Rewarding Travel Ch. 01

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Minding his own business he was engrossed in his laptop with no idea of how this otherwise fairly ordinary day would unfold. “Those passengers currently seated in gate 8 awaiting the outbound flight to Edinburgh would you please proceed to gate 2 where your flight will now board from”. No apology or explanation, he packed up the laptop and started making his way. When…. In the large gathering of moving passengers he noticed “the legs” his eyes scanned upward briefly and noticed a sheen which told him one thing, nylons…and then they were gone.

Arriving at gate 2 he saw them again only this time he also spotted the 4 inch black patent heels with inviting ankle straps. Nice. Again it was through a crowd of people but this time he got to see them for a brief moment longer, a stirring began in his jeans. Again the sheen of her tights? Stockings …who knows

He dismissed the thoughts racing through his head and prepared for the short flight back to Edinburgh.

He walked along the air bridge desperately trying to get her out of his head, just then a member of the instantly obvious cabin crew brushed by as it was quite a squeeze as they inched closer to the aeroplane door. A delicious scent lingered as he watched her move forward and join her colleague to greet the long line of passengers. Again the combination of the closeness of the impeccably dressed angel of the skies and her alluring scent caused his jeans to tighten. As he handed her his boarding card with a smile she returned the smile and glanced toward what he had hoped she was unaware of “I hope you have a comfortable slight sir” he heard her say, with her eyelashes fluttering as she gently gestured with her womanly hips.

Get to your seat he thought to himself, before an uncomfortable situation worsens. As he took his seat those legs passed at eye level, only this time he saw an obvious split in the side of the skirt that left him in no doubt she was wearing stockings, a hold up ensued and caused her to remain stood directly beside him in the aisle she rubbed her nylon encased thighs together as she tapped her powerful stiletto on the floor. Then she glanced down in my direction and issued a very womanly smile, almost femme fatale in its structure. The remainder of her attire was very much formal business wear, bordering on power dresser, the bag large, expensive leather, no doubt holding everything she needs.

He could see she was anxious, perhaps to get tot her seat, perhaps to reopen her laptop, to use the bathroom or maybe something else… Whatever it was, had heightened her state of frustration arousal. Again a scent accompanied this womanly view before him, only this time it was not one of CK, or any naff celebrity scent it was that of a woman, that unmistakable subtle yet every time it bows you over, instantly recognisable yet every one unique.

Again his fertile imagine raced, what were her thoughts who was in them was it an encounter she was recalling, a fantasy unfolding in her mind or just a longing to feel skin on skin.

Again she smiled invitingly as she eventually was able to progress toward the seats behind, He turned and watched as she strode purposefully toward her seat a few rows back. He now really needed to get home to relieve this punishing tension he was feeling, he wanted to be in his own home where he would be able to continue his fantasy not restricted by fear, or more importantly by the confines of his cotton prison, his warm cock needed to explode and at the very least he would soon have to provide the relief himself. That said the thought of the release gallons of cum inside the mystery woman’s hot needy pussy was definitely the primary aim. As he closed his eyes and the motion of taxiing to the runway stole his consciousness he imagined first tasting her delicious honey, his tongue teasing and pleasuring her aching red hot clit, her juices flowing over his welcoming tongue. In his thoughts she had been so desperate to be assaulted that he was tasting her through her drenched French lace knickers, her legs splayed wider and wider, her cries wanton he imagined her thrusting her pubic bone against his now slippery chin.

Just then he escort sincan felt a presence on his leg, as he woke slightly startled before him stood another of his fantasy figures. The immaculately dressed “jess” stood before him as he read the badge deliciously pinned atop her ample chest. “Sorry to wake you sir but we will be landing in a little while and I wanted to offer you a complimentary drink.”

“No thanks” he quickly retorted, inwardly he immediately scolded his sharp ill advised response.

“I am sorry, if there is anything else I can do for you this evening sir then please do let me know” she responded with a delightfully light and if he was not mistaken flirtatious tone.

Instantly he dismissed that thought as merely being confused by being woken from his slumber. Just as she moved away there she was “the mystery woman” if only she knew how she had been the sole occupant of his filthy furtive imagination since take off. Again she cast a wry smile in his general direction and then headed for the bathroom, still with the large expensive leather bag in tow. Mind set racing again he questioned why she would need her bag in an aeroplane bathroom, no doubt to reapply make up before returning home to meet friends or a lover, or to take medication but what if it were to relieve that tension he sensed she held. What if she were in there purely to satisfy her own insatiable lust, what if she was now operating electronic equipment against the instructions of the flight captain, oooh the naughty girl or even more interestingly what if it wasn’t battery operated what if she was repeatedly plunging a man made substitute in and out of her now sodden slit. A number of minutes passed and he could no longer bear not knowing so he made his way to the front of the plane and stood adjacent to the door she lay behind, casually sipping from the water dispenser.

A few seconds passed before he heard the sound of her expensive heels shuffle across the non slip plastic floor, he listened intently and then there it came a stifled moan escaped her usually controlled lips. Was that confirmation or was it merely a muffled sneeze, he now stood there imagining the immaculately dressed “woman a” hurriedly covering her heaving sex with her barely there exclusive French lace knickers and then being unable to resist her own taste, slipping her talented wet fingers in her mouth.

The next noise was the chemical flush followed by water pooling in the impossibly small sink. A quick blast and then she strode out of the cramped space. Unmistakably her facial features were flushed, surely his lurid thoughts could not be true, if they were ….

“ladies and gentleman please re-take your seats, fasten your seatbelts and ensure your tray table…..” came the announcement.

He watched her undoubtedly firm clearly curvaceous rear move back toward his seat, what he had not been aware of until he started to walk was the obvious bulge in his jeans had reappeared with vigour. As he made his way back to his seat, he was confronted with Jess carrying empties back toward the galley area, as they met in the aisle she turned side on thrusting her back out, he brushed slowly passed her his now fully erect cock bumping along her rear. Oh god he thought, she wouldn’t have felt that would she, he certainly had, it was very pleasurable, he longed for more.

He resumed his seat and Jess busied herself in the galley. A short while later before the captain instructed the crew to take their seats they passed by with customer evaluation leaflets, he indicated non verbally that he did not wish to complete one as instructed by the captain but this seemed to be ignored by Jess as she placed it in his lap. As he lifted it something fell out of the bottom, he looked around to see if he was being observed but most passengers were either asleep or engrossed in their favoured broadsheet. He lifted the card which was a standard business card for the Edinburgh Airport Hilton with directions on, strange, curiosity made him flip over and there in deliciously feminine swirls was the message “you felt huge, if that’s all for me, meet me after 11pm in the bar?” This couldn’t be happening ankara escort not to him, “woman a” franticly frigging herself off in the bathroom only feet away and now “Jess” seemingly offering all kinds of adult fun. Despite being a good looking well dressed guy these sorts of encounters he dismissed as myth, so he decided to ignore and assume it was a case of mistaken identity, anything was easier to deal with than the thought of his fantasies actually being realised.

The A321 landed with a bit of a bump, and with that he turned his attention to getting home and getting a meal, it had been a long day and quite a long week, so he hoped to see his luggage on the carousel as soon as humanly possible. He made his way to the front of the aircraft and was confronted briefly by Jess, again the eyelashes fluttered and the gaze headed south. Undeniably she was flirting with him, this only served to build new scenarios in his mind, “woman a” was temporarily relegated as he imagined finding what lay beneath the distinctive uniform of the skies, could the myths be true, are these angels of the skies permanently up for it did she really want to be speared by my long hard cock. The question burning on his mind was, was the note an invitation for a night of no strings sex or did she merely want a dinner companion, either way he hoped that she was on the menu. Would she be wearing sexy expressive lingerie beneath the confines of the formal uniform? Would she be wearing sultry stockings too, perhaps hold ups, knickers, no knickers?

What was wrong with him the whole basis for these thoughts was one simple scribble on a business card, surely he wouldn’t hinge the whole success or failure of his evening on this. As he left the plane he made his way to the luggage hall where the lone figure of “woman a” stood legs crossed at the ankles, again rubbing one leg closely against the other, holding in one hand the previously seen handbag and now in the other a pink opaque bag containing a bottle of champagne. As he neared he noticed the champagne was a Lanson vintage Rose, nice choice I would love to share that with her he thought. What was he doing now, again he had dismissed Jess as soon as he had seen “woman a” again. Why? She had shown no interest in him, he was unaware of marital status, how she was sexually inclined, had heard noises but had no confirmation of her need for high altitude self gratification and yet “Jess” “Jess who”. It was simple here stood a woman and Jess was merely a girl, the intrigue was higher and the size of the prize bigger and ultimately tougher.

Tonight he wanted a woman, and only that would quell his ferocious sexual hunger which had been building all day long. The question was would “woman a” share that need for release. The baggage seemed to take forever and then it arrived at almost the same time as hers. Unsurprisingly her travel luggage was the height of refined sophistication too, Mulberry the same as the distinctive bag. He began to build a picture, mulberry luggage, Lanson vintage, killer heels, very sheer stockings, clearly this woman was moneyed. This only heightened her already intoxicating appeal. She turned on her heels and walked briskly to the exit to the departure hall stopping only briefly to safely secure her cashmere scarf.

The doors opened and the wall of icy wind hit him hard and checked him instantly as he realised he was almost stalking her from behind….but he had to, he had to know where she was going, in his own mind he was now on that slippery slope that said well she is going to get it and she is going to love me for it.

They entered the lift together the first time they had been alone in a confined space. .. She dropped her bags and closed the distance until her lips were so close that he could feel her breath, moist and warm without warning she took hold of his hand and placed it on her thigh above the knee and urged it higher, next she hooked her stiletto on to the hand rail behind him, virtually wrapping her body round him. As his hand left the silky smooth nylon and touched for the first time the real her. Momentarily he could only feel skin and then his large hungry hand felt delicate lace, just etimesgut escort bayan then he felt her hand back near his, high under her skirt, was this a tease was she about to thwart him. Instead he felt the lace being pulled, she was opening her steaming wanton sex to him, and just as quickly she withdrew her own hand. He lunged toward her forcing her hard against the rear of the lift, and as he did she teased her soaked fingers toward his mouth, which he engulfed without need for a second invite, her taste and texture was warm, sticky yet smooth but unmistakably horny. He fell to his knees roughly hitching her skirt even higher as he assaulted her prominent clit with his mouth, hands travelling north to her heaving chest where he practically ripped her breasts from their confines assisted by his now submissive lust crazed femme.

Ping “Level 5” he heard and instantly he realised he had fallen victim to another fantasy scenario in his mind, he really needed to get home. They arrived at the roof and noticed immediately that it was bathed in a crisp white frost, “fuck that” he thought as he heard her mutter in frustration and annoyance. This was all he needed, another delay before he could eventually get home. Very few cars remained on the roof and so she made a beeline for hers and he did likewise.

He started the engine of his clichéd German tourer and set about clearing the thick frost with a combination of de-icer and brute force. In the distance he could hear the purring of another engine and saw a second thick cloud of smoke, soon she would be gone. As he neared completion the mystery figure appeared through the haze looking distressed, and cold.

“You couldn’t help a damsel could you, I seem to have misjudged the weather and I need some of what you have” she smiled and again the legs had him. He also realised it was the first time he had heard her speak, it was no disappointment her tone was refined warm and intelligent, yet sultry too.

“I will drive over in a minute and give you some once I am done here” she walked back through the haze of the mixed fog and smoke. He drove over and parked beside her glorious British Sports car which was purring like a kitten. However despite her best efforts so far, it looked like it was crystallized. She immediately stepped out from the warmth of the inside and strode toward me to collect the scraper etc.

“Thank you so much” she said as she reached for the items in his hand.

“No, get back inside you will catch a death” he responded, already her nipples were clearly visible through her crisp cotton shirt.

“I cant let you do that she said, I insist on helping you at least, I may be a damsel but I am not entirely helpless, I have strong wrists you know” a pause ” from Badminton”

“In that case lets not stand here freezing any longer, sooner we get you done the sooner we will both warm up” a smirk spread across her immaculate lips and if he was not mistaken an mmm mm slipped out too.

He set about removing the thick ice from the rear windscreen and side windows as she turned her attention to the warmer front end. Oh how he wished she would turn her womanly attentions toward his warm front end, as he rounded the car he was confronted with a vision that would satisfy many a sleepless night. There she was reaching legs apart with her skirt flat against the bonnet stretching at the windscreen, her heels off the ground with only the tiniest part of her shoe clinging on. He could see right up her skirt beyond the tops of her dark sheer stockings to the lace that framed her exquisite rear. It was like a scene from a centrefold, as he stood there only inches behind her, she turned her head cast a look over her shoulder smirked and then resumed her assault on the ice.

Was this an invitation, did she have a fantasy of being fucked mercilessly from behind by a stranger, whilst grinding herself on a quickly warming bonnet, did she want to feel the vibrations of the v8 tickle her clit whilst being invaded by the nearest hot hard cock, or was she merely a tease in her actions as well as her attire. Without opting for a bold move, stepping beyond the line of what is PC, he would never know. Many a night he had spent in front of his laptop reading acts of erotic fiction and if he was right then one was unfolding before his very eyes, but there again these fantasies of control/reluctance were bordering on criminal.

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