Tales of a Bisexual CIA Agent 02

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Clean Pussy

I got a secure message from Director Miller, asking me to come to the secure facility in New York City to debrief in detail on the previous mission and to discuss my next mission. After our debrief on the last mission, we Welsh Spies went back to Director Miller’s suite at the Willard, drank more Jameson, smoked pot and fucked each other for an hour. I stayed with him. We were like drunk, stoned zombies who just collapsed into bed, naked and sweaty. The other men paired off and went back to other rooms.

The next day, we had another pot, Manhattans and spit roasting party in Director Miller’s suite. After, I drove home.

We then discussed the next mission. He passed the manila envelope, “Open this and read it when you get home.”

I asked, winking, “Tell me about my targets.”

He laughed and said, “They deal drugs and run a high-end prostitution ring pimping out men to rich people, men and women, headquartered in Baltimore, with easy access to DC, Philadelphia and New York. Both have thick 11 inch uncut cocks, are extremely aggressive and are HIV negative. Again, very, very hot. When you, Jones and Baker check in to the hotel, Agent Baker will give you the details on how to get on his radar.

They will pay you, but you cannot keep that money. You will return it to us. Give it to Baker, who had a locking cash bag to store it in. He will hold it and it be put in a fund with other confiscated funds. We also suspect that they distribute drugs to his clients. Not sure if he is selling them or just giving them to them. Keep an eye out for that. We are also interested in knowing his source for those drugs. As they maintain a cash-only business, it’s likely a cover for money laundering.”

“His name is Walter Benning and his boyfriend’s name is Samuel Caldwell. Walter is the dangerous one. Walter will probably audition you and Jones like I did with Samuel participating. You’ll do well. It’s important he adds you and Jones to his group of male prostitutes.”

“Like Harland and Steven, they are bisexual, like to dominate, then, eventually will submit. Their photos are in your packet. I totally trust that you, Baker and Jones are going to get the intelligence to help the FBI bring them down.”

“Good thing Jones and I like having sex with women.”

“Yes, I was aware of that, of course. I’ve assigned you two BMW’s as they only pimp out high-class prostitutes. Be prepared for him to pimp you two out to both men and women and likely together. We need to get the identities of his clients, a better understand his drug operations, and determine where there is crossover.”

“Fuck, that sounds hot. We’ll let him know that Jones and I very good fucking men and women at the same time. Now, that business is out of the way, want to play?”

He smiled and dropped his pants. I got undressed and dropped to my knees. He stroked his cock smiling down at me. After I sucked him, he fucked my ass really slowly. He pulled out and handed his condom to me and got on his knees, head back, mouth open, tongue out. I poured his own semen down his throat, then throat fucked him slowly, us locking eyes. He flexed his throat and got a big load out of me.

He stood up, bent over. I got on my knees, spread his tight, hairless ass cheeks and licked his asshole. He groaned and pushed his ass back on my tongue. I used my pointer and middle fingers to open up his anus and stuck my tongue in it. He groaned and implored, “Agent Roberts, fuck me hard!”

I stood up, put lube on his tight hole, fingered it and slowly inserted my cock. I held his hips and slowly fucked his ass, us groaning. He flexed his ass muscles, I grunted, my cock throbbed and shot up his ass.

With my cock still up his ass, I leaned over, licked the inside of his hear and whispered, “See, your Welsh American honey pot has learned well. I look forward to working with the old team to rid this country of another hot, hung, aggressive monster. Now, on your knees!”

When I left, he handed me another manila envelope instructing me not to open it until I was home. When I got home I opened it:

Agent Roberts,

Thank you for your continuing service to the United States Central Intelligence Agency.

For this mission, the CIA will:

•Provide you with a new vehicle: a black BMW. The mission will be run out of the hotel the targets operate out of the Hyatt Place Baltimore Inner Harbor. Drive there, park your car and use the BMW, if needed, during this mission. Like last time, the following will be in the car, in a locked case:

-A new identity, including all necessary documentation

-A new, secure cell phone, laptop and tablet

-A completely new wardrobe appropriate to your mission

-The entire file we have on Walter Benning and his boyfriend, Samuel Caldwell

•Deposit one million dollars USD into the secure account we informed you of under other cover. The account information will be sent to your new secure phone.

Your mission begins on November 14th. We’ve made reservation İstanbul Escort for you at the Hyatt. Agents Jones and Baker are staying there, too, and are assigned to this mission. Agent Baker will call you tomorrow to provide more information. Most of your work will probably be done at that hotel, although he may entertain clients elsewhere.

May God watch over you while you execute your mission on behalf of the United States of America,

In Peace,

Agent Miller

Director of the Welsh Spies

United States Central Intelligence Agency

p.s. Please destroy this letter. It will disintegrate when you douse it with water.

The next day, Baker called, “We’ve booked rooms for you, me and Jones at the Hyatt Place Baltimore Inner Harbor, where Walter and Samuel have a penthouse suite, from tomorrow night for a week. The BMW will be in the hotel garage as well as a parking place for your car. Your wardrobe for this mission will be in the closet in your suite.”

“Check in by 3:00 and come to my room at 5:00. I’ll put the bugs on you and discuss the mission.”

I drove there, parked in the garage and checked in. A really, really hot Latino guy took my luggage up to my room. We were checking each other out in the elevator. He put my luggage on the luggage rack in my room and stood there, smiling, with his hands crossed over his crotch. I walked up, kissed his lips and dropped to my knees. I undid his belt, then pants. I pulled them down as he unbuttoned his shirt. I could see his huge cock down his thigh of his Tommy Johns.

I pulled them down and his thick, dripping, 10 inch uncut cock sprung up. I looked up at him, licked the precum off his cock head, making him groan. I opened my mouth wide. He put a hand on the back of my head and one under my chin and slid his cock down my throat.

I closed my lips around it, applied suction and flexed my throat. He groaned and started piston-fucking my throat. I looked up into his beautiful, big brown eyes. They rolled back, he grunted, his cock throbbed, and I swallowed his huge load.

I got up, stripped, put my hands on the bed, spread my legs and stuck out my ass. He said, “Thank you, Papi, for your throat. I hope you enjoy my cock up your ass as much.” I felt him spread my ass cheeks and licked my asshole.

I groaned. “Fuck, me!”

He stood up, put lube on my ass and shoved it all the way up my ass. He held my hips and piston-fucked my ass. “Fuck, Papi, your ass is as tight and hot as your throat!” I flexed my ass muscles, making him grunt. I stood up. He wrapped his arms around my chest and started fucking hard up into my ass. I felt his breath on my neck. He grunted, shoved it all the way up. I felt the whole length of his cock throb up my ass and every spurt of his semen shoot up my ass into his condom.

He pulled out. I turned around. He poured his own semen into his mouth and looked down at me. He smacked my face with his huge cock, getting it hard and dripping. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. He slapped my tongue a few times, clearly challenging me. I went all the way down on him. I bobbed up and down his cock, stroking his foreskin up and down. I pulled up with his cock head in my mouth and swirled my tongue under his foreskin around his cock head.

“Fuck, Papi. I’m going to fill your hot mouth with my sweet semen. Don’t swallow it until I tell you to.” He shot in my mouth and pulled out. I kept my lips wrapped around his cock so none of his Latino semen dripped out. It tasted so good.

He bent over, spread his legs, stuck his ass out and said, “Lube my ass with my semen and fuck me!” I dripped his semen down his ass crack, put on a condom and fingered him. He groaned and spread his legs farther. I shoved my cock up his ass. He arched his back and pushed his ass down on my cock. I just stood there as he pushed and pulled his tight ass up and down my cock.

I grabbed his hips, shoved it all the way up, making him put his head down, as I shot up his ass into my condom. I pulled out and told him to fuck my throat. I poured my own semen down my throat and opened my mouth wide. He put a hand on the back of my head, the other under my chin and piston-fucked another load down my throat.

I asked him what his name was. He kissed me and said “Luis. Goodbye, Papi. You are so hot!”

Baker texted me his room number and I went there at 5:00. Jones was already there.

“Walter and Samuel go to the bar in the restaurant at 8:00 to scope out hot men and invite them up to their room promising group sex. They thrive on flattery. Stay in your rooms. We’ll have four agents sitting at the bar. When they see them come in, the middle two will get up and leave. I’ll call you two to let you know it’s time to go down to the bar.”

“The other two will leave when you walk up and you two will sit down next to them. Introduce yourselves. Put on the gay and flatter them. He’ll steer the conversation toward having sex with you. If he İstanbul Escort Bayan asked if you have sex with men and women, say yes. Flatter him and he’s sure to invite you two up to their suite. It is crucial that you prove that you would make them lots of money as male prostitutes.”

“We have bugged and placed cameras in our rooms and their suite. We did a sweep of their suite to ensure they did not install surveillance devices that could gather information detrimental to us. Our bugs actually block all other signals, so if they installed some after we swept the rooms, we’re safe. I’ve turned them off in here. Did you two hook up with your bellboys?”

“Yes, I hooked up with a hot Latino, Luis, aggressive with a thick, 10-inch uncut cock. It was very, very hot, especially when he let me fuck his ass and throat. Big shooter!”

Jones, “Yes, I hooked up with a hot Italian American man, Salvatore, aggressive with a thick, 10-inch uncut cock. Same a Roberts’ experience with his Latino stud.”

Baker, “Interesting, I hooked up with a hot black man, Spencer, also aggressive with a thick, 11-inch uncut cock. My guess is they work for Walter and were scoping us out. It was very, very hot sex! I could have his cock up my ass forever!”

“How hot would it be to get all six of us together?” They both smiled and nodded.

Baker, “Men, back to the mission. Time to place the bugs on you. Undress, please.” We all got undressed and Baker placed the bugs. We all got hard seeing each other and remembering the last time the three of us got together. “Men, now for fun.”

“Baker, my ass. Jones, my throat.” I got on all fours on the bed. Baker got behind me on his knees, lubed and fingered my ass. Jones got in front of on his knees. They both slid their cocks in me at the same time. They groaned as they slowly fucked me from both ends. I flexed my ass and throat muscles. They groaned more and sped up. They grunted as their cocks throbbed. I swallowed Baker’s condom semen.

Jones cried out, “I’ve missed this throat!”

Baker, “I’ve missed this ass! Me next!” We spit roasted his hot, tight holes. Then, Jones’.

Baker, “That was great. You should go back to your rooms and rest up. I anticipate you two getting a true sexual workout tonight. Let’s have dinner at 6:30. That gives you two time to digest before you hit the bar to lure in Walter and Samuel.”

I went back to my room and took a nap, showered, dressed and went down to the restaurant. Jones and I ate light meals. I went back to my room to brush my teeth and digest. I texted Jones to meet in the lobby at 7:45. We met and went to the bar. When we walked in, two men got up and we sat down. Jones and I caught up on our lives since or last mission. We did not speak with the agents seated next to us.

Right at 8:00, Walter and Samuel walked in and the two agents left. Walter sat next to me and Samuel sat next to Jones. They were truly, truly hot. I introduced us to them. “Hi, I’m Finn and that is my friend, Declan. Do you two come here often?”

Walter responded, “I’m Walter and this is my boyfriends, Samuel. I don’t think we expected to end up sitting next to and chatting with such hot men. After our drinks, would you two be interested in coming up to my penthouse suite (putting his hand on my cock down my pant leg) for a little post-drink fun?”

“Yes, that would be great.” We finished our drinks. Walter told the bartender to put it on his tab. We got up, walked to an elevator just for the penthouse. It opened and we got in. Jones and I faced them and rubbed their crotches.

Walter said, “Fuck, Sammy, seems like we are going to have a really, really good evening.”

The elevator arrived at their floor. We got out and entered the living room. Walter told us to go in the bathroom and clean ourselves out with the enemas. “You need nice clean asses. They are going to get a lot of use this evening. You need to do that every time before you entertain my guests. Then, come into the bedroom and get to work.”

“When I am entertaining guests, you men will be referred to as “Boys,” the male guests will be referred to as “Gentlemen,” and the ladies as “Ladies”. No using names, ever, except me referring to Sammy. You will refer to me as “Sir”. If I want one or more of you to do something, I’ll point to you.” We went into the bathroom, undressed, flushed our asses out and walked into the bedroom naked. There were two very hot white women naked on the bed.

“Sir, why don’t we eat out this beautiful ladies while you two studs fuck our tight, clean asses?”

“Fuck, yeah! Let’s get this party going.” They undressed. Their bodies were amazing. Jones and I put pillows under the women’s lower backs, bent over and started eating them out and rubbing their nipples, making them groan. Walter and Samuel put on condoms, lubed and fingered our asses and piston-fucked us, pushing our faces and tongues down into the women’s pussies, making them groan more.

Both women put their Escort İstanbul hands on our heads and guided us to where they wanted us to lick them. I pulled off her for a second and said, “This is so hot, I’m about to cum.” Walter reached under me, still fucking my ass and caught my load. I heard him eat it. Samuel did the same thing with Jones. Walter and Samuel sped up, pushing our tongues into the women, who both arched their backs, yelled out and came on our tongues just as Walter and Samuel grunted and shot up our asses with their huge, throbbing cocks.

Walter and Samuel pulled out. “Fuck, you two are hot doggies. Drink our semen to lubricate your throats so you can swallow our 11-inch pythons!” Jones and I looked at each other, smiled and got on our knees and shins, bent back our head, opened our mouth and stuck out our tongues and wagged them. “Fuck, Sammy! Look our hot little Cock Slaves are hungry for our semen and cocks.”

After pouring their huge loads of hot semen down our throats, both pushed our heads down and, putting one hand on the back of our heads and the other under our chins, throat fucked us hard. “Your throats are as hot and tight as your asses!” Their huge cocks throbbed in our throats, they grunted and fed us more of their hot semen. Walter said, “Ladies, sit on their cocks and suck ours.” Jones and I handed them open condoms and got on our backs on the bed.

“Put these on our cocks with your mouths, please.” They swallowed our cocks in one gulp, came up with our cocks hard and with the condoms on. “Please sit on our cocks facing away from us.” Walter and Samuel got up on the bed, put their hands on the back of the women’s heads and throat fucked them as they bobbed up and down on our cocks.

Jones, I, Walter and Samuel groaned and groaned. We all grunted and shot. I could see the women pull off Walter and Samuel, then off us. They got on their backs with their heads bent back over the edge of the bed and Jones and I fed them our condom semen, then throat fucked then while we sucked off Walter and Samuel.

After we all came and swallowed, Walter said, “Ladies, thank you. Time to go. Sammy, take care of them. You two, stay.”

“Men, I hope you enjoyed Luis and Salvatore? They work for me. They were testing you out to determine you levels of sexual skills. I tested you tonight to see if you can also service women well. I have a proposition for you. The ladies you just used are clients. I provide sexual services to wealthy people, mainly operating out of this hotel. I only employ male prostitutes and pay two thousand dollars and hour. Interested?”

Jones, “Yes.”

Me, “Yes. What do we need to do?”

Walter, “Do you live here? And are you free whenever I need you?”

Me, “I live outside Baltimore. Yes, I am free whenever.”

Jones, “Me, too.”

Walter, “Great. We are going to make a lot of money together. I’m glad you are as good with women as you are with men. You two are very hot and talented.”

Me, “You and Samuel are very hot, too. Why don’t you get Luis and Salvatore, or Spencer, up here so we can spit roast each other?”

Walter, “OK, I don’t have any clients lined up. I want to see how you two handle four hot, hung, aggressive men. Sammy, get Luis and Spencer up here, now.”

“Yes, sir.” In 5 minutes, they walked in the bedroom and took off their clothes. Spencer was very hot with a thick, 11-inch uncut cock.

Walter, “Finn and Declan, on all fours on the floor. Spencer and Luis, take their asses while Sammy and I take their throats. Let’s see if they can handle getting fucked by our huge cocks from both ends. Go slowly.”

Spencer took my ass. He lubed it, fingered it and shoved his cock up it as Walter shoved his 11 inched down my throat. Just before Walter impaled my face on his cock, I groaned loudly and watched as Luis put his up Jones’ ass while Samuel filled his throat with his thick cock. They groaned and groaned as they slowly fucked us from both ends. I loved it and was sure Jones was, too. I felt every inch of those 22 inches sliding past my tonsils and sphincter.

Walter commanded, “Men, time to pump these boys full of our semen. Fuck them hard!”

They did. It felt amazing to get piston-fucked by them now that I was used to their cocks. I heard them French kissing. They sped up even more. I flexed my throat and ass muscles. Walter cried out, “Finn, keep doing that with your ass and throat muscles. Declan, flex them and milk the semen out of Luis’ and Sammy’s huge cocks!” I felt their pythons throb and felt every spurt of their hot semen go up my ass into Spencer’s condom and down my throat.

Walter slapped my face cheeks, “Keep my cock in your throat, boy!”

Spencer slapped my ass cheeks, “I’m going to pull out now, boy. Walter, let’s switch.”

“No, we’ll take Declan, and they can take Finn. I’ll take his ass, you his throat. Luis and Sammy, figure out which end of Finn you want.

Luis, “I’ve had both ends of him several times. I’ll take his ass. Sammy, wait until I have my cock up his ass before you shove your down his throat so we can hear him groan. He lubed and fingered my ass, making me throw my head back and groan. He shoved it all the way up my ass with one thrust of his hips. I groaned again and pushed my ass back on his cock.

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