The New Sales Girl – Part Ten

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The New Sales Girl – Part Ten
The New Sales Girl – Part Ten
By Sherry DeAnn & Mark Patrick ( May 2019 )

Keith told me to put my dress back on and fix up my makeup in the bathroom here in the back of the shoe store. I did and I was back to looking ‘classy and sexy’ instead of ‘slutty and used’ which is ok too but now it was time to pose for some photos so I had my make-up on with care. False lashes, Eye liner, Slut Red Lipstick, Dark lip liner etc. etc.
We walked into the lingerie shop and Angel smiled a knowing smile while she waited on some ladies looking to buy something sexy and not quite sure what that might be? Keith pinched her on the ass as we walked by then smiled back at her.

Keith had a hold of my hand and he led me back into the fetish area at the rear of the store that had a doorway with a sign saying , “Adults Only Section” and was curtained off from the rest of the store. There were sex toys and all kinds of fun stuff back here. Then after looking around he picked out an outfit for me to model in. Then he opened a box he had carried over from his store and presented me with a beautiful and sexy pair of black high heels. The heels were 5″ which is my favorite height and they had ankle straps which I think are super hot too.
Keith said, “strip down and put these items on while I get my digital camera from behind the counter.”

I said, “Yes Sir” and removed my clothing then standing there bare ass naked in the ‘Public’ Adults Only section I started dressing up in the items Keith had picked bostancı escort out.

By the time Keith got back I was dressed and ready to do whatever he wanted next. Keith looked me over and said, “Perfect….. Robert wants to start putting up Glamour Photos on the walls in here of models wearing some of the outfits he has for sale. So we are going to do some sexy shots of you in this outfit and I’ll continue on with Angel, Suzy, and maybe you again too at future photo shoots. You can keep any of the stuff you model in. IF anybody wanders in while we’re shooting just ignore them and keep posing.. This is the Adult area so no big deal.”

I nodded and he said “So sit on the sofa for a start and I’ll walk you through some of the poses I want as I take photos. I wish we had more time but for today we’ll just shoot this one outfit. Next time you visit some of these photos will be on the walls. You get the distinction of being the first to model here.”

I looked at him smiling and said, “I feel special Sir, but I’ve been feeling special all day.”

Keith gave me a quick smile and then started taking photos of me and little by little he had me stripping so first was the dress, then the top, then the top unbuttoned, then the bra etc. but the photos were all tasteful which after the day we had spent together was kind of a pleasant change of pace.

A couple did come in and Keith told them to feel free to continue shopping that we were doing a photo shoot for the boss. They said, “Cool. You don’t mind if we ataşehir escort bayan watch for awhile?”
Keith told them, “No problem.” and they decided to stay and soak up the erotic atmosphere. I ignored them and I stripped and totally focused on Keith.

Before we knew it Angel appeared and told them it was closing time and they left saying “That was fun, we didn’t expect anything like that when we came in. We’ll be back for sure. When we return, and buy some items would it be ok for my wife to model them back there for me?”

Angel replied, “Most certainly that would be ok, But we can’t close that area off for privacy for you so if you’re ok with that then for sure remember your camera next time.”

After she showed them out and locked up She joined us and Keith took some pics of her too. She was wearing a very short little black skater skirt and pink heels and looked fantastic. Then he told both of us, “I promised Mark that you two would be at his place at 5:30 but I think I can take some photos of you two for say the next 5 minutes and these won’t be posted on the wall so Make it hot sluts.”

Angel smiled and walked over to me and took my hand then led me over to the sofa. She kissed me long, deep, and wet. I enthusiastically kissed her back. Both of us bared our tits and then kept kissing each other and our hands got busy pinching and squeezing each others tits. Keith’s flash was going off like we were in a lightning storm.
Keith was getting lots of photos but he finally said, “time to call göztepe escort bayan it a day ladies.”

He kissed us both and told Angel “Get on over to DeAnn’s place and be a real good girl for Mark. Give me a call from work tomorrow and let me know when you expect to be home. I left that up to Mark.”

One more long kiss from both of us to Keith and we were off to the parking lot and to Angel’s red Corvette. It was like 15 minutes to my house and we parked and went inside. It was actually 5:25pm so we were right on time like ‘good girls’ should be.

As we entered the house I yelled out “We’re home baby.” but he didn’t answer.

I told Angel I bet he’s in the gym downstairs so we quietly slipped down the stairs and sure enough he was still lifting weights. What a hunk. Mark has muscles on muscles and is soooo good looking.

When we opened the door to our home gym Mark was bench pressing over 400lbs and set the bar down as we entered.
He smiled one of his killer smiles and said, “You two look good enough to eat.”

We both looked at each other and then said, “Whatever you wish Sir.” It was funny because we hadn’t planned that, It was just a normal thing for us to say to our Dom.

Mark said, “I need a shower and you two can soap me up for starters.”
Again we both said, “Whatever you wish Sir.”

Continued in Part 11

(Note:) The lifestyle that Mark & I have chosen is about Domination & Submission though pain is sometimes a part of it, Pain isn’t the turn-on for us. Just wanted to clear that point up for anybody that was wondering. Trust is paramount, for this wouldn’t work without trust. We’ve been married for a very long time and trust has always been a part of our relationship. BDSM was something that we slowly gravitated to as the years rolled by.

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