Ride Me, Baby! Ch. 01

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“So, Louise, what made you sign up for a two hundred and fifty mile charity bicycle ride to Amsterdam?”


The radio presenter’s voice was as smooth as chocolate and for a moment Louise found herself drifting off on an erotic fantasy involving him and a can of whipped cream. Then she remembered she was live on her local radio station and it might be a good idea to answer the damned question.

“Well, Nick, I guess I’m doing it for the challenge!” That and because I figured it would be an excellent way of getting over my dickhead ex boyfriend, she added venomously. “Marie Curie Cancer Care is a very worthy charity and we’re hoping to collect as much sponsorship money as possible!”

“What’s your target, Louise?”

“Ten thousand pounds!”

“Wow! That’s a huge amount!”

You’re not kidding there, mate! “If any of your listeners want to sponsor us, they can visit the website…” Louise dutifully gave out the URL of the web page Gary had set up for the ride and before she knew it, her moment of fame was over. The latest boy-band track began to play while Nick thanked her for her time and then she was ignominiously cut off.

“Gee thanks, Nick!” she muttered as his cheesy radio show continued broadcasting across the airwaves. Well, that was it – she had done her bit for publicity now and apart from a photo shoot for the local rag in two days time, all that remained was more cycling and training.

With D-Day less than two weeks away, she had to admit she was starting to feel rather excited about the whole event. She and her bike were fit as a fiddle and she had even acquired several pairs of padded cycling shorts to alleviate any possible discomfort. All that remained was to pray for decent weather and the four days would be a breeze.

“Earth to Louise?” Her boss’s voice abruptly cut through her thoughts, nearly causing her to knock the half empty mug of coffee all over her keyboard.

“Ahem, sorry, Mr Foster! I just did an interview for Minstrel FM…”

“Well that’s great — but do you think you can finish the invoices now?” Mr Foster appeared less than impressed at her new celeb status and Louise hurriedly tidied the pile of paperwork on her desk into a more organised state.

“Yeah, don’t worry, I’m on it!” She grinned cheerfully and hoped that he wouldn’t make her stay late again. She really needed to do a session down at the gym after missing her workout for the last two nights.

“Good. I’ll look forward to seeing the drafts on my desk by five o’clock.” He gave her a hard stare before walking out of the office.

Oh fuck, she thought. At this rate I’ll still be here at eight o’clock. She knew from bitter experience that rough drafts always came back covered in umpteen red pen marks. It wasn’t as if she was deliberately careless; she was just not good with the minor details. She sometimes wondered if maybe she would be far better suited in another line of work.

Lap dancing perhaps?

Maybe the bike ride would give her the opportunity to think more clearly. Or maybe it would just tire her out so damned much she wouldn’t have the energy to think at all. That was probably the most ideal scenario.

“Want another coffee?” Sally asked as she sauntered in on her unfeasibly high stilettos while Louise collapsed on her desk with an expression of woe.

“Oh yeah — make it a black one — I need the caffeine!”

Sally chuckled as she took in the debris all over her friend’s desk. “Gotten behind a little?” she chided, knowing how disorganised Louise was at the best of times.

“Hmm, just slightly, and now Mr Foster is on my case big time!” She rolled her eyes dramatically.

“Oh don’t sweat it. He’s leaving early tonight and he won’t be in for the next two days. Family funeral I hear.”

That’s a relief, thought Louise. This meant she wouldn’t need to break her neck finishing the invoices.

“Hey, I heard you on the radio!” Sally grinned. “You sounded ace!”

“Really?” Louise wasn’t all that convinced about sounding ace, but as long as she hadn’t come across like a total idiot, then it was okay.

“Yeah, really! Malcolm in accounts was practically drooling at every word you spoke.” Sally leant forward confidentially and winked. “In fact,” she revealed in a whisper, “I think your husky voice actually gave him a hard-on!”

“Oh you’re such a bitch!” Louise grabbed her ruler and whacked the other girl across the arm.

“Ouch!” Sally yelled in outrage as she jumped back, rubbing the red patch on her arm. “That hurt!”

Then she grinned naughtily again. “If you go and ask him now, I bet he’ll definitely sponsor you!”

“Yes he might, but it’s the payback that worries me!”

They both grimaced at the thought of lecherous Malcolm expecting something in return for his cash. No charity in the world was worth that kind of commitment.

“Right, escort sincan coffee-time!” Sally picked up the Louise’s mug and threw the cold dregs into the Palm pot by the door. It was no wonder the poor thing looked so sick all the time; it was slowly being overdosed on caffeine.

Louise returned her attention to the office expenses with a sigh. Time was ticking on and if she didn’t get her backside into gear, she’d miss the gym yet again.

* * *

The place was half empty when she finally keyed in the entry code and walked through the door. It was kind of late to be arriving, but she knew that missing another session was likely to be fatal for her fitness levels. Unfortunately, running between Mr Foster’s office and the photocopier could hardly be considered a cardio workout.

A couple of heavily tanned blokes were energetically running on the treadmills but Louise resolutely ignored them. She plugged her i-pod into her ear and headed for a bike to do a warm up. Soon her favourite tracks were washing over her as her body broke out in a sweat. All the crap of her working day slowly drowned on a surge of endorphins and she began to enjoy herself.

By the time she had finished a five-kilometre run, she looked around and realised that, much to her surprise, the place was empty. She hadn’t realised how late it was and she hurriedly headed to the water cooler for a drink. It was definitely time to go home and eat something — now she had finished her workout she was starving!

Tucking a few stray tendrils of long blonde hair behind her ear, she drank the cold water and closed her eyes momentarily. Her body felt pleasantly tired, but it was a good feeling. Pizza or pasta, she mused silently, still listening to her music. Yep, pasta with pesto sauce sounded good. Lots of cheese – yum!

“Good workout?” asked a deep male voice in her ear.

Louise jumped and pulled out the earpiece from her i-pod. “Sorry?” she replied in confusion. One of the gym staff was standing beside her, his brown eyes twinkling in amusement.

“I asked if you had a good workout!” he repeated with a grin. Louise felt suddenly flustered, horribly aware that her face was bright red and her tee shirt was damp with perspiration.

“Erm yeah, great, thanks,” she said through gritted teeth, wishing like hell that she was one of those amazing women who actually looked sexy after a strenuous workout.

“Excellent,” the man smiled. He poured himself a cup of water and looked speculatively at her for a moment. “Did you know we offer sports massages as part of our service?”

Louise glanced at the clock on the wall; it was late. Did he not have somewhere to go? “No, I didn’t,” she replied rather irritably.

“Yes, it’s an added extra we’ve recently introduced.” He grinned disarmingly and pointed to a poster on the wall behind the water cooler. Sure enough, in large letters, Sports Massage available with qualified masseuse — Paolo Di Marco.

“I’m Paolo, by the way,” the man explained. Somehow Louise wasn’t surprised to hear this. With his olive complexion and devastating eyes, the guy had to be foreign. She wondered if he was Italian…or maybe Spanish… Hell, either of those nationalities would do — she wasn’t fussy!

“Hi, I’m Louise.” They smiled politely at each other before she drank the rest of the water and glanced at her watch. “Is this place closing shortly?” she asked, conscious that they seemed to be the last people in here.

“Not for another hour. Don’t worry — you don’t need to rush off.” Paolo’s voice was laden with promise and Louise began to wonder what other services he offered.

“So…how do I get a massage?” she asked brightly.

“You just ask me.” Paolo took a step closer. Louise felt her pulse begin to race again, only this time it had nothing to do with the treadmill.

“How much does it cost?”

“The first consultation is free,” Paolo explained helpfully, all the while standing within breathing distance and making Louise feel hotter than ever. “I use the first session as a way of devising a treatment plan. We look at all your problem areas and assess what needs doing.”

It was amazing how the man could make the most innocuous words sound like foreplay, she mused in admiration.

“But I don’t think I have any problem areas?”

“No tension or…aches at all?”

Louise thought about it. Oh she was feeling tense all right — just not from her recent workout. “Not exactly…” she said cagily.

“Are you sure?” His voice was silkily smooth and Louise could feel herself beginning to slip under his Latin spell.

“Well…err…maybe some,” she conceded reluctantly, hoping against hope that he couldn’t tell how turned on she was becoming.

“A perfect candidate then!” he beamed with enthusiasm. “Since the gym is quiet, how about your free consultation right now?”

Louise ankara escort could think of no good reason to decline such a tempting offer. Hunger had been relegated into the farthest recesses of her mind and her libido was firmly in control. “Okay,” she agreed recklessly.

Paolo turned and pointed towards a door on the far side of the room. “If you’d like to make yourself comfortable in there, I’ll be with you shortly. I need you to strip down to your underwear please — you’ll find a towelling robe behind the door.”

What?! She had to get NAKED? Well, practically NAKED! Times like this she wished she’d put some more attractive underwear on. Racking her brains she tried desperately to remember which knickers she’d dragged on this morning.

* * *

Louise felt rather self-conscious as she sat on the edge of the table and waited for Paolo. It was a small room, tastefully decorated with neutral tones and mood lighting. From somewhere, faint music played in the background. Evidently it was all meant to promote a relaxing ambience, but unfortunately it wasn’t working for Louise. The towelling robe was far too big and kept gaping open at the front and she felt extremely nervous, but at least she had a decent set of lingerie on.

She heard a discreet knock. “Can I come in?” asked Paolo through the door.

“Yeah, sure, I’m okay.” Actually she wasn’t okay, but hopefully she soon would be.

Paolo entered the room and locked the door behind him. “Just so we aren’t disturbed,” he explained reassuringly. “Now if you’d like to remove the robe and lie down on your tummy, I’ll begin.”

Louise stood up and reluctantly removed the robe. She noticed Paolo checking out her body before she sat back on the table and lay down as directed.

“You have a lovely slim figure,” he commented appreciatively, his eyes flicking across her petite body lasciviously.

“Thank you,” replied Louise shyly. Thank God for all those hours spent in the gym recently!

She rested her head on the rolled up towel and closed her eyes, trying to accustom her mind around the idea of a massage from a very sexy man. When she felt the first gentle touch on her shoulders, she couldn’t help but flinch helplessly.

“Relax,” urged Paolo soothingly.

He began to knead the tense muscles in her shoulders skilfully and, despite her misgivings, she slowly started to enjoy it. There was no doubt about it; he had very talented hands. Gradually his fingers moved down her sides, occasionally edging beneath her body.

All the tension of the day gently eased away with her muscles succumbing to Paolo’s magical fingers. After ten minutes she was almost asleep; blissfully lulled into a soporific state. When his fingers brushed her inner thighs, the touch was so fleeting that she almost failed to notice it.

“I need you to part your legs further,” he instructed softly.

Alarm bells began to ring and Louise lifted her head reluctantly. “Why?” she asked suspiciously.

“To enable me to work on your quadriceps,” he said smoothly.

It sounded so perfectly reasonable, she immediately felt silly for doubting his motives. Lowering her head again, she spread her legs further as his strong hands begin to work on her thighs. A slow warm feeling spread through her veins as his fingers manipulated the muscles.

This was utter bliss.

Then his fingers encroached nearer the apex of her thighs and the slow warm feeling spread deeper. Unwillingly she began to feel more than a little aroused by the sensation. Her pussy moistened as he moved his attention to her buttocks. “I can feel some tension,” he said softly.

“Must be the five-kilometre run I did earlier,” she squeaked, frantically willing her body to stop responding to Paolo’s hands. But it was no use; a faint groan escaped as he fleetingly slipped his hands between her taut thighs.

“Are you okay?” he asked solicitously.

“Erm…yeah,” she managed to spit out eventually. Oh this is too good, she thought desperately.

“Can you turn over now?” he asked after a few moments. “I need to work on your front.”

Louise hoped her cheeks weren’t bright red as she turned over awkwardly. The towel he had given her was draped over her breasts and she held onto it for dear life.

“Can I ask if it would be possible for you to remove your bra?” he asked.

“Why?” Hold on a minute, he never mentioned this at the start!

“It is easier for me to work on your shoulders and upper chest. I would hate to get oil on your underwear.” Once again, the sheer reasonableness of his request overrode any doubts she had.

“Okay, I guess I could do that…”

Great!” he smiled. “I’ll just turn my back and you can use that towel to cover yourself up.”

He turned away and Louise swiftly unclasped her bra, dropping it on the table. She pulled the towel back over her breasts and lay back down. etimesgut escort bayan “Okay, I’m ready now,” she said nervously.

“Now close your eyes and just relax again. Soon you’ll be feeling a million dollars,” Paolo promised soothingly.

He moved behind her and began to work on her shoulders, kneading and squeezing the flesh rhythmically. Louise had to admit he knew what he was doing. Her arms went limp at her side and she stopped gripping on to the towel after a while. When he pushed it lower, she didn’t have the energy to protest.

His oily fingers stroked the insides of her arms, inadvertently brushing the curves of her breasts. She felt herself tense up slightly, but he immediately reassured her with a soft, “Relax!”

The towel slid even lower and her nipples were almost exposed. Louise knew she really ought to be protesting by now — surely this couldn’t be part of the service — but it felt so good, she couldn’t bring herself to speak out. His fingers moved lower down her ribcage and then slid back up around the underside of her breasts.

Helplessly she arched her back slightly, subconsciously tilting her breasts towards his hands in an unspoken invitation. With her eyes still closed, she was dimly aware of the towel being pulled away. Before she had a chance to react, his hands were squeezing her flesh and rubbing her hard nipples.

She moaned out loud, helplessly responding to the sexual stimulation. Oh god, it had been too long! She suddenly realised just how much she had missed this as she heard him move around the table. When she felt a hot wet mouth tugging on one aching nipple, she finally opened her eyes. “Paolo!” she gasped.

He raised his head and stared at her for a moment, his eyes black in the dimly lit room. “Sorry, but you’re so sexy,” he said by way of explanation and not looking in the least bit sorry.

Louise knew she really ought to be screaming the place down and threatening to sue for sexual harassment, but the fact she was enjoying this immensely, prevented her. When she considered her options, she realised that she had no desire to call a halt. “Kiss me,” she said finally and the chance to walk away was lost.

He obliged immediately, his tongue plunging into her mouth at around the same time his hand slipped back between her thighs. This time he didn’t waste time on her quadriceps; he moved right onto the area that needed more direct attention. Skilful fingers stroked the aching centre of her body and she felt the heat rise swiftly.

Writhing around on the table, she was lost on a sea of desire and all conscious thoughts and doubts were miraculously erased. It may have been wrong to allow Paolo to touch her in this way, but she was damned if she could stop him now. There was a lot to be said for alternative therapy as an aid to relaxation!

When his fingers pushed the gusset of her knickers to one side, she moaned. The pressure building was incredibly intense; she didn’t think she had ever been this aroused before. Certainly Kevin had never had this incendiary effect on her body. Mostly he had left her cold when it came to sex.

Knowledgeable fingers explored her wet flesh and she began to tremble helplessly. Paolo broke away from her mouth and began to kiss a pathway down her neck. His tongue flicked the crest of her nipple and she grasped his head, pulling him closer. “Please…” she muttered incoherently.

“Please what?” he asked with amusement. When she failed to answer, he pushed two fingers inside her aching pussy and said, “Is this what you need?”

“Oh yes!” she gasped. She raised her hips and he began to slide his fingers in and out in a slow sensuous rhythm as he sucked her breast. “Oh god, I’m gonna cum…”

His thumb rubbed her clit and she felt her body topple on the edge of an orgasm. For a few blinding seconds, she felt weightless, suspended in a cloud of pleasure. Then the wave hit her hard and blissful contractions racked her body as Paolo continued to pay homage to her body.

Eventually she could stand no more and she reluctantly pushed him away. “Oh that was wonderful,” she sighed, feeling limp and sated.

“All part of my service!” Paolo grinned, a huge smile lighting up his face. Then he shifted slightly uncomfortably and she looked down to see a huge bulge at his crotch.

“Oh I’m sorry, what about you?” she asked guiltily.

“I’m fine,” he assured her. “This was all about you!” He passed her a towel and she sat up, beginning to feel a little embarrassed at her intense reaction now that the aftershocks were fading. She was also surprised to realise just how tired she was. The thought of her bed was incredibly welcoming.

“Thank you, Paolo! That was the best massage I’ve ever had!”

“Non problemo, any time you want another one, just find me and I will sort you out.” He grinned at her, his dark eyes crinkling attractively. “In fact if you need anything at all, just ask…” his voice trailed off suggestively and she had a sudden idea.

“Actually, since you mentioned it, I’m doing a long-distance charity bike ride — would you like to sponsor me?”

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