the kitchen. I was dying here and he brought a glass of sprite which was in the fridge. He pulled me little front from the sofa and sat at my pussy entrance and started pouring then drink slowly.

He started drinking it while licking my pussy. He din’t drop a drop of drink or a drop of my cum mixed drink. He got up and removed his pant and inserted in my pussy without any warning. But it very easily went inside my pussy, not like the previous night. He was praising my pussy as he didn’t ever fucked pussy like mine and it is very tight. I was almost to my end and having lot of pleasure. He then moved me to doggy style and he was explaining all the styles in KAMASUTRA.

Priya : you gonna make me your bitch…. fuck me…. oohhhh ….. fuck mee ……

He fucked me for almost 1 and half hour and then cummed inside me. I then went to the washroom and cleaned myself. I have changed into a t-shirt and a mini skirt. We were sitting in the sofa and watching t.v. Geeta then came and was cursing for the heat and was sweating heavily.

Uncle then came near me and said that this bitch have just fucked someone and came. We were giggling silently. I have stayed almost for a week over there and used to go for my classes from there itself. Surya used to finger me in the auto itself and i used to give him a hand job. But we never fucked. Uncle have taught me all the tricks and different angles in sex and how to please a man.

After a week my classes got completed and i never again met surya. Geeta and me joined same college in a top college of the city. College changed me completely.

After that day, I and uncle had a very exotic sex life. No one knows about my sex life. After vacations, I have joined a college which was very far from my hometown. So obviously I and uncle had very rare sessions. But as I was used to this sex I was starved literally and on the other side I do not want anyone to know about this and become a slut. So I thought there will be some time in future if everything goes well. The first day I went to college in a t-shirt and jean, almost body hugging. And as usual we had ragging sessions and I was asked about my details first. I had a small argument with seniors mainly with one boy, harsha. He took it seriously and was planning for a great chance to teach me a lesson. A few months later when I was returning to the hostel after a movie he came and met me on road. He said he will drop me as it is very late and not safe. Not being a stranger I believed him and got into his car. Inside the car, there was one of his friends, Chaitanya and I thought I was safe, but never knew I was going to be fucked (which they thought 😀 ).

Oh sorry guys, I haven’t mentioned their details. The guy who offered me a drive is harsha(average built, cock 9.5 inches) and his friend Chaitanya(good looking; cock – 8 inches). Harsha drove off towards my place but in another route, when asked he said it is a shortcut. He stopped the car in a lonely place and asked me to get down. I got down and asked what happened. He was very much angry and said he is going to take revenge on me for my behavior on the 1st day. I said please leave me (don’t want to let them know I am a bitch) and let me go. I was in a shirt and long skirt and harsha started to strip me forcefully. I tried running away but Chaitanya caught hold of me and harsha started to strip me off. He stripped me totally nude and took away my clothes. They now knew I will not move from there. So they put my clothes inside the car and brought ropes and tied my hands to a tree. They started to smooch me from both sides.

Harsha took my right side and chaitu my left side of the body. They were sucking my booobs sooo erotically such that I started enjoying quitting to plead them. I was like “AAAHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh: Mmmmmmmmmm”. After few mins, I started getting wet and flowing juices out. Harsha reached my pussy now and licking it. He was rhythmically sucking me and Chaitanya taking care of my boobs. First time in life I was enjoying a threesome. Girls, I tell u, you must try a threesome, you don’t know what pleasure you get when guys are taking care of your assets with love and lust.

I started to respond to them aggressively and took out chaitanya’s cock for a hand job. Chaitu after few mins, he put his cock in my mouth and I started sucking it. As uncle (Geeta’s dad) taught me all different techniques, I gave him a great suck which he did not expect from me. He was shouting “ Bitch, u r awesome in sucking, I want you to suck me everyday. I will do whatever you want.” I was like, LOL!! Chaitu is pleading me and I don’t have to worry that these guys will publish my inner character to other people. Watching chaitu’s reaction harsha got jealous that he is getting a wonderfull blowjob and said “bitch, u r sucking him, see what I will do to your pussy now?!” he was thinking I am a virgin and I will be in pain. He sucked my pussy and fingered it with 2 fingers. He now took out his cock out and OMG, he has the best cock.

Sooooo long, mmmmmm I love big cocks. He was rubbing his cock on my pussy and waiting for me to plead him to put it in. I was njoying that and sucking chaitu’s cock. He got irritated and suddenly pushed his cock perabet inside me and it almost went in about 80% and I made my pussy walls tight for him. But as his cock is going inside and coming out I started moaning “aaahhhhhh, harsha, loved it ra, go in deeper, mmmmm ; ahhhhhhhh,-mmmmmmmm harshaaaaaaa”. Harsha was shouting “bitch, m gonna tear you today. Carry my baby and roam in college with a big belly.” meanwhile chaitu has cummed on my face and withing few seconds his cock was erect again. He started sucking my boobs and I was moaning like hell. One fucking me and other sucking my boobs. After rigorous fucking of 20mins, harsha cummed inside me. Then chaitu took the position of fucking and harsha gave his cock to me for a blowjob. OMG, this is the firstime I am experiencing continous fucks and sucks. I loved it to the core. After giving blowjob of 10mins, harsha cummed on my boobs and chaitu almost came to climax. As I was also about to cummmm….i shouted, deeeperrrrrrrrr and deeepperrrrr, chaitu commonnnnn aaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk fuckkkkk bastard fuccckkkkk……. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, , mmmmmmmm,….maaaaaaaaaaaa ffffffuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkkk” and both of us climaxed.

All three of us cleaned ourselves, I asked them to clean me with their t-shirts and they did as I said. They wore those and I wore my dress and got inside the car. Harsha then asked me if I was virgin before he took on me? I said no, I accidentally lost my virginity with Geeta’s dad. He thought geeta was on bed and he fucked me. They were like, “What the Fuck????” I said, “ it was an excellent fuck”. Uncles and middle aged men fuck awesome. We spoke for few mins and left from there. Harsha was driving and I and chaitu sat behind. Chaitu started to smooch over my dress and pulled my panty to a side and started fingering me. I was moaning mmmmmm, aaaahhhhhh hhhhhhmmmmmmmmm deepeeerrrrrrrrrrr…… harsha also started getting horny again asked for a fuck again. Chaitu fingered me almost 10mins and I cummed in his hand. Moving further, chaitu home arrived and chaitu dropped off kissing me good bye. My hostel is almost 2mins away and harsha asked for a fuck again. I said ok but not in car or outside. He said “ok, let’s go to my place”. I asked “if it is safe?” He thought for a while and said ok no problem, we will go to my guest house.

It was almost 4am we reached his guest house and it was like a duplex house with a living room and kitchen and 1 guest bed room in ground floor and upstairs 3 or 4 bedrooms. Harsha is very rich and I decided to use this opportunity very smartly. We locked all the doors from inside and went to the master bed room which has a wall-mounted smart TV installed, a king size bed, a sofa and attached batchroom with a tub in it. As already we had fucked before, the body is all sticky and I asked if we can fuck after having a shower. He said “Lets have it together baby”. I said ok and worried I do not have any extra pair. He said “we will order for u, and we can get it delivered by tomorrow morning.” I said let’s have a shower and them book one. We both went in and stripped ourselves and threw away to a corner.

Harsha started to soap me all over the body and went down in the same way. He lathered my pussy walls and started fingering me. I was like “Aaahhhh…mmmmm harsha, u r awesome, please more deeper; ur finger is not good as ur cock.” Immediately he got up and made me bend forward and inserted his cock inside my pussy. His cock went in and came out along with the soap inside my pussy and on his cock. OMG, people try this posture with your partner, it is soooo nice fucking with soap on and inside the bodies. He fucked for 5mins and we separated. We bathed and came out and dried each other. We came out of the bath and fell on the bed, harsha’s phone rang. When looked who it was, it was chaitu. I asked him to put it on speaker and harsha neither wanted to let chaithu know I was with harsha.

So he answered the call and put it on speaker. Chaitu said he had an excellent experience and thanked harsha for it. He said let’s have some fun with priya again whenever possible. I signaled harsha NO with my eyes. Harsha said “ I don’t think priya will agree for this again and again. And we don’t have any proof also to blackmail her and have fun.” Chaitu sighed hmm. Harsha said “ lets c what destiny is planning for us, and we will talk with her about this, as priya is also open minded.” And then both of them waived a BYE and wished a good night and fuck dreams with priya. Harsha disconnected and said “ fucking dreams for chaitu and fucking with priya for me”.

As we just had a fuck and shower we were very much tired and just laid down. He took his phone and booked clothes for me. As we were tired we went to sleep instantly nude. When I woke up it was almost 11 in the morning and harsha was licking my clit and fingering me. I was moaning softly and harsha knew I woke up. I asked him “when did u woke up??” he said since 15mins he was fingering me. “I woke up and saw u nude and my cock instantly saluted ur beauty”. I smiled and asked him to fuck me. He fucked me for almost 30mins in missionary, doggy, and in chair. He finally cummed inside me and left me. The door bell rang and harsha went to look who it was? And I went to the washroom to clean myself. I wrapped a towel and came out and was checking my phone. There were few calls and messages from an unknown number. When asked, harsha said it was chaitanya’s number.

Chaitu messaged me about the last night fuck and praised me a lot. He literally begged me for a secret relation. Harsha got back from the door with a packet and parcel of food which he has already ordered earlier for both of us. The packet was containing an dress, one-piece which started from my boobs (1 inch higher from boobs) and ending at my mid-thighs. He ordered some jewellery matching for the dress and inners tooo. I asked how did you know my measurements, he said darling (winked) I am fucking you since hours, I can easily guess ur stats. Now come and show me the dress how it looks for my baby. It was an awesome dress which fit me perfectly and I looked like a sex-bomb.

When I said harsha about chaitu’s messages, he said he also want to continue the relation secretly. As I was thinking about it, harsha offered me money on monthly basis. He said he will transfer me 30k every month and I should also go for outings and trips with him. I thought for a while and I convinced myself as I am getting money and pleasure. So why should I say no for it? Before agreeing to the deal and asked for relation with chaitu, can I get fucked with him? Harsha didn’t say yes or no.

After joining college, I was with the very tight schedule, attending classes and fucking with friends and lecturers. We were declared holidays for 1 month after exams and later I left to home. Mom and dad were very much excited to see me after 6 months. We were happy that I am going to stay for 1month now. They were happy as I will be with them and I was happy as I can meet an uncle and have an erotic session. After 2 days, I called up Uncle to know his status and informed him “I am home for you”. He said he is out of town and he will be home anytime today. When enquired about Geeta, he said she is at home, may be getting fucked with watchman or milkman or servant or any man. We kissed in the phone and I hung up the phone and informed mom that I will be back in a couple of hours going to meet Geeta. Dad is already out of home and mom accepted as she knows we are very good friends.

I wanted to surprise geeta (actually wanted to catch her on spot fucking) and went her home. I knew she is a bitch, she is getting fucked by a man. I could hear her voice. When checked the door is half opened, idiots they even did not lock the main door. I entered in and was hearing the sounds. The other voice was very much familiar to me but I was unable to get confirmed. They are almost on their climax, don’t know since when they are fucking. I don’t want to disturb them in the middle but wanted to catch them while fucking. So decided to interrupt while they are cumming. I was listening to all the sounds and the conversation was like this-

Geeta – yeaaa deeepeerrrrr, I’m going to cum… m fininshinggg aaahhhhhhh

Guy – yes baby, 2 mins more and we will climax together….

The room was filled with all their moanings and ahhh, hmmm,,,mmmmm sss….. The sounds were tupp, tupp tuppp chupp chaapppp aahhhhh…. Finally, they shouted and climaxed. The man who was fucking slept beside her and sucking Geeta’s boobs. I thought this is the correct time to catch her and just opened the door and shouted surpriseeeee and acted to be shocked. But to my surprise, I was really shocked. The man with Geeta who fucked her like hell was none other than my dad. I was shocked to see them together and both of them too were shocked too.

I came out of the room immediately and sat on the sofa thinking how is this possible? Even uncle too dint utter a word about this. Does he know about this? Or did he wantedly kept this as a secret? Did he wantedly took my virginity as dad has relation with Geeta? How did geeta and dad fuck first? I was with thousands of questions in my head and then came out Geeta and dad, fully dressed up. I acted as if I am a virgin and was a very good orthodox traditional girl. I asked dad- what is all this? Do mom know about it? Geeta, what about you? I have never imagined you this way, do uncle know about all this???

Dad – Priya, please don’t say anything which you saw today to your mom. She always thinks I am very loyal husband and never cheated on her. I will explain you everything that happened and when. But please promise me you won’t tell your mom.

Geeta – sorry Priya. I never wanted all this to happen but what to do, this all my fate. My dad knows that I am a bitch but do not know that I am fucking your dad. My dad fucks me regularly but I thought if he knew that m fucking your dad, he may fuck you. I know you are a very traditional girl and do not like all these.

I was dumb when she is thinking all these, m not knowing whether to react positively or negatively. I just sat there looking both of them to please explain. Both of them started the story one by one.

Geeta started how her life turned and fucked her dad. Priya, you know my mom passed away after suffering from a disease which she was on the bed in her last days. 3 years back one day (when I and Geeta were in 9th class) I was studying in my room and mom was sleeping after her dinner.

Her medicines had some snoozing effect, that she have sound sleep after taking those tabs for almost 6 to 7 hours. Dad attended an office party that night and came home drunk. I don’t know what happened and he was so horny that he couldn’t resist and fucked me vigorously. I was shouting so high that none helped me and mom was in deep sleep. Later on, dad said sorry and stated that he was horny always and couldn’t go out to fuck and couldn’t even control. I was also convinced to dad that we continued it. As mom was always in bed, we fucked all corners of the house, without mom’s knowledge. After mom’s death, dad fucked me so much that I couldn’t live without fuck at least once in a day. When dad had trips for 4 to 5 days I seduced the servants around. I was even fucked with many guys like a watchman, autowala, milkman, strangers. Dad knows everything about my fucks, except relation with your dad.

I was convinced with all the story she said, as I know uncle is so horny and can make anyone a whore. I asked – “Dad, how come you fucked Geeta? How did you even think of cheating mom?”

Dad explained – Priya, as you know when you were in 10th, we had a weeding to attend and we left you here at Geeta’s home.(my 2nd part, where Geeta’s dad took my virginity). The day we returned back, you were home and I got a phone call regarding work. I had some problem and very well know that Geeta’s dad can help me regarding that. So I came here to ask him help. But what I saw here was very shocking at that moment. Both dad and daughter were fucking so hard that I couldn’t resist. I recorded that video and started masturbating watching Geeta’s assets. Your mom resisted fucking as you are in the home and it is not good to still fuck having a daughter of that age. I even cant fuck you as your mom may know and kill me. So thinking further, I decided to fuck Geeta as she is already fucking many. And she has great assets. So I blackmailed geeta showing the video and fucked her. But I asked her to promise to keep our relationship secret. As we both were comfortable and we continued fucking whenever possible.

But when your dad is fucking you already and does not have a problem in getting fucked with others, why don’t you confess this with your dad?? I asked Geeta. Geeta – “my dad will ask you as penality or complimentary for your dad fucking me. Is that ok for you?” I looked at dad and all three of us were silent. But I doubt, there is some other plan revolving in their minds. I looked at dad, and he was watching me from top to bottom.

I was in a t-shirt and shirt which just crossed my knees. It just blew up and he could see my pussy clearly. Oh shit, I again forgot to put on my panties. Dad came near me and caught my hands and started pleading me, Priya do not say this to mom please, and all of a sudden he grabbed my boobs, lifting my shirt upwards. Geeta came behind and took away my t-shirt off me. Dad was sucking so good that perabet giriş I started to get wet instantly. I was moaning, dad…. Nooo, plssss mmmmmm…aaahhhh… stoopppp it please…. Meanwhile, geeta too got nude and made dad too. Dad was sucking my boobs and parallelly fingering geeta and me with 2 of his fingers. Geeta started sucking him. I shouted and pleaded and moaned…noooo dad, this is wrong, pls don’t, leave me…. I will not let mom know about this. But he is no mood tho stop and said, priya I always wanted to fuck you, you have great assets, and dint get chance to fuck you. You are soo gooooodd….. Ummmmmmm….Aaahhhhhhh.

Dad got up and put his dick inside my pussy and gave a jerk. I do not wanted him to know that I was fucking regularly, and made my pussy walls close inside and dint let him go in. He again pulled back and gave a forced jerk and it now went inside. I shouted as if it was the first time. He fucked me for 5 mins and cummed on my belly. He saw my pussy and asked me – “are you fucking anyone? Why dint your pussy bleed?”

Suddenly geeta’s dad said – (at the door) it is because now-a-days girls are active in games and their hymen break while playing or dancing. [thank god, uncle saved me…. Love you, uncle]. Uncle instantly fucked geeta quickly and then came to me. I acted no uncle, please leave me. Uncle said – “why should I, when your dad is fucking geeta regularly.” I will fuck you all day from today till 7 days continuously. This is the punishment for your dad, for fucking others daughter. Dad was shell shocked but said ok, I don’t have any issue if geeta stays with me all these 7 days. Everyone was ok with this and I was jumping with joy inside. But said, what are you people thinking of me? I don’t want this to happen. Uncle said he will leak the relation between geeta and my dad to mom, and she will hang herself when she heard of this. Then I agreed, as I don’t want geeta or dad to doubt on me. I and uncle were in joy for having fun for almost 7 days.

We came back home and was silent from outside and excited inside as I am going to be with an uncle for 7 days. Mom was busy with preparing dinner and dad came to me and smooching me. He asked me in soft tone, Priya, don’t lie…. Dint you njoy today morning? But dad, I never thought of it, having sex with you. Dad – un expected things only happen in life Priya, but tell me did you like it?

Me- no dad… we shouldn’t continue it. Dad –don’t lie, you responded and you liked it, admit it Priya. We can have a good time if you are ok with it. Even I liked it with dad and dint lag it more. He said, please priya, I promise you will enjoy with me and with Geeta’s dad too. Geeta said a number of times while I fuck… her fucks great. So don’t ignore this. I know being dad, I shouldn’t tell you all these but you will enjoy in your life. We don’t know what partners we get and will they be so horny and romantic, so enjoy whenever possible. Then I said yes, ok dad. Even I liked it but mom???? Don’t worry, mom will never know about this. I promise, but Priya I just had a quickie with you in the morning, I wanted to have a rough sex tonight. I signaled, mom ?????? I will take care of her, but please be ready in your room. I will come to your room after your mom slept. I said ok. He asked me to be dressed in the dress which he wanted. He said it is in your cupboard and please wear it. I want to fuck you in that dress. I said ok.

Mom called us for dinner and we three sat for dinner. I and dad were sitting opposite and mom to our side. As the table was made of wood, no one could see what is happening below. Dad put his leg inside my pussy and was playing with it. He acted as the spoon fell down and bent below and kissed my pussy and sucked it for a minute. He got up and ate rest of the food with my juices inside his mouth. I was feeling shy and smiled a little. We completed our dinner and mom cleaned all the stuff remained. Mom said she is sleeping and went inside. She asked me when I will sleep. I said in about 10mins mom, I will complete this episode and go to bed. Dad too said 10mins. She closed the door and dint lock. We saw her off the lights and went to bed. Dad immediately licked my pussy and ate my clitoris. I was moaning and he closed my mouth with his hand so that mom will not hear my moans. 10 mins later, he said me to wait in my room wearing the dress and said he will be in 1 hour in my room.

I opened my cupboard and saw a packet gift wrapped. Opened it and the dress was lingerie specially designed for sex I doubt. I wore it and it has holes at the nipples and pussy area… so that a man can suck and fuck without removing the dress. I wore it and went to bed. I wanted it to be excited and started to read few sex stories in indian sex stories to be in mood for dad. I was almost masturbating while reading a story of a girl who got fucked in a moving train. I was fingering faster and dad entered my room. He saw me in that state and got excited. He said he will help me and fingered me faster and faster. I cummed in his hands within minutes. He asked me a blowjob and I started sucking. I did it in a entry level suck so that he will not get any doubt of my sucking and fucking. He then put his cock inside my pussy and started giving strokes slowly. He speeded up his strokes fast and decreased to slow. He fucked 20mins in that manner and changed to doggy style for 15more mins…. He stopped fucking whenever he was about to climax. He then took me to the bathroom and started stroking me faster and cummed on my boobs.

We washed ourselves and came out. Looked the clock and it was 2 in the morning. We slept in our respective rooms and had a good sleep. I woke up late in the morning as I was tired whole night. Dad informed me that I should go with Geeta’s dad for 1 week out of town. I asked , what about mom? How should we manage her? He said – I will tell your mom that you got a call from your college about some project and you should join them for 1 week. As it is holidays for you, your professor has called me personally. Dad said mom the same and mom accepted unwantedly that she will be missing me for 1 week. I then packed my things whatever needed. I know what to wear when I am with uncle. So the packing was simple. Dad gave me few instructions (was laughing inside thinking , poor dad). Uncle planned a very good surprise for me. I was very much excited to know his plan.

Dad dropped me at the station and uncle was already present there. I was acting normal, silent and uncomfortable as if I am not at all interested in the trip. Uncle booked a 1ac coupe tickets to goa. We boarded the train and bid a bye to everyone and occupied our seats on the train. I and uncle sat beside each other. Oops! I forgot to mention what I wore. I was having a t-shirt and a jean on me, without inners. It was 15mins since the train moved and uncle already started his work. We started kissing and smooching each other and suddenly the door had a knock. We separated and the TC came in for checking. Uncle had booked four tickets so that no other person comes and occupies. Tc checked and asked for other two people to which we replied they missed the train and will be boarding at the next station. I did not notice my top went down and the TC got an ample view of my mountains. He understood the environment I guess, he winked and went back. I guess he comes back again to check his luck.

After the TC left, uncle bolted the door and we started our work again. We removed our clothes and he started to lick my body. He kissed me on my full body and stopped at my vagina. He started to lick and suck my pussy. I was shouting deeper and deeper please, aahhhhh…..Mmmmmm suck it more fast and harder. He sucked me for almost 30 mins and I have cummed thrice. He sat on the berth and I went down to have my lollipop. His cock already went up to 90degrees angle and I pulled the skin back. It was months since I had his cock. I wasted no time and put his cock in my mouth and started sucking. For sure, our moans will surely be audible to the neighbor coupes. I sucked for 10 mins and he cummed. I gave a hand job and the cock was again in its fucking position. I went and sat on his cock and started riding him. I know his cock touching my pussy walls and giving me strokes.We were in full swing and I was shouting tp fuck more and more…. We both cummed at a time and were relaxing there itself. We heard a knock and uncle opened the door. It was the TC waiting for his chance.

Uncle was in his shorts and went out and spoke with him something which I wasn’t able to hear. It was already 8 pm and I have slept after having light food. I am not sure how many hours it was since I slept, but I was feeling someone was licking me at the pussy. I started moaning in sleep itself and I was pushing him deeper and deeper. After 5mins I cummed on his face and he got up. I was shell-shocked seeing uncle beside me pressing my boobs. God! Who is this licking me down????? It was the TC who grabbed the chance from an uncle. Uncle later said me that he accepted this with safety first. When I was in a conversation with an uncle, that tc pushed his tool inside me. Oh god! He has a very fat cock. I was filled inside with his cock and I felt it went tight. I am sure he enjoyed me. He fucked me until we reached goa. We hired a car for a week and checked in to the room he booked. I should say it is a cottage which has 1 hall, kitchen, dining hall and a bedroom with an attached bathroom with all the furniture.

We got freshen up and went shopping. Uncle bought whatever I asked for and he also shopped for chocolate sauce and honey. We went to a pub in the evening, and uncle forced me to drink. Even I had few drinks and I think it was high for me. So I was not at all in conscious. I woke up at 12 in the noon, where later I came to know it was the day-3 where I woke up. I was being fucked every moment and every corner. All the 2 nights and 1 day long. Uncle recorded everything and played it on the led tv which we watched it later when we were back home and I was so wild under drinks.

We came to the cottage around 1 in the night from the pub. I was high so uncle carried me in. He slowly removed my dress and I was in bra and panty. He started kissing me all over my body. He was giving a great care to my 36c boobs. He licked my boobs for almost 10mins and then went down kissing my stomach, belly, navel and finally my pussy. He ate my pussy for 5 mins and turned to 69 positions. He pushed his monster into my mouth and I started to respond. He started licking me down. He made me wet and suddenly he pushed his cock into me. I don’t know what he had but he was strong in fucking still at this age too. He fucked me till 5 am and slept beside me. It was around 10 in the morning we woke up and we opted to go to the beach. I wore the swim suite he bought for me and we went to the nearest beach. I started to play in the water and uncle started to play with my pussy under the water. All of a sudden I felt 2 more hands on my body, which I could sense it is definitely not uncle. I turned back and I was shocked to find Harsha and Chaitanya. They were smooching my body. We enquired each other and came to know that every one of us are here in goa for vacation.

I introduced them as friends to uncle and uncle to both of them. I know what happens if I reveal about the sex relations with these people 0with each other. But my bad, they came to know that I am their bitch while conversations. They started to smooch me in the beach water itself. I started to react and they came to know it’s the time to have a group sex now. They carried me to a boat which was lying without attention distantly. The boat was pretty tall, that no one outside can see people are inside. In no time, I was out of my swim suite and all 3 men started playing with me. This is the 1st time where I am having with young cocks and experienced cock as well. This was going very well. Uncle was taking care of my boobs, Harsha was playing with my pussy and Chaitanya with rest of the body. Uncle gave me his cock for a blowjob while Harsha pushed his monster in my pussy and chaitu in my ass. This is called a complete fuck. All 3 were fucking my all holes. They were exchanging the holes for every 15mins taking 2 mins of a break. But they decided I shouldn’t get a break. While changing positions, they were caressing my body with their hands. One rubbing my clit, other sucking boobs. I cummed almost 20 times in 3 hours. They finally cummed on me all at a time and washed me in the beach. I know few of the people saw me naked and understood I was having fun with toughest guys (lol).

We then moved to our cottage and every one of us is inside the pool. Each man fucked me for 10mins (quickie) inside the pool. The pool sex is awesome only when the cool water goes inside your pussy along with the monster cock. One was fucking my pussy, one was getting a hand job and other was getting a blowjob from me. Finally, we got up and went inside the cottage an hour later. We slept for rest of the day. We all enjoyed for rest of the days we stayed in goa. All 3 took great care of me all the days sexually and personally. We finally left to our home after gathering most of the memories. I was regularly calling dad and Geeta to give the updates and get their updates. When returned from goa we directly went to geeta’s home. Uncle had a spare key of home and we directly went in. We could hear moanings of Geeta and thought it was a dad in the room fucking. But to our surprise, it is another man which made us shell-shocked. Dad was on a short office tour (for 2 days) and Geeta was unable to control herself and gave her pussy to this man.

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