The Photographer Pt. 05

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Author Note: I just want to let everyone know that this story series was written originally in 5 parts but the fifth part was never fully completed. I have since completed this fifth part and I know that it will not be to everyone’s liking, but that is how this story was plotted out. I didn’t want to go and do a massive re-write, instead opting to finish what I started and garner feedback as to what worked and what didn’t work. Unfortunately, if you didn’t like part 4, I doubt you will like part 5. But I must say that it felt like an enormous weight lifted off my shoulders when I finally finished it. As always, thanks for reading my story, I really do appreciate it.

Chapter 1

The room was quiet. The roar of the ocean could still be heard but so could footstep on the floorboards of the bungalow. Justin watched from his bed, making sure not to move, as Julia lightly walked around naked near the doorway to his room. She was gorgeous and if it was any other time, he would have thought it weird, but after everything that had happened of late, he didn’t care. This was the new normal. Julia was gorgeous, and she looked so happy that he didn’t want to do anything that would make her otherwise.

Justin shifted his head slightly on the pillow to give himself a better view of her naked body but it had the unwanted consequence of bringing Julia into his room. She must have thought he was stirring so Julia came in and sat down on the floor beside the bed, folding her legs under her and sitting upright. She had her hands upturned on her thighs looking directly at Justin as if waiting for orders.

“Good morning,” Julia said softly. Her warm smile setting his heart ablaze.

“Hi,” Justin said pulling the sheet back and sitting up on his elbow. “Been up long?”

“No,” Julia replied with a slight shake of her head.

“What are you doing?” Justin asked maintaining eye contact with the beauty before him.

“Waiting for you. Give me an order and I’ll do anything,” Julia replied pushing her chest forward in eagerness and smiling. It was like she grew ten feet taller, if that were at all possible.

“Ah, I see. Well, I need to pee, so I think I’ve got to do that one myself,” Justin said with a light laugh.

“Use me. My mouth. I’ll take it, please,” Julia said almost in desperation. The hunger in her eyes left nothing to the imagination.


“Pee in my mouth. Please, I’m here to serve you,” Julia said politely. The eagerness she was displaying seemed out of character for her.

“What?” Justin asked again getting up and putting his feet on the floor when Julia sat up on her knees in front of him. She put her hand on his leg and then reached up to his crotch.

Justin snapped awake, looking at the wall in front of him to gather his bearings. He felt a warm hand on his arm and the bed was depressed on one side. Turning over, Justin found Julia comforting him whilst sitting on the edge of the bed. He turned to face her, her beautiful eyes and smile filling him with joy as the memory of the dream washed away.

“Good morning,” Julia said warmly as she sat there in her pyjamas, if you could call them that. It was actually a silk chemise with thin straps that stopped mid-thigh and suited her frame perfectly.

“Morning,” Justin said sitting up on his elbow. “Sleep well?”

“The best,” Julia said her eyes twinkling.

Truth be told, she slept better being beside Justin. Not that she told him that, but loved going to bed with him every night, feeling at peace beside him. He was ‘home’ to her now and that was how she hoped it would stay. Even if there was a life back in their home town. She wasn’t sure how that was going to turn out yet, but it didn’t matter right now.

“Me too, Miri up?” Justin asked pulling the sheet back.

“Not yet. Thought I’d make us all breakfast and then we can hit the town. What do you think?” Julia asked slowly standing up and stretching.

“Sounds good. Might shower first, but yeah, good idea,” Justin said rubbing his eyes.

“I’ll get the shower ready. I’ll wash your back if you wash mine,” Julia said happily.

Justin put his hand on top of hers and stopped her from moving. She had been nothing short of wonderful the last couple of weeks but he didn’t want to take advantage of her. They needed to sort this out. He had started to read the book Julia suggested and started to discuss it with her, but they always got interrupted.


“It’s okay Justin. I want to. I thought it would be nice, that’s all. Do we have to worry about every little thing? Can’t we just be two or three, or however many people, that do things for one another. Lovingly. Just because we can?” Julia said with pleading in her eyes but pleasantness in her voice.

Justin could see how she was and didn’t want to upset her, even if he wanted to be careful. He didn’t want to muck up any more of his friendships, but understood now more than ever where she was coming from.

“Sure. I just don’t want to stuff anything escort vip up. That’s all,” Justin said getting up out of bed. Julia stood with him. They seemed to be both discovering new things about themselves and it was both exciting and scary. But time would ultimately tell how it was all going to work out.

“I wouldn’t do it or say it, if I didn’t want to. I want you and I to be free to support each other, love each other. Unconditionally. Do you understand?” Julia asked holding his hand firmly.

“I should finish reading the book, huh?” Justin asked which brought a bright smile to her face. There was an undeniable connection there.

“Yes, you should. Now, let’s hit the shower. And if Miri wants to shower, that’s fine as well. Okay?” Julia replied pushing her body into his.


Julia beamed pure joy and took Justin’s hand, leading him out of the bedroom and into the shower. It was the start of their new lives together. Or so they hoped.

Chapter 2

It had been decided that they would all go shopping as a way of exploring all that the sea side town had to offer. Miriam was particularly upbeat as she led the other two down the alley towards a set of shops that looked more like a hippy’s paradise than a sea side bonanza. The whole area seemed like something out of a clichéd movie scene, with the sea air adding that little fragrant detail not found inland. Leading the way, Miriam turned into a shop that had all manner of artwork adorning the walls and tables within. It wasn’t the biggest store in the world, but it housed some really interesting pieces. Justin felt a little more settled being in a shop that catered to his sort of art. Not all of it was framed photos, but there was quite a number of artistic shots around the modest store.

Miriam stopped inside the door and took Justin’s hand for a moment.

“I want you to meet a friend of mine,” Miriam said proudly as they entered further into art shop.

“Oh? Is this some sort of set up?” Justin asked with a cheeky grin.

Miriam playfully poked her tongue out at him.

“No. She’s a good friend and has a… well, unique view on the world. Thought it might help,” Miriam replied happily. “Trust me, Justin. Please. I’m just trying to help you move on. No more looking at the past. Will you just try, for me?”

Since Miriam had been so wonderful to him and always seemed to have his best interest at heart, he felt like he did trust her. At this point in time he’d almost do anything for her.

“Okay, sure,” Justin said still a little wary to go along with it, but gave Miriam the benefit of the doubt. The last time it happened, it was with Eva and from what he remembered, he did feel better afterwards. Even if he couldn’t remember exactly everything that happened, well most of it actually. Perhaps this new friend would shine some light on his life that he otherwise didn’t realise. To help him get back on track.

“Just relax. One thing you might like to know is she has helped sell some of our work from the studio,” Miriam said kindly. “Thought it might get you back into doing what you love. And, she’s also a photographer…”

Justin looked at Miriam and could tell she was being sincere. He may have had his reservations, but she hadn’t steered him wrong so far.

“This is lovely,” Julia said looking around with a sense of happiness about her. She looked at Miriam and nodded at the little head nod Miriam gave her. “I’ll wait right here.”

With a smile, Miriam lead Justin inside. He waved briefly to Julia and followed Miriam to the middle of the store, where a voluptuous black woman with no hair was standing. The rainbow coloured summer dress accentuated her figure but did nothing to take away from her beaming smile.

“Lovely,” Justin said as the woman locked eyes with him for a moment.

“Justin, this is Monique Williams. Monique, this is Justin, the one I was telling you about,” Miriam said proudly.

“Pleased to meet you Justin,” Monique said in a warm tone. Her voice matched her outwards appearance, which appeared to be comforting and worldly.

“Nice to meet you also,” Justin said shaking her hand.

“Jules and I will be next door, picking out some new swimwear,” Miriam said giving him a peck on the cheek. She then waved at Monique and headed out with Julia right behind.

“That sounds like fun,” Justin said in such a way that Monique burst out laughing. The sarcasm was so on point, that Justin realised and began laughing as well. “Sorry.”

“No. Don’t apologize,” Monique said smiling. “I hate shopping as much as the next person.” They calmed down and looked at each other a moment. “So… I hear you like to take pictures…”

He did that little hand wobble that mimed ‘sort of’ and Monique half nodded.

“I used to. Not so much anymore,” Justin said while turning to look at the different art around the store. Monique followed him as he walked towards some framed pictures.

“Lost the edge, I take it?” Monique escort rus asked while he looked at the composition of some of the photos.

“Something like that. Just don’t… feel like it,” Justin replied with a sigh. He looked further and found a couple of photos of men and women scantily clad in sheer fabric.

“I know that feeling,” Monique said feeling a rush that Justin was looking at those images. “It took me a bit of time, but I forced myself to pick up the camera again. Experiment. Helps to ease back into things.”

“Yeah, could. I guess photography is the only truth I really know. What I see is what I get,” Justin said stopping in front of another portrait of a woman.

“The truth is what we believe. What we have inside us. No one really knows our own truth, but ourselves,” Monique said gently while noticing him scanning the portrait. “You like that shot?”

The woman wearing a bikini was not smiling, but pouting and posed. Justin could see what the photographer was going for, but it felt a little too forced. A little too much which took away from the subtle beauty of the subject.

“It’s not bad. Misses the subtlety of the model, but good try,” Justin said kindly. “You did well.”

That comment surprised her.

“You know I took it?” Monique asked curiously.

Turning to face her, he could see the modest but happy glint her in eyes. He could tell Monique was proud of the photos and he knew how that felt. He never believed in cutting other people down.

“These are all your shots?” Justin asked looking at the framed works around the store.

“Yes, all except those two,” Monique replied proud that Justin had recognized her work. She pointed to two framed prints that were familiar to Justin. “You like them?”

“Ah, well,” Justin said looking at the last two prints, one that was a black and white of a beautiful model. She was draped in a sheer fabric giving the model modesty but also majesty. It was a very alluring, sensual shot. The second was a shot of a man through a woman’s legs. The power stance and the look on the man’s face let you know she meant business. The fishnet stockings, the short skirt and stilettos all adding to the power of the image. It was a left over from a campaign Justin shot years ago. “These two are… well, let’s just say I know who shot them.”

“Oh? I’d love to know,” Monique said intrigued.

“Yeah, well… they’re mine,” Justin said letting out a sigh.

“Don’t like them?”

“No, it’s not that. Just reminds me of a simpler time,” Justin said remembering how good it was when he shot those photos. Bethany was still alive and things were going great. She had even suggested the fabrics should be sheer in the first shot. A memory that brought a smile to his face momentarily.

“I see. Sometimes we are reminded of our past, sometimes good, sometimes bad. But it is our past and we can leave it there, you know?” Monique said with a smile. She seemed wise beyond her years. “We own it, but it doesn’t have to control us.”

“I’m starting to realise that. It’s hard though,” Justin said with a shrug.

“But if you love something, why give it up?” Monique asked kindly.

Justin stared back the photos and felt that pang of excitement he always felt when behind the camera. But doubt did set in.

“Sometimes you have to give up that which you love,” Justin replied with a shrug. He wasn’t just talking about photography. “Not easy.”

“No. But it doesn’t have to be that way,” Monique said warmly. She had a comforting rebuttal each time he spoke.

“Well… maybe sometimes it does. Anyway,” Justin said taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. “What do you do?” It was an off the cuff comment while he shrugged. It was a rhetorical question.

“Don’t look back. Find what you love and go for it, worked for me,” Monique said happily. There was a cheeriness about her, some form of joy seeping out into everything she said or did. “Sometimes though, you have to confront the past before you can move forward.”

It was obvious she wasn’t going to let him off the hook easily. Perhaps he just needed to go with it.

“I hear you,” Justin said depressingly. He knew he needed to do it and had long been avoiding it. Even when it came up and smacked him in the face at times.

“So, what don’t you like about your past?” Monique asked kindly but with an intrigued look. She had the vibe of a wise sage all of a sudden.

“Lots of things. I could have done them differently,” Justin replied with a shrug.

“Ah, hindsight. Such a beautiful thing. Did you not like taking photos of people?” Monique asked again, trying to get to the bottom of it. “Or was it something else around photography that intruded on your happy place?”

Letting out a huff, Justin heard the words and felt them go straight to his gut. He didn’t want to get into too much detail but felt she needed a little context. Only a little.

“I would pay people so I could take photos of them. Sometimes escort elit naked men and women, mostly women,” Justin said with a sigh. It was starting to become clear to him. “Then it all went to shit.”

“Do you think that was in your control?” Monique asked which hit Justin like a ton of bricks.

Before he could really process the question, his mouth fired off the answer.

“A lot of it actually. Even if it wasn’t meant to be, I guess I planted the seed that caused it to happen,” Justin replied closing his eyes in shame as it all sunk in. “Fuck.”

“Mhmm. Most people don’t get to see what you just saw,” Monique said bluntly but politely. “They’ve always got the blinkers on. But I think you just became enlightened.”

Justin chuckled at the thought of being enlightened with how crappy he felt. The idea that even Bethany was part of this didn’t sit well with him, but he knew he had put her up on a high pedestal. No one could live up to that.

“Great. Now I have to throw it all away and find something new,” Justin said shaking his head. Perhaps it was the only way forward.

“Now why would you go and do something like that?” Monique asked looking offended. “Why do people always do that?”

“What do you mean?”

He was curious.

“Why not throw away the unhealthy parts. Cut them off like a cancer and keep the good parts. You like taking photos, right?” Monique asked sternly.

“Well, yeah. Of course. I love it,” Justin replied wondering where she was going with this.

“Well then, cut those toxic parts out of your life and find something or someone new to photograph. Someone that has no vested interest, so to speak,” Monique said with a smile at the end.

“It’s not that easy,” Justin said plainly. “I’ve got to sort out a few people that took something from me.”

When he realised what he had said he half-heartedly lurched after it like trying to catch a butterfly, but it was too late. Monique just eyeballed him for a moment before responding. Justin could tell he shouldn’t have said those words, just by looking at her.

“Revenge is ugly. You always hear about how people want revenge, to burn those responsible, but it always comes with a terrible cost,” Monique said bluntly. “Not to mention, it only makes you feel good for a little while.”

“Speaking from experience?” Justin asked looking at her. She didn’t wavier at all.

“You could say that,” Monique replied with a nod. “You aren’t thinking of doing something silly are you?”

That question twisted his gut. He hadn’t been actively thinking about it, but it was there in the back of his mind. Now it came crashing back, that dream Justin had about Hank and trying to cut his balls off. It wasn’t just the dream that filled his mind. He had thought of a number of different scenarios but none of them would have worked. It would have made him look bad and probably cause him to end up in jail.

“Maybe,” Justin replied with a nod. “But so far nothing I have come up with would work. There are no pressure points to exploit… unless I want to go to jail.”

The nod, facial expression which was accompanied by the affirmative noise Monique conjured in her throat made him feel like he was being chastised by a parent.

“Like I said, revenge is ugly. Easy to want, near impossible to pull off cleanly,” Monique said like an all-knowing mother. “Before you go on a journey of revenge, dig two graves…”

Justin hadn’t heard that phrase in a very long time and back then he never understood it fully. Now though, it was different.

“That old chestnut,” Justin said bluntly. He looked at Monique momentarily before looking away.

“You’ll only become spiteful, and that is all you’ll end up remembering. It’s best to work through the hurt, leave it behind and focus on what you love. Love is what carries you through. It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, I know, but it’s true,” Monique said warmly. Her tone was like a warm hug.

“What got you through?” Justin asked certain she was speaking from experience.

“Ah, well. Time,” Monique replied with a cheeky smile. “I slept with a lot of men and then discovered that I should have focused on the things that bring me joy. Art, this shop… being near the ocean. Peace…”

“Took a while huh?” Justin said before Monique nodded and smiled. “Right. So, I just have to find the joy.”

“Something like that. You like taking photos, right?” Monique asked warmly. “Miri tells me you’re passionate about it, love taking photos and are very good at it.”

“I guess.”

“So then, find something or someone to photograph. Get back in the saddle,” Monique said with a light-hearted tone. “One step at a time.”

Justin thought about it a moment and then looked at the lovely woman.

“What? Like you?” Justin asked seeing Monique get embarrassed for the first time.

It seemed to have caught her off guard.

“Ain’t no body want to see me,” Monique replied with a chuckle even if her demeanour betrayed her words. There was something there, something untapped, dying to get out and Justin wasn’t about to let it go.

“Have you ever thought about modelling?” Justin asked which brought a smile to Monique’s face. There it was, all it took was a simple question.

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