Punjabi Cop Priya Adventures Pt. 01

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Priya was already exhausted when she entered the apartment in Downtown Los Angeles. Her body had drenched in the sweat of heatwave that has been hitting Los Angeles. She started removing her uniform by placing her handgun on the living room drawer. She unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her perfectly round 36DD breasts which have at least half an inch of nipples in normal state. She went straight for the bathroom and turned on the Bathtub. Pants and panties came down next exposing her clean-shaven pussy except for a thin line of a landing strip.

Priya looked through her open windows in the bedroom wondering about the heatwave passing through Los Angeles. It has been a hot day with a slight breeze. She decided to pull down the curtain not wanting to give a free show to her neighbours. Priya has a perfect body for Indian Punjabi girl of 29 years old. She had developed into a woman. Girls of her community had married and have kids but her job was to found dead bodies day in and out. Priya was the leading homicide directive at LPD is not Hollywood division. Priya immersed herself in the cold water to give some relief to her sore body parts while thinking about how her day has unravelled.

Her prime suspect on the case of death of a young woman, who was sitting in the investigation room complimented her body and offered to have sex with her. In her 5 years as a homicide detective, she had encountered meaning men and even women Ogling her breasts under vulturous body covered in a suit but none of those suspects had offered to have sex with her. Thinking about the conversation escort ankara and the suspect, her hands automatically started edging her pussy.

Priya sighed only to look at her breasts. She always considered them as an occupational hazard as they make her difficult to run while catching the suspects in the chase. She remembered how she had to fuck her trainer in the police academy to pass through every physical test that contained movement of your upper body. One of her hands now had left the vulva and started working on the breasts.

Priya longed for her sex partner, Patrick. Pat was ex-military at six feet tall and 200 Pounds weight, he was Priya’s no-frills sex partner. But the later part of the description as a sex partner has long gone now. Pat now had gotten into a relationship with a girl from her workplace and sex has dried up. For Priya, being in a committed relationship was unthinkable, as she was bought up with the constant fights of parents in her childhood. She vowed not to marry and decided to join the police to which will automatically shoo away all the potential brides in her community.

As the sun settled down and Golden gate bridge hummed her sound through the windows of her apartment, Priya peed in her bathtub releasing golden sprouts of urine. She chuckled about this peculiar habit of peeing in her bathtub after cleaning. But her bath rituals are pending. She drained her bathtub and turned on the shower, thinking about one of those days when Pat sucked her pussy while peed in the tub. As she turned on the shower and rubbed her breasts, she escort etlik thought of someone who would be too strong enough to satisfy her urging feelings.

Priya turned off her shower knob and exited her bathroom, still naked on to the living room with droplets of water fighting to stick to her labia. She went to the windows, placing her hands on the rails, looking through the crowded city. She liked window dressing, showing off her body to the unsuspected stranger on the street, but her neighbour on the next building always complimented her mammoth buttocks. Today he too was missing. With another sigh of breath, she closed down the window and moved to sit on the sofa making an impression of her lovely butts in the leather cover. She proceeded to keep both of legs on to the cocktail table, to open her pussy. A lovely sight and an invitation, for anyone who dared to ask her out.

A good police officer should always be aware of his/her surroundings. Similarly, Priya found something amiss. Her intuition told something is not right. Through the corner of her eyes, she saw a slight movement of the screen and her years of training kicked in. Instantly she lunged back on the shot and made the run towards the bathroom to pick up her gun, but the intruder was fast. He caught her behind before she could reach her gun. What ensured was a wresting fight that was worthwhile for the Olympic medal.

“Gut Wrench” is what it was called, when a wrestler wraps his or her arms around his or her opponent’s midsection from behind and attempts to lift or flip him escort demetevler or her. That is what her intruder is doing, but it was when she was above the ground, she felt a thick shaft between her thighs. Priya looked down only to see a pink head protruding from her legs. For the first time, Priya realized she was naked. That minuscule lapse of concentration gave the opponent the upper hand. He has thrown Priya above his head and for the first time since the fight had started, Priya was able to see his opponents face.

It was him, the one whom she had met earlier in the day, as a suspect in her investigation room, the one who offered to have sex with her earlier today. He was also naked; his abs were strong enough to pin her today. His sweat glistened through the golden rays of sunlight falling into her room. She looked further down, to look at his fully endowed penis, which with its pointed head looking at her hole ready to enter. As his hips came down, Priya tried to shout but his hands swiftly moved to close her lips followed by a Shush. His face was pale and begging to get listened. Priya calmed down as the grip on her loosened.

The accused jumped backwards to block Priya’s access to the gun. Priya too jumped back against the door. Her training said to go for the gun once again, but intuition told to listen to the suspect.

“Sorry,” said the suspect.

That’s was it. Her intuition is correct. Murderers don’t say sorry. Priya walked towards the accused, swaying her hips and breasts. It was her time to Shussh the frightened accuser, to do a “Firemans Carry” picking him up across her shoulders and taking him down on to the leather sofa. As Priya pinned the suspects’ head down, his hardened penis entered her love hole.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh” moaned Priya. It was the start of a long night.

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