Rebecca Rush: Reawakening

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Rebecca Rush couldn’t take it anymore.

She grabbed the remote and turned off the TV. Sitting around looking for yet another show to numb her boredom was no way to live. She’d always imagined her life being more interesting than this. She deserved more than this.

Her husband, Ted, had left that morning on yet another business trip, this time to London. She’d begged him to take her, but he said it would be awkward because of all the meetings he needed to have. Deep down she suspected—no, she knew—he was cheating on her, but they kept up the charade anyway.

It had been easy to keep pretending everything was fine. His business had taken off just a few years into their marriage, and that’s when everything started to change. They suddenly went from a young struggling couple to the wealthiest people they knew, and neither of them knew how to handle it. Ted became increasingly distant, constantly blaming work for his absences. Rebecca let laziness get the best of her, settling into a routine of shopping and eating out with her girlfriends, and sitting on the sofa watching TV between outings. (The life of excess had also manifested itself in her body, which was a lot curvier than it used to be—not that she minded the impressive breasts the extra weight had given her.)

The suburban monotony had been eating away at her recently. While going through an old box, she’d come across her journals from college, and it reminded her of her dreams of traveling the world, of having adventures, of doing things that made her a unique and interesting person. She missed that version of Rebecca Rush, the fearless, confident one who’d never turn down an opportunity to do something new.

She also missed the men. In her journal, she’d detailed her exploits with over a dozen men in college, including a young frat boy, a mature businessmen, a hulking football player, two bisexual surfers, and others. It brought back feelings she hadn’t felt in a long time. Reading through her own words, her own memories, she found her pulse accelerating in a way it hadn’t for Ted in a long time.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She had to get out and do something. Anything.

She jogged upstairs and into her large walk-in closet. Even though Ted’s company had been going through a rough time lately, leading him to restrict her shopping budget, her closet was nearly bursting with clothes she’d purchased in recent years. Not knowing where she was going, she decided to keep it simple: a low cut white blouse that showed off her noteworthy cleavage, and a pair of tight jeans with some fun glitter to draw some attention to her round hips. She put on some big hoop earrings and some bracelets, threw on her sunglasses, and she was ready to go—wherever it was she was going.

She went downstairs and climbed into her pride and joy: a tricked-out, lifted Chevy Tahoe with dark tinted windows and custom chrome. She’d named it Joan, after Joan Jett—and her namesake, the Tahoe was a badass. She kicked it in reverse and backed out of the garage.

Rebecca didn’t know what she was doing, but she felt that same surge of energy she had in college. The thrill of the unknown. The ripeness of the potential. Something was going to happen today. She’d find an adventure if it…

“Shit,” she said, looking through the steering wheel at the fuel light. She’d forgotten to fill up after dropping the kids off at school.

She turned around at the next light and headed back to the gas station on the corner, wondering what she could do today. Maybe she’d drive up north and soak her feet in the lake. Or maybe go downtown and go people watching in the financial district. Perhaps she’d go test drive some new cars. It felt good to be out doing something.

She pulled up to a pump and climbed down, pulling out the debit card. Ted had been telling her to be careful about her spending lately, with the company’s cash flow not being what it was last year, but even though Joan had an massive appetite for fuel, it wasn’t as if she could stop buying gas, right?

As she shoved the nozzle into the tank and started pumping, enjoying the rhythmic throb of the fuel as it pulsed through the hose, she smiled to herself. Ted could go to hell. He’d been neglecting their marriage for so long that she was having trouble caring anymore. Their kids hardly knew him because he supposedly stayed late at work all the sincan escort time, or had business trips, or was too tired to do anything besides drink and sleep. He wasn’t even trying anymore. She and he both knew without saying it that they were only together to keep up appearances for the kids, and that his money was basically buying her silence. Whatever. As the cents turned into dollars on the pumps rapidly-changing digital display, she enjoyed the idea of his money going down the drain.

“You’ve got a great smile,” a voice said.

Rebecca looked around. Finally, she caught the face of the man speaking with her, a tall, dark-skinned man with a shaved head. She laughed. “Thanks.”

“It’s nice to see someone who’s genuinely happy,” he said, returning the smile. His teeth gleamed white against his mocha-colored face. He was cute. Maybe mid-thirties, like her. No wedding band, she noticed. He was filling up a full-sized luxury sedan that looked brand new.

Rebecca rolled her eyes. “‘Happy’ might not be the right word for it, but I appreciate the sentiment.”

He took a step toward her. “I’m sorry to hear that. You sure seemed happy enough in the moment. Maybe it was a passing thought. Either way, I’m glad I was able to see it.”

“Passing, maybe, but I’m trying to have more of those thoughts. I’ve realized I don’t have enough of them these days.”

“It’s easy to get distracted with life and forget to find those moments of joy,” he said. “I’m Carlos, by the way. What’s your name?”

Was he flirting? “Rebecca,” she said, immediately wishing she’d give a made-up name instead, and then wondering why she’d wished that.

He looked her up and down with a subtle glance. “Rebecca, can I take you out to lunch?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Lunch. I’m on my way up to the mountains for a business retreat, just stopping for gas and lunch before the second leg of my journey. I figure you’d know what’s good around here, and I’d enjoy having a lunch companion with a smile like yours.”

Against her own instincts, she smiled again, then immediately blushed. She sighed and held up her hand. “I’m married, Carlos.”

“You can’t eat when you’re married? Shit, makes me glad I stayed a bachelor, because I’m starving.”

“I…shouldn’t. Sorry.”

“Remember those moments of joy, Rebecca. You’re at a fork in the road, and the rest of your life depends on which path you take.”

She laughed. “I wasn’t expecting this much philosophy at the gas station.”

“Well, I’m glad I met you.” he said. “It was truly a pleasure. I really hope you find more reasons to smile today.”

With that, he disappeared behind the pump. She heard him stop the nozzle and put it back on the pump. His car door opened and closed, and the engine purred to life.

She swore under her breath. In college, she would have gone with him without a second thought. She’d have a new friend, a new experience, a new memory. What was she so afraid of right now?

He gave her a little wave as he drove away, and she immediately regretted letting him go that easily.

She closed her eyes, trying to find her old self deep within her. Who was she? Was she still the real Rebecca Rush, or just some curvy, spoiled, middle-aged housewife with the same name?

Finally, she decided. She stopped the pump and put it away, put the gas cap back on, and climbed back into the Tahoe. The engine roared to life, and her tires squealed as she accelerated away, quickly turning around and heading the direction she’d seen Carlos go.

She caught up to him about a block later, and honked her horn. Carlos glanced in his rearview mirror, then held a hand up to acknowledge he’d noticed her.

Her heart pounded in her ears as she followed him into a supermarket parking lot. He came to a stop, and she pulled into the parking space beside. She threw the Tahoe into park, turned it off, and got out. She was insane for doing this, but felt like she’d go insane if she didn’t.

She walked around both cars, opened the passenger-side door of his sedan, and got inside, her ample butt sliding snugly into the carefully-crafted leather seats. She closed her eyes and ran her fingers through her hair, intentionally giving him a chance to check her out. She rotated toward him a little to make sure he got a good view of her cleavage. “You win,” she said. “Let’s eat.”

He grinned, a ankara escort little smugly. He’d won, and he knew it. “You got it, baby girl.”

She directed him to a little burger place on the edge of town, where she was less likely to be seen by anyone she knew. She loved the place, one of those tucked-out-of-the-way joints she’d grown up loving during her poorer days, but that her friends who came from wealth tended not to even know about. Carlos nodded with approval, and they sat down in a booth in the back.

She enjoyed watching him eat. He did it without shame or hesitation, tearing into his double cheeseburger like he’d been starving, giving a long, low “Mmmm…” of approval before licking his lips. It was a pleasure to watch someone who wasn’t posturing and posing and trying to impress others, who had the confidence to do what he wanted and not worry about it.

They talked for a long time, first about trivial things, and then about more personal things. He shared that he was pushing hard to succeed in his career so he could save up money, retire young, and travel the world as a photographer. He’d made some great financial investments, and was only a year or two away from taking the rest of his life off.

Rebecca found herself envious of this free spirit who seemed to have been put on this earth only to remind her of how much she’d left behind. She had a vague memory of having once had similar plans herself. Eventually, she opened up about her own situation, and admitted—for the first time out loud to anyone—that she was truly unhappy in her marriage. She felt trapped, unable to say or do anything about it because of the ripple effects it would have. She couldn’t tell her friends, because word would quickly get around the neighborhood and come back to affect her own children.

“That’s a tough situation,” he said. “I’m sure you know suffering in silence isn’t the right answer. I wish I could tell you just to throw it all away and follow your dreams, but we both know that’s not right either. I hate to say it, but you really are kind of stuck in the middle.”

He was confirming what she’d known for a long time. As frustrated as she was, it wasn’t as though she could just walk away from it all.

He took a long sip of his chocolate milkshake. “I admire you, though. You’re a good woman. You really are. It takes a strong woman to do something difficult, to sacrifice herself for the benefit of others. It’s not fair. You deserve more than you get.”

She nodded, saying nothing.

He leaned forward. “What can I do for you, Rebecca? What can I do to bring that smile back?”

She blushed, then closed her eyes, leaned back, and sighed. When she opened her eyes again, he quickly looked up from her chest and locked eyes with her again. She loved that he was checking her out, that he wanted her. She loved the little surge of power that came with knowing she controlled a man’s attention.

“Let’s go get some dessert,” she said.

He smiled. “Anything you need, baby girl.”

The lunch rush had long passed, and his large black sedan was the only car left in the parking lot. He opened the door for her and stepped aside while she slipped into her seat, then he jogged around to the other side and got in behind the steering wheel.

He looked at her and smiled that beautiful grin again. “So, what’s for dessert? Any recommendations around here?”

She thought back to her college years, a flashback to the time she’d gotten a ride home from her favorite instructor. Recalling the memory, her heart leaped in her chest. Did she dare? Could she still muster the confidence and sense of adventure she’d had in college?

She turned toward him and looked him in the eye. He flashed her a puzzled look for just a moment, then the expression faded as they got onto the same wavelength.

Her chest rose and fell as her breathing increased. She bit her lip.

“What’s for dessert, Rebecca?” he asked again, already knowing the answer.

She leaned over and put her right hand on his leg, caressing his strong leg muscles from his knee, up through his thigh. Her hand went back and forth a few times, then went up further, brushing his crotch. The fabric of his khaki pants was tight from his growing erection.

He pushed his hips forward and leaned back in his chair, losing himself in the moment, just as she wanted him to. He had etimegut escort reached out and made her day brighter, and she wanted to return the favor by giving him an afternoon to remember.

She slowly unzipped his pants, then reached in and fished around for his cock. It was warm in her hand and grew as she wrapped her fingers around it, making it difficult to pull out. Finally she got it, and it flopped out between his legs. It was the first time she’d touched a man besides Ted since they’d gotten married. The newness of it thrilled her. Carlos was a different color, deep and dark compared to Ted’s pale flesh, and he was longer and thicker.

A wave of thoughts and worries rushed into her mind, but she took a quick breath and pushed them aside. There was time to ponder all those things later. This moment was about her and this delightful man. She wanted to please him. She wanted him to know how much she appreciated him. She wanted to put an enormous smile on his face. And that’s exactly what she intended to do.

He swelled in her hand as she gave him a few soft, slow strokes. “Mmmm, baby girl…” he breathed. “That’s so good.”

His hand found its way into her blouse and under her bra and cupped around her left breast, massaging it and squeezing her nipple. He then moved to her right breast. She’d been a smaller girl in college, but she loved how her now-curvy body could overflow in his hand, giving him more breast than he could handle.

She couldn’t resist him any longer. She pulled his dick upright and leaned her head down into his lap, taking it into her mouth. The thick knob of its head felt perfect as she pressed her tongue up against it, squeezing it, exploring its texture and its musky, intimate flavor.

He gently pinched her nipple as he ran his other hand through her hair. He involuntarily lifted his hips, pushing his cock further into her mouth. She sucked hard and moaned, unable to control herself. Her logic and reason had completely left her. She was operating completely on animal instinct at this point.

She slid her mouth and up and down, squeezing him with her lips, and he became increasingly vocal, moaning at first, but then encouraging her. “Girl you’re so good. You’re so perfect. Don’t you dare stop…”

She wouldn’t have considered stopping. She only had one goal in mind: dessert.

They kept going for several minutes. She was impressed at his ability to hold out so much longer than Ted would have, and she hoped it meant his orgasm would be that much more intense. She loved the way he writhed and bucked under her, unable to stop himself. She paused to catch her breath and looked up into his eyes, and was started to see their insistent, animal quality. He’d been a gentleman before, but at this point he was just a pure man needing to deposit his seed, to mark his territory. And she was totally okay with that.

After exploring and playing for a while, she felt it was time. She settled into a rhythmic routine, stroking his shaft while methodically rising and falling, massaging his knob with her tongue. The steady repetition drove him crazy, and she could feel him growing impossibly hard. She felt every vein, and the head was so tight it seemed like it would burst.

Finally, Carlos let out a guttural yell and froze. Rebecca moaned her delight loudly, letting the vibrations of her voice travel through his cock until he finally erupted in her mouth. A high-pressure stream of cum hit the roof of her mouth and swirled around inside, instantly coating her tongue. The bitter, creamy, nutty flavor sent a shiver of pleasure through her body. It was the exact dessert she’d been craving. He had another huge spurt, then another.

She swallowed hard, taking down what seemed like an impossible amount of semen. He kept pumping it into her, the time between spurts growing, and she swallowed twice more. She’d never taken a load that large before, and she felt proud about getting that much out of him.

She stroked him a few more times to make sure he was completely empty, then licked him clean. Then she gently pushed his softening dick back inside his pants, and neatly zipped him back up. She sat up and adjusted her clothing, pushing her large breasts back inside her bra. She felt some of his cum running down her chin and wiped it up with her finger, sucking it clean. She licked her lips.

“There it is,” Carlos said. “There’s that smile I’ve been waiting for.”

She couldn’t deny that she was grinning ear to ear, just like she had back in college after giving a man the ultimate pleasure. She was back. Rebecca Rush was back.

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