Road Trip Rogue Ch. 07

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Ch. 7: Bite Therapy

The rest of the evening at Ozzie and Paula’s was uneventful. Ellen was pretty drunk when we left the party; and we hadn’t gotten halfway home before she made it damn clear she wanted to have sex. When we got to the house I had to zip my pants up just to get out of the car and go inside.

The phone was ringing as we opened the front door. It was Ozzie, “Hey Dave; you left your wallet here.”

I tried to talk as I fondled Ellen’s butt and she pulled off my shirt. “I thought I left it in my car’s glove box. If it’s okay I’ll just pick it up tomorrow.”

“You better come get it now. We leave first thing in the morning to visit relatives and I wouldn’t want to set it out for you.”

Ellen didn’t seem too disappointed, “Fuck it. I’m going to bed.”

I hopped back in the car just wearing my cut-offs and drove back to Ozzie’s. Nobody answered the front door so I walked around to the back.

Paula was standing leisurely next to the pool wearing an oversized T-shirt. I joined her and realized she was smoking weed. “Ozzie has your wallet.”

I noticed that Paula’s nipples were poking into the T-shirt. She took a deep hit and passed the joint to me, “Here, you can finish this if you want. I’m going to have an afterburner.” She lit a cigarette as I took a deep draft of weed. It could have been my imagination but I felt high on the very first puff. We stared peacefully at the patterns made by the underwater lights and the surface ripples of the pool.

“You know what?” Paula asked. “I am damn good at my job.” She did not look at me even though we were standing close. “Ozzie and his dad are both fraternity boys and they don’t do a fucking thing anymore because I take care of all of it for them. They’re just like management everywhere; they sit around drinking and telling stories that make them feel superior.”

She continued to gaze at the water’s surface and I just listened. “I don’t complain since I get paid well, but that’s only because other contractors have tried to hire me away. I know those two look down on me because I’m not a high class sorority chick but I don’t care. The working class men working for us think well of me and that means more.”

Paula took a drag on her cigarette then continued, “Even in our group of friends I can tell that I have lower status. Sharon and Ellen never really take me seriously and I work circles around them. I have to admit that bothers me, because they know me well and it still doesn’t overcome the fact that I was never in a sorority and will never be a high class socialite. I don’t really want those things, but I do want the respect of my close friends.”

I began to feel defensive. “Oh Paula; I think we have plenty of respect for you.”

“You’re the exception, Dave.” Paula finally looked at me with a smile and affectionately nudged a shoulder into me, causing her little titties to jiggle. “You have a healthy dark side, and I think that helps you appreciate someone like me.”

Paula said that as if it were a compliment. The marijuana was having a peaceful effect but I still felt insulted. “Hey, just because I make a little mistake doesn’t mean I have a secret dark side.”

Paula laughed and looked at me as if I were joking, but recovered, “Well maybe you’re right. Let’s find Ozzie and get your wallet.”

Paula gave me a brief full body hug that felt very good, and then she led me to the house. The way her butt wiggled I wondered if she was wearing anything under that T-shirt.

Ozzie was laid out on the couch asleep and with his mouth wide open. One arm was extended to the floor and he had my wallet clutched in his palm. Paula and I giggled quietly and stumbled into each other. She draped an arm around my waist and pulled me close to whisper, “He’s so cute when he’s like this.”

I was keenly aware of how much I enjoyed physical contact with Paula. She tugged me along then bent down to carefully retrieve my wallet. I watched the T-shirt ride up the back of her legs and leaned so far forward to get a peak that when Paula straightened up she bumped into me.

“Finders keepers.” she announced and I gladly accepted her invitation to wrestle over my wallet.

Our bare legs tangled around each other as I halfheartedly reached for my wallet. We stumbled around giggling in the living room but I kept an eye on Ozzie. He never moved a muscle.

It was loads of fun having Paula wriggle and squirm against my bare chest. Her thin T-shirt material did little to keep me from experiencing the thrill of her jiggling titties and firm ass. Then she began to talk smack in a loud whisper.

“You can’t take this wallet away from me. You know why?” Paula said as we playfully circled each other like two wrestlers.

“Tell me why.”

“Because you’re a weak, lying, sissy fraternity boy just like your friends.”

I smiled and thought to myself that she must want to play rougher. I lunged at her, fully expecting to feel the pleasure of more soft bosom and jiggling butt. Instead all I got was elbows escort sincan and knees, which was kind of irritating. It was uncomfortable enough that I backed away and circled again.

Paula was breathing hard and had an amused smile, but I couldn’t tell if we were still playing or if this had turned into some sort of competition. Whatever it was she kept up the trash talk.

“What good are those showboat muscles of yours?”

What the fuck kind of question was that?

Paula was quicker and stronger than she looked and took the opportunity of my confusion to grab the waste of my loose-fitting shorts and pull hard, slamming our bodies into each other.

It hurt but Paula seemed impervious and taunted, “You fucking pussy!”

I had no idea what I did to piss her off, and I didn’t care. I just wanted her to shut her God damn mouth. But I was still hesitant to take her seriously and I was back on my heels. After all, she was just a girl. Without warning she slapped me on the side of my head with my own wallet, causing credit cards to fly. My hands automatically lifted up and that’s when she gave me a straight-arm roundhouse slap right on my side, which stung like a son of a bitch. I lost my shit and stopped caring that she was a girl. I got a running start and tackled her with my shoulder right in her gut.

It surprised me how light she was and I stumbled across the room with her on my shoulder. Somehow I hit the kitchen door frame and she spun out of my grasp and onto the cold kitchen floor, still hanging on to my wallet.

The wind knocked out of her, Paula was on her hands and knees, disoriented. She was facing away from me, her oversized t-shirt bunched up around her shoulders. She was completely naked underneath, her shaved and rosy-red pussy protruding below her cute little butt. A small tattoo of a dolphin was on one buttock. I didn’t give a shit about any of that because I was lost in anger. I slapped that dolphin tattoo as hard as I could, my hand landing with a loud whap!

Paula spun around on the floor from the force of the blow. She hissed at me and pounced on my lower legs. She bit down on my calf and shook her head like a shark in a feeding frenzy. I tried to shake her loose but her teeth remained clenched tight, the floor getting smeared with my blood. It occurred to me that my life might be in danger with this tough, crazy bitch. But I was so furious I didn’t care and I sure as hell was not going to give up.

Paula’s teeth were still buried in my calf as I fell on my ass and scooped up her body. Paula was naked and upside down in my lap with her pussy in my face. I opened my mouth and carefully placed my upper teeth on her asshole and my lower teeth in her pussy. I did not bite down, I just waited.

She very slowly released her bite on my calf then breathlessly asked, “Still think you don’t have a dark side?”

I couldn’t believe this shit. Did Paula start all of this just to prove a point? At first I wanted to blame my behavior on her, but it dawned on me that I could have quit at any time.

I released my bite on Paula’s taint and took a deep breath of fresh air. A small amount of my blood was on the floor and on each of us. Her buttock dolphin tattoo was in the center of a big red welt the shape of my hand. I looked over Paula’s naked ass into the living room and saw Ozzie still asleep on the couch.

Paula spoke from her upside down position, “So what if you have a selfish and violent part of your character? If you learn to deal with it maybe you won’t end up like your dad.”

“Shut the fuck up!” I barked at her. But after a moment’s reflection, I admitted, “Okay, I have a dark side. Now hold still so I can lick your pussy.”

I felt my wallet hit me in the chest and fall to the floor. We rolled backward and ended up in a 69 position. While I fed on her slit Paula easily removed my shorts and her t-shirt and then I felt her warm mouth engulf my straining cock.

“You’re wet,” I murmured, pushing my tongue past her engorged lips and into a hot, liquid reservoir.

“I’ve been wet for weeks,” she said, “Ever since I watched you cram your hulk of a dick into Sharon in the backseat of that car.”

“Good, because I sure want to fuck you right now.”

Paula responded by hurrying onto all fours and arching her back for me. I approached her on my knees and got a brief view of her cute round dimpled butt and her red juicy pussy. I reached around, grabbed those little tits and began hunching against her backside. Paula moved her pussy around trying to help me find the target, as neither of us resorted to a guiding hand for help.

“Dave, go easy,” Paula gasped. “I’ve only had one partner and he doesn’t have your size.”

I know I should have felt guilty. I was on the verge of stretching the pussy of my friend’s girlfriend. But any chance I had for reconsidering vanished when the head of my dick stumbled on the wet spot. Paula grunted and threw her head up. I froze and simply absorbed the tingling thrill coursing through ankara escort my body from her warm pussy.

I pushed but didn’t go anywhere. We both hurriedly adjusted our positioning and I pushed again. Nothing. We began to giggle.

“Shit. This is harder than it looks.” I said, feeling Paula’s torso shaking with suppressed laughter.

“We’re going to have to get lined up just right,” she snickered.

We both groaned loudly and stopped laughing immediately as my cock slightly penetrated her opening.

“Oh, my God, Paula; you are so tight.” Only the tip had made it in and I could tell this was going to take some careful maneuvering. She was even smaller than my wife and a lot tighter then Sharon. “You feel fantastic.”

Paula did not respond. She just continued leaning back toward me keeping the pressure on our genitals. While staying in the doggy position I moved my hands from her luscious tits to under her shoulders. That gave me better leverage for pressing my straining cock into her tight moist channel. I flexed my hips and my cock slowly penetrated into the smallest pussy I would ever know.

Paula pushed back against me and began to scream.

I stopped with my dick rigidly sticking halfway out of her. “Damn Paula! You’re going to wake up Ozzie.”

“Nothing is going to wake Ozzie.” She pushed back against me several times trying to get me deeper. “And I’m a screamer—get used to it.”

With the fingers of one hand I began to play with her clitoris. This caused the rest of her body to hold still for a while, and I quickly learned to appreciate her completely shaved pussy. She moaned as I pulled back and slowly began to thrust without going any deeper.

The slick but tight fit had us both groaning. Paula moved my hand so she could stimulate her clitoris without my help. I took the opportunity to pull on her shoulders and clinch myself a little deeper into her hot, grasping pussy.

She screamed again. Damn she was loud. I figured if she was going to scream like that I might as well get all the way in there. I straightened up to my knees and pulled on her hips as I wiggled my butt to work my way in.

Screaming at the top of her lungs Paula repeatedly jammed herself back against me as her flying fingers stroked her clitoris.

I bottomed out in her pussy but that didn’t keep me from continuing to wiggle and push trying to get even deeper. I felt like I was riding a wild horse the way Paula was bucking and screeching as she started having an orgasm. And I wasn’t even close to coming yet. Normally I wouldn’t have expected to make it through her orgasm, but this was unexpected, which helped me to endure.

After Paula grunted through her climax, I stalled in position with my dick buried tight and my balls snuggled up against her pussy. I felt her fingers slow their movement and her body tremble as her now-weak knees struggled to support her weight.

I held Paula up by the hips as her orgasm faded but I wasn’t finished with that incredibly snug pussy. Paula’s pussy was rhythmically gripping my cock. I withdrew slowly and then just as slow I pushed to get all the way back in until I bottomed out. Damn that felt good. She tried her best to scream but was still wobbly from her orgasm.

Screwing a new woman for the first time is the epitome of mind blowing passion and I enjoyed the added benefit of looking down at Paula’s firm, round, dimpled butt with the dolphin tattoo. But there’s something particularly special and exciting about fucking from behind. It just feels different. And with a little teamwork you can both have some really fun exercise.

However Paula was not a team player. She quickly got her energy back and began to push against me from every direction with enthusiasm. Before I knew it I was working hard just to keep up with her. A change seemed like a good idea.

“Hey Paula, I want to feel what it’s like to be face-to-face with you.”

It surprised me that Paula was so flexible. Without comment she quickly rotated around so that I never had to withdraw. She fell onto her back causing a slight bounce of her cone shaped titties while breathing shallow and fast. We looked down at our joined bodies to see my cock partially lodged in her slick shaved pussy. Paula teased me by sensually moving her hips from side to side. She looked up at me with anticipation and passion evident in her half-mast eyes.

Even before I could lower my body onto hers I knew this was very different. It was obvious to both of us that this position was a lot more sensual. I lowered my torso to bury my face into her curly disheveled hair and feel her titties wiggle against my chest. Then with one smooth motion I clenched my butt and buried my dick deeper than I had been able to go before. My loins immediately responded with the first faint feelings of an orgasm. Before Paula could let loose with one of her screams I kissed her passionately. She gave a muffled yell and used the insides of her legs to caress as I wiggled and strained to get even deeper into etimesgut escort bayan that snug, juicy twat.

It was intense but at the same time almost calm the way we affectionately thrust against each other. We maintained our dizzying kisses with closed eyes, and our movements were very easy and natural. It was no longer the athletic fucking from before. It was intimate love making.

My movements grew more desperate and Paula’s breath quickened, knowing my orgasm was coming soon. I moaned with each exhilarating thrust. Paula’s hands curled under my armpits and she pulled on the top of my shoulders with every move. Her thighs were spread wide with her heels riding on the back of my knees.

The orgasm was taking a long time to build up, probably because I already had sex that day. I let my mind fixate on what a tight snug pussy I was fucking. I was stretching Paula out like no dick had done before. It was almost like I was fucking a…really…hot…virgin. That thought did it for me, especially when Paula added to it with an enthusiastic hug. With a strangled cry, I thrust so hard that Paula skidded on her back along the kitchen floor. The extended time to a crescendo made for a long and completely draining orgasm.

My dick began to soften and I completely collapsed on top of Paula. “Before you relax let’s turn over,” she said.

We automatically pressed genitals together to keep my dick buried in her pussy. The cool kitchen floor felt good on my back but when Paula released all of her weight it became difficult to breath. Even so, I was determined not to say anything because women always have to put up with a man’s weight.

I closed my eyes and let my hands roam over Paula’s rump while she remained motionless. Each buttock was smooth, round, and tight. I marveled at how good it felt to extend my fingers close to her pussy and touch the remains of our juices on her slick skin.

“I wasn’t sure I would go through with this,” Paula murmured, her lips just under my ear.

I was half asleep but still managed to ask, “At what point did you know?”

She waited a long time to answer, “When I got a mouth full of your blood and a good taste.”

I didn’t move but that comment got my full attention. I continued to fondle her butt and finally told her, “I have to admit that kind of freaks me out.”

“You think it freaks you out? I’m the one with the weird thought. But I get the feeling there’s some shit going on inside your head too,” she said, making us both giggle.

After a pause Paula commented almost absentmindedly, “I think we’re pretty close to keeping our little group together and happy. All that’s really left is getting Robert to fuck your wife.”

My eyes shot wide open and my entire body flinched. “What in the hell are you talking about?”

Paula was unfazed by my reaction, and spoke softly into my ear, “My plan for us to become a small group of swingers. Ozzie will be glad to fuck Ellen if he gets a chance. The real problem was Sharon, but you’ve broken her down to the point where she will eat out of your hand. And I just proved that I can do this.”

I listened in open-mouthed surprise as Paula continued, “Robert won’t be much of a problem. And as soon as he winks at your wife she’ll be spread-eagled on her back so fast you’ll think you heard a sack of hammers hit the floor.” Paula chuckled then added, “Of course you and Sharon clearly think they’re already boning each other and maybe they are.”

My mind raced, trying to process a jumble of questions. What did this girl get me into? How did this happen?

Paula sensed my confusion. “Oh, come on, Dave. We could never go back to being three sweet innocent couples. That fairytale ended the instant you buried your eager-beaver in Sharon.”

Paula emphasized her point by wiggling her butt, which caused my soft dick to pop out of her tight wet pussy. “Oooh.” she laughed.

I looked at the figure passed out on the couch in the adjoining room. “Paula, how is it possible that Ozzie has not waked up?”

“Well,” she explained, her lips brushing my ear lobe, “I was supposed to give him two Viagra, but instead I gave him two prescription-strength sleeping pills.”

“Oh, shit…I guess that means I should feel even guiltier. My friend had big plans for you tonight but then he found my misplaced wallet.”

“Well, sort of,” she smiled with the satisfaction of having a secret to share. “You never lost your wallet. I stole it out of the glove box of your car and brought it inside. Ozzie found it after you’d already left and called you, as I knew he would.”

Paula’s schemes were so involved and devious, it finally dawned on me that she was a lot smarter than the rest of us.

I had to ask: “Is it even true that Ozzie was the only man you had ever been with?”

Paula lifted her torso so that her modest titties just cleared my chest. She looked intently into my eyes with a clever little smile.

“Do you want that to be true?” she asked. “Ozzie did.”

Epilogue: Therapeutic Alternatives

So Doc, I’m almost finished explaining everything. Gee, once I started talking I didn’t stop. You probably see that a lot in therapy. I can already say I feel a little better just telling someone the whole story.

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