Retired Life Ch. 02

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Karen felt someone tapping her on the shoulder. She had been fast asleep, and really did not want to wake up. It had been a great three months of fun with both of the Taylors, especially with Jon being away working in China during most of that time.

She heard a whisper, “Karen, who is that lying in our bed next to you?”

Karen’s eyes opened to see her husband Jon standing over her. Next to her lay Heidi fast asleep.

(About two months ago)

This time, Jon stayed home for about two weeks before he had to fly back to China. He went to the Sears service center and picked up the lawn mower, something that Karen had never found time to do. They had repaired it and it worked just fine.

Meanwhile, the Taylors kept to themselves, figuring Karen would let them know if she wanted some action from Fred. From what they could see from their home, Karen and Jon spent most of his visit in bed, which Heidi and Fred thoroughly enjoyed watching.

(Two weeks later)

Heidi stood at her living room window, behind the curtains, watching Jon and Karen say their good-bys. Heidi had experienced the same thing dozens of time when Fred left for deployments around the world. Maybe this would be the opening she could use to get with Karen.

Heidi would have to talk with Fred about this tonight when he called. Fred went to Washington two days ago to a good friend’s change of command ceremony and getting promoted to be a three star general.

Fred was supposed to come back tomorrow, but last night, he found another classmate had a sudden heart attack and died. Fred was going to leave DC tomorrow morning and travel up to the Boston area for the funeral and wake, and would be gone for three more days.

Heidi would have traveled to Massachusetts, as Fred and she had been stationed with the classmate and his ex-wife back in the late 1980’s. Heidi liked the ex-wife, but tolerated the classmate only because he was Fred’s friend. She also knew that several of Fred’s other classmates would likely attend, this being the rowdy and drink heavy crowd that she did not always like to be a part of. Let Fred have a good time in a bad situation, she will just stay home.

Heidi looked out the window, and Jon’s car was gone. Karen was sitting on her steps, and looked like she might be crying. As Fred would say, time to make something happen, as opportunities like this might not happen again.

(A flashback to the late 1980’s)

Heidi was German-born, in her early forties, naturally blonde hair, blue eyes, a small buxom (34c), stood five foot four and was only ten pounds heavier than when she met Fred at a base in Germany twenty one years ago. She had gone to work at the NATO headquarters in Stuttgart after finishing high school, and with her being fluent in French, English and Italian she worked with many of the senior and mid-grade officers there. There, she discovered that she was attracted to many of the older men, and something that a shy German student never knew — she attracted them like flies to honey.

Heidi started working there, and quickly started receiving invitations to dinner and shows. Most of the time, she double dated with another woman in the office, and this allowed her to maintain her reputation. She enjoyed the attention, especially from the more senior officers, but most of them had been divorced at least once, and a few were on unaccompanied tours (their spouse and family were in the states). Heidi was most discrete, only going to escort sincan bed with four of them during the first two years working there.

Fred joined the staff as a senior Captain recently selected for promotion to the rank of Major. He was a dashing older man with a quick wit, but extremely respectful of the female military and civilians working at the headquarters. Heidi and Fred had spoken several times and had worked on a couple projects together during the first six months of his assignment there, yet he never had asked her out. She had been at the officer club a couple of times with him sitting at a large table with eight or ten friends, and she had one dance with him during the Oktoberfest party. Heidi had been careful with her relationships, not letting any of them get too serious, as she wanted to pursue a civilian career with NATO, not to become an officer’s wife.

Captain Taylor and Heidi were working with three other staff members one evening finishing up a presentation that would be made to several ambassadors the next morning by Fred’s boss. After finishing the work, Fred and Heidi had decided to unwind at a local German restaurant, while the others went home. It was that evening that they found they had a lot in common, and Heidi began to fall in love with her American soldier. The courtship was quiet, as the chief of staff frowned on internal staff affairs and might reassign one or both parties. It was three months of going steady before Heidi went to bed with Fred. They quickly discovered that they shared a lot of ideas on what would be now called an open marriage.

Fred had graduated almost eleven years from college and had been assigned to Korea, in Texas and North Carolina and now in Germany. He had had plenty of time to sow his oats, dating and bedding dozens of women and several couples. He had also observed up close some of the typical military marriages, with separations and husbands and wives cheating on their spouses. He had decided that if he found the right woman, that he and she would agree to be open and honest about this situation, and allow the other to be free to explore and have fun.

Heidi had also observed the behavior of cheating husbands and had come to the same conclusion after dating and sleeping with a French Colonel and her husband. The Colonel told her about her open marriage, how her husband and she shared all their activities, and how that caused both of them to be closer and have a more satisfying sex life.

Fred put their thoughts to a test when he went back to the states for a family holiday in February, and ran into an old high school girlfriend while home. Fred spent several days in bed with her, and came back to Germany reporting the details to Heidi. Heidi shared her weekend with the French couple. Neither found that they were jealous of each other. And it added quite a bit of spice to their activities.

A year after Heidi and Fred had started to date; they got married in her home town outside of Stuttgart. Fred impressed her family by speaking 100% in German, even to his military classmates who attended. Heidi continued to work at the NATO headquarters, though the chief of staff reassigned her to another staff section to avoid her working with Fred.

Heidi was able to continue her civilian career over most of the next eighteen years as Fred received subsequent reassignments and greater responsibilities. They moved first to Kansas, where Fred attended the year-long command and staff ankara escort school, then was assigned to the combat developments command at the post for another three years. This caused him to miss the first gulf war, but the troubles in Yugoslavia caused him to deploy there twice in the 1990s. Meanwhile, Heidi became a US citizen and started to work with several federal agencies. Fred commanded a brigade in 2004-2005 in Mosul, and Heidi volunteered to work at the US Embassy in Bagdad at the same time, becoming fluent in Arabic in the process.

Throughout their marriage, Heidi and Fred had continued an open marriage. Often their opportunities had limited their activities to only hearing about their partners, but they sometimes found a willing man, woman or couple which they shared. Almost anything went, though both found that they did not care for the bondage or family crowds.

One pattern did occur with Heidi. She found that she was always attracted more to older men, sometimes even quite a bit older than Fred. But with women, she found herself more attracted to women in their twenties than her own age. And when Fred and Heidi had the chance to play with a May-December couple, she was in heaven.

(End of flashback)

Heidi was wearing a sun dress that showed off her figure and highlighted her blonde hair. She came out the front of her house, and made a beeline across the street to her neighbor’s front steps.

“Jon off to China again?”

Karen looked up at the older woman, wiped a tear from her cheek, and nodded.

“Why don’t we blow this gin joint, and do what grown women do when the men are gone, and go shopping?”

Karen nodded agreement, and went inside and changed. Heidi and Karen went to the mall, and spent the rest of the morning shopping. They found a little English-styled pub in the mall, and shared a sandwich with some dark beer. They then went to a clothing store, and tried on dresses and bathing suits. As each tried on different outfits in the store; the banter and teasing between the two women both excited and made each more comfortable with each other. After going to another store, they left the mall and traveled home.

“Thank you Heidi for a lovely day, made me completely forgot about Jon going away for another month in China.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. I certainly enjoyed shopping with you.”

“Would you like to come in and have some ice tea, it’s getting hot outside?”

“Yes, that would be nice; I have not had the opportunity to actually be inside of your home before.”

Karen laughed at what Heidi said, knowing that Heidi had spent considerable amount of time peering into her home with her husband’s binoculars and watching her play in the bedroom.

Karen gave Heidi a tour of her home, with the master bedroom being the last stop.

“For our last stop, let me introduce you to a new viewpoint of the master bedroom. You have certainly observed it from the outside through the break in the drapes, looking at my grandmother’s dresser and the large mirror on top, and seeing how it gives a lovely view of the king-sized bed. Now let me provide you with an opportunity to see the rest of the bedroom.”

“Quite a lovely room,” as Heidi sat on the bed and looked around.

“You just stay seated, and let me get some ice tea,” said Karen as she went into the kitchen. She returned within a minute with two glasses of long island ice tea and handed one to Heidi.

“Cheers,” as Heidi clinked the etimesgut escort bayan glasses together. “Just like Fred has described; quite a perfect mix of ingredients.”

Karen sat down next to Heidi and looked into her eyes.

Karen said, “I’m going to take a chance that might kill our budding friendship, but the way you always look at me tells me that you want to kiss me and touch me and make love to me, maybe even more than Fred wants to. Am I wrong?”

Heidi moved her head to Karen’s lips and began to kiss her. And Karen returned the kiss and began to French kiss her new friend. The women took the rest of the evening making love to each other, and fell asleep until woken by some chirping birds the next morning.

Heidi and Karen enjoyed themselves together over the next three days, spending quite a bit of it in Karen’s bedroom. Heidi decided to surprise her husband, not mentioning her activities with Karen when Fred called each evening.

Fred arrived home from the airport after 10 pm, and carried his luggage into his house. Fred walked around the house, not finding anyone at home. I wonder where Heidi is at; as her car is in the garage. He went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, and grabbed a couple of cheese sticks and unwrapped them.

Munching on the cheese, he walked into the living room and looked out towards Karen’s house across the street. He saw her drapes were partially opened, and a greenish light seem to illuminate Karen’s bedroom. Fred looked down and found the binoculars, and put them to his eyes. After adjusting for the dimness, he thought about turning on the low-light function, but the light from the bathroom provided more than enough illumination.

Well there’s my wife, playing with Karen. Good for her. I’ll let them play together, as I’m pretty tired from the funeral and last night’s romp with the Bakers. I think I will just go take a shower, go to bed and hope Heidi wakes me up when she comes home.

Karen enjoyed the next several weeks, alternating between Heidi and Fred. Both had asked her to join them together, but Karen told each of them that she really enjoyed the attention she got one on one.

The Taylors were not disappointed, having no pre-conceived notions, letting things go where they go without any putting boundaries on the affairs. Besides, they got at least double or triple the pleasure out of the encounters with Karen, as one participated, the other was likely watching from the living room window. And afterwards, sharing the experience with their spouse added to the fun.

(Back to the beginning)

Jon stood there over the bed in silence waiting for a reply from his wife. It was pretty apparent what Karen had been doing with the other woman. It had never occurred to him that Karen was interested in girls. He was a bit shocked, but was a bit relieved that it was not another man.

Karen reached to him and pulled his fly down. Jon thought about moving, but let Karen continue. Then Jon remembered what he had done with the flight attendant just six hours before hand. But it was too late, and Karen’s eyes told him that she could taste her on him too.

Karen’s movement on the bed had waked Heidi, who opened her eyes expecting to see only her lover. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness, and she saw the man standing by the bed against the bedroom window. It was not Fred, and when she heard his voice; Heidi realized that Jon had come home early. Heidi lay there and watched as Karen unzipped Jon’s pants.

“I see that the cat has been playing too,” said Karen as she took a breath. “Perhaps you would like to join us?”

Jon stood there for a moment, and then started to pull his shirt off.


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