Quite the College Career Pt. 02

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Look, I remember what I said last time, alright? I’m not a one-night stand kind of guy. I want to have some kind of relationship with the girl I’m hooking up with, who wouldn’t? I don’t think I’m a real grimy guy. For example, I wouldn’t hook up with a girl barely two hours after hooking up with her older sister. I probably wouldn’t do that, right?

I ask myself these questions as I pick Krista up from a corner about two blocks down from her house, to ensure Emma doesn’t see us. She jumps in with a big smile and a kiss to my cheek, asks me if I know where to go. I don’t, but I know a trailhead a bit more off the beaten path that might do the trick. She says it’ll do. We leave her neighborhood and I start to ask her a question. I catch a glimpse of movement out of my eye, and I glance over to see Krista topless. She grins as I try to keep my eyes off her and on the road. With a wink she lifts her hips and slides off her skirt, leaving her body clad in only a thong. She turns in the seat, resting her back against the passenger door, her legs spread as far as possible in the tight confines.

“Better than the picture?” She asks. I look over at her, her trim body almost completely nude, her nipples pointed, her eyes alight.

“Perfect,” I say, reaching out and rubbing the leg closest to me. Krista looks at me, bites her lower lip. “Rub me wherever you want,” she says. “Please?” She adds an innocence to the last word that is a complete contrast to everything else she is presenting, and damn if it doesn’t work. There’s a voice in the back of my head, a still small voice, telling me this girl is way too good at this for 18, and that she is playing me like a fiddle. Telling me this girl is using me for her own devices. But you know what? I flick one of her nipples with my thumb before taking the entire breast in my hand, and Krista moans and drops her head back against the window.

In this moment, I am ready to be used.

I run my hand along her chest, delighting in the feel of both breasts in my hand. We pull up to a stoplight and I lean forward to give her a kiss. She meets my lips with a sensous hunger, her teeth clinging to my bottom lip as I pull away. Any thoughts of her being shy about her state of undress prove to be unfounded, as she lays back in her seat looking quite carefree. We pull away from the stoplight and my hand continues to run over her body, tickling her torso and lazing around her legs. She’s enjoying the attention, and I begin to spend more time between her legs. She whimpers as I avoid her thong and the invting flesh beneath it, and her stomach flexes as I tease the hemline of her last garment. Looking at the car clock, I estimate we have about 8 minutes before we arrive at my intended location, and I give myself a challenge.

Can I get her off before we get there?

I run my hand back up her stomach. She is fairly busty for her size, but still petite enough for me to be able to tease both nipples with one hand. Krista is obvious in her enjoyment, squiggling and giggling in her seat. One hand grazes her underwear, and I bat it away. She looks at me with a challenge in her eye, and I pull my eyes from the road long enough to meet her gaze while dropping my hand to her pubic mound. I place my thumb directly on her clit, and she takes a deep breath. I apply light pressure, and she moans. I circle her clit with my thumb and she presses back against it, her eyes closed. I can feel her desire through her thong, and with my eyes locked on the road and other hand clenched on the wheel, I continue my ministrations until I internally count to 30. I pull my hand away and she groans her dissapointment, but lights up when I move her thong to one side. I run my index finger up and down her slit, and when ready, slip it into her. Krista moans and grabs a breast with one hand and my hand in the other, trying to force more of me into her. I comply with a second finger, and her moaning elevates. I curl both fingers just inside her entrance and find what I’m looking for, and use my thumb to further stimulate her clit. It’s not the most comfortable position for me, but as Krista writhes beneath my touch my personal comfort is the last thing on my mind. Her stomach clenches and her hips thrust against me, hungry for something bigger than what I’m giving her. Her voice drops an octave and her groaning is low and guttural. Her eyes open and she stares at me, goading me to get her off. Her left leg stretches and her foot is in front of my mouth. I’ve never been much of a foot guy, but hers are cute and she must have sprayed perfume on them because they smell pretty damned good. So why not? I suck on her smallest two toes and increase my pressure on her clit. Her eyes close again and she orgasms hard on my fingers, one hand clamped on her breast and the other on my hand. Somewhere between a scream and a moan she sounds her pleasure as she goes rigid, and I don’t move my fingers until she pushes them out of her.

Not ten seconds later, I pull çankaya escort into the small gravel parking lot of the trailhead. I look at her with a grin and I’m met with an animal, Krista’s breathing heavy and her gaze burning into me. She gets on her knees and pulls off her thong, her other hand reaching over to work on the buttom of my jeans. When she’s completely naked both her hands work on my jeans, and I lift my hips to help her out. My pants are around my knees and Krista crawls over onto my lap as I pull of my shirt. She reaches down and grabs the seat lever, dropping my seat back to a near prone position. She grabs my shaft in her left hand and pulls me into a kiss. As she lines me up I pull away with sudden clarity.

“I don’t have a condom,” I gasp, and she grabs my chin in her hand as she drops onto me. My first entrance into pussy throws all other thoughts from my mind, as do Krista’s hands as she pulls one of mine to her breasts and the other to her ass. So much for a gentle first time, am I right?

“I’m on birth control,” she gasps as she begins to ride me. I run my hand up her back as she rides and grinds me in desperation, my fingers twisting in her hair. Krista mewls her agreement as I pull her head back from the roots of her hair, and she moans while I squeeze her nipple. We keep this up until she stops her movement and grinds her clit against me, grabbing the edges of the seat to rub herself on me with all possible force. Her eyes are clenched shut in concentration and her mouth hanging open as her breath come in short gasps. Seeing her breasts hanging in front of me I seize my chance and take one in my mouth.

Krista moans deep and leans into me, then her body tenses even more and a deep moan escapes her lips. I keep my mouth clamped on her breast until the orgasm subsides, and she relaxes against me.

“Backseat?” She asks. I hum my assent from around her nipple and she giggles, pushing my head away. I kick off my pants and follow her pert little ass (which I am forced to squeeze as it passes near my face) into the backseat. It’s tight, but she lays on her back and I settle on top of her. I ask her if she’s ready then slipe back inside her after her assent.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” she says, followed by a contented sigh. “You feel amazing.” I grin at the compliment, then start working my hips, driving into her. If not for her sister earlier I would have cum long before this, and I know I probably don’t have much longer. But hey, I got her off twice, right? Pushing thoughts of semantics from my mind I enjoy the ride, which Krista makes easy. She coos and cries out my name and scratches her fingernails across my back and licks my neck when it comes in range of her mouth. When the time draws near I tell her I am close.

“In me or on me?” Krista asks. I’m too close to form the words, so she makes the decision for me. Krista drops her hips and grabs my shaft, stroking it as she lifts up and works her clit against the bottom of it. We both groan and then I shoot onto her stomach and chest, and Krista gasps and arches her body up to receive my load. Her hand stops but I continue to thrust into it until I’m done, the pull away from her with a slight shudder. Krista giggles and moves over, allowing me a sliver of space on the cramped seat. When I’m next to her, head propped up on one hand, she leans up and gives me quick peck on the nose. We both smile.

“That was fun,” she says. I chuckle and agree, not quite ready to tell her she’s my first. Right? She wouldn’t want to hear that. Instead I take my time and enjoy her body, covered in my cum and a light layer of sweat. She catches my eye and grins, her fingers making a quick dalliance down my side. “Hold on,” Krista says. She gets up and leans into the front seat, reaching for something on the floor. There’s her ass, pert and toned, and just inches away from me. I sit up and position myself behind her, and when she has grabbed what she needs to grab I grab her hips and pull her into my lap. She shrieks and giggles, wriggling back against me. I reach around and massage one breast while my other hand drops into her lap, lightly stroking her labia. She makes a happy hum and holds up one arm, and I see her phone in her hand. She pulls up her camera.

“You mind?” Krista asks. I look at the phone. My face is visible, as is hers, and a good amount of her shoulder, and that’s it. I shrug, but keep my fingers busy. “Go ahead.” She sticks her tongue out, I kiss her shoulder, and she snaps the picture. She tosses her phone to the front seat and grinds her ass against me. “You really ready for another one?”

I sigh, figure honesty is the best policy. “Not yet. I’ll get there.” She giggles, says “You’ve almost get me there already.”

I know now that if she says it’s working you keep doing it, but if I only knew then what I know now, right? Instead I thrust my fingers into her, looking once more for her G-spot. I find it, and Krista squeals in delight. Her pussy is sopping ankara rus escort wet, her juices are flowing onto my lap. It takes some time, but my fingers do their job and Krista shudders in my lap, the cheeks of her ass clenching down against my thickening shaft.

“It feels like you’re ready,” Krista says, wriggling her ass against me. “Almost,” I say, doubling down with my fingers. I ease off her G-spot and push my fingers deeper inside her, and Krista collapses back against me. She’s insatiable, thrusting her hips against my hand. I play with her nipples. Her breath comes in hoarse gasps. I slip in a third finger, she screams out, I become fully erect. Krista feels me grow hard against her ass and grabs my hand.

“Bend me over,” she says, her voice hoarse. I open the door furthest from the road, and we stumble outside of the car. Krista bends over the back seat, and I stand behind her. She lines me up with her slit and I plunge into her pussy. After about ten seconds she buries her face into the seat, her body rigid and jerking back against me as she screams into the fabric.

“Oh my god, yes! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Harder! Fucking harder god ooo-oooh yes!!” …and she continues. God she feels good, her pussy tight around me. I reach around her and work her clit with my fingers, leading to another round of ‘fuck’ heavy screaming. Muffled even though she was against the seat, I can hear every word, and it drives me into a frenzy. I grab her hips with both hands, fucking her as hard as I can. Krista screams in response.

“That’s fucking it yes god fuck oh my god fuck fuck yes fuuuuuu-uuuuck,” that final word trails off into a long scream of pleasure, and I double down on my efforts. By god this is perfect, by god this feels amazing. Only my previous two orgasms keep me from finishing, but I want that release, am driven crazy out of desire for it. I plunged into Krista as hard and fast as I can, gasping with every breath. She comes down from her most recent orgasm and reaches back for my hip, grabbing and slapping at it to encourage me to continue. I do, Krista pushes her hips back against mine, and soon the only sound that fills the woods around us is the slapping of flesh on flesh.

My hands grip her hips, and at last I feel my orgasm approaching. “Close,” I grunt, my hips moving even faster. Krista screams into the seat, I grab her breast in one hand, and release myself into her. Most likely there was very little to release, but the orgasm rocks me. At its end I tremble and collapse against Krista, my legs weak. She pushes back against me once, weak, then falls against my car.

“Nicely done,” she says. “Nicely done.”

“Thanks,” I say, near breathless against her ear. “Thanks.” Composing myself, I stand up and pull myself out from Krista. She lets out a disappointed groan as I do, and I give her a light slap on the ass. She giggles and pushes it out at me before straightening.

“You give a girl a hell of a good time,” she says, throwing her arms around my neck and pecking me on the lips. “Can I get a ride home?”

We drive. She’s on her phone for a minute, then shoves it back in her purse, a smug grin on her lips.

“So what’s up with Emma?” I ask after a few minutes. “What’s up between her and your parents?”

Krista laughs. “Emma had too much fun. Got pregnant her senior year of high school, my parents didn’t figure out until after she lost it. About a week later they found some weed in her underwear drawer, and that was it. They sent her off to live with our cousins on a farm in Idaho, thinking that would ‘straighten her out.’ Make her come to Jesus or something. They only let her back when she signed up for college here.”

My stomach clenches a bit at her story. “Damn.” I couldn’t think of what I wanted to say for another minute. “That why you’re on birth control?”

Krista laughs again. “Hell no. Told my mom my periods hurt too much, were too irregular. Got the idea from a friend. Worked out great.”

“Yeah?” I ask. “Yeah,” she says. “It’s way better with no condoms, right? And complete honesty? Mom and dad don’t think I can do much wrong. Won’t even give me a curfew. I probably have Emma to thank for that, after what went down with her. Maybe they thought they were too strict on her? I dunnow. They’re awesome with me though, my dad thinks I’m an angel.” She chuckles, a coarse sound. She’s on her phone the rest of the drive.

I don’t bother her. I was riding high not ten minutes ago, finally devoid of my virginity after some phenomenal sex. But now, I don’t feel so great. At the moment, however, I don’t have the wherewithal to put it into words. We’re quiet until we reach the corner where I picked her up.

Krista opens the door. Looks back. “Keep my number, alright?” I nod. She doesn’t look back as she walks away.

I drive back to campus, uncomfortable, although I can’t quite put my finger on it. Which sucks, because I just had sex for the first time! And ankara yabancı escort with a girl who, to my limited experience, was a master. I think back on that. She’s only 18, but seemed like a pro. No judgement on her previous experience, no hate on the girl she is. But I think back to that feeling I had before we had sex, that feeling like I was being used. At the time I didn’t care, but that post-sex clarity is settling in. Nothing to worry about, right? I’m trying really hard to convinve myself of that.

My phone rings.




“You had sex with Krista.” It’s not a question. Emma’s voice is calm.

“She tell you?” I ask. Emma laughs, the sound bitter. “Of course not, the fucking bitch. She sent me the picture. She only fucked you to fuck with me.”

Ah. The picture.

“Why would she do that?” I ask. What else is there to say? “Nothing that concerns you. Should have known after what you texted me earlier. You enjoy that? Getting a blowjob from me before fucking my little sister?” I don’t respond, am trying to think of something to say. “Look, I liked you, but fuck off, alright? I didn’t think you were some loser who’d fuck high school chicks. And get tested, alright? That bitch fucked half her high school.”

I struggle to find something to say, but the call goes dead. I pull my phone from my ear and stare at it. Think of something to text, decide against it. Think again, try to muster up enough anger to do it.

Me: You said you didn’t want anything right now, so who cares? I’m sorry if you’re upset, but who I have sex with shouldn’t matter to you.

I wait. I wait longer. Play some music. Not ready to go inside yet. My phone dings.

Emma: Please don’t talk to me anymore. Do yourself a favor and stay the hell away from Krista.

That’s it. We’re done. I see Emma in class before our mid-term, but she refuses to meet my eye. I take the test, get the grades back a few days later. Do pretty damned well. It’s a long time before I speak with Emma again.

It’s the Wednesday after my exam, I’m at work. The Nipley is pretty quiet tonight, the band is a bunch of middle-aged guys from down the road doing bad covers of Poison and early Bon Jovi. I’m behind the sound board, working harder than normal because the bass player is sure that someone half his age is clueless about true rock. Alex is taking care of incidentals around the place. I didn’t tell him much about my day with Emma and Krista, and he didn’t pry. He could tell something was off though, and made it clear without asking that he was available if I wanted to talk. He’s a good dude, couldn’t ask for a better friend. I wasn’t ready to talk about it, it just felt weird. Just told him it was a good time, and didn’t delve into any details.

But days later it still gnaws at me. The sex, for my first time, was phenomenal. But the aftermath? I feel like a prick. Not even sure I should, but I did, so all that matters, right? I know there is more of a backstory to Emma, but no one is going to fill me in on it at the moment. And Krista? The whole thing felt mercenary. Again, the sex was great at the time, but now I feel weird about it. Again, I’m a 19 year old dude, this shouldn’t be bothering me, but here we are. I realize as I’m watching a terrible rendition of Livin’ on a Prayer that I actually did care about Emma, even if only as a friend, and that relationship was gone now. I listened to my dick and really hurt her, and now feel like an ass for it. This is stupid. I am in college, I want to have fun! The lead (named Fred, I believe) butchers the major note change in the song, and I come to another realization. From here on out, I will not sleep with sisters. A fierce stand, I know. What I really mean is, try to think things through. Maybe care about the outcomes of my sexual exploits. Powerful things after having sex only once, I tell you.

The set mercifully ends, and I make my way to the bar. Brendan is in his office, Alex is busy at the other end of the club. There’s a few patrons at the far end of the bar, and I keep my distance from them. Sue walks over to me, gives me a look. “You alright?” She asks. “Seemed down all night, but now you got a weird little look on your face.”

I’m hesitant for a moment, but go ahead and give her a brief overview of what happened with Emma and Krista. Sue nods, a gleam of something in her eye. “And everything is okay now?” I laugh, say not quite. Give her the rundown of what came after. Tell her about my own revelations. Talk for a good five minutes straight, and feel a hell of a lot better after it. When I’m done talking Sue gives me a long look.

“Sounds a lot like my first husband,” she says. I raise a eyebrow. “How many times have you been married?”

She chuckles as she puts a shot glass on the bar in front of me, grabs a bottle of gin. “Plenty of times,” she says.

“Is it a good thing to be like your first husband?”

She laughs while she pours the gin in the shot glass and gives me a nod. “Better than to be like my second. Go ahead, before Brendan comes out. If hes does, say it’s water.” I nod, raise the glass, and down the shot. I cough afterwards, not often that I’ve taken a shot of straight gin. Sue laughs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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