Relaxing after Work

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I’m relaxing in the bath. I’ve had a long day marking assessments and faculty meetings that waste time. My neck is stiff and tense, but the warmth of the bath is helping. I’m waiting for you to come home and have been thinking about what we might do tonight. My pussy starts to tingle as I’m thinking about you.

Taking my razor and shaving cream, I slide my leg out of the bath to raise my pussy above the water level. I lather the cream, rubbing it over my bush and along my lips. It feels good and I take a moment to slide my finger in side, stroking up to circle my clit a few times. Taking the razor, I stroke the blades over my skin, removing the hair and leaving smooth skin behind it. I repeat the movement, taking all the hair from my pussy. I spread my legs wide and run my fingers over the new smoothness, checking for any stray hairs.

Satisfied that they are all gone I slide my fingers inside my pussy, enjoying the extra sensitivity that shaving means for my lips. Feeling horny and knowing you won’t be back for a while, I start rubbing my clit, which has become engorged and sensitive with all the activity and excitement of thinking how you’ll react. It doesn’t take long before my pussy clenches and I orgasm with a moan.

Feeling much less tense, I quickly shave my legs making sure that I’m smooth and soft all over. Rinsing off, I stand then step out of the bath, wrapping myself in a big fluffy towel. It feels soft against my newly exposed skin as I walk into the bedroom to look for some clothes.

I pull on my black lacy panties, the ones that I know you like me in – they hug to the shape of my ass, revealing escort sincan tantalising glimpses of my butt cheeks. I tug one of your tshirts over my head, my breasts free underneath it.

In the lounge room I lie down on the couch, flicking through the channels. I put my head down and drift off to sleep stretched out on the couch. When I wake up you are standing over me running your eyes over my legs and ass where the shirt has ridden up. You look tired – too many demanding clients; apparently there’s an influx of Australian women needing your skills.

I move my legs and you sit down next to me, pulling my legs back onto your lap. You tell me about your day as you start to tickle my feet with one hand, running your fingertips lightly up the back of my calf, making circles at the back of my knees. As you talk, your fingers lightly trace up to the skin on my thigh. you move higher, and I part my legs slowly for you, holding my breath as you stroke circles gently on my inner thigh. Your fingers trace the edge of the lace on my panties, following the curve around until you are millimeters from my pussy.

You rub your finger over the material covering me, pressing it into me, soaking up my juices. You tease back and forth, rubbing over my clit with the material. Your finger slips under the material and strokes over my pussy lips. You groan as you realise that my lips are swollen and smooth and wet with my need. I gasp as you begin pushing your finger inside me while your thumb flicks over my clit. You start pumping your finger into me faster, adding a second then a third finger as I grind against your hand. Your ankara escort fingers feel so good stretching and sliding and rubbing and I cum quickly, squeezing tight on your fingers as they move in me.

You slide your hand down my leg to where my foot is resting against your cock. You unzip your pants and take your cock out, stroking your shaft. I love watching your biceps move with your fist wrapped around your cock, eyes closed and head back. I move to kneel in front of you, taking your head in my mouth. I push my head down on your shaft as I take you deep into my throat.

Starting slowly, I bob my head up and down on your cock, hearing you groan my name as i pick up speed and suck hard. I cup your balls in my hand, gently tugging down on them. You put your hand on the back of my head guiding the speed that I take you in and out of my mouth. Your other hand slides into the shirt I’m wearing, finding my nipple hard and begging to be pinched. I groan around your cock as you alternate betweem pinching then pulling on my nipple, taking me to the edge of pain then backing off.

As you are close to cumming you hold my head still, my lips at the the base of your cock, and pump your seed deep into my throat. Swallowing frantically, I manage to catch all your cum. You let go of my head and I lick the remaining moisture off your cock as I take you out of my mouth, not wanting to waste any.

Standing up, I straddle your legs and kiss you deep and slow. Our breaths combine as our tongues gently explore lips, teeth, mouths. Your hands are on my ass, fingers sliding under the lace and squeezing. I grind on your cock etimesgut escort bayan which is starting to come to life again. You pull up the t shirt I’m wearing and take it off over my head. You are still dressed, with only your cock out, while I’m completely bare except my panties.

My nipples rub against your calloused palms, making me shiver with anticipation. You grab my hair to hold my neck to the side so you can lick and suckle down my jaw, my neck and to my tits. Pushing them together you try to fit both nipples in your mouth at the same time. Then, taking one deep into your mouth you suck hard, biting gently on the top of my nipple, eliciting a moan. I push my breast harder towards your mouth as you bite my skin gently, worshiping my tits.

I can feel you hard against me now and I pull the material of my pants to the side, sitting up a bit higher to tease my entrance with your cock. I slide it along my slit and rub your head against my clit until we are both groaning and breathing hard. Nipple still in your mouth, you grab my ass to lift me up and sit your head in the entrance to my cunt. Suddenly thrusting up, you slam into me, so deep that I let out a scream.

On my knees, I lift my pussy up your cock again until you are nearly out of me, meeting your thrust upwards as i push down on you. You feel so good, so deep inside me and for a while we lose ourselves to the slapping of bodies and the feeling of anticipation as we tease, bouncing and grinding, staring deep into each others eyes, sharing breaths.

You reach your hand between us and pinch my clit, sending me over the edge. I am screaming your name as you pound up into me, my pussy clenching you so tight. You keep rubbing my clit, and I come again and again around you as you explode deep inside me with a yell.

Finally we are still, exhausted but so completely satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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