Reunion Affair

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Here I was driving to my twentieth high school reunion. I asked my wife to come along but she didn’t want to. She told me that I would spend all my time with my old classmates and not pay attention to her. It was just as well. We hadn’t been getting along these past few months. I made it to my hometown and I had just checked in to the hotel when I heard a female voice.

“Is that you Jeff?”

I turned around to see it was Lisa. No, she wasn’t my girlfriend during high school but I had always wanted to ask her out. The problem was, she was always seeing someone else. It was one of my big regrets. Lisa walked over and gave me a big hug and she surprised me with a kiss. We talked for a few minutes when Lisa said she was going up to her room. Would I like to come visit after I dropped my bags off in my room?

I told her I would stop by in a few minutes and she gave me her room number. I got settled in and I found Lisa’s room. I knocked and Lisa let me in. She had changed into a shirt and shorts. It looked like Lisa had filled out some since our school days. Lisa was fairly tall but she was so thin. She really didn’t have much in the way of tits. Just small dimples on her chest. It didn’t matter to me.

She went over to the bed and sat down. I sat down next to her and we got caught up about what we had been doing these past twenty years. Lisa was married but she said the marriage wasn’t going so well. Her husband was like my wife, he didn’t want to be dragged around at Lisa’s class reunion so he stayed home. I told Lisa the same story, my wife wasn’t interested in coming along.The next part sort of shocked me.

“Why didn’t you ever ask me out when we were in high school?” Lisa asked.

I told her she always was seeing someone. I didn’t want to intrude.

“I would rather have gone out with you,” she told me.

That was news to me. I never knew she was interested in me. Lisa was sitting very close to me on the bed. She reached over and put her hand on my thigh. There was a moment of silence. Was Lisa coming on to me? It seemed so. I didn’t know if I should make a move but I leaned in and we kissed. We just seemed to lose our self control. We were fumbling with each others clothing. It didn’t take long before we were both naked.

I had Lisa lie back and I spread her legs apart. I lowered my face and I started to lick up and down her sincan escort slit. I missed this part in my marriage. Lisa put her hands on the back of my head and urged me to use my tongue on her pussy. Damn, she tasted so sweet. I slid my tongue in between her folds. That really set Lisa off. She moaned and her body was shaking as I ate her out.

I proceeded to get Lisa all wet down below. She finally took her hands away and told me to stop. She wanted me to climb up above her face. My seven inch dick was getting quite hard by this time. Lisa took hold of my shaft and brought it to her mouth. I pushed in and Lisa began to take me down her throat. My wife didn’t like sucking cock. Lisa, on the other hand, was inhaling all of me. I started to pump my dick into her mouth when there was a knock on the door.

“Lisa, it’s me, Mary Landers.”

You probably knew a Mary Landers when you went to high school. She was one of the snooty cheerleaders that never associated with anyone. I pulled my dick out of Lisa’s mouth and I brought a finger up to my lips tell her to be quiet. Mary knocked a few more times and then she finally left.

“Mary was sending me e-mails,” Lisa said. “She wanted to hook up with me this weekend.”

Lisa said she would try and avoid Mary as much as she could. We finally went back to out lovemaking. I moved down between Lisa’s thighs. I took hold of my cock and pressed it to her opening. I slowly pushed inside of Lisa. I love a tight pussy and Lisa’s muscles had me in a hard grip. I went slow at first. It had been months since I last had sex. I wanted to make this last. I started stroking Lisa. It was plain that she needed cock. Lisa wrapped her legs around my back and we got into it.

I did speed up as I fucked Lisa. I drove my hard prick in all the way and then held it in place.

“Don’t tease me Jeff, I need it hard!” Lisa pleaded with me.

I began to ram Lisa with my fat cock. No more teasing. My balls were rapping against Lisa’s ass as I took her for myself. I must pumped my dick into Lisa for close to an hour. She was so needy for my cock. I love the feel of skin rubbing against the insides of a woman’s pussy. I circled my dick around inside. Lisa was becoming so wet. I could tell that her juices were oozing out.

“I need you to cum in me Jeff,” Lisa said.

I kept it up for a few more minutes. I had my ankara escort dick buried the whole way inside Lisa when I finally erupted. My hot seed came splashing out from the tip of my cock. I gave Lisa multiple loads of my sticky seed. That must have sent Lisa over the edge. Her pussy muscles went into a spasm as she squeezed my dick to get all my cum from me. I finally felt like I was empty but I kept stroking Lisa. Her body shook beneath me as we finally finished up our lovemaking.

When I did pull out a pool of my white froth came spilling out. I looked down to see it running from Lisa’s pussy. We ended up kissing afterwards.

“We should have done that a long time ago,” Lisa told me.

She was right. We had wasted twenty years but I guess we made up for it that day. Lisa got herself cleaned up some and came back to bed. We weren’t done yet. Lisa took my cum stained dick and she took me again in her mouth. I was surprised how easily I got hard again. Once I was erect, Lisa climbed on top of me. She guided my dick to her pussy and she sunk down on me. Lisa told me to pinch her nipples. I reached up and tweaked her small nubbins in my fingers.

My cock felt raw from the first fucking but I didn’t care. I brought my hips up and I filled Lisa with my dick. The second time around might have been even better. Lisa was still filled with my cum and she slid up and down my dick with ease. She might have have small tits but she loved when I pinched her nipples and rubbed her small breasts. I was able to go longer this time around. Lisa needed cock and as long as I could keep it up I was going to satisfy her desires.

This second time around was for Lisa. I could feel her pussy spasms as I pumped my cock deep into her belly. I knew I was basically empty but I did manage to squirt a small amount of cum into her belly. Lisa did let out a scream when she had her orgasm. I kept filling her belly with cock until she collapsed onto my chest. For a few minutes we just tried to get ourselves under control.

“I almost don’t care to see our classmates,” Lisa said.

I knew we would have to make an appearance. I got myself cleaned up and I left Lisa and went to my room. My mind was focused on what had just happened. The time did come for our reunion dinner. Lisa and I sat at the same table. Unfortunately, Mary Landers was sitting with us as well. Mary etimegut escort wanted to monopolize her time with Lisa. I could see Lisa want to get far away from Mary but she didn’t want to make a scene.

The dinner finally ended and there was some chatting and drinking afterwards. I told Lisa I would make a disappearance to my room. She would leave by herself as to not let anyone know we were going to hookup. It took nearly a half hour until Lisa knocked on my door.

“I couldn’t get away from that woman!”

I knew who she was talking about. At least we were in my room now. Mary couldn’t track us down. We wasted no time getting naked once more. My cock felt sore but I had to have Lisa as many times as possible before the weekend ended. We fucked twice more that evening. Lisa got onto all fours and I took her from behind. Thankfully each time I was able to last fairly long. I didn’t have much left in the tank but as long as Lisa had an orgasm, I was satisfied.

I took her one final time that night in the missionary position. I grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs to her chest. I drove my dick in the whole way on each stroke. Lisa would tell me how big my cock felt inside her. I did shoot a small load that second time and then we ended up sleeping together until the following morning.

When we awoke we went into the bathroom. As the shower’s hot water hit our bodies, I lifted Lisa up and I fit my cock into her opening. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I fucked Lisa one final time. I made sure it was a good one. I would drop Lisa onto my erect dick as I pushed up into her tummy. I am sure she had some small orgasms that morning in the shower. I came one last time and gave Lisa what little bit of cum I still had in me. We finished showering and it was time for Lisa to go back to her room to prepare to leave.

“Will I see you again?” Lisa asked me.

I said I wanted to see her again if that was possible. Lisa actually wanted more than that. She asked if I would consider being with her. I asked her if she meant permanently. She said her marriage was a sham and she would rather be with someone she loved. I wasn’t expecting that. I said that we should get together again sometime soon and see if it was anything more than sex between us. We exchanged phone numbers and Lisa kissed me goodbye.

I am now on the road heading back home. I know I can’t go on being in a bad relationship with my wife. I am going to have to make a decision soon. Hopefully there is more to Lisa and myself than sex. If so, we will be taking the steps needed to be together permanently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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