The Cure For A Successful Marriage – 02

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The Cure For A Successful Marriage – 02
The Cure For A Successful Marriage – 02 – They Start Again

The next day,

Everything went smoothly on this beautiful day, although his best friends by the pool whispered and often looked to their best married friend and sometimes, they passed their tongue on their lips insistently, but nothing more than this play of glance and of allusion.

On the other hand, for the day after, Melanie and Pam wanted to go into town shopping, and if possible go to the hairdresser. Clearly, his wife warned him that they would not see each other for the day because she wanted to spend time with her mother, whom she had not seen for 8 months.

“Do not worry, Melly, we’ll take care of him with Carly” Sam said her with a smile, putting his arm on her hip.

“Yes, I know, you always told me you liked my Freddie” Melanie smiled back at her, not knowing anything about the events of two days ago.

That night, Freddie tried to convince Melanie to make love … without success. According to her, they could hear them. Frustrated, he decided to wait until the next day.

His wife and mother-in-law got up early … or rather, Melanie had to rock her mother’s bed to wake her up, which was followed by a piercing scream from Pam who woke up all the other occupants of her house. They went off for the city, Freddie went off to do some laps in the pool, being alone and wanting to provoke the girls when they woke up, he decided to swim naked. After a few loads, he sets himself on a deckchair (always naked), taking advantage that the heat is not too strong. Without realizing it, he fell asleeep.

In his sleeep, Freddie begins to feel something. He perceives sounds, he dreamed? He opens one eye, shapes move under him, his skin pulls somewhere but it’s nice, Freddie resumes ‘life’ and then opens his eyes.

“Hi lovely stallion, you allow that we played with your beautiful masculinity during your morning siesta” Sam & Carly say while laughing.

He smiled seeing that they were all equally naked, kneeling, sucking him and masturbating his cock alternately.

“Today, you risk going to bed early, we’ll empty you like never before” Sam informs him with a wink.

While stared at him, his s!ster-in-law positions these two beautiful big breasts between his cock and begins a splendid tit-job, while Carly approaches and kisses him impetuously. Freddie plays nicely with her nipples and Sam licks his glans with each outing between her breasts. Carly gets up, turns herself and spans him by offering her pussy already wet.

Freddie starts to assault this beautiful pussy rather narrow with his tongue, she rubs herself literally against his mouth. The brunette moans, her cum runs slowly in his mouth, his tongue walks between her pussy and ass, with each lap on her little pink hole. He feels that she shudders, he continues to lick and puts a finger in her anus, she groans more beautiful.

“You like it, Carly?” he asks between two licking.

“Oh yesss, I love it! Continue!” Carly gasps of pleasure.

Sam releases her big breasts and sucks his big rod of pink flesh like a pro, as if she was a pornstar in an old life. The busty blonde licks his balls and sucks his cock, he feels her saliva flow. He puts a second finger into Carly’s hole, which begins to impale herself gently on him.

“Hannnn yes, I like to make a sodo, hannn” the brunette güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri groans louder than before.

“So, come on my cock! Melanie never wants to do that, I’ve been craving for so long!” the married man declares with impatience.

Carly does not pray, she goes down her body to his cock. She takes it in her hand and places it in front of her hole, allowing herself to slide gently over it. Sam takes advantage of her position to lick her pussy and also goes down on his balls, Carly moans every inch. Here she is at the end, she breathes strong and regains strength, the brunette leans on his thighs and swings her ass against his cock four-five times very strong and thoroughly.

“Hhaaaa, it’s fat. Haaaaa fuck, yesss” Carly enjoys it.

Sam joins him and offers her big breasts in feeding. Freddie eats them and squeezes them, while Carly continues her back-and-forth on his dick, she screams every time.

“Go dear, you who love to be sodomise, you must be in the angels with his thick meat” Sam encourages her.

“Yess Yesssss! Haaaa, I love his dick! Haaaa, I will not be able to do without it, haaaa” Carly gasped louder.

He fingers her pussy with three fingers, she groans softly.

“Here! You fuck her, then it’ll be my turn! Go ahead! Fuck my Carly well, she loves your cock my darling, and I love your big cock too!” Sam exclaimed passionately.

Sam kisses him again in the back of glottis, he feels that he will soon ejaculate. Carly accelerates the rhythm of her ass sliding on his cock, she stops at the first jet and sticks his dick to the end, she cum again by the ass, Freddie unloads all inside of her anus.

Exhausted, Carly lies down on him. He comes to caress her small breasts; his cock comes out from her ass and sperm runs on his cock. Sam leaves between his legs to not lose a drop of his juice and she does not forget to lick around the asshole of Carly. Sam also takes the opportunity to lick her pussy, Freddie has a new erection, Sam’s licks wiggle his dick.

“Hey, I think you’re not satiated yet. You my Sweet Lips, you did not fuck my s!ster, right?” Sam said after taking him out of her mouth, she raises his balls and she has a nice view on his little hole as his legs are raised and spread since his fuck with Carly “do not worry Fredbaby, mama will take care of you.”

Before he could understand what she meant by that, Freddie feels the breath of his s!ster-in-law on his anus and he must say that it tickles. But suddenly, he feels her tongue creep around his ass before pushing inside his anus.

“SAM! But what …” he starts the movement to close his legs but she holds him with her legendary strength through her hands.

“Sorry Momma’s Boy, but this is mama’s cute sin. I love licking and smelling strong smells of males in rut” Sam informs him by breathing deeply the strong odour of his crotch since his fuck with Carly.

“But it’s dirty, I mean …” he stammered, as he had just fucked Carly’s asshole.

“Please, even here you are clean” the blonde mocks as she slips a finger, then two to try to widen him a little “we all have our dirty little secret: big boobs for our Noob, sodomy for our Carlotta, abstinence and frustrated her husband for your prudish wife. And me, I love hardcore sex!”

After this statement, Sam lowered her head and began to lick his ass by masturbating him güvenilir casino at the same time, he must admit that this practice began to please him. Freddie continues to caress Carly’s very sensitive breasts, the brunette regains her mind and places herself so that he can kiss her, one of his hands goes down on her soaked pussy. He easily inserts two fingers, the two browns do not let go of the mouth of the other, their tongues intermingling in their mouth alternately.

Sam starts to stuff her pussy with his big rod still stiff. Finally! He feels this pussy! She is much wider than Melanie’s, she takes his width very easily. Sam slides very quickly on him like a crazy hungry dick, she groans loudly shouting his name. After a few minutes of back-and-forth, he is unleashed and feels a remnant of sperm rises from his balls. Freddie accelerates the caress of the clitoris of Carly which ends up enjoying, he ejaculates in the sex of Sam, who yells like a whore.

“Fuck! It’s too good! Haaaaa fuck! What a dick!” Sam did not hesitate to scream, her cry shrieking throughout the house.

They all end up collapsing on top of each other: Sam sleeeping on Carly’s back, Carly sleeeping on Melanie’s husband, and Freddie in his original position.

* * *

After a few minutes of silence and calm, they decided to go inside. The heat became really stifling, they took a very nice shower to three, they exchanged hot torrents and caress the bodies of each.

“Hey Sam” Freddie said leaving her left nipple that he had in mouth “what did you mean by hardcore sex?”

“Oh, you know, just the classic: deep throat, gang bang, anal/vaginal DP and TP, facial, fist-fucking, felching, cfnm/cmnf, bdsm, furry …” Sam answers with stars in her eyes, just thinking of old memories excites her again “I’ve done a lot of things, except the disgusting stuff.”

“To hear you, I will believe that you have porn” he laughs at the absurdity of his words.

Sam exchanges a smile complicit with Carly, who blushes slightly by sticking closer to their man, while the blonde is positioned in front of them taking a pose seductive; putting her hands behind her head by arching her back to expose even more her big breasts, and bending a leg upwards.

“Remember the porn movies I recommended to you? Imagine me now with a pink mask and short red hair” Sam gave him a provocative smile.

Freddie thought for a few seconds before opening his mouth wide like an idiot.

“No, it’s impossible, do not tell me … Beacky … is that you?!”

He could not believe it! Beacky SweetCandy is his favourite pornstar, he often masturbated by watching the magazines and porn movies he hides in his home hiding place. She was a new girl who came into the trade five years ago and quickly became popular. No one knew her personal identity, she always wore a pink mask and make-up … And her short red hair (A/N: Anko Mitarashi’s hairstyle of “Naruto”) must also be a wig like Sam has long hair, arriving to the lower back like his wife/her s!ster.

Fuck! It’s really a shock! Sam doing porn, lesbian porn in the majority of her movies but porn nevertheless.

“It was before my web show when I was bored, I like sex a lot and I wanted to do something else” Sam explains to him while kneeling, while Carly sits him on the tiled floor of the shower and she squeezes against him, the water still flowing casino firmalari gently on them “I had seen a couple of girls fingering themselves behind the bushes while a pervert little boy filming them in masturbating himself. I banged him by taking his phone and I was going to destroy it, but I found sexy to be filming. I did not want to be recognized so I took a mask/wig and here.”

“I knew it while I was cleaning the apartment, I fell on her wig/mask in his “adult” hiding place in her closet” Carly explains to him while caressing his muscular torso, before blushing at this she will said “I asked her for explanations and I was a little curious, and that’s when she perverted me.”

“Pff, like I needed to do this” the blonde mocks openly by slapping the vulnerable buttock of her girlfriend/best friend “it did not take ten seconds to devour my pussy after showing it to you, and our little Carly knows how to eat the pussy, but not as much as my ass.”

Carly shouted as she throws herself on the blonde to try to silence her, but Sam laughs again. She put it on her stomach, put her hands behind her lower back and Sam sits on it (hands and the back), the blonde also gives her a slap on her firm buttocks for punish her. Carly excuses herself and Sam is content, but not before playing with her asshole still a little open, fingering her and deepening her hand as she had wanted fist-fucking her for a while.

“So Dork, when are you gonna fuck my s!ster?” Sam says by entering her five fingers inside the anus of Carly but not the whole hand, which is worth to snatch from the groans of the brunette.

“Uh, well I …” Freddie shakes his head, he will treat that Sam being a former pornstar later “it’s not like I had a choice, I’m not the type to f0rce people, and still less my wife.”

“It does not matter at the moment, you have two big nymphomaniacs for you all alone” his s!ster-in-law makes him a naughty smile “you’re lucky, Fredlove.”

“I feel a bit bad for cheating on your s!ster, I love her but she still refuses me. I wonder if-” he was cut off by Sam bending over to kiss him.

“Do not think that! She’s still in love with you, she told me” Sam said after breaking the kiss “Carls and I are still so, in a certain way. It’s not for nothing that we’re together, you’re the only man we really love!”

“And if she’s stuck with you,” Carly joins them behind the blonde, kissing him in turn “so it’s not with a lover she’ll do anything.”

“I feel like Jonah,” Freddie feels a stomach ache at this thought.

“You’re nothing like this cheater! This pig has played with us,” Sam takes his hands to put on her big breasts, then she closes his hands smiling to grab her ample breast. “And you, we are the ones who play with you.”

“Believe us, when the opportunity comes” Carly adds by slipping between the legs of the busty blonde to come take care of his flabby cock “we’ll help you for Melanie and if she surprises us, we’ll use our skills to help you. She really needs your good cock in her ass.”

Reassured, he got up with his women and they finished washing. They spent the day naked, lunch too, but they wanted to take advantage of the nap to start again. Freddie still sodomized Carly with pleasure, who really cum as ever from ass, and he fucked Sam’s pussy while putting two fingers in her anus. He was really emptied and exhausted like them.

During dinner, Melanie pointed out to him that he had had to abuse the sun so much that he was exhausted. Fortunately, as usual, Melanie was also tired of her day with her mother and Freddie was able to sleeep from the sleeep of the righteous, but the holidays were far from over.

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