Research Foreplay

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Author’s note: This story was inspired by earlier Summer Lovin’ contests, and was largely completed before the plague upended the world. I hope you’ll enjoy escaping things as they are for a time when everything was a lot more normal.

When I started this I didn’t have a checklist in mind, but for some added fun see how many of these I worked into the story: #Romance, #PDA, #Flashing, #FirstTime, #Oral, #Vibrator, #LightBondage, #Swallowing, #Anal, #LightSpanking, #Shower, #GoogleSantorum, #ExtremeForeplay, #MultipleOrgasm, #PublicSexAct

All that, and the two main characters don’t have sex with each other. It’s all about foreplay. ??

This is my entry for this year’s Summer Lovin’ contest. Your comments and votes are very much appreciated!

Marketing Research Foreplay

Kim and I met during the long July 4th weekend at the bar where she was working. Some drunk guy was harassing her, asking her out and not taking no for an answer. It was when he grabbed her wrist that I walked over and asked him to let her go. With a smile on my face and a friendly tone, I tried to reason with him that there was no way she could pour drinks for all of us with one hand, right? Thankfully he thought that was pretty funny, let go and walked away. Of course, the fact that I’m 6’2″ and clearly spend time at the gym might have had something to do with that. In any case, Kim gratefully gave me a drink on the house and checked back on me regularly through the evening, chatting for a minute or two, and for longer stretches when the crowd started to thin out. Before I left, she gave me her number.

Kim is a stunning woman. She’s about 5’6,” and if she were taller, I swear she could make a living as a super model. She’s got beautiful dark golden blonde hair that falls past her shoulders, big hazel brown eyes and an hourglass figure with round tits and a tight round ass that turns heads wherever she goes. She was an intern at one of the big banks downtown during the summer between college and starting her MBA studies at Columbia, and worked at the bar a couple of evenings a week and on weekends to make some extra cash. Living in the city is expensive, after all.

The next day I called her and asked her out to dinner and a movie. She said, “No, but if you want to go a museum instead of a movie, I’m in.”

“A little bossy, aren’t you?” I joked. Yeah, I’m smooth like that. She didn’t think it was funny.

After a moment of silence, she said, “Maybe this is a mistake,” which made my heart sink.

“No, wait, I’m sorry! That was a lame attempt at humor. I’d be happy to go anywhere you like! Isn’t there an Impressionism exhibit at the Museum of Art?”

“You like Impressionist paintings? Me too. All right, you can pick me up at 3pm this afternoon. If you play your cards right, I might still let you take me to dinner afterward.”

Silently breathing a sigh of relief after climbing out of the hole I’d so quickly dug myself, I told her it was a date, and made sure I was on time to pick her up.

Kim said she wanted to go to a museum because the point of a first date was for us to get a chance to know each other, and this setting allowed us to talk. It turns out that talking with her was easy. You know that magical feeling when you first discover that you have great chemistry with someone? We both felt it. We talked freely and easily about politics, pop culture, our extensive workout routines, and so on and found that we agreed with each other about a lot of things in all the areas we covered. Even better, on the things where we didn’t agree completely, her ideas were so well thought out and she was so good at expressing them that she got me to reconsider my own opinions at least a little.

When I asked her about her life up to that point, I found out that that she’d grown up in a town upstate, a couple of hours from here. I asked her about her parents, and really started to get a feel for what made her who she is.

“It’s been just me and my mom since I was four years old.”

“Oh, wow. Is your dad totally not in the picture? I mean, if you don’t mind my asking.”

“I don’t mind at all,” she said. “My parents both came from lower middle-class families, and wanted a better life than that for themselves. The only way to get that is college, which costs money that nobody in their families had. So, they both enlisted in the Army which is where they met. My dad died on a tour of duty in Iraq.”

‘Oh my G-d, that’s terrible! I’m so sorry!”

“Thanks. It was traumatic as hell when I was little, of course, but it’s just been a fact of my life for a long time now.”

“And your mom never remarried, I guess.”

Her face darkened a bit as she quietly said, “No.”

“Sorry, is that a sensitive subject? It looks like you just remembered something bad.”

“It’s okay. I’m just considering how much I want to share with you about my dark past.” She looked up at me and smiled as she said that.

“Share sincan escort as much as you want. I don’t want to pry in places I shouldn’t go, but I really want to get to know you better. I like what I’ve seen so far very much.”

“Well, aren’t you charming?” she responded without a hint of sarcasm. “Okay, there was this one guy that she was close with a couple years after dad died, but he was an asshole when he got drunk. It was an abusive relationship, but she was so lonely she put up with the cycle of him hitting her occasionally and then apologizing profusely when he sobered up. Then one time he hit me. The blow knocked me over and I hit my head on the corner of a chair.” She felt around the right side of her head for a second and showed me a small scar that was hidden by her hair. “That was the end of the asshole. My mom went absolutely apeshit on him. She was army trained, of course, and sober where he clearly wasn’t. She grabbed a knife from the drawer next to her, and knew enough hand to hand combat technique that she was able scare him off. The fact that she was screaming ‘GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT OR I’LL KILL YOU!’ over and over as she feinted and lunged at him with the knife probably helped. She later told me that she’d never lost it like that before. She never had to again, thankfully.”

“Holy shit. So, when that drunk grabbed you in the bar . . .”

“Yeah. That quickly dredged up some really bad memories. I was starting to panic, and was about to start screaming at the top of my lungs when you came over. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you stepping in like that. If I’d gone into a full-blown panic attack, I’m not sure when the screaming would have stopped. That’s why I gave you another chance after that stupid ‘bossy’ comment earlier.”

She looked up, gave me a beautiful smile and said, “I’m really glad I did.”

“I’m really glad you did too,” I responded as I smiled back.

“So, the story about the asshole didn’t end when my mom chased him off. He tried to apologize the next day, of course, but she wasn’t having it. Then he started making threats. Really soon after that we moved back to where my mom grew up. Didn’t tell anyone that we were going either, much less where. That’s where I lived until I came here to go to NYU.”

“If you’re anything like your mom, I think I’m starting to get a sense of where you get your take charge attitude.”

She chuckled a little and said, “Picked up on that did you? Yeah, when you grow up with a single mom who has military training, (A) you learn discipline at an early age, and (B) your circumstances kind of force you to learn to depend on yourself a lot. And, like my parents, I wanted to get into a higher economic class, needed college to do it and didn’t have any money. Unlike my parents I wasn’t going anywhere near the military. So, scholarships and loans were the only way. I knew since the time I was ten that to get enough scholarship money to accomplish that, I had to work like a fiend in school.”

I was hooked by this point. I’d never met someone who was so smart, so driven, and so willing to open up to me. And did I mention that she was scorching hot? I could easily get lost in those beautiful eyes, at least when I wasn’t marveling at the rest of her amazing body. I tried to be subtle about looking at areas below her shoulders. If she noticed, she must not have minded being admired.

The conversation after that turned to me, but I didn’t think I was nearly as interesting as she was. Football in high school, but suffered from a recurring lack of talent. Sang in the choir. Did volunteer work with my church. Got good enough grades to get into Columbia. Majored in marketing, minored in data science. Fraternity. Intramural sports. Earned spending money working as a personal trainer. Got a job in marketing research when I graduated a little over a year ago, which pays enough for me to afford a small place of my own. Despite the fact that I was relatively boring compared to her, she seemed really interested and asked a bunch of questions as I talked. The conversation continued to flow easily through the rest of dinner. When I dropped her off afterward, I asked when I could see her again.

“How about tomorrow? You can take me for a long walk in the park.”

“Not a movie?” I joked.

She laughed as she shook her head no, and then gave me a memorably amazing kiss goodbye.

“Pick me up at 3pm again. That worked really well today.”

My heart was soaring pretty much from that point until 3 o’clock the next afternoon. I wasn’t so sure about the park, though. There was a 50% chance of rain.

“Rain?” she said when I showed up at her door. “So what? I’ve got a big umbrella right here.”

“Okay, the park it is.”

We walked and talked for three hours, and occasionally stopped in a quiet spot to make out. I found out that we both liked superhero movies and thrillers. We also liked a lot of the same music. Both her dad and ankara escort mine had worked at Tower Records when they were in high school, and both had amazing classic rock collections. Like me, she used to listen to her dad’s CDs for hours. It was one of the only ways she could feel connected to him. We both loved Motown, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills and Nash, and so on. And she has a beautiful soprano voice. We were singing “Lovin’ Feeling” by the Righteous Brothers in perfect harmony when it started to rain. Under her umbrella, we couldn’t have cared less.

The next Friday I finally convinced her to go out to dinner and the latest movie from Marvel Studios, and I was really hoping that the evening wouldn’t end there. She took my breath away yet again when I picked her up. She was wearing a strapless blouse and a short, tight, thin cotton skirt that showed off her long tan legs, and betrayed no panty line. While we were waiting for our table, I started trying to steer the conversation in the direction that I was hoping it would go for a while.

“So, in case it wasn’t obvious, I really enjoy spending time with you Kim.”

She chuckled in a way that suggested that this was about the most obvious thing I could have said, and responded, “Well, Mark, that’s flattering. I enjoy spending time with you too.”

I smiled and continued, “So far, I’ve been trying really hard to be a gentleman, but that gets harder every time I see you. To be honest, after being close to you for just about any length of time, I kind of want to rip your clothes off, and the clothes you’re wearing tonight do nothing to change that at all.”

Her eyes widened a bit at that, but a smile crept to her lips too. I loved the look on her face when she smiled, and I really loved what this particular smile might mean.

“Well, Mark, the feeling is mutual. That’s why I picked this outfit. I’ll bet you anything that I could have this blouse off, this skirt up around my waist and be on my hands and knees waving my ass in front of you in less time than it takes you to get out of those jeans. Then it would just be a question of whether you want to pull the black lace thong I’m wearing off, or just push it aside. You should see the corset I’m wearing too. That and the thong make a great outfit. What do you think of that?”

Well for one thing, I think that made my heart skip a beat, but what I said was, “I think I’m a really lucky guy.”

“Well, you’re certainly going to get extremely lucky tonight.” Then she grinned, and said, “Oh, dude! You should see the smile on your face right now!” We both laughed out loud at that. Then she continued, saying, “I might have invited you up to my place to, um, ‘towel off’ after our walk in the rain, but my roommate had some friends over and I just didn’t want to deal with the harassment later. Plus, I doubt we could have kept quiet enough not to be heard, and I didn’t want to worry about that during our first time together. Besides, I figured I’d get another chance.”

With the grin still plastered on my face, I said, “My goodness. This evening is starting off about as well as I could have imagined! The thing is, I want to be a memorably great lover for you right from the beginning. The only way I can see that happening is if I know what you like, and what you don’t. So, I’d like to do some marketing research on you.”

“Marketing research? On what kind of sex I like?”

“Yes, Ms. Stevens. Would you be willing to take part in this study?”

At this point the hostess told us that our table was ready, which gave Kim a couple minutes to consider my suggestion. We were led to a big booth at the back of the restaurant where she grabbed the side facing the rest of the room, and I sat facing her in the corner.

I broke the silence. “So, do you agree to participate in our study?”

“Okayyy, sure. I’m game. That’s actually kind of brilliant. If everyone talked about what gets them hot and what turns them off before they got into bed together, do you have any idea how much bad sex could be avoided?”

“My thoughts exactly,” I replied. “Let’s order our food and then we’ll begin.”

“Yes let’s,” she said with a devilish twinkle in her eye.

Once our orders were in, I began the interview.

“So, I think our first topic should be your first time. Please describe the loss of your virginity.”

“Just going to dive right in, huh? No warm up questions?”

“No, Ms. Stevens. We gathered all of our screening information already, and at Mark Jameson Research we try just to gather the information we need, so as not to take up too much of our subjects’ time. Go ahead whenever you’re ready.”

“Fine. I was seventeen, and it was the summer before my senior year of high school. I had a waitressing job and my boyfriend John was a golf caddy. I mostly worked evenings and weekends, and he worked mornings during the week and on weekends. So, we had a lot of free time in the afternoons during what most people think etimegut escort of as a normal work week. My mom had a day job, so I had our apartment to myself. John was over just about every day and we fooled around a lot, with him licking and sucking on my tits and eating me out and me sucking him off. Then one day, after he’d given me a really great orgasm and before he came in my mouth I pulled off of him, pulled a condom out of the back of my bra and told him I had something I wanted him to try on for me as I showed it to him. Then we did it.”

My heart was starting to race, but I tried to maintain my professional persona. “Okay, good, but can you give me a little more detail? Please think in terms of describing all five senses as you describe the experience.”

“You really want me to talk dirty, don’t you?”

“Yes, please,” I said with a smile. “We need this for the purposes of the study.”

“Okay, fine. But I’ll warn you, this isn’t just going to be research. It’s going to be foreplay. I’m going to do everything I can to you get turned on, and then enjoy watching you squirm while you can’t do anything about it.”

My heart definitely skipped a beat this time as it shifted into a higher gear.

“So, let’s see. There was potpourri in my room, but I was used to that smell. It was hot outside, and the little box air conditioner in the window was struggling to keep the room cool. As we were kissing when we first got started, I could smell the sweat building up on John, which was a real turn on. The feel of his lips pressed against mine and his tongue probing my mouth got my heart racing faster and as we held each other tight, I was starting to get sweaty too. It helped make the rest of what we were about to do really steamy. I could hear his breathing picking up, too, especially once he pulled away and pulled my shirt off and pulled the straps of my sports bra down to free my tits. Would you like a glimpse of what he saw? You know just for the purposes of the study?” She had a glint in her eye as she said this. She was getting into torturing me a little bit, as promised.

I wasn’t expecting this turn of events, but I eagerly agreed. Kim slid out of her side of the booth and kneeled on my bench, facing me. This effectively blocked anyone else in the restaurant from seeing what was happening between us. Then she pulled her blouse away from her chest to give me a few seconds to look. Her tits were being held up by the corset, which didn’t come up high enough to cover her nipples. Her tits were a little bigger than I could fit in my fairly large hand, beautifully round, and a lighter shade than the rest of her skin. Her areolas were a medium shade of pink, a couple of inches in diameter, and her nips were standing at attention, much like my cock was starting to. She then put the blouse back in place and went back to her side of the table.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I couldn’t help but notice that your nipples are erect. Are these questions causing an uncomfortable level of arousal?”

“Don’t apologize,” she replied. “My arousal isn’t at all uncomfortable.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear that. Please continue.”

“Okay, so as usual, John started sucking, nibbling and licking my tits a dozen different ways, and before long was pulling my shorts and panties off so that he could finger me, moving back and forth between massaging my clit and finger fucking me. I love the sensation that happens when my clit is stimulated. It’s like a triangle of energy tingling between my two nipples and my pussy that just builds and builds up to a climax. After a couple minutes of that, he started kissing his way down my stomach to my pussy, and began licking and sucking my clit. I’m not sure exactly what sounds I was making, being wrapped up in the moment, but I’m sure I was moaning, and Oh my G-dding and so on as the waves of pleasure intensified until the entire middle of my body clenched up as my pussy started contracting and relaxing over and over uncontrollably. It was a mind-blowing orgasm. Is that enough detail for you?”

“Yes, that will do nicely,” I said. I was still trying to act professionally, but I suspect that my breathing had quickened enough to betray what I was really feeling. “So, then you said something about a blow job?”

“Yes, that’s right. I mean, what kind of a bitch would I be if I didn’t return the favor, right? So, I pulled him up, kissed him really hard, tasting my pussy juices on his mouth, and still breathing heavily through my nose. Then we changed positions so that he was on his back. As I tugged on his shorts, he lifted his hips so that I could pull them off. His cock was almost at full mast, but I was damned sure going to make him harder.”

“Can you describe what his cock looked and felt like?”

“Sure. Umm, let’s see. He was circumcised. When he was hard it was kind of a medium shade of pink with veins lining it in random places. At full length I guess he was probably six or seven inches and maybe . . .” and she held up her hand, circling her thumb and forefinger to about an inch and a half diameter, .” . . about that big around.”

“Good. Please continue. What did it feel like to take him in your mouth?”

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